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  • I am Male et Female aka TRANSEXUALS
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    User Survivor

    September 13, 2013 by District Midgets

    This is Survivor, 16 people, 2 tribes, 1 winner. 4 entries per user

    Make these fanmade or based on yourself Name:





    Name Gender Tribe
    Wesley Male

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    Wikia of Thrones

    September 7, 2013 by District Midgets

    So this will be two kingdoms Picklelia and DAP land they are in war x3

    Say on les comments or in chat "Im "

    A city near the beach, they love the ancient pickle gods and their buildings are aztec temple-like. They have great weapons made out of tickling iron. The main castle or temple is in an island that is one kilometre away from mainland. They also have and army of Ke$ha Warriors x3


    • Emma
    • Joan

    A city high in the mountains. Chinese towers built in the top of the mountains that are conected with bridges. At the main mountain a sanctuary where the royal family lives. They also make cum cheese and cum milkshakes x3


    •  Sam
    • Luka
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  • District Midgets

    Wikian's Island

    September 4, 2013 by District Midgets

    So It's Joan and Emma

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