So It's Joan and Emma <3 So a fanfic yeah... mk... another one... bish...

What is this?

This fanfic is based on Harper's Island. People going to an island and suddenly they start being murdered. By one of their own. 

The Users

The Main Characters






The Secondary Characters


















Sam 0.2









Death chart

Name Fate Killer
Random people crashed plane crash
Jay poisoned by pie ?????
Sky drowned ??????
KEAP Beheaded by Wire ???????
Ryan blood loss by leeches ????????
Emma Skinned ????????
Berry Eye popped out and stabbed ????????
Callam Slit thort ????????
Vactonica stabbed with spear ????????
Sam 0.2 "chocked" on air ????????
Rowan crushed ????????
Annie crushed ????????
Justin crushed ????????
Dustin crushed ????????
Oli Slashed on abdomen Masked Blonde

Chapter 1: Gurgle Gag

Hi my name is Caylin <insertlastnamehere>.10 years ago our plane crashed on Wikian's island. We were suppose too go too DAP island for my sweet sixteen that Oli planned for me but when we crashed people were dying one by one they all went down now i will tell you my story how i survived Wikian's island.

Friday 6th 2009 (This story is in 2009 because i needed 6 and 9 in the date)


Kaeghan kept on putting his alarm clock in Caylin's ear acting like a little kid while singing selena gomez songs in her ears.

"You come and get it nananana nanannanan"

Everyone kept on looking and glaring at Kaeghan like he is being an attention whore, everyone tried too tell Kaeghan too stop even Caylin but Kaeghan kept on singing his heart out. Until a flight attendent came and stopped Kaeghan. The flight attendent had green eyes and long ginger hair long as carrots that were freshly growed. Anna got up and went to the bathroom leaving Erlend alone to do mischieve. 

A blonde flight attendant pushed a tray with fizzy drinks and Alice had an orgasm when she saw them. Kekai and Joan sat near each other with their headphones on. Joan hearing Kesha and Kekai hearing vocaloid. They both had their music really load and Dani keeps kicking the back of their seats until they decrease the volume.

Jade kept licking Ryan's ear while rubbing his legs. Ryan had a face that said 'Please kill me'.

Just then the plane started falling down. Mia looked through her window and saw how they ripped through the clouds as they fell towards the blue of the Pacific. She screamed and everybody panicked. The flight attendants started giving intructions. The cans of the trolley fly everywhere. An air maiden tried to open the door to the pilot's cabin. Just then she started dripping blood from the mouth and fell to the ground. The plane hitted ground and everything was covered with a cloud of smoke and dust.

When people could see again they where shocked to see how a attendant has been impaled by a piece of iron through the chest. Marlene had her infront of her and she screamed really load. KEAP grabbed her and people started exiting the airplane. Caylin and all her friends survived being in business but the other parts of the plane where missing. Suddenly Erlend realised that Anna was missing. The last thing he knew about her was that she has went to pee. He started looking under pieces of the plane and stuff but she wasn't nowhere to be seen. 

Meanwhile Joan unplugged his headphones and looked around "What the fuck is this? I wasn't listening to Die Young! FFS!"

Jay walked around the ruins and just then she saw a trolley near the a pile of metal waste. His eyes widened and he grabbed it. After being waiting for some ducking peanuts that never arrived because the plane crashed... pst peasants. He grabbed a piece of the pie and ge ate it. He started chocking blood and feel to the floor shaking like he was a snake. He screamed and his heart stopped. Everybody was shocked they just saw somebody die.

This was cutted by a voice. Anna's voice coming from inside the toilet.

"Help! Help!"

Everyone did not care about Anna expect for Sky. Sky walked down the woods in the dark. When he saw a bathroom stall he opened it too see if Anna was still stuck but he didnt find her instead he found a voice recorder Sky was confused and pissed because he just wasted his time all a suddenly Sky felt a melt object ripping thru his skin "AH! Help help please anyone?"  a slender figure drags Sky into the airports bathroom "What are you doing why are you doing this too me please dont..." The slender figure just laughed and shoved Sky near the toilet.

"What do you see down there" asked the slender figure

"ugh shit duh"  

"What else is it there" Asked the slender figure again as he slowly drags sky down too the toilet.

"Anna's baby and leeches"

The slender figure looks at Sky and shoves him in the toilet "Have fun swimming look what else is under there HAHAHAHA" 

Sky was struggling too get out he was a bad swimmer and the leeches kept on sucking his blood that caused him too scream finally he died from bloodlose and drowning.

Hours passed and Sky didn't return. KEAP decided to go and find him and when he goes inside the jungle he feels pain in his head and he blacks out. When he opens his eyes he tied to a tree deep in the jungle. He feels lot of pressure in his stomach and he sees that his hands and legs are tied and that a sharp wire is infront his stomach. Two hands wearing leather gloves pull the wire cutting through the skin and KEAP tries to scream but he haves his mouth covered. The wire goes deeper and deeper. Blood flows out and KEAP's head slumps down. Dead.

Callam was sitting in a log alone in the beach. Jade approaches him and he smiles. "Callam i want you... I want to make love with you Callam." Jade says

"But Jade you know Im gay I want the d." Callam replies because he is gay mk? mk. 

"I can solve that babe..." Jade says and she runs back to the plane. She went to her suitcase and grabbed a belt, a dildo and a bottle of ultra sticky cum. She sticked the dildo to the belt and she went back to Callam. 

As soon as Callam sees the belt with a dildo around Jade's waist he says "Jade make love to me." Jade smiles in a evil flirty way she is pretty too strike at Callam she says "Oh Yes harder babe" When Callam was about too go harder everyone decided too come and warn about the people dying one by one making sure that Jade and Callam are not the next too go, "NOOOOO drop the dick hide away your socket Jade People are fucking dying!" Emma tries too grab jade hand but Cass slapped it "Emma you bitch i was enjoying that and the best part was coming"  Everyone glared at Emma because they want too see some elephant cum or any cum so they just started yelling at her. 

"WHAT THE F*** IS YOUR PROBLEM" Yelled Marlene 

"The killer is probably you " says Ryan in the serious tone everyone looked at Emma and everyone  started too walk closer too her and then dragged her too some place. When they arrived they noticed a little town which had fifteen buildings and one was a jail cell so they decided too put her in the jail cell "Okay Alice makes sure that the hoe does not escape okay?" says Ian Alice just nods and keeps on listening too paramore on her ipod.

Just then Ryan decided to go for a walk around the jungle. He gets hitted on the head with a bat and he falls to the floor. FFS in horror stories you must stay in groups to stay alive!

When Ryan wakes up he sees a hand in long lether gloves putting leeches on his face. He screams as they suck his blood and he kicks and screams. His face is covered in leeches and he starts dripping blood from the corner of the mouth.

As Dani, Caylin and Kiki walked around the beach. Suddenly they see something inbetween the bushes. They walk there to find a blonde girl with casual clothes laying on her stomach. Dani turned her around and screamed. She didn't have face. Instead it had a mess of cuts and burn marks. The worst of it was; the casual clothes where from Anna.

"Oh my god we have too go" says Caylin before Caylin Dani and Kiki go everyone ran too them expect for Emma who is still in Jail. Everyone looked at the corpse and screamed "Oh no its not Emma " said Joan Dustin looked like he was about too cry knowing that his mom was in danger.....

Everybody was staring at Alice because she did not stay with Emma. Alice slowly backed away "what i just wanted some tuna fries and i wanted too see the dead body"  Alice just kept on eatting her Tuna fries and tried too leave but a middle aged man stopped her. 

"Woah i am Kekai'olu i am the only one who lives here" said the man he was skinny he had grey hairs he looked a bit young and he was only wearing a coconut bra and grass shirt.

"Why are you wearing a coconut bra" asked Joan.

"Oh because i am going too tell you a story thirty years ago i met a beautiful woman named Julia she was sexy she was white as soar cream she had brown hair like Amber and she wore glasses, So we were making out in the woods------" Kekai got cut off by Callam "Oh i do that all the time" Kekai bish slapped him and kept on going on about the story.


"Kekaiolu Heheehehehehehe Stop it you going hard" Julia giggles as Kekai keeps on tickling Julia's pickle.

Kekai just smiled evily and just kept on doing Julia like a grizzly bear trying too get a salmon that was until Emily appered "Emily for fucksakes were trying too have sex in the hawaiian forest and you too Joan and Alice just leave us alone!" 

After this Joan, Alice and Emma leave them alone and walk away. Julia and Kekai start making out again as they strip naked. Suddenly Julia feels blood drip down her neck and a second later her head falls ontop of Kekai. Kekai screams as he sees a figure with a hood run away with a small scythe. Kekai after this goes mentally unastable and runs into the jungle.

End of Flash back

"K-Kekai?" Emma asked as she remembered her past holiday in the island. "Y-You dissapeared... Everybody thought you killed Julia..." Emma's eyes get watery and her face goes bright pink "I need some time alone..." And with that Emma started walking away.

As Emma walked around the beach she thought what really happened. "If Kekai killed Julia... And people have been dying... That means... OMG! We are all in danger!" Emma started running towards her friends but just then she felt how a dart went into her neck and she only saw black. 

When she awoke she saw four white walls and an iron door. Four wires attached to her face with little hooks. 2 next to her eyes and 2 next to her mouth. A figure in a black hoodie appeared from behind the door and grabbed the four wires. She pulled harshly from them and Emma's skin teared apart. Emma baing tied couldn't do something but scream. The hoodie kept ripping the skin with the hooks until Emma fell to the floor skinless and dead.

Chapter 2: Pop 

Just as the sun hidded behind the ocean Berry was walking towards Kekai's hut when she steeped in a tripwire and a rope wrapped around her leg and left her hanging from a tree. Just as Berry blinked and she saw a figure approaching her. It standed next to her with a box of matches on hand. He lit a match and lit a dry leaf with it. She approaches the fire to Berry's eyes and starts burning it as she screamed. The eye reached it's heat limit and it went 'pop' Berry screamed as she lost her other eye and after felt a knife in he stomach.

Mean while everyone was at the beach just tanning and not giving a fuck whats going on. Jade and Callam decided to go and have some sex inside the jungle. Jade started kissing Callam as she stripped naked. After having glorious sex they both snuggled together and fell asleep. Somebody walked next to them and with a knife slashed Callam's throat. Blood flowed out and dyed Jade's hair and arms. The killer left the knife next to Jade and dissapeared.

Everyone was worried about Callam and jade,"Oh my god where is callam Bis suppose too meet us and Emma and Berry are missing too" Kiki said Dustin started too cry with Rowan because they had not seen there mom in two day's until Dustin felt something drip on his head he looked up and saw Emma's skinless body dangling on the tree "OH MY GOD GUYS GET YOUR ASS'S HERE"  Everyone ran as fast as they can" and they looked horrified Caylin turned Emma's body and saw that there were still some skin left. The patch of skin on Emma's back had a tatoo of Callam's face.

What did it mean? Was Callam dead? Who knows. Jade just came back from having hot sex with Callam "Who's knife is this mate's" Everyone saw Jade's red hair with her bloody arms everyone knew that she was the killer Jade was about too get framed "You cunt you killed Callam, Dani and Kiki put her in jail right now so this bitch can rot" commended Caylin. Everyone watches as Jade gets dragged too jail not too rot they lied there going too kill Jade first thing  tommorrow afternoon.

The sun setted and Jade curled in a ball in the cage she had woke up covered in blood and people thought it was her. She touched the improvised cage made with bamboo as Dani aimed a spear made out of also a piece of bamboo. "Dani it wasn't me... I swear."

"You fucking slept with him. You fucking murdered him and you are actiling like the stupid girl now!"



"Dani trust me..."


Jade was crying curled up in a ball the blood and tears mixing as she dug her nails into the sand staining it red. Dani was about to give Vatonica the spear when she felt somebody else grab the spear and she saw how the spear then went through Vatonica and when she turned around there was nobody there. Just leaves that rustled as the killer escaped. Jade looked up and screamed she was hyperventilating and backed to the corner where she was as far from Dani as possible "D-don't k-kill me D-Dani... Please..."

Dani just standed there Vatonica's body laying infront of her and the spear on her hands.

Just then Kiki walked up "Dani is everything... AH!"

Chapter 3: Smash, Crack and Boom

"DANI WHAT THE FUCK? YOU KILLED VATONICA! APPARENTLY MURDERING IS AN AIR TRANSMITTED ILLNESS! HEEEEEEELP! DANI KILLED VATONICA! HELP ME!" Kiki screamed as Dani standed there the spear on her hands. Jade was still in the corner crying hyperventilating.

Oli appeared with Ian both with messy hair they saw the corpse. Ian hugged hard into Oli's body as his eyes widdened. Oli moved to Dani and roughly took the spear away from her. Dani stayed there her eyes glacy she was breathing slowly her hair was the only thing that moved as the breathe danced like it was cheering for the death. Ian opened the cage, Jade tried to desesperately crawl out. Ian pushed her back and she layed on her back with the hair over her face the blood drying off and her tears mixed with the saltwater and sand. Oli slowly Dani into the cage as she slowly dragged her bare feet on the sand. 

When they where near the entrance Oli pushed Jade and she fell next to Jade. As soon as the door closed Dani sat up and started shoating and pounding her fists into the sand taht jumped over. Jade layed there as if she was slowly dying. "YOU WHORES! PIECES OF SHIT!" Dani screamed as she cried hysterically. Oli hugged Ian and then Oli sat on a log and Ian sat on his lap.

Kiki walked back to the plane and found Mia sitting on the left wing. "Mia are you ok?"

"O-Oli... he dumped me... We where going to marry next year... I-I..." Mia murmured as tears dripped down her cheeks as she drew circles on the burnt metal with her little finger. 

"Do you want to talk?" Kiki asked ffering a smiles as she putter her hand on Mia's lap.

Mia shrugged the hand off and looked away "N-No I need time to be alone..."

"Ok Mia. If you need me just call my name."

"S-Sure" and with that Kiki walked away as Mia sobbed. She didn't tell her about Dani being a killer, she already had way to bad news today. The sun was setting into the blue horizon and the moon emerging from the jungle as Kiki dragged her feet over the burnt sand. Just then BOOM! Kiki turned away and she saw the wing. Pieces of scrap rained for a few seconds and everybody thought that moment one thing 'Mia'.

They knew that Mia was already dead. They didnt care at all. They knew that they were going too be picked off one by one until they all go down. Everyone started too think about killing Dani and Jade. Everyone pretty much wanted them dead. Caylin and Kekai had too step up, "DANI DID NOT DO IT" yelled Caylin everyone just looked at her weird then everyone laughed at Caylin mostly Kaeghan, "Shut up Queefy and everyone shut up too when Vactonia got killed i saw a figure so pretty much the killer is not Jade and Dani." Everyone still kept on laughing while Rowan was crying because of all the disargeeing. 


Everyone stopped for a minute and became calm. All a sudden Sam 0.2 chocked on air and died. Nobody cared, Annie grabbed the keys and let Jade and Dani free "You idiots i told you it wasnt me" Dani walks out of the cage as she glared at Kiki, "Dani i...." Dani just ingores Kiki and walks too Caylin while hming her. 

Just then Kekai stepped in middle of the group and grabbed a small dart from Sam 2.0's neck "This could have been there for hours. Now we are going to have a story time..."

Chapter 4: Crackle

Everybody gathered in Kekai's hut, Kekai made a fire and grabbed and started playing the bongoes "It was the day you arrived! Big fire iron bird crashed into beach! Old friends emerged from the lungs that breathed fire!" Kekai took a big breathe "Hooded took blonde with big boobs to shadows. Me follow Hoodie and Blonde. Hoodie spot me wack me with bat on head. She was..."

BOOM! A huge hole in the ceiling appeared and the ceiling started to crackle. A crack and it fell to the ground squashing Rowan, Annie, Dustin and Justin. A log fell on Kekai's head and he fell unconsious.

Meanwhiles at Kekai's mind

"Kekai are we there yet?" Emma asked for the millionth time

"Not yet" Kekai replied

"Kekai where is Kesha? You said she will be here!" Joan said pocking Kekai

"I lied." Kekai replied

"Kekai can I go to the bathroom?" Alice asked as she showed him the 4 litres 7up bottle

"There is a bush over there" Kekai replied and Alice skipped towards the bush.

"KEKAI WHERE ARE WE EXACTLY GOING?!" They all asked at the same time

"To the temple of Picklelou or in your peasant english language 'Death' HE IS LIEK SATAN!" Kekai replied as he moaned at the thought. "THI IS GOING TO BE GREAT!"

"It's going to be boring!" Emma said

"I want Kesha!" Joan said

"I want bacon!" Alice said

Julia and Anna looked at each other and sighed. They continued walking towards the temple.

When they arrived they smiled and standed in middle of the ruins. Blocks of rocks that went grey from moss and a breaze that made everything strange. The teens started walking down the steps.

Just as soon as they entered Kekai running around poking stuff. At the end he ended in a room. A giant stone wall trapped him inside and he looked around.

The statue at the center started shaking and glowing "Yo Kekai. Me is Tickleroto. The shadow of love will kill. Shadow will ally one. One will also kill. Advise Kekai. Kekai must advise."

After this Kekai fell to the ground after peeing his pants.

Back at the island

Oli was looking around the ruins of the hut when suddenly he saw it. A girl. A blonde girl wearing a mask. She was holding a scythe in her hand and she leeped ontop of Oli. Oli screamed as the masked cutted his abdomen. Ian stormed in as the blonde ran away. He kneeled next to Oli and shaked him but he was already dead. 

As Kekai was walking around in the ruins he saw Oli's body. When Kekai saw his body he had a chill send thought his spine. It was not a pleasent feeling, Kekai thought that he was going too to die because he thought the killer was behind him but it was Gruff.

""  Gruff chants, Kekai was on panic mode he knew that something wrong was with Gruff. All a sudden a sickle went thought Gruff's eye. The girl with the blonde hair was moving closer too Kekai and Ian who was still crying over Oli's dead body. 

"Ian run i got this" Kekai screamed. Ian ran away as fast as he can too the group and then Joan and Alice ran for Kekai. 

Kekai jumped ontop of the blonde and grabbed her neck "You ratchet! You killed so many people!"

"Are you sure it was only her... Kekailou?" Kekai turned arounda nd gasped.

Chapter 5: Truth

"It can't be... you are... dead... J-Julia..." Kekai backed away and the blonde placed the sickle in Kekai's neck.

"Don't talk... Hear the mistress." Blonde said with clear respect for... Julia...

Was it Julia? Her brown hair, her eyeglasses covered in frost... Was it really her? "Kekai I missed you..."

"You died... YOU ARE DEAD!" Kekai yelled as he backed away

"KEKAI I LOVE YOU! LOVE ME BACK! PLEASE!" Julia said hugging An the sickle between "Anna you may leave."

The blonde for once dropped the mast to reveal the sweet face of Anna. How could have she killed so many people? How? "Yes Mistress." Anna said looking at the floor before turning around, like that would give privacy.

"Julia explain me all of this? What the fuck is this?!" Kekai pleaded as Julia kisses Kekai's head. "Why?"

Julia smirks, "Oh i just hate you all.. They deserve too die Kekai everyone is evil they dont have any heart and soul in them. Just like them all... Everyone is dead now Kekai there is no where too hide!"

Julia impales Kekai with her spear. Kekai let out a ear spitting scream. Its a odd site seeing himself getting implaled..


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