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  • I live in Horrorwood, Neverland
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is Traditional Artist Hobbyist
  • I am Female
  • DrGruesome


    I kind of dropped off here about 3 weeks ago and chances are I will again.

    Because of this my Hunger Games will be postponed for a while. 

    I just got done taking a test that will determine whether I get out of high school on time or not and I've just been stressing out a lot lately and been thinking about a lot of things and getting in one-sided friendships and I really just need some time.

    Time is all I ask for.

    I'm so sorry that I just vanished without so much as a warning and I'll try my damn hardest to make it up.

    Well, this is it from me for now, see you guys later.


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  • DrGruesome

    Finally got these done... Sorry for the wait!

    Done by Augustus Flickerman.

    ~Interviews & the Games themselves will be done in third person omniscient so you get everyone's thoughts. It's too much work on my part if I were to write a whole day in everyone's P.O.V's. Personalities and everything will be kept in mind so that way a person like Banette won't start acting all innocent and all that stuff. If I make a little mistake and go back to first person, let me know asap. Also, with the Chariots blog: I put in a band pun with the District 2 male stylist and KatnissEverdeenFan was the first to get it (Johnny Ringo by Crown the Empire). :).

       The day of the interviews are literally the only chance the tributes have to show their personalities i…

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  • DrGruesome

    Happy New Year!

    These might look a bit lazy and I'm sorry. Tomorrow, whenever I have posted this, the interviews will be posted and the Games will officially start.

    I'm not going to write it in P.O.V's just write what their outfits look like in a somewhat detailed description, which might not even be that descriptive for I have zero ideas lol. If I have time, maybe I'll draw the outfits and post them in a seperate blog. If I do, a warning, I'm not the greatest artist so they're just going to be crude drawings.

    District 1 provides the Capitol with luxury items such as gold and silver. The stylists for District 1's trbutes are Spencer Rider and Chanel Golden. Spencer shall work with Satin and Chanel shall work with Silver.

    A silky, skin-tight, s…

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  • DrGruesome

    Near the last few Districts, I got kind of lazy. I'm sorry but it's 1:22 in the morning in California and I need sleep :P.

    Silver Ore

    That one day of the year that everyone expects. Reaping day. I for one wasn't really all that stoked about it. I already knew I was going to volunteer just to please my father. After I got dressed in my "Sunday Best", we all headed out to the city square. The District Escort, Maxwell Cross, went onto the stage in front of the Justice Building and simply asked,

    "Are there any female volunteers?" Pretty much any tributes that go into the Games from this District are volunteers. The only time there's an actual reaped tribute is if no one likes the one who was called. I looked around and saw a girl walking toward…

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  • DrGruesome

    Welcome to the Main Street Horror Show...

    Hello everyone ^_^. I'm DrGruesome and to make a long story short this is my first games. Since it is my first, things might be a bit noob-ish. Please check the comments on this in case I've responded to you or not. If you get lost in the comments, post on my talk page and I'll get back to you when I can. I will write each day of the Games within a blog. I will have each tributes personalities in mind and have this blog open in a different tab to refer back to. I know that this way might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm new to this and this way might have some form of effect. No tribute will go unmentioned and if I have the time and commitment, I will write all living tributes point of view.

    1. I wi…

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