Welcome to the Main Street Horror Show...

Hello everyone ^_^. I'm DrGruesome and to make a long story short this is my first games. Since it is my first, things might be a bit noob-ish. Please check the comments on this in case I've responded to you or not. If you get lost in the comments, post on my talk page and I'll get back to you when I can. I will write each day of the Games within a blog. I will have each tributes personalities in mind and have this blog open in a different tab to refer back to. I know that this way might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm new to this and this way might have some form of effect. No tribute will go unmentioned and if I have the time and commitment, I will write all living tributes point of view.

The Rules

  1. I will not accept any fighting in the comments. Arguements are okay as long as all parties are being respectful to each other and their opinions if any.
  2. Don't PMS if your tribute dies. It's the Hunger Games, almost everyone dies at some point in them.
  3. All tributes must have a Lunaii made.
  4. Up to 2 tributes per user. The tributes do not have to be from the same district if there's spaces open.
  5. No spamming.
  6. I want a link to your Lunaii's page, don't tell me to look on your profile.
  7. No one is perfect, therefore, I'm not going to take 'perfect' tributes.
  8. No plagerism.
  9. Please don't make your tribute(s) have a superpower, for it wouldn't be fair to those whos tribute(s) don't have them.
  10. Stay somewhat active. One comment a day will be fine, just don't go 3 days without saying anything.
  11. Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor (lol i'm funny :P).

The Arena

I have decided to set the arena in Los Angelas, California. The Cornucopia will be located by the Nokia Theater. The buildings everywhere will provide great cover. The pedestals will be by the Hollywood sign, where the hill meets the valley.


You can reserve spots but only for one day. From the time you ask for a reservation, to the same time 24 hours later, it should be enough time to make a Lunaii and fill out the profile. I will keep track of reservation time, unless you've asked for a reservation at a time where I'm not on, in that case your time will start whenever I respond to you.

District/ Name/ Gender Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses User
D1 M) Silver Ore 18 Bow n' Arrows/ Throwing Knives Killing mercilessly/ Agile Survival/ Arrogant Aaronmalik
D1 F) Satin Silver Clos 18 Sword/ Axe/ Spear/ Dagger Combat/ Strength/ Running/ Survival Climbing/ Bugs/ Not Sensing Traps KatnissEverdeenFan
D2 M) Airen 'Skunk' Awe 18 Spear/ Knives/ Combat Running/ Climbing/ Concealment Half-Blind/ Arrogant DrGruesome
D2 F) Katrina Striker 17 Knives/ Axes (Throwing purposes) Tracking tributes/ High pain tolerance Climbing Aerialchinook
D3 M) Mikal Fuse 14 Technology/ Knives/ Machete Concealment/ Combat/ Running/ Hunting Swimming/ Strength/ Social Anxiety DrGruesome
D3 F) Vivianne Gouldé 15 Scythe/ Daggers Combat/ Running/ Concealment Swimming PumPumPumpkin :3
D4 M) Pleezwin Omegas 17 Bow n' Arrow/ Blowgun/ Trident Knowledge/ Swimming Running/ PTS Aspen7783
D4 F) Cady Heron 16 Spear Speed/ Tactical/ Knowledge Weak/ Makes bad descicions  Ichillyfry
D5 M) Shade Spectrus 15 Dagger/ Crossbow/ Traps Making traps/ expertise with daggers & crossbows Independent Mistfire333
D5 F) Duskull Mc'Carthy 14 Blades/ Blowgun Aim/ Scaring others Running/ Climbing/ Pain EverAfterHighFreak
D6 M) Rev Velocity 16 Small Knives/ Rocks Speed/ Engineering Combat/ Thinking/ Tactics NutellaCruncher
D6 F) Drifloon Mc'Carthy 14 Spear/ Axe Lifting/ Swinging/ Aim Swimming EverAfterHighFreak
D7 M) Fantabulatay Magnificentay 17 Axe/ Knives/ Poisons/ Light Weapon Craft/ Light/ Strength & Stamina Lack of certain senses/ Can't sleep Aspen7783
D7 F) Rowan Amber Lindell 17 Axe/ Dagger Accurate/ Agile/ Climbing Swimming/ Fire/ Defiance KatnissEverdeenFan
D8 M) Banette Tsukomogami 15 Traps/ Needles/ Knives High pain tolerance/ Throwing needles/ Making decoys Mentally weak/ Hate-filled Mistfire333
D8 F) Rebekah Ure 12 Hands/ Blowgun/ Teeth Running/ Climbing/ Choking/ Biting Swimming Blue-Ribbonz
D9 M) Konami Aretino 14 Strength/ Fangs Swimming Climbing Tehblakdeath
D9 F) Marcella Lorenzo 13 Scythe/ Knives/ Pitchfork Hiding/ Running/ Climbing/ Strength Swimming/ Height ~team.toka
D10 M) Quentin Pynn 16 Bow n' Arrow Tracking/ Going long periods without food. Swimming Aerialchinook
D10 F) Clementine Everett 12 Snares/ Slingshot/ Sickle Independent/ Crafty Hesitant to kill Ichillyfry
D11 M) Rye Harvest 17 Sword/ Poisons Running/ Strength Long range shots Aaronmalik
D11 F) Azura Elderflower 14 Daggers/ Poisonous food/ Axes Plant knowledge/ Concealment/ Climbing Strength/ Combat/ Hesitant to kill younger tributes NutellaCruncher
D12 M) John Eberstark 15 Axe/ Bow n' Arrow/ Knife/ Spear Combat/ Clever/ Strength/ Aim/ Swimming Aracnaphobia/ Running XxJGVxX
D12 F) Riven Exile 18 Swords Running/ Climbing Rage PumPumPumpkin :3

Reaping Chart

District/ Name/ Gender Reaped Volunteered
D1 M) Silver Ore No Yes
D1 F) Satin Silver Clos No Yes
D2 M) Airen Awe Yes No
D2 F) Katrina Striker No Yes
D3 M)  Mikal Fuse Yes No
D3 F) Vivianne Gouldé Yes No
D4 M) Pleezwin Omegas No Yes
D4 F) Cady Heron No Yes
D5 M) Shade Spectrus Yes No
D5 F) Duskull Mc'Carthy No Yes
D6 M) Rev Velocity Yes No
D6 F) Drifloon Mc'Carthy Yes No
D7 M) Fantabulatay Magnificentay No Yes
D7 F) Rowan Amber Lindell Yes No
D8 M) Banette Tsukomogami Yes No
D8 F) Rebekah Ure Yes No
D9 M) Konami Aretino Yes No
D9 F) Marcella Lorenzo Yes No
D10 M) Quentin Pynn Yes No
D10 F) Clementine Everett Yes No
D11 M) Rye Harvest Yes No
D11 F) Azura Elderflower Yes No
D12 M) John Eberstark Yes No
D12 F) Riven Exile No Yes

If there isn't a reaping POV from tributes, I'll write it. If you supply one that's fine and I will use that. Will be posted after the Games begin

Training Scores

District/ Name/ Gender Training Score
D1 M) Silver Ore 9
D1 F) Satin Silver Clos 9
D2 M) Airen Awe 7
D2 F) Katrina Striker 8
D3 M) Mikal Fuse 8
D3 F) Vivianne Gouldé 9
D4 M) Pleezwin Omegas 9
D4 F) Cady Heron 5
D5 M) Shade Spectrus 9
D5 F) Duskull Mc'Carthy 10
D6 M) Rev Velocity 7
D6 F) Drifloon Mc'Carthy 9
D7 M) Fantabulatay Magnificentay 9
D7 F) Rowan Amber Lindell 8
D8 M) Banette Tsukomogami 10
D8 F) Rebekah Ure 9
D9 M) Konami Aretino 6
D9 F) Marcella Lorenzo 8
D10 M) Quentin Pynn 7
D10 F) Clementine Everett 10
D11 M) Rye Harvest 9
D11 F) Azura Elderflower 8
D12 M) John Eberstark 10
D12 F) Riven Exile 10

Training scores will be posted 3 days after the Games have started. Will be on a scale of 1 to 12. 1 being completely atrocious and 12 being amazing.


Every tribute will start out with $250 sponsoring money. As the Games go on, the more kills a tribute has, the more money they shall receive. $20 per kill. You can 'buy' things to send to your tribute throughout the Games. Unlike the book, the price for things will stay the same. I will keep track of your sponsorship money for both the end of the Games and so I know if you can 'buy' something for your tribute.


1 Knife : 20

3 Knives : 60

5 Knives: 75

1 Spear : 115

1 Axe : 100

1 Bow : 85

1 Sheath of 12 arrows : 97

1 Sheath of 24 arrows : 109

1 Blowgun : 25

1 Katana (Holder included) : 105

1 Small case of poisons : 95

Foods / Water

1 Pack full of bread : 60

1 Pack with water bottles  : 75

1 Liter of water : 30

2 Liters of water : 60

1 Bag of apples : 100

Other / Medicines

1 Box of bandages : 20

3 Boxes of bandages : 50

1 Bottle of hand sanitizer : 45

1 Water purifier : 60

1 Burn / infection ointment : 55

Ultimate Gourmet Buffet : 205

Chariot Rides

I will have this done after all tribute spots are filled.


Will be done after the training scores are posted. Interviews shall be done by Augustus Flickerman.

Death Chart

Name/ District/ Age Killer Method Day Placcement
D1 M)
D1 F)
D2 M)
D3 M)
D3 F)
D4 M)
D4 F)
D5 M)
D5 F)
D6 M)
D6 F)
D7 M)
D7 F)
D8 M)
D8 F)
D9 M)
D9 F)
D10 M)
D10 F)
D11 M)
D11 F)
D12 M)
D12 F)

These will be changed as each tribute makes a kill. If yours kills 5 tributes, they get $100 sponsorship money and 5 kill points. So a tribute could have had the most kills, but not be the victor.

Kill Points

District/ Name/ Gender Kill Points
D1 M) Silver Ore
D1 F) Satin Silver Clos
D2 M) Airen Awe
D2 F) Katrina Striker
D3 M) Mikal Fuse
D3 F) Vivianne Goulde
D4 M) Pleezwin Omegas
D4 F) Cady Heron
D5 M) Shade Spectrus
D5 F) Duskull Mc'Carthy
D6 M) Rev Velocity
D6 F) Drifloon Mc'Carthy
D7 M) Fantabulatay Magnificentay
D7 F) Rowan Amber Lindell
D8 M) Banette Tsukomogami
D8 F) Rebekah Ure
D9 M) Konami Aretino
D9 F) Marcella Lorenzo
D10 M) Quentin Pynn
D10 F) Clementine Everett
D11 M) Rye Harvest
D11 F) Azura Elderflower
D12 M) John Eberstark
D12 F) Riven Exile


Will be posted after the Games c:.

District/ Name/ Gender Kill Points Sponsorship Money
D   ) $

Have fun guys :D.


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