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    Last Update: 27th September 2012

    Current Phase: Reapings

    This is my first Hunger Games and so please bare with me. I will do my best to make this a fun read.

    I will be narrating this in third-person.

    The Quarter Quell twist is that the gender restriction is lifted. The two tributes from the same District may be of the same gender.

    1) You may post multiple tributes, but I cannot guarantee I will pick all of them. I will pick the ones I think are the most interesting.

    2) If you would like to enter one of the tributes in your profile you will have to add additional information in the comment if it is not in your profile, according to the template.

    3) Tributes will die, so please do not hate me for it.

    Please use the following template. Feel free to add…

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