Last Update: 27th September 2012

Current Phase: Reapings

This is my first Hunger Games and so please bare with me. I will do my best to make this a fun read.


I will be narrating this in third-person.

The Quarter Quell twist is that the gender restriction is lifted. The two tributes from the same District may be of the same gender.


1) You may post multiple tributes, but I cannot guarantee I will pick all of them. I will pick the ones I think are the most interesting.

2) If you would like to enter one of the tributes in your profile you will have to add additional information in the comment if it is not in your profile, according to the template.

3) Tributes will die, so please do not hate me for it.

Signup Template

Please use the following template. Feel free to add as much information about the character as you'd like below the template. I intend for the story to be quite long, so any additional information will help with the decisions. I will read and consider everything you write about the character.






Appearence: Please post a Lunaii. I will make them for the ones who don't, but I think you will do a better job at creating your own tribute.

Backstory: (I will use this to gather information about the tribute, even if you do not mention it in the skills section. For example, if your character goes to the forest every day and cuts trees, I will assume he is at least experienced with an axe)

Personality: (I will use this to make some decisions during the Games)

Personal Token:




Parade costume and approach: (first impressions will give some tributes extra sponsorship money)

Training center strategy: (I will take in consideration the skills the tribute practices in the Center)

Skill evaluation strategy: (this will decide what types of weapons are present in the arena as well as give some tributes extra sponsorship money)

Interview strategy: (the most important factor when deciding where the extra sponsorship money goes)

Bloodbath strategy:

Alliance strategy:

Note that alliances will happen depending on many factors: the strategy you chose for your tribute, their personality and the interaction they had with other tributes. For example, if two tributes both train with the bow during the training center phase, they are more likely to form an alliance, whether or not you mentioned this in the alliance strategy section. I will not grant any alliance requests, they will happen based entirely on how things go.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon Mentor
1 Female Jade Gemstone 15 5'4" Throwing Knives Cloveygal
2 Female Harla Stonefind 12 4'9" Spear, Dagger
2 Male Lonean Kantoon 18 6'2" Spear, Speech
4 Male Antero Lisin 17 6'5" Trident Wesolini
4 Female Imogene Odana 16 5'6" Knives Wesolini
5 Male Magnas Velocity 18 6'0" Mace&Shield LightStone123
6 Male Evan Violet 16 6'1" Sword, Throwing Knvies, Bow Creatoroflocalcartoons
11 Male Dokota Silverstar 17 5'6" Bow&Arrow, Throwing Knives XXToxicScreamxx

Tribute Gallery


Will add a table with and update it with each mentor's money as the games progress.

Every mentor has a starting 500$ and bonuses will be given after the parade, skill evaluation and interviews.

Mentor Money 1000
Wesolini 1000
XXToxicScreamxx 500
Cloveygal 500
Creatoroflocalcartoons 500
LightStone123 500

Item Stock

The stock will be changed as the Games progress. Item price will rise over time, some items will disappear and other will be added. Items that are not in stock will fetch a very high price.

Item Category


The Reapings

District 1

Jade Gemstone

Jade wakes up late, as always. She wants to sleep more, but this is a special day and she only has three hours until the Reaping ceremonies. She hurries to the restroom and begins arranging her beautiful long blonde hair. She doesn't need to spend much time looking for makeup because everything is there. Capitol-quality makeup, beautiful furniture, high-quality creams and lotions. Her older sibilings are victors of previous games, but they are not too fond of her. Jade wants to mess up as much as she can, if she has the chance.

Last year, Jade wanted to volunteer for the games, but she was not fast enough. Her brother took the spot she wanted. She hopes that this year she will be more lucky. Although she dreads having to be mentored by one of her sibilings, the games are too important to her to pass up. It is not certain who the mentors will be, which gives her a little hope.

After spending a long time dressing up and putting make-up, she is ready. Two and a half hours, not too bad, considering that she spends 2 hours on a regular day. She meets many of her class mates and training partners on the way. None of them hesitate to greet her, not even the girls who might be jealous of her popularity with the boys. Jade finally arrives to the scene and she is a bit late. The movie is already half-way through. "Damn!" she says to herself, as she starts running towards the front of the crowd. Not quite close enough, but between her there is only one other girl, a twelve year old. "I'm not gonna miss it" she says, right before the escort's lips open to read the name on the piece of paper.

District 2

Harla Stonefind

It is eight in the morning. The sound of swords clashing wakes tiny Harla from her sleep. She gets up slowly, unwillingly and proceeds to the restroom, taking a small stool with her on the way. She needs it because the mirror is hung a little too high for her to see everything. After swiftly washing her face and arranging her short brown hair, Harla steps outside, but not before getting a small coin from her desk.

Her family lives right next to the Peacekeeper Training Academy located in the Victor's Village. Although it is normal for them to start training this early, she is somewhat surprised today by the sight of the two young boys clashing swords in the training grounds. They are not Peacekeepers. "Why are they training?", she asks herself. Indeed, why? This is the day of the Reaping, the day when nothing else is important. This is the day Harla has been training for since she was barely able to lift a spear, or rather, this is the day her father is waiting for.

While eager to have her chance at volunteering for the Games, the hour is too early for the ceremonies. Besides, she needs to talk to her father and that is exactly what she does. Unsurprisingly, he does not fully agree, but he doesn't make a big effort to stop Harla from doing this. "This is your first Reaping, Harla. Are you sure you want to do this?", he says. She nods convincingly. "I think you're too young, but I know you are strong and if you must do this, you have my support.". She spends some time with her father and asks for advice, while waiting for the Reaping to begin.

As the time of the ceremonies draws near, children from all over the district gather near the Victor's Village. Harla makes sure to arrive early so that she can be in the front row. In less than an hour the place is packed and finally, the escort designated for District 2 takes the stage and starts with the usual introduction. The film ends shortly and everyone knows it's time.

Lonean Kantoon

Lonean is already awake, but he does not get up when he hears his father preparing to go to work. They spend very little time together because he works almost all day, as if obsessed with his job. Lonean does not want to face him because he knows what his father’s expectations are he does not want the glory of winning the Hunger Games. This is his last chance, yet he does not intend to participate. His goal is to become one of the Peacekeepers. He gets up as soon as he hears the door closing behind his father.

He walks to the balcony of a big house overlooking the village, only second in size to the Justice Building. Next to the wall, Lonean keeps a big collection of spears in a weapon rack, including basic wooden spears, deadly metallic spears and even decorative spears. One of them belongs to a young girl, a trainee at the Academy whose skill and dedication he admires. She reminds him of himself when he was that age.

Lonean prepares something to eat for himself and he stands in the balcony for a few hours, observing the village and thinking about his future. “I don’t care what my father thinks.”, he whispers to himself. “Becoming a tribute is not like me.”. Although he does not care much about the Games, he must be present at the ceremony, like everyone else. He finishes his meal and prepares to leave.

Lonean arrives at the ceremonies. He sees many children, most of them younger than himself, racing to be first in line. He doesn’t get too close to the stage, but close enough so that he can see what is going on. Just as he looks around, trying to find some of his friends, the escort leaps on the stage and starts begins the whole process. He does not listen, but he knows everything is over when he sees the escort walking towards the bowl.

The D2 Lottery

The escort reaches into the bowls and without hesitation, she picks one small piece of paper. After a moment of suspense, she begins reading. Harla does not hear the name, because as soon as the escort opened her mouth, she leapt forward in one quick motion. She could see other children doing the same, but they were not fast enough. She lifts her hand and yells, as loud as she can. "I volunteer!"

As Lonean hears Harla’s voice, he recognizes her immediately. He hears the escort say “We have our first tribute, …”. He does not listen to the rest. Instead, Lonean pushes forward to the crowd. Thoughts race through his mind. “What is she thinking?” “She’s only 12” “This is her first reaping”. His anger vanishes, knowing what he must do. Just as he reaches the front line, the escort reads the second name.

He walks forward and volunteers at the same time as another boy, a sixteen year old. Lonean looks at the boy and exclaims calmly. “Step back, boy.”. The other volunteer recognizes Lonean and his face turns white. He does not want to fight him, so he slowly steps back into the crowd.

“Our second tribute, ladies and gentlemen. What is your name?”

“Lonean Kantoon”, he replies, as he walks towards the stage to occupy his place next to Harla.

District 4

Antero Lisin

Tall grass and trees everywhere, gently leaning in all directions. Everything in nature is dancing to the melody of the wind. Except him. He feels a warm breeze across his cheek, as he walks down a river towards the sea. Slowly, calmly watching the flow of the river, observing every small obstacle, every rock standing in the way of his prey. He sees it. With his piercing green eyes locked on the target, he grips his trident and holds it steadily, waiting for the river to lead the unsuspecting animal to its death. Patiently following its path, he gets ready. When the moment comes he strikes. One quick motion, perfect. The middle prong of the trident impales the fish right in the head.

For the sea this is a day like any other, but for Panem it is a special day, a reminder of their troubled past. Perhaps this is the reason Antero is spending his time alone, far from the sea where everyone else has gathered. But that is where he is headed, because the time of the Reaping is near. He leaves the fish behind, he knows he will not need it. Today, he is going to the Capitol.

Antero approaches the crowd. Thousands of children gathered and lined up in a well organized manner. He overhears people talking about the Quarter Quell. "Now we have two chances to volunteer!", yells an overly excited boy. Without exchanging a word, he slides through the crowd and reaches the front. Just in time.
The audience is applauding the escort who has just taken the scene. But that stops very briefly and everyone is baffled. For the first time in District 4, a male escort is appointed. A very tall, blonde man who appears to be in his late twenties. He introduces himself and explains how and why he had been chosen. As soon as the film ends, he grabs a piece of paper from the bowl.

Imogene Odana

With the Hunger Games starting, everyone in the Capitol is on a shopping spree, preparing themselves for the show. This is a great opportunity for the more luxurious Districts to impress the citizens of the Capitol with new, innovative clothes and decorations. Even today, the young teenagers at the sewing center in District 4 do not take a break. Especially not Imogene, who is pressured by her mother to create an amazing design so intensely, that she needs to work almost the entire day.

However, as noon is approaching, everyone must head down to the beach, where the Reaping ceremonies are held. Ready as ever, the group of teenagers prepare to leave. Imogene is stopped by her mother for a second. “Take this with you, darling!”, she says, holding in her palm the bracelet that a few moments ago was wrapped around her wrist. “Good luck!”, she exclaims, while closing in to hug her daughter. Imogene kisses her mother and thanks her. As she walks away, she begins wondering what prompted her mother’s behavior. She never wanted to go to the Games and she never had to worry because there is always a volunteer to take her place.

After a long one hour walk, their group finally reaches the beach. The place is already packed, although it is quite early. It must be the volunteers. They are split up by the officials, who insist that they don’t have enough room for a group this big. Imogene looks back and, through the crowd, sees a tall young boy walking alone down the river. He knows him. It’s Antero, a classmate of one of her friends. He is 1 year older. “He’s going to volunteer”, she whispers to herself.

Imogene walks closer to the stage and finally stops. She looks around, hoping to see familiar faces. She is briefly interrupted by the sound of the microphone. The escort appointed to District 4 walks up on the stage. The audience is stunned. Some are staring at the stage, others at their neighbors. Imogene can clearly hear someone nearby exclaiming “He’s male!”. Unimpressed by the audience’s reaction, the escort proceeds with the ceremony, after a short introduction. He does not wait a single moment, he walks to the bowl and grabs a piece of paper.

The D4 Lottery

"Antero Lisin!", yells the escort.

Antero did not expect this. How? Why? Did he miss his chance? He doesn't have much time to think, because the escort invites him to step forward. He is stopped on the way to the stage.

The escort then says: "I am sorry, I forgot. Any volunteers?"

Antero does not hesitate and before anyone else makes a move, he raises his own hand. No one has done this before and it might not even be allowed. The escort does not object, ignoring everyone else who raised their hands. "Antero Lisin, ladies and gentlemen, our first tribute!".

Without even waiting for Antero to walk up to the stage, the escort grabs the second piece of paper.

"Imogene Odana!", he yells.

Hearing the sound of her name gave Imogene chills. She looks around and sees thousands of eyes pointed at her. Unwillingly, she walks towards the stage. Slowly, one step at a time, hoping that she doesn't have to do this. She's getting closer and closer, but the escort does not ask for volunteers. He's staring at her beautiful blonde hair blowing in the wind and her terrified face. She can't hear any sounds, until a boy makes a few steps towards the stage and yells "I volunteer!".

Nothing. No reaction. Only after he yells a second time, does the escort reply:

"I like this one. She will be our second tribute."

As the two tributes walk towards the stage, the Reapings of District 4 have concluded. There is an incredible contrast, unlike anything that has happened in District 4 in a long time. One tribute, confident and proud. The other, terrified. Only one volunteer.

District 5

Magnas Velocity

Being one of the more important districts, District 5's citizens do not struggle with hunger or poverty as much as the outlying disticts. Unfortunately, this is not true for Magnas, an eighteen year old boy who has lived on the streets ever since his parents died 6 years ago, in a big power plant disaster.

Confused and alone, Magnas had to do many things that normal people would not think of doing to survive. He became part of a group of homeless children who preyed on weaker citizens to get any valuable they can sell or exchange for food, for which he has been punished many times. In his situation, he had to get tassera every single year. Not only for himself, but for other homeless children who were too young to take care of themselves. He did not care that his name entered the lottery too many times, because he spent his days exercising and training with anything he could find to prepare for this event.

Magnas walks towards the front of the Justice Building, through the crowd, waiting for the moment to come. He looks back at his friends one last time, because he knows he will not remain here. Today is his last Reaping and he must leave this place, because he cannot bear the thought of having to work in one of the power plants for the people responsible for his parents' deaths. He waits patiently for some time and the escort finally enters the stage. Magnas does not listen to her, he does not care. He waits until the escort lifts one of the small pieces of paper and wonders whose life he will be saving today.

District 6

Evan Violet

The entire district wakes up at the sound of a train's siren. It's eariler than any other place, because they have the important job of scheduling the trains' arrival and departure times for all of Panem. Everyone is used to it already. Evan Violet is already up and is watching the person in charge giving the order to deploy a special group of trains, hated throughout the country: the ones which are meant to bring the tributes from each district to this year's Hunger Games.

One of the trains will be back in a short period of time, but Evan hardly has the patience to wait for what he was longing to do since his father died. He runs home and prepares himself for the journey: eating breakfast, but not too much, intending to leave the rest of it to his mother. He grabs a small skull necklace from underneath his bed and wraps it around his neck.

As the time for the Reaping approaches, Evan heads towards the center of the village, without saying anything to his mother. Even though he told her that he wants revenge, she would be devastated if she knew what will happen. Evan reaches the ceremony stage. It is crowded, not because everyone wants to be there, but because they must. He walks towards a group of school mates gathered near the front.

An hour later, the escort presents herself on stage. No one is surprised because the train announcing her arrival signaled itself ten minutes earlier. She shakes the mayor's hand and proceeds to the introductions, and then the movie. There is only one bowl this year, due to the Quarter Quell. The movie is finally over and she sinks her hand into the bowl.

District 11

Dokota Silverstar

The bright blue sky layed in the humid air, no clouds to be seen. Nothing to shield the poor citizens of District 11 from the intense, energy-sapping heat of the sun. The light breeze that made the wheat field dance left and right was of no help either. Not even the ones who were used to such temperature could ignore it. And yet they all do, because something is more important. It is the day that most of the outlying districts hate the most, the day of the Reaping.

Dokota, a young boy walking in the field at his father's side, burst with joy when he heard the sound of the tune which signals the end of their work for the day, carried and sung the mockingjay birds. He loved the mockingjay so much that he spent days sculpting a small wooden figure that resembles the bird. The signal came much earlier than usual. It is time for the children of District 11 to gather at the Reaping ceremony held near the Justice Building.

Dokota and his father hurry home to deposit their tools and prepare for the ceremony. This is his sixth Reaping, so he is perfectly ready for what is to come. He was lucky enough to not have to apply for tassera too many times, which means the chance for him to get picked is low. As he leaves home, he pockets the small wooden figure, but not before giving it a small kiss. Maybe he is lucky this year as well.

Dokota and his father close in on the ceremony, but after a certain point, he must go alone. He takes his goodbyes and his father wishes him good luck and gestures a sign known only to the citizens of District 11. He looks back a few times, but in the end he find a spot to stand in the middle of the crowd. Around him, Dakota sees only strangers. He does not have much time to scout the area because the escort walks up on stage. She introduces herself and reads the rules, as if they didn't know them already. The movie starts up and everyone can see how happy the escort is to see it, so much that she whispers every word that is said to herself. She is so eager that she heads towards the bowls a moment before the movie ends. "And our first tribute, is, ladies and gentlemen", she says, as she reaches towards the first piece of paper.

The Tribute Parade

The Training Center

Skill Evaluation

The Interviews

The Arena

Details about the arena will be revealed after the Skill Evaluation. The arena will be created based on the tributes, their skills and what they do during the evaluation tests. I will try to keep it fair. I will do this because I do not want your tributes to be tailored specifically for the environment.

The Games

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