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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    One Year

    May 11, 2013 by DrewlovesKuinn

    Wow. Okay.

    Never thought I'd get this far on here. One year. Been here for 12 months exactly, today. Gosh, it feels so long ago that chat didn't exist and that I was begging RueButtercup to continue her games. It feels a lifetime ago that I was estatic to have a submission for my games, and my first two friends subsequently.

    Now, one year on, I'm still here. Wow.

    Because I've been here a year, you might not know any of these people. Some of them left a long time before some of you arrived. I still treasure my memories with them.

    Oh gosh, this girl XD We've changed so much since we both joined, and only a month out between us. Honestly, during our time here, our lives followed each other. Everything that happened to her happened to me, for the …

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    The Swan Song

    March 9, 2013 by DrewlovesKuinn

    The Swan Song.

    Don't know what it is, why don't I explain it for you. See, a Swan Song is basically a metaphor, but those paticular words are used because when a Swan begins to sing, it means that it is about to die. Swans are beautiful creatures, and therefore it is ironically so that their species is used for such a thing.

    However, I shall not be killing a Swan any time soon. Because I am using a Swan Song in a metaphorical sense. Swan Songs are sad, yet happy. A Swan Song is . . .

    A person's final public performance or professional activity before retirement.

    Fitting, don't you think?

    Before you ask, because I know you're thinking:

    No. I am not back. This is merely a vist, accompanied by my Swan Song. So I can finally leave here in peace. I sh…

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    I'm gone.

    Yeah, it's really happening.

    There's no Anna to drag me back anymore.

    My time has come.

    I've moved on.

    I love you all.

    But this place doesn't interest me anymore.


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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Andy's Lunaii Games

    February 2, 2013 by DrewlovesKuinn

    Hey guys. This has kinda become a craze since Vinny did it and the new people thought he invented the idea and everything, but yeah, erm no. Anyway! I decided to make one of these because they're easy to do and I like judging people >:D

    Anyway, I'll accept... eight people? Yeah. If I need any more I'll open it up to more people with more spots. Similar to Vinny's, it shall get harder as it progresses, and each round they'll be a winner.

    Username Round Eliminated






    Beautiful Mistake

    The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo


    District1 Obsessed

    Pretty sure this one is meant to be easy and such... make Katniss for me.

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Hello everyone, welcome back to The Hurt/Heal Games! The second season is still running in it's final five. This is the third season, which I have sign ups already taken and maybe more if there is demand for it... there is also brand new twists that shall be revealed at every bench mark.

    • In each comment, you may hurt one person. This will take their health down by ONE point.
    • In each comment, you may heal one person. This will boost their health up by ONE point.
    • Each member of the game starts off with 20 points, then it can either go UP or DOWN.
    • You may only post once every HOUR. Breaking this once will result in a day's SUSPENSION. Doing so twice will result in a week's SUPSENSION or if a user competing, complete DISQUALIFICATION.
    • Wikia contrib…

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