Hey Gamemakers. I need your help with 3 things

  1. Arena
  2. Mutts
  3. Everything Else


All of this is confidental, none of anything posted on here should be told to any other user. That is the only rule

Only These People should be commenting

Gamemaker User
Arabesque Lisbusten Mysims
Terra Livingstone Chrystalbeast99
John Mustin Jsm13athome
Rosa Stine NerdDFTBA
Lauren Evans Meatballlover
Martine Moore KEWLBEN
Austin Lyle Mbakdewi
Cecelia Rhodes GlimmerandSparkle
Agusti Leverman Finnicktheawesomeone
Gerald Cardew District4victor

Issue 1 Bloodbath/Arena

The Arena is a School, filled with all kinds of classrooms and other things, it is surrounded by a thick, dense forest and at the edge of the arena there is a waterfall. Also, there is a dense swamp to the left of the forest.

Issue 2 Mutts

There is max 71 dead tributes, not all them will be killed by one and other. I need fresh new mutts.

Mutt 1

Name: Tree Mutt

Location: Forest

Defining Traits: Looks like any other tree, until it gets climbed, then it opens its mouth a sucks in the tribute, also can swipe its branches to hit any nearby tributes

Ways of Killing Tributes: Eats tributes, hits them with their branches

How they can be stopped: Extremely venerable point at the base of the tree

Mutt 2

Name: Hydra Mutt

Location: Swamps, Around Water

Defining Traits: Small Snake, looks like an adder. When they are killed they split into 2 mutts, then 4, then 8 etc.

Ways of Killing: Poison and Strength used to Strangle

How they can be stopped: Drowned, Burned or Poison

Mutt 3

Name: Family mutts

Location: Anywhere, mainly where a human could live

Defining TraitsP: Lokks like the families of the tributes

Ways of Killing Tributes: Sharp claws to hack at flesh, powerful bite, stopping tributes with their stare then plain out killing.

How they can be stopped: Any normal way of killing an animal

Mutt 4

Name: Spider Mutts

Location: Underground, In Long Grass.

Defining Traits: Looks like normal spider at first but grows bigger and bigger, once tribute is killed is shrinks again. It is also good at camoflauge, it can look like anything.

Ways of Killing Tributes: Fangs, Height and Camoflauge.

How they can be stopped: Burned Or Drowned

Mutt 5

Name: Spiderflies

Location: Anywhere they can swarm

Defining Traits: They are tiny flying spiders, with sharp, pointy legs that are poisious if you get stabbed with them, and you can always tell where they are because they come together in swarms that have millions in them

Ways of Killing Tributes: They can all stab the tribute and poision them (The tribute would look all lumpy everywhere and the bites would be red/purple from the poision), They can sufocate a tribute because they get breathed in so easily, they can crawl inside of a tribute and sting them from the inside to torture them.

How they can be stopped: Kill the queen and thay will get mad, but eventually die out, burn the place they are comming from, go underwater so that they cannot reach you

Mutt 6

Name: Pig Mutt

Location: Near Mud

Defining Traits: Really Fat, brown and can hardly walk

Way of Killing Tributes: Their meat is poisonous so when they kill it they eat it and die!!!!!

How Can They be stopped: Any way, their poison though has no antidote that has been discovered.

Mutt 7

Name: Ant Mutt

Location: Near water

Defining Trait: Nothing, there just a swarm of bugs.

Way of Killing the Tributes: Nibble on flesh till no flesh left

How can they be stopped: They cant go under water, if they are diminished they will be useless so in a group deadly, on their own there fine.

Mutt 8

Name: Fish Mutt

Location: Water (DUH)

Defining Traits: Looks like a normal fish, but when approached can turn very vicious. There is two kinds, Blue, which are highly poisionus and Pink, which are friendly and edible

Ways of Killing Tributes: Eating them alive, poisioning them

How they can be stopped: They can be killed easily and removing a fin will stop them from doing anything

Mutt 9

Name: Bull Mutt

Location: Deep, Further Out Into Long Grass

Defining Traits: Secret Top Speed But Other Than That Looking Innocent, Like Their From District 10

Way Other Killing The Tributes: Charging At Them With Top Speed. (Stronger In Groups)

How They Can be Stopped: Burned And Hunted.

Mutt 10

Name: Devil's Eye

Location: Cornucopia

Defining Traits: They'rs usually black birds with red eyes

Way of Killing Tributes: A bird of prey with 360 degree vision, kills any prey it sees

How they can be stopped: Their only weakness is water. One drop of it and they disintegrate.

Mutt 11

Name: Monstorous vines

Location: Near trees and mud, anywhere where there is grass

Defining Traits: Pale green rope-like vines with thorns sticking out of them, the more hydrated they are the greener they are. if they are brown they are dead

Way of Killing Tributes: it latches onto the tributes as they walk past, sticking the thorns into thier's flesh, eating them using the thorns as a filter

How Can They be stopped: by burning them or setting them on fire so they dry out.

Mutt 12


Location:Swamp and Forest

Defining Traits:They're the reanimated corpses of tributes from your other games

Means of Killing:Same as tributes did when they were alive

How to Kill Them:Same as you would kill a living tribute

Mutt 13

Name: Lunch Mutts

Location: In the cafiteria, usually on lunch trays.

Defining Traits: They look like normal cafeteria lunches.

Way of killing tributes: They re-arrange their lunchish selves and eat the tributes. Or they could let the tributes eat them and then eat the tributes fro the inside.

How they can be stopped: Bring your own lunch!

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