Hey Guys, I'm now hosting my 4th Hunger Games, within 2 months of me joining here, wow. Amazing right, I just wanna say, that I ain't taking crap from anyone anymore, that means wiki contributors too. Also, join my other games,Mysims first mentor games

The 106th Hunger Games

Its time for the 106th Hunger Games, wow. Already, I'm at my fourth games, these games are just regular games, no rule changes or anything like last year, but I promise, this will be one kickass game!!


  1. The whole concept of Mentors and Escorts have been removed, just Sponsors now!
  2. Everyone's POV's are back!
  3. Reapings will be done from both POV's again!


Last years secret quell came as a huge shock to everyone, luckily, its over and life has returned to normal, or at least as normal as Panem can be, District 10 is celebrating its first victor and most of the other districts are in turmoil, maybe these games will turn things around...


Hey everyone, due to the amazing sucsess of my previous games, most of the rules will be similar, but for you new kids joining in, I'll write them again.

  • First of all, don't get angry at me if your tribute(s) die, it is the hunger games, and only one will survive, so calm down already
  • This will, as my last games, include adult lanugage, if anyone has a problem with that, just leave a comment and I will try and tone it down
  • If you could please make these new tributes created fresh in these games, if you can't don't worry!
  • Only 3 submissions of tributes max, 2 stylists and 1 gamemaker per user (Epic Hobo are excluded from this rule, Aurora may make three, and Venus may make three if they wish)
  • Please, no swearing at each other in the comments if someone kills your tribute, its all for fun, right!
  • Please make all new things about your tribute in a new comment, its annoying flicking through 10 pages of comments to find one that may or may not be of use to me!
  • Please, no ads, ever. It is extremly annoying and no one goes on them
  • I don't need, or deserve, to be sworn at for any reason... EVER!
  • Don't post the same tribute again...


Will be released when all the tributes are in...


This will be somewhat different, each tribute has three gifts, and that is all, you aquire one gift per day you survive. You can send your tributes anything, within reason, at any time!


Please give me all members, wither you are open to others joining, and a name for all alliances, Careers will be put in, and please tell me if your tribute from a career district will be in the careers!


Please post the all the details of your tributes, If someone does not give adequate details, it will be ignored/rejected.





District 1 (Luxury) Male:

Luca Sierra, 18 6'1 (Bronze Hair, Blue Eyes, Tan) Spear/Sword

District 1 (Luxury) Female:

Sparkle Zidzae, 15

6'1 (Long Blonde Hair, Purple Eyes) Knife/Throwing Knives

District 2 (Masonry) Male:

Jacob Woods, 18 6'3 (Short Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword

District 2 (Masonry) Female:

Katri Terra, 17

6'0 (Dark Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes) Throwing Knives/Sword

District 3 (Technology) Male:

Dillon Repem, 18 6'1 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Tan) Sword/Hand to Hand Combat

District 3 (Technology) Female:

Rachel Golden, 15 5'1 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Spear/Javelin

District 4 (Fishing) Male:

Mert Frester, 15 5'9 (Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) Trident

District 4 (Fishing) Female:

Kara Hawkins, 14 5'2 (Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Bow and Arrow/Knives

District 5 (Power) Male:

Harris Quinton, 15 6'0 (Brownish red hair, Blue Eyes) Spear/Bow

District 5 (Power) Female:

Petra Liit, 16

5'7 (Blonde Hair with red Highlights, Green Eyes) Axe

District 6 (Transportation) Male:

Scott Landing, 16 5'4 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Sword

District 6 (Transportation) Female:

Olympia Willings, 16 6'1 (Blonde Hair with Red Highlights, Red Eyes) Hands/Knife

District 7 (Lumber) Male:

Liir Fluor, 12

5'1 (Black Hair with Blue fringe, Green Eyes) Sword

District 7 (Lumber) Female:

Joel Singh, 17 5'5 (Black Hair, Green Eyes, Darkish Skin) Axe/Knife

District 8 (Textiles) Male:

Jason Darna, 14 5'9 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword

District 8 (Textiles) Female:

Addison Covallion, 17 6'0 (Golden Eyes, Blonde Hair) Bow/Throwing Knives

District 9 (Grain) Male:

Larz Williams, 18 6'1 (Hazel Eyes, Blonde Hair) Fists/Sword

District 9 (Grain) Female:

Kala Wynder, 17 5'8 (Blue Eyes, Brown Hair) Spear/Knife

District 10 (Livestock) Male:

Pillani Violo, 13 4'8 (Black Messy Hair, Green Eyes) Sword

District 10 (Livestock) Female:

Aven Rosedain, 17

5'11 (Dark Hair, Blue Eyes) Blowgun/Whip

District 11 (Agriculture) Male:

Koby Rew, 16 5'9 (Tan Skin, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Throwing Axes/Knive

District 11 (Agriculture) Female:

Mara Bell, 15 4'11 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Dark Skin) Knife

District 12 (Mining/Coal) Male:

Leo Algieba, 15 4'11 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Axe

District 12 (Mining/Coal) Female:

Emmerweiss Nightfall, 15 4'10 (Blonde Hair, Golden Eyes) Blowgun/Bow and Arrow


Name Sponsor Money Remaining Gifts


District Name Male Chariot Female Chariot
2 Lilly Fearce, 32 (F) A suit that looks to be made out of pure gold and looks like armour. He also had a bangle on his right arm. He also has a halo of gold that is suspended above his head. It also shines so bright that its hard to look away. His skin is covered in a light gold powder. He almost glows. A mini dress that seems to be made out of pure gold and looks like armour, She has a golden bangle thing that goes down her right arm and left leg. She also has a kind of halo of gold suspended above her head that shines so brightly, you cant look away. Her skin is covered in a light gold powder. Her hair has strands of gold weaved in. She almost glows.
4 Nina Pavalo, 32 (F) He has a pair of light green shorts on. He has yellow, green, and blue streamer hanging from his belt. His belt has a starfish in the middle. He has a simular necklace but it has the glowing part is in the middle, hanging off a string accompanied with 2 shark teeth. It eluminates his eyes too. She has a long sleevless dress. On her arms are some streamers that wave around lightly. She has a huge sparkly greenish-blue bow in her hair, tying it into a ponytail. She has a choker on her neck that glowes different colors of the ocean and eluminates her eyes.

Micheal McLean, 18 (M)

His costume is similar to begin with but when the flash goes he is covered in chunks, small chunks, of gold. His hair has been spiked up and painted blacks as well but is covered in a gold powder. Yet again with the way the light hits the gold it causes the look that he is glowing. His skin has been doused in a gold powder that makes him look like a life sized oscar. She is wearing a dress made of tiny little solar panels. As the chariot moves around a light on front of the chariot is growing brighter, this signifys the light that being caught by the solar panels being changed into power. When this light reaches an amazing brightness they cause a sudden flash blinding everybody who sees them. When the light dies down she is wearing a long flowing dress covered in diamonds. The way all of the lights hit them it causes her to glow. She has tiny diamonds intwined in her hair. Her blonde hair has been sprayed black which causes the diamonds in her hair to stand out twice as much. All of the glowing is to symbolise a glowing ball of power.
7 Leena Vertech, 24 (F) The same for the Male but a suit. When it reaches around a 10th of the way the drecatches fire and emerses the tribute in flames, same for the suit. It causes the tributes to turn to ash and leave nothing but a sprout which grows into the tributes wearing there first costume, this keeps repeating She is wearing a long red dress to symbolise the red leaves on a tree in autumn
10 He is wearing a short skirt (like a gladiator one no a girly one) made out of the fur of a red deer. He is also wearing a cape made of the same fur. He has a headress which is a pair of real antlers painted red and orange A dress made out of roe deer fur this time (Bambis fur) that reaches her knees. Her hair has been died red and put in a braid down his back.


Name Role
Arabesque Lisbusten (Mysims) Head Gamemaker
Terra Livingston (Chrystalbeast96) Deputy Gamemaker
Kaffada Evenstream (GlimmerandSparkle) Head of Arena
Agusti Lettherman (Finnicktheawesomeone) Head of Mutt Designs
Saharah Colter (Madgeical) Head of Training Scores
Rosa McIvler (NerdDFTBA) Head of Events

Gift Chart

Name No. of gifts left

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed How Killed By
24th Scott Landing 6 Snapped Neck Luca Sierra (1)
23rd Luca Sierra 1 Stabbed in Chest Scott Landing (6)
22nd Harris Quinton 5 Slashed in Head Sparkle Zidzae (1)
21st Mara Bell 11 Trident in Chest Mert Frester (4)
20th Dillon Repem 3 Knife in Head Mert Frester (4)
19th Joel Singh 7 Trident in Chest Mert Frester (4)
18th Kara Hawkins 4 Brain Damage Joel Singh (7)
17th Larz Williams 9 Stabbed in head Rachel Golden (3)
16th Leo Algbiea 12 Crushed Falling Elevator
15th Jason Darna 8 Bloodbath Injures Sparkle Zidzae (1)
14th Jacob Woods 2 Knife in Head Oylmpia Willings (6)
13th Koby Rew 11 Knife in Head/Choking Katri Terra (2)
12th Mert Frester 4 Burned by Acid Acid Pool
11th Pillani Violo 10 Knife in Throat Addison Covallion (8)
10th Oylmpia Willings 6 Crushed to Death Closing Walls
9th Rachel Golden 3 Burned Alive Acid Water
8th Katri Terra 2 Spider Venom Huge Spider
7th Addison Covallion 8 Knife in Neck Kala Wynder (9)
6th Sparkle Zidzae 1 Spikes in Chest Spiked Ball
5th Liir Fluor 7 Spear in Neck Spear Trap
4th Emmerweiss Nightfall 12 ?????????????? ?????????????
3rd Aven Rosedain 10 Electrocuted Lighting
2nd Petra Liit 5 Stabbed in Chest Kala Wynder (9)

And the winner is

Name District User
Kala Wynder 9 District3tribute

Chariot Placement

Place District Comment
1st 5 So glittery and sparkle, a-mah-zing
2nd 2 It was soooo creative, where can I buy that outfit
3rd 4 It represtented the district really well
4th 7 It was sooo pretty, but was kinda in the background
5th 10 It was kinda scary, did they kill a deer?

Training Scores

Name Score (?/12)
Luca Sierra 11
Sparkle Zidzae 10
Jacob Woods 10
Katri Terra 9
Dillon Repem 7
Rachel Golden 4
Mert Frester 10
Kara Hawkins 9
Harris Quinton 6
Petra Liit 9
Scott Landing 6
Olympia Willings 8
Liir Fluor 3
Joel Singh 5
Jason Darna 6
Addison Covallion 10
Larz Williams 7
Kala Wynder 9
Pillani Violo 5
Aven Rosedain 9
Koby Rew 3
Mara Bell 2
Leo Algieba 4
Emmerweiss Nightfall 5

The Games

Day 1-Bloodbath

The Tributes are standing in a shopping centre (Mall), stores of all types and brands are everywhere, the girls eye some clothes shops, while others use their common sense a plan on getting the hell out of there, in front of the tributes, there is a huge food court, to the left, a clothes store, to the right, a games store, and behind the cornucopia there is a large elevator, leading into somewhere unknown...

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 106th Hunger Games BEGIN

Scott's POV

I sprint straight from the plates to the cornucopia, spilling over with weapons and food, a bounty. I sprint forward, itching to get my hands on a sword when a pair of firm hands grab my shoulders, oh god. This isn't good. Luca (1) has me in a headlock, I'm inches from the pile, please, I can do this, I can win. My hands place around the handle of sword, yes. I grab it and plunge it backwards, right into Luca's (1) chest. He goes still, and I think I've got him. Thank god, I can still do this, but he's tougher than I thought. He places a pair of firm hands on each side of my head, oh crap. He snaps my neck to the left and then sharply to the right. Its over, I tried, I tried. The blackness swallows me whole and I hear the distant sound of a cannon. Mine. BOOM!!

Luca's POV

The blood pours from the wound, I see Sparkle (1) run towards me, her eyes open in fear. I'm gone. I press a hand to the wound and the red liquid spurts out through my fingers, I feel dizzy. I stagger into the cornucopia, there has to be something here, I grab a jumper and push it against the hole in my chest. My mind feels foggy, my knees give way. My face hits the floor and Sparkle (1) throws her arms round me.

"Stay with me... stay with me..." he voice is muffled, like its far away, my eyes fuzz over and I just let go. I'm done. BOOM!!

Sparkle's POV

I grab a sword, no. This isn't right, he's a career, he shouldn't have died. I stand up, Harris (5) tries to sprint by me, I don't care if he did anything or not. He will suffer for what Luca (1) died for. The Games. My sword feels heavy in my hands, but I can do this, I slash at Harris's head, my sword passes through just above his ears, right through his skull, brain and back out the other side, he collpases. And I fall to me knees, tears forming in my eyes. BOOM!! I jump to my feet, I'm not done, Jason (8) tries to sprint away, but I grab a mace, a spiked one, good. I raise the mace and bring it down on his back, half of his back comes away and he falls to the ground, no cannon, I don't care. He struggles to his feet and heads for the food court. Don't care really.

Mert's POV

I pull my trident out of Mara's (11) chest. BOOM!! We've already lost a career, that isn't good at all, we can't afford to lose another, I hear something behind me and I spin round, Dillon (3) is hiding in the cornucopia, he obviously trying to wait us out, ha. As if, I throw my knife into his temple and he crumples to the ground. BOOM!! Suddenly, Kara (4) screams and I spin round, Joel (7) has a knife at her throat, I grab a trident and throw it at Joel (7), just as she realises what I'm doing, she spins the knife around and smacks the handle of of Kara's (4) forehead. My trident leaves my hands and hits Joel (7) in the chest and she hits the ground, still. BOOM!! I sprint over to Kara (4), she moans slightly, her forehead is dented, dangerously dented, she gives another moan and her chest rises and falls.

"Please stay with me... Please." She doesn't answer, she's too close to death. My eyes begin to fill up with tears. No, she's gone, she can't be gone. BOOM!!

Katri's POV

Great, just great. Two Careers down in the first day. Terrible, we have no chance at all if we lost two in the first day then how long until we are all gone, huh. Mert (4) is in a state, he lost Kara (4) and is crying so hard about it, Sparkle (1) is doing the same thing because of Luca (1). We deicde not to go on the hunt because we only have two decent Careers left, oh well.

Kala's POV

Addison (8), Emmerweiss (12) and I are in an alliance, Joel (7) was supposed to be in it too, but, eh, she kinda got killed. Addison (8) is being her usual self and didn't get anything, except for herself... Emmerweiss (12) got a blowgun and large pack, and I got a knife and a medium backpack. We are hiding in the food court, where we have a pretty much endless supply of food. So we are fine the now, but, we are still very worried about the careers


  • The Careers aren't hunting because of Sparkle and Mert's crying and pain.
  • Addison, Emmerweiss and Kala are in a alliance, and are hiding in the food court, hoping to stay hidden for a while, they have enough supplies to last until day 3
  • Rachel is alone in the clothes store with a small backpack, with enough supplies to last till tommorow night
  • Petra is hiding in the elevator, meters from the careers camp with no supplies except a knife and is both happy and sad that the aren't going on a hunt, happy because she won't be found or killed, sad because she can't get anything from them until they leave
  • Oylmpia is doing just fine and is in the games store, she has enough supplies to last until day 3
  • Liir is fine and is also in the game store, meters from Oylmpia and Pillani
  • Jason is in the food court with no allies, no supplies and half of his back missing...
  • Larz is in the clothes store and is in complete shock after almost being killed
  • Pillani is in the game store, meters from Olympia and Liir without knowing
  • Aven is in the clothes store, with enough supplies for a while or so
  • Koby is in the food court, under a table in the pizzareia
  • Leo is in the cornucopia, hiding in a hole in the fountain

Day 1-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
24th Scott Landing 6 Luca Sierra (1)
23rd Luca Sierra 1 Scott Landing (6)
22nd Harris Quinton 5 Sparkle Zidzae (1)
21st Mara Bell 11 Mert Frester (4)
20th Dillon Repem 3 Mert Frester (4)
19th Joel Singh 7 Mert Frester (4)
18th Kara Hawkins 4 Joel Singh (7)

Day 2

Addison's POV

We slept in the food court last night, we still have food and water and such. I woke up before the others, I could kill them right now, no worries or anything, but no. I'll let them live a little longer, who knows, maybe I will need them later when all the food is gone and there is a handful of us left.Yeah, that is what I will do. I shake Kala (9) and Emmerweiss (12) awake, they open their eyes instantly and we begin to gather our stuff and move out...

Olympia's POV

What was that, I draw my knife and go down on my knees, someone coughs and I almost scream, but I manage to hold back. I crawl to the end of the aisle and stick my head round the end. Just as a knife flies past my face. I jump to my feet and run towards where the knife orginated from. Suddenly Liir (7) appears and the end of the aisle. He has a knife drawn and I think he's going to throw it, but then he sees me and calms a bit.

"A-alliance." he chokes out, as I go forward, I nod slightly and he visibly relaxes, good. I won't have to kill him, he runs up to me and throws his arms round me, I hug him back and something moves on my left, Liir (7) sees it too. I jump back and Pillani (10) appears at the end of the aisle, he runs towards me and I jump back, don't kill me. Please, he puts his knife down and calls out.

"Alliance." he says, I put my knife down. Good.

Rachel's POV

I'm hiding in the changing room, someone is in here, I know it. I duck down to the ground and stick my head out of the door. Larz (9) is behind the counter, shaking. He must be in shock. Then Aven (10) appears at the skirts, there has to be an alliance here, there has to be. I exit the changing rooms and approach Aven (10) she draws her sword, but she sees my eyes and knows I don't want to kill her, she walks with me and we approach the shaking mess known as Larz (9) on the floor, he sees us and grabs his sword, he slashes at Aven (10) but she dives backwards, toppling over a bunch of boxes, but the alternative waould be worse. I draw my knife and Larz (9) tries to kill me, I bring my knife down on his chest but he rolls to the side, I stop and so does he, my breathing is extremly heavy and he is still shaking.

"Alliance." I breathe... He shakes his head. No. How dare he, I slam my knife down on his head, he goes still, but there is still life in him. I stab the knife into his gut. BOOM!!

Mert's POV

We lost Kara (4) and Luca (1), this is the worst the career pack has ever done, actually terrible. We walk through the mall, hoping to find someone, but nothing. We suck this year, we suck bigtime, sigh. 8 down in two days, that isn't that much. To be perfectly honest, I'm suprised that Jason (8) kid isn't dead from Sparkle's (1) attack. Oh well.


  • The Careers are doing just fine and are good with supplies and all
  • Addison, Kala and Emmerweiss are doing ok in their hiding spot, but Emmerweiss wants to leave
  • Rachel and Aven are allied in Hollister, they did want to ally with Larz but he tried to kill them, they have enough supplies to last for a while
  • Petra has a sponsor gift and therefore is ok for supplies, but she is bored of sitting in an elevator all day
  • Oylmpia, Liir and Pillani are doing good in their game store, they have some supplies and wish to attack the careers.
  • Jason's back has stopped bleeding, but he is an exceptional ammount of pain, if he exterts himself, it will bleed again
  • Koby is hiding still, without any supplies, today he plans to find a ally
  • Leo is in bad shape, he has no supplies and is very scared of predators

Day 2-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
17th Larz Williams 9 Rachel Golden (3)

Day 3

Jason's POV

My back is in bad shape, I can barely move and I haven't eaten or drinken anything since the games began, I know I'm close to death, but I need to try, I manage to crawl behind out from underneath a table, I need an ally, I need an ally. I manage to shakily get to my feet and walk about a meter before my legs give out, I can't find an ally, a ally needs to find me...

Petra's POV

I'm still in this elevator, although I have an axe and water, I'm still on the hungry side, but I could go out there, grab some supplies and kill a career or two, nah. I'm good. I stand up in the elevator, there has to be something to do in here, I draw my axe and I see it, next to the glass door, a switch, but there is something covering it, easy peasy. I slam my axe of the cover and the buttons come into view. One for opening the doors, one for closing, one for going up, and one for going down. I push the close one and the doors noisly close, ok. I can do this, I slap the up button and the elevator begins to shudder, befor begining to go up, I can see the careers begining to wake, suprised that the elevator isn't there, it keeps going up, up, up. And I begin to wonder why I'm still going up, and then I see the huge mallet crashing towards the elevator.

Aven's POV

BANG!! What was that, it wasn't a cannon, I look up, the elevator is missing, ok. Then I see the huge hammer thing. Its swinging back and forth, I hear an earsplitting scream and I dive out the way, just as the elevator comes crashing through the celing of the mall, I see Petra (5) inside, The elevator catches on something and it begins to sway, hanging on the tip of something frail, I see Petra's (5) fear as the elevator floor begins to give way, and at the last, most impossible second, she grabs a ledge. The elevator falls free, plummeting towards the earth. Not good, just as Leo (12) begins to jump out from inside the fountain, bye bye. The elevator falls, and crashes to the earth on top of Leo (12). He ain't getting up now. BOOM!!

Koby's POV

In all the comotion, I got out of the pizza place unharmed, the same can't be said for some people, I walk through the food court, silently and stealthily. Suddenly, Addison (8), Kala (9) and Emmerweiss (12) appear. I duck into the resturaunt and I'm met with a terrible sight. Jason (8), he's lying on the ground, half his back missing. His eyes light up at me. This could be good, but then I realise that he needs supplies, and I don't have any, but he is so releived that he just falls asleep.

Emmerweiss's POV

I want to kill Addison (8), she's so horrible, she takes advantage of Kala (9) and me. Oh well, I feel the blowgun and darts feel heavy in my hands, I should kill her, but I won't. I'll wait a while, and then kill her. I wonder how the other tributes are doing. I sit back as the anthem rings out. The boy from 12's face appears, let me think, the first night it was Leo (1), Dillon (3), Kara (4), Harris (5), Scott (6), Joel (7) and Mara (11). And last night it was Larz (9), So we are 9 down. Lovely. I could win this, be the first since Katniss and Peeta. We haven't done well in the last few years, Yasmin and Ethan, Cody and Katelynn, and that isn't mentioning that we were the 2nd district to loose all our tributes last year. Oh well. I'll kill Addison (8) in the morning.


  • The careers are staring in awe at Petra, no idea as to how she got up there
  • Addison, Kala and Emmerweiss are going on a hunt, little do they know that Jason and Koby are next door
  • Rachel and Aven are fine, but they are running low on supplies
  • Petra is hanging by her fingertips on a peice of celing, 20 meters off the ground. She is in a bit of a muddle.
  • Oylmpia, Liir and Pillani are ok and are still hiding.
  • Jason and Koby are in the resturaunt, Jason is relevived he has an ally, but Koby has no supplies

Day 3-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
16th Leo Albegia 12 Falling Elevator

Day 4

Petra's POV

I stayed up here all night, hanging by my fingertips, adrenaline is the only thing stopping me from falling. My fingers are weak and I can't hold on for much longer, but then I see something out the corner of my eye, a parachute. Thank god. It floats over to me and I risk taking a hand off the ledge to grab it, I sling it across my back and over my other arm. Just as the small fragment of celing I'm holding onto collapses, I feel my body plummet towards the earth at a unbeleivable speed. No, no way am I being a pavement pancake. I pull the string on the parachute and it deploys, brining me safely to the ground. I throw it off my shoulders and sprint for the food court. I'm starving.

Jason's POV

I got some antibiotics and painkillers last night, but it hasn't stopped the pain, or the bleeding. It started again, a pool of blood lies around me, Koby (11) looks at me with horror in his eyes, I can't move my arms, and my toes- I can't even feel my toes. Its my time, I'm not going to last much longer, I'm in such eyewatering pain that I would take my own life to get away from it. But I don't have any weapons to do so with. Great. I feel my body slipping away, and I look up at Koby (11) and I give him a small smile, and my eyes flutter closed, the pain ends. BOOM!!

Kala's POV

"That bitch!" screams Addison (8), Emmerweiss (12) ditched us last night, and took all the supplies with her, why she didn't kill us, I don't know, but she better hope we don't find her, or we will kill her. Addison (8) and I set out, looking for tributes or, more specifacally, Emmerweiss (12). Before we even leave our hiding spot, we can hear crying. Addison (8) takes her place at the door where the noise is coming from, she rears back, and charges the door, its knocked off its hinges and collapses to the ground. Jason's (8) dead body and Koby (11) are lying in the room, Koby (11) is alive, that's obvious, he's crying and mourining Jason (8). Addison (8) moves to kill him, but I stop her, and we leave the room, leaving Koby (11) to mourn.

Liir's POV

Pillani (10), Oylmpia (6) and I have been hiding here for a while, not doing much, and I can't help for falling for him, yeah, you heard me right, him. I like Pillani (10), you got a problem with that, I got a knife. My heart seems to jump everytime he talks, moves, even breathes. I think I love him. But... every guy I like, isn't gay. Why do we seem to be a minority, I'll tell you why, President Snow killed all out-of-the-closet gays in the 62th Hunger Games, that was the year when all the tributes had to be gay, we haven't really been great in numbers since then. Oh well, we decide to hunt, I haven't seen the careers in days, I wonder were they are, but I can't help but notice where they are when the arrow whizzes past my eyes...

Katri's POV

We attacked that little alliance of Pillani (10), Oylmpia (6) and Liir (7), but turns out they're stronger than I expected, a lot stronger, I dodge to the left as Oylmpia throws a knife at my chest, just as I dodge she throws another, which I barely manage to duck under, then she throws another one, right at my head, I don't have enough time to move, then it connects with my head, but I'm not dead, I'm alive, I spin round, Jacob (2) is lying on the ground, a knife in his forehead. How did that work, I sprint away from the battle, Sparkle (1) and Mert (4) inches behind me. BOOM!!

Rachel's POV

We are on day 4, and not that many are dead, this isn't the fastest games have gone, last year took a week, but that was understandable, and the year before that was 3 days, and before that was 6. We may be in here longer than we planned, Aven (10) and I changed into some nice, warm hollister clothes and are thinking of leaving Hollister later, maybe tommorow. Then I see Aven (10) walk out the store, where is she going, I follow her, the careers are at the fountain, 100 meters from where we are, she walks over to a peice of the floor, and opens a hatch on the floor, suddenly she dives backwards and some kind of mutt jumps out, it claws at her face, a huge scratch down her face. I scream, as the mutt claws at my chest, and I'm vaugley aware of Aven (10) carrying me away, blood trickiling out of my chest...


  • The Careers lost Jacob and are doing ok, and not doing much
  • Addison and Kala are angry at Emmerweiss for ditching them and takingh their supplies, they have nothing
  • Rachel and Aven have been attacked by a mutt, Aven has a scratch on her face, across her eye, Rachel has been clawed in the chest
  • Petra is in the food court, doing just fine and tending to her wounds
  • Oylmpia, Liir and Pillani are doing ok, but Oylmpia is freaked out at killing Jacob, Liir is falling for Pillani and he isn't sure if Pillani feels the same way
  • Koby is mourning Jason, and is happy that Addison didn't kill him
  • Emmerweiss is somewhere unspecified and the camera's can't find her, but she has all of Addison and Kala's supplies, so she will be set till Day 6

Day 4-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
15th Jason Darna 8 Bloodbath Injuries/Sparkle Zidzae (1)
14th Jacob Woods 2 Oylmpia Willings (6)

Day 5

Aven's POV

Rachel (3) screams as the mutt claws at the door, we've been in this changing room all night, the mutt is inches from us, and we have no weapons, they are all outside. We did get some medicine, but only enough to treat a wound and a half, so my face is still sore, and I can't see out my left eye. The clawing stops and I drop from the seat to the ground, a long black claw grasps at my feet, I jump, lucky too, right over its hand, and land on the floor, but something is different, I shuffle, and so does the floor, its a trapdoor! I grab Rachel's (3) hand and we both land on the trapdoor, the thing comes off its hinges and we fall through the hole in the floor, the fall seems endless, but I'm glad when we land on something soft and squishy, I look up at the postage stamp light above us, that was a long fall. And then the floor dissapears again...

Katri's POV

What the hell was that, someone screamed and then there was a loud clang, I haven't seen anyone since last night, Sparkle (1) and Mert (4) took off, and left me here with about a quarter of our supplies, claming to go on a hunt, and I haven't seen them since, liars... I get up and walk across the shopping centre, then an agonized scream comes from the food court, I run over to where the noise came from, the resturant, Koby (11) is standing there, choking. He points to his throat, he can't breathe, I watch his eyes glass over as I lean over him, he's collapsed, I can see it in his eyes, please. I grab my knife, sorry, and plunge it into his forehead. BOOM!!

Sparkle's POV

Mert (4) and I stand around, not doing much, Katri (2) hasn't come looking for us, so I'm assuming that she thinks we are still coming back, ha. No way, she isn't a good career at all, and that's coming from me... We walk through the centre, hoping to find a tribute or something when we stumble across a handle on the floor, this looks promising, I open it quickly and a mutt jumps out, followed by another and another. I scream as it claws at my neck. I dodge and trip, not finding the floor, but the hole where the mutts came from, there isn't any mutts there now, I fall through the air, plummeting to the ground, I hope death comes quick, Mert (4) is tossed in after me, and I hit the floor and I feel my leg snap and my shoulder pop. The pain is blinding, but I have enough sense to roll out the way, right off the edge of whatever I was on, I fall again, this one was shorter, but I land in some kind of water, it has a green tinge and appears to be smoking. Acid! I climb out of the pool, trying to ignore the searing pains going through my legs, only my legs were in the pool, the skin blackens and I fall to the ground, convulsing. Mert (4) falls into the pool, horizontally, every bit of his skin is submerged in the acid. He never reaches the surface. BOOM!!

Kala's POV

Two cannons, that makes 11 or so dead. Good, that means I'm halfway home, hopefully. Addison (8) is still in a rage and repaditly stabbed the floor last night, we haven't done much. Something happen, please. My wish comes true, Pillani (10) sprints across the room, Liir (7) and Oylmpia (6) following, Addison (8) throws her knife at Pillani (10) and he collpases, his two allies sprint away, in utter fear. I walk over to Pillani (10) and turn him over, he coughs blood and I stand back, repulsed. Addison (8) looks at him, with a look I can only call sympathy, and then drives the knife into his throat. BOOM!!

Oylmpia's POV

Liir (7) is a mess, he lost Pillani (10), his big crush, we keep running, and I think he's really angry at himself for letting him die, we run, until we find a strange hatch on the floor, Liir (7) opens it and throws himself into the hole, just as four or so mutts leap from the hole, I scream and dive into the hole, crashing into Liir (7) and bringing him caneering into the hole, we fall for what feels like forever, what is this, suddenly we feel the ground under our bodies, its soft and spongy, but then I see the human hand reach out of the floor, then another out the wall, dead tributes begining to emerge from everywhere, the walls begin to get closer together, I see the exit, and I sprint from it, and then I feel the hands on my shoulder...


  • Sparkle is alone, with no supplies in a place where gifts can't reach, she has a broken leg and dislocated arm, her legs have been dunked in acid and has till day 7 before her legs burn off and leave her without and legs, she can't walk and will be rendered useless until further notice
  • Katri is angry about being ditched by Sparkle and the late Mert, she has a few supplies and is storming through the shopping centre, her, Addison, Kala and Petra are the only ones above the ground at the moment.
  • Rachel is in the basement of the shopping centre, in a room with a floor that was then removed, the challenge of this room has not been discovered, she has no supplies, as they were all in Hollister, but her chest is a lot better.
  • Petra is somewhere unspecified, she has supplies for some reason, and is in a unknown condition until further notice
  • Oylmpia is in the basement of the shopping centre, in a room with closing walls and reanimated figures of dead tributes, she has no supplies.
  • Liir is in the basement of the shopping centre with Oylmpia, he has no supplies and is in a room with renanimated figures of the dead tributes and enclosing walls.
  • Addison is in the food court with Kala, she has no idea of the horrors that await her, she has some supplies and is in a good condition
  • Kala is in the food court with Addison, she has no idea of the horrors that await her, she has some supplies and is in a good condition
  • Aven is in the basement of the shopping centre with Rachel in a room where the floor has been removed, the challenge of this room is unknown and she has no supplies, as they were all in Hollister, but her face is in a decent condition
  • Emmerweiss is in a unknown state in a unknown area with all of Kala and Addison's supplies, it is unknown what she has encourtered.

Day 5-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
13th Koby Rew 11 Katri Terra (2)
12th Mert Frester 4 Acid Water
11th Pillani Violo 10 Addison Covallion (8)

All tributes from District, 4 and 11 are dead, congragulations to the final 10: Sparkle (1), Katri (2), Rachel (3), Petra (5), Oylmpia (6), Liir (7), Addison (8), Kala (9), Aven (10) and Emmerweiss (12)

Day 6

Sparkle's POV

Got to keep going, my fingers grab the edge of a tile and I heave myself forward, my legs twitch and the burning comes back. The burning, its been going on all night. I can't move my legs so I have to use my arms to get any where. I try not to look at the semi-blackened body of Mert (4), rats eat away at his skin, then die from the acid. I almost expect a cannon, but then I realise that the aren't tributes. The door is in sight but my legs are in agony, I'm almost there. I can make it. I reach my hand out for the door handle and... my fingers curl round the handle, I heave and I manage to get all the way to the door. I fall through the doorway and my legs instantly feel better. Thank God, but I turn back and see something that almost makes me pass out. The skin is gone, so is the muscle. Its just bone. I scream and the darkness swallows me.

Petra's POV

What the hell was that. I shrug and keep walking, the arena is almost deserted, I haven't seen anyone in a really long time, and then my eyes land on it. The elevator. Its back, I inch towards it, sizing up its compition, wwther I should go in, when something touches my back, I spin round and the dead, but reanimated, body of the dead tributes are closing in, clones of last year and the year before's tributes rising from the ground. Oh god. I sprint into the elevator and slam the down button as hard as I can, the doors begin to close and I watch as the elevator sinks below the ground, beneath the arena.

Katri's POV

The mutt claws at my back, it sinks deep into my skin and the blood almost immediatly begins to spurt out, I'm done, it drags me backwards, why did I open that hatch, across the floor, a scary trail of blood in my wake. I feel my legs reach the hole in the ground and the mutt lets go, just as I try to stand up, I lose my balance and topple into the hole, deep into the darkness of hell, a never ending black.

Kala's POV

Addison (8) and I trek through the shopping centre, not another body in sight, suddenly something explodes and I spin round to see a spear my towards me, I dive to the left and I barely dodge the spear. Addison (8) screams as a knife hits her in the stomach, blood trickiling from the wound. I feel my throat stiffen, no. Don't be sick. I grab Addison (8) and half drag half carry her to a hole in the floor, I open the hatch and mutts jump out. I jump in, Addison (8) following after me, we plunge into the darkness for a very short time before we hit the ground. I get to my feet, Addison (8) doesn't she's too weak. Then the voice rings out.

"Attention final 10, you have all reached the basement of the arena, congragulations, but each of you need something. You are also in a room with a challenge, complete that challenge and you live, don't and you die. The thing that you most desperatly need is on the other side of the door. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

Liir's POV

I slash at Joel (7), or what used to be Joel and I wonder, what do I need desperatley, then it hits me, Pillani (10). That's what I need. I drag my knife across Luca's (1) neck and he falls, I expect a cannon, but he's already dead. Oylmpia (6) screams and I spin round, she's lying on the ground, but the golden handle of the door is meters away. Decisions, decisons. Easy, I grab Oylmpia (6) and try to drag her away, but then I remeber the walls, both of us aren't gonna get there before they close, I look into her eyes, she nods, I let go of her hands and I dive through the door as the walls close together completly. BOOM!!

Aven's POV

The blackness has been there all day and night, none of us know what to do, I tried to stand up but something knocked me over again. If only I had my pack, my goggles, oh! I know!

"Night Vision Goggles!" I yell into the oblivion... nothing. Well, I tried, suddenly, everything brights up, Rachel (3) is lying in the middle of a rock, surrounded by a meter of... acid. Oh crud. I shakily rise to my feet when I see the letters, I glance at them. 26 letters, one for each of the alphabet, a peice of paper blows into my hands.

Dear Aven, your friend is in quite a pickle, so here is the challenge: Read the riddle, answer by stepping on the letters, if you get it write you move on to the next riddle, if you get it wrong... Bye bye Rachel (3)

The first riddle is.

For some I go fast, for others I go slow

To most people I'm an obsession, relying on me is a well practised lesson.

What Am I?

The Capital and there stupid riddles, I read it again, what am I. What am I. This is stupid. I look at Rachel (3). I have to save her, but this riddle doesn't make any sense, I should just leave, but I have to save Rachel (3). I just haven't got the time... Time. That's the answer! Time, for some I go fast, for some I go slow. That is time. Thank god. I step onto T. Then I jump to I, then over to M, and finally to E. A green light flashes. Thank god, I've done it. I go to step forward but I remember the note, 3 riddles. I'm no where near done.


  • Each of the Challenges have been revealed
  • Sparkle has semi-passed her challenge, she needs to get through the door to pass completely
  • Katri is in a deep, dark room filled with creatures, its unknown where her exit is
  • Rachel is unconcious, lying in the middle of a pool of acid, floating on a rock. Aven is trying to save her
  • Petra is in the elevator, sinking into the depths of the basement, its unknown what she must do to survive
  • Liir has passed his challenge but has lost Oylmpia on the way, he is mourning her and is in the chamber
  • Addison is mortally injured and is unconcious, she has no idea where she is and it is up to Kala to get them both out alive
  • Kala is in her room with Addison, its unknown what she must do to survive
  • Aven is in her room with Rachel, she is trying to save her and she has two riddles still to solve, both are unknown.
  • Emmerweiss is still somewhere unspecified, but according to the announcement, she is in the basement and still in her room.
  • All gifts have been denied, tributes only from this point onwards

Day 6-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
10th Oylmpia Willings 6 Undead Tributes

All tributes from district 6 are dead, congragulations to the final 9: Sparkle (1), Katri (2), Rachel (3), Petra (5), Liir (7), Addison (8), Kala (9), Aven (10) and Emmerweiss (12)

Day 7

Petra's POV

An axe materializes in front of me, I kind of spooks me, and its an automatic reaction, and I jump back, big mistake. The elevator is glass, and its submerged in water, lucky the glass was strong enough to hold the pressure, but the huge blade of the axe hits the floor and a hairline crack appears. Oh god, I despeartley try to push the buttons, up, up! Nothing happens, I glance back, a small jet of water is begining to spurt out the hole in the floor. Oh god, I grab the axe handle, but the blade is stuck in the floor, I give a huge tug and the blade comes right out, leaving a huge hole in its place, a huge flow of water is getting into the elevator, I'm ankle deep already. Oh god, I'm panicking, I pace back and forward, I trip over my feet and the axe slams into one of the walls, the water begins to pour in, I step back into a corner, up to my knees now, the elevator begins to spark, the electronic side to this doesn't seem to be working anymore, a huge spark arcs across the roof of the elevator, and I see it, an escape hatch. I jump for the ring at the top of it, but I miss by a inch, I fall back into waist deep water, get a move on Petra! I push myself against the wall and spring out, grazing the hook with my fingers, but missing, I fall back into the water. If only I could get higher, and it hits me, I grab the axe out of the wall and the water gushes in, up to my ribs now, I can feel the elevator start sinking. I slam the axe into the wall again and hoist myself up, I stick my hand in a handhold at the top of the elevator and I stick my axe into the celing. I'm about a foot of the ground, if I fall now, its all over; the water is at my chest when I'm this high. I reach out, my finger inches from the hatch, I strech, strech, strech! My fingers curl around the ring, yes! I let go of the axe and the hatch swings open, I didn't think this through, I plunge into the water in the elevator, its way over my head, and I can't swim. I kick the glass and it cracks, I rear back, but my lungs call for air, so I waste a precious second getting air before returning to the bottom, thank god for these boots, I rear back and slam my heel into the glass, it cracks, a spiderweb of glass spreads out, one more, but I need air, I glance up to a horrible sight, the elevator is full of water, I'm not getting anymore air, my lungs burn as I rear back, I thrust forward, the pain in my chest becomes to much to bear when, CRACK! The entire wall of the elevator falls away and I kick my legs furiously until I reach the surface, but there isn't a surface, I came down in the elevator, my hands feel a celing and my heart sinks, my vision begins to dim when a sparkle lights it up again, an aqualung, I thrust on the mouthpeice and relish the air back in my body, I kick away, downwards this time, and swim for a while, when I see the door, which I throw open and dive inside, but coughing takes over me, I look at the aqualung again, a note is attached.

Petra, the air you just used is poisonus, you need the antidote and to get so, you will have to complete the chamber with the other survivors, may the odds be ever in your favour!

Kala's POV

The medicine for Addison appears in front of me and I snatch it out the air, she's still out cold, so I kneel by her and, armed with the medicine in one hand, pull the knife from her abdomen, Addison awakes, adbrutbly, and screams as hard as she can, then faints again, I rub the medicine in the long, slit like wound on her stomach. She instantly arises, calmer this time, she smiles, then turns back to her old self and slaps me, hard. A stinging pain registers and I punch her in the face, with a lovely crack. She yells at me and I laugh, before we stand up, the lights go on and we are standing... in the middle of a maze. Great, not good with these things, and Addison wants me to lead, and so I do. We jog forward and I stop, my mind says left, but my heart says right. But I can't pick either because just as I'm coming to a decison, the wall shifts, meaning we can go forward or right, great. Just another thing to add to the mix, then I remember Addison had a knife in her stomach, I pick it up and thrust it into the wall, the wall shifts back and we happily go right, we walk through the maze, every so often sttabbing a wall when we come to a dead end. Addison wants to go back, but as she turns, a wall falls from the sky and inprisons us in this dead end, no left, no right, and no where to go, but up... I turn to Addison and ask her for a lift, she reluctantly agrees, I shove the knife into the wall and then climb onto Addison's hand, and then onto the knife, it wobbles but it stays in the wall, I'm high up enough to reach the top, my fingers grasp the edge and with newfound strength, I haul myself over the wall, I overshoot slightly and tumble over the other edge, right over a 10 foot drop, I land on my back, and with a cruch I know that my head is dented, my hand feels to asses the damage, and I almost lose lunch, a curve in my skull. The wall shifts and Addison runs through, she puts the medicine on my head, but its not meant for head injuries, and does nothing whatsoever. I can still walk, just things go fuzzy sometimes. We totter onwards and encounter a mutt, which Addison kills, before finding the door, with a note taped to it, Addison reads it aloud.

"Addison and Kala, you have used a weapon in the basement, a rule that you have now broken, for that reason, we can not allow you both to leave, one of you may go, the other will die. We have given your mentor a choice, if he doesn't answer, you both die. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

Aven's POV

I got the first one right, time for the next riddle:

What do you carry everywhere you go, but never gets heavy?

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Its stupid. I pace back and forth the room, what is it, what is it? If I get this wrong, Rachel dies, If I get it right, I have to answer another one. This is hardly fair, I don't study logic, I'm not even that smart to be honest, It took me a month to learn my name... my name! You carry your name wherever you go, but it doesn't get heavy. Its a name. I step onto the N. Then hop onto A, over to M, and finally to E. The green light dings and I sigh in relief, this isn't over yet, one more, then Rachel opens her eyes, she tries to get up and the rock shakes, I scream at her and she goes back into the first position. Quickly, I look at the note.

Why when Artic natives were starving, didn't they eat Penguin eggs?"

Oh come on, History is my worst subject, after maths. Okay, lets see, Penguin eggs, in history we learned that they lived in the Artic, that they were black and white, and vicious about their young, then the died out when the ice caps melted. Okay, two possible answers here, the penguins wouldn't let them, or the were unhealthy, something about poison, the eggs are poisionus! That's the answer, the giddiness fills me, I've saved Rachel! Thank god, I step onto the letter P, then on O, I, S, O and finally N. I wait for the green light and for Rachel to be released, but instead of a green light, it flashes red, wait. What does that mean? I got it right?

"Sorry Aven, but you got that last one wrong, Penguins didn't live in the artic, they lived in the antartic, there wasn't any penguin eggs in the artic! Good luck, and may the oods be ever in your favour!

My heart sinks.

Rachel's POV

Wait, what, what happens if Aven gets it wrong, I glance at her, and she looks at me sadly, oh this can't be good. The red light flashes again, and a box falls around me, and I stand up, suddenly, the acid from the pool eats through the rock and disintergrates it. The box floats and the acid rises, filling in through the holes of the box, in with me. I scream and Aven starts crying, I'm going to die, that was the rule! The acid fills the box up to my ankles and my shoes and socks seem to melt away. I yelp and try to grab onto something, but I'm in a box. The box rapidly fills, up to my knees, waist, chest, neck, and over my head! Aven stares in horror at me, my body convulses in a terrible way, my flesh seems to be ripped from my body! I scream, but no noise comes out, and it was a huge mistake, the acid fills in my mouth, its horrid, my body feels burning, it reaches my eyes, and they melt. I can't see, hear, think, breathe or smell anything, everything flashes white, once, twice, and the pain ends. BOOM!!

Katri's POV

The insect reppelent forms in my hands, just as the light come on. I'm in a room full of... spiders! I scream and yelp, depressing the spray nozzle, the spray hits the bugs and disintergrates them. Oh god, spiders jump at me, more bugs join the fun, slithering in through the walls and floor, its too much, my fear gets over my head and I jump around hysetricaly with the can of spray. I try and cover every square inch of the place with repellent, but it runs out and I scream, a spider leaps at me and lands on my chest, I spin and it flies off me, it hits the wall with a squelch and it slides to the floor, gross. I jump around like crazy, squashing bugs and spiders and... who knows what, then the big challenge comes out. An Acromatula sized spider crashes through the wall and I lose it, more than I have already, I run around the room and slam into a wall, I fall backwards, and the spider sinks its teeth into my chest, the venom burns through my veins, stoppping my movements. Its over Katri. BOOM!!


  • Sparkle managed to crawl through the door and has passed her challenge, the thing she needs desperatly is the antidote to the acid
  • Petra is in the chamber and passed her challenge, she is poisoned and the thing she needs desperatley is the antidote to the poison
  • Liir passed his challenge, the thing he needs desperatly is Pillani
  • Addison is still in her room with Kala, she is terrified of her mentors decison, and the thing she needs desperatley is to see her family
  • Kala is still in her room with Addison, she is terrified of her mentors decison, and the thing she needs is cream for her head injury
  • Aven has passed her challenge but lost Rachel, the thing she needs most is to see Terri, she is mourining Rachel and is very angry with herself
  • Emmerweiss may or may not have passed her challenge, all will be revealed tommorow!

Day 7-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
9th Rachel Golden 3 Acid Water
8th Katri Terra 2 Spider Venom

All tributes from district 2 and 3 are dead, congragulations to the final 7: Sparkle (1), Petra (5), Liir (7), Addison (8), Kala (9), Aven (10) and Emmerweiss (12)

Day 8

Addison's POV

Kala and I had to sleep on the floor again last night, not that we slept that is, we are too nervous about the decision, I don't know why I'm nervous, I mean, what kind of idiot would pick a snivelling brat over me, no offence Kala. Then I hear the voice and instantly wake Kala.

"After much deliberation your mentor has decided... The person who will die is... Addison!"

See, told you I wouldn- wait. What, oh hell to the naw. Tell me that son of a bitch mentor of mine did not pick Kala over me, I glance at Kala and she smiles weakly, oh the nerve. I jump to my feet and grab the knife. Kala backs away.

"Naw bitch, there ain't no way I'm letting you out of here, and letting myself die!" I yell at her, I thrust my knife at her but she dodges left, the knife goes straight into the wall, oh crud, I heave on it but it doesn't budge, Kala walks up behind me and whispers in my ear.

"You have no idea what I'm capable of." she places her hands on my head and I just relax, until she goes to jerk to the left, I thrust my elbow backwards and her nose snaps, I punch her again, the knife isn't an option now, I go to punch one last time, but she catches my hand, thrusts it back and knees me in the chest, I double over, and she brings her foot down on my head, then she grabs the knife out of the wall, well, I loosened it. And she stabs it into the back of my neck, I'm done. I couldn't do it. BOOM!!

Emmerweiss's POV

Woohoo, final 6, I really have a shot at this, don't I. I've been hiding in these sewers for the past few days, waiting for Day 8. That's when it happens, that's when I have my ticket outta here, but in the meantime, I gotta go to the chamber, I crawl through the pipe until I see the metal grate, I lie on my back and kick, it flies of its hinges and I clamber out of it and face my compition, Kala, Liir, Sparkle, Aven and Petra, each looks exsaperated, except Sparkle, she looks half dead, and she has no legs. I stand in the spot marked Emmerweiss and the voice rings out.

"Attention final 6, the things that you need are at the end of this chamber, get there, and you will get them, don't and, well, you'll already be dead. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

The claxon sounds, like on a game show or something and I lurch forward and up the stairs to the corridor, its about 20 meters long, but its filled with all kinds of death traps, I go to step in, but a huge spiked ball swings towards me, I dive aside and it takes Sparkle off her feet, or should I say, stumps and she is attached to the ball, it swings back and forth, back and forth, before she slumps off, a dead weight. BOOM!!

Kala's POV

I dive past Emmerweiss into the second challenge, huge spears thrust out of the walls every few seconds, Liir runs forward, just trying to chance it, but he really misstimes it and the spear goes right through his neck, he graps for us, but there is nothing we can do. BOOM!! I hit the ground and army crawl underneath the spears, the others follow my lead.

Petra's POV

Just us girls left, we run down the corridor, each of us desperatly trying to finish when a hige spiked wall hits the ground, all of us leap over it, but Aven only barely clears it, luckily, we drag her forward, when a huge, stone wall falls on each side of us, enclosing us, I swear I heard Kala say "Not again!" I walk into one of the corners, and just chill, Kala and Aven join me, and I feel like, if we weren't in the games we would be friends, but wait, where is Emmerweiss, I turn frantically, there was no cannon, then I see her translucent figure appear on the otherside of the enclosed area, before she slips through the ground into the unknown. BOOM!!

Emmerweiss' POV

Run, run. I'm not dead but its only a matter of time before the gamemakers find me, I sprint along the tunnel and I see Drina, Cirena and Lucy in the distance, I run and run until there is no breath in me, I make it to the edge and leap into the hovercraft. Goodbye Panem, I'm not gonnna miss you.

Aven's POV

What in freaking hell just happened? One minute she's there and now BLAM. She's gone, I try to scale the wall but its no use, and Kala starts staggering about, then I see her skull, ooh, nasty. Petra and I are still able so we just pace back and forward until the voice rings out.

"Congragulations final 3, you have made it where no other had dared to go, well done, but there has been a slight change of plans, what is it. Well, you'll just have to wait until tommorow!"

Great, another cliffhanger, what's next!


  • Petra is in the chamber, she is in an enclosed area with Aven and Kala and is not looking forward to the finale tommorow
  • Kala is also in the chamber, in the enclosed area with Perta and Aven, she is not looking forward to the finale as well, but longs to be back home
  • Aven is in the chamber, in the enclosed area with Kala and Petra, she is not looking forward the finale tommorow but is exited to go back home

Day 8-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By
7th Addison Covallion 8 Kala Wynder (9)
6th Sparkle Zidzae 1 Spiked Ball
5th Liir Fluor 7 Spear in Throat
4th Emmerweiss Nightfall 12 ???

Well done to the final 3: Petra (5), Kala (9) and Aven (10), all tributes from 1, 7, 8 and 12 are dead!

Day 9

Petra's POV

I'm slumped over the hard cobbles of the basment, sweet dreams, of home, but my coughing wakes me up. The poison is still in my bloodstream, I cough harder and cover my mouth, when I finally stop, i move my hand away, but a glossy red glint makes me pause. Blood. Oh that can't be good, I tap Kala awake and she instantly recoils in pain, her head is still heavily dented, and that isn't mentioning Aven's eye. I think she said shes part blind, I dont know about the others, but what happened to Emmerweiss has really stumped me, didn't I hear something, ages ago, about three tributes escaping the games alive, wow. I wonder if that's what Emmerweiss has being doing all these days. We all rise and get to our feet, I'm pretty sure there has been better final threes in a toddler games, but we've got this far.

"Attention final 3, to get the thing you need desperatley is on the other side of the wall, Kala, you need medicine for your head, Aven, for your eye and Petra, needs her antidote. In order to get through, you must go through these three tunnels marked Petra, Aven and Kala for your convenicence, the things you need are at the end of the tunnel. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

Aven's POV

What tunnel, just as I finish the thought, the tunnels appear, Petra: Fire, Kala: Water and Aven: Electricity, it reads at the top of the hole. Great, so we have to crawl through these tunnels to get our medicine, a bity unfair on me as I can't see out my left eye, but nonetheless. I go down on my knees and look at Petra and Kala, we will all try and win, but try and not kill. I dive into the tunnel, mine is pitch black, and every so often somethingh sparks, this will be easier than I expected, I wait for the flash of llight and move forward, then stop when its dark. Easy Peasy!

Kala's POV

I got water, fabulous, for someone who can't swim, I dive in, and vertically hit the water, its around 5 meters deep, so I can't touch the the floor, if there is any floor, I start to hperventilate and my head bobs under the water, oh god oh god! I flail hopelessly and I go under again, my head throbs again and I regain sense, I kick up to the surface and breathe in, then I slowly propel myself forward, carfully so not to bash into something, I keep going, and this is getting easier.

Petra's POV

I'm not good with fire, I sprint through the tunnel, deftly dodging jets of fire and staying low, I push and push as my lungs burn, I try not to breathe in the smoke, you can die many ways in a fire, not always from the flames, I just tear through the thing, the fastest I've ever gone and I see the end, I push harder, but I feel my body topple over a branch, I slam hard into the floor, knocking the wind out of me, but I see the antidote in the distance and I puch myself up, I run and run, my shoe catches on fire and I scream hysetrically, managing to kick it off as I ran out of the tunnel, right to the table where the antidote was, my hands rested round it, just as a sopping wet Kala jumped out of her tunnel and reached for the cream. I look back, expecting to see Aven getting out of hers, but she doesn't then about 20 seconds later, she sprints out, pure terror on her face, the lighting strikes out of the tunnel and right into her back, she stops and convulses, her hair standing up on end and then the lighting strikes her through the heart. BOOM!!

Kala's POV

Everything explodes as I fly upwards, my head cream flies from my hands and crashes on the other side of the arena, but it feels a world away, Petra's antidote smashes and we keep getting proppeled up, up. Through the celing of the basement and into the centre of the mall. The explosion stops and everything goes back to normal, Petra and I standing in the middle of the arena, but there is a huge screen on one of the walls, and a knife in front of me, Petra has an axe in front of her. Fight, that's what it is, I grab my knife and lunge at her. I see a huge number 24 on the screen and starting playing clips of each death, chronicagally down from 24

24th: Scott getting his neck snapped

23rd: Luca dying from blood loss

I slash at Petra's face and it grazes her cheek, she screams and lunges at me, her axe finds my foot, but I dodge before any major damage is done. I'm angry, and I'm not letting Petra win

22nd: Harris getting his head slashed open by Sparkle

21st: Mara getting a trident in her chest by Mert

Petra lunges at me again and I side step, then punch her in the face, it daunts on me that neither of us have our antidotes anymore, so we need to win to get the right stuff, I thrust my knife at her chest, she sidesteps, but not quick enough, my knife grazes her ribs.

20th: Dillon getting a knife in his head by Mert

19th: Joel getting a trident in her chest after smashing Kara in the forehead

18th: Kara dying in Mert's arms after getting hit with the back of a knife in her head

Petra screams at me and reaches for my hair, she grabs it and pulls it back, pulling me into her grasp, she goes to slit my throat but I slam my elbow into her face and she lets go, clutching her face, I smirk and grab my knife, poised and ready to fight.

17th: Larz being stabbed in the head by Rachel

16th: Leo getting crushed by a huge elevator, dropped by Petra

15th: Jason dying after extreme blood loss and bloodbath injures caused by Sparkle

Petra grabs her axe, lift it and aims at me, she throws and I dodge, too slow, it digs into my arm, my left, lucky I'm right handed, I throw my knife, it digs into her shoulder, I pull the axe out my arm and start to fight with that, Petra using my knife, my tiny knife compared to her monster axe, talk about favouritism

14th: Jacob getting a knife thrown at his head by Oylmpia

13th: Koby choking on food, and then being stabbed in the throat by Katri

12th: Mert being dunked in acid water and burned to death

So far, I haven't had a kill, and Petra techincally gets one, but I get one, at least, I'm sure, and in the moment I'm distracted by the screen, Petra grabs the axe out my hands and throws the knife at me, it clips my hair and ear and lands meters away, stuck in a pillar. I ain't going to get that!

11th: Pillani getting a knife in his throat by Addison

10th: Oylmpia getting crushed to death by huge walls in the basement

Petra glances at the screen, she hasn't seen half these deaths, so they are new to her, in this moment of distraction, I grab my knife and head back into the fight, feet first, I kick over Petra and stab at her leg, it starts heavily bleeding and I smile, I can win this thing, my head starts throbbing and I see Petra coughing, I need to be fast!

9th: Rachel being cremated by Acid Water

8th: Katri being but in the chest by a gigantic spider, then dying from the venom

So far, only Petra has had a kill, and that was only technically, and I haven't had anyone, I can't beleive all this happened without Addison or I even knowing. Wow, Petra lunges at me again and I jump up, and flykick her in the jaw with a crunch, yes!

7th: Addison getting told she will die, then Kala stabbing her in the neck

6th: Sparkle getting rammed off her feet by a spiked ball

Getting close to the final now, I wonder what the Capital think of all this, my head feels sore and my vision bluurs again, I start to stagger, but it would be hard to miss the huge shoe getting kicked in my face, I guess I deserved that one.

5th: Liir getting a spear through his neck

4th: Emmerweiss dissapearing into the floor and escaping

3rd: Aven being zapped by lighting

The huge number 2 lights up on the screen and Petra stares at it, expecting one of us to appear on it, but there is nothing, I know what it means, one of us hasn't died yet, my head aches as I grab my knife, and in Petra's moment of distraction by the board, I ram it into her heart, her face changes as she realises that I've got her, she looks at the screen and it shows me ramming my knife into her chest, she looks at me, and smiles, then she falls to the ground. BOOM!!

2nd: Petra being stabbed by Kala

Oh god, my head, I stagger about, my vision blurs in usettling ways, everything spins and I feel my body hit the ground, oh god. I won, but I'm going to die.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the winner of the 106th Hunger Games, Kala Wynder

I won, I won, I won... BOOM!!

1st: Kala dying from brain damage

Congragulations to Kala, who is now dead, but is still the winner, I couldn't decide on a winner so I decided to kill all three, meaning there is no victor, but Kala still won. WELL DONE!!!! to Kala and District3Tribute for their awesome skills and tribute!!!!

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