Okay people, this is the 5th Hunger Games of mine, and I daresay, this one WILL be the best EVER. I will start with reapings, then chariots, then training (Group), then Interviews and finally, THE GAMES. As the last few of my games have been extremely sucsessful. ALL the rules will be simmilar, with a few exceptions. Just wanna say, I love writing and I hope these will be good :)


This is the year 4107, under the rule of President Hurricane, Panem has finally found peace and harmony, but the games still run, people don't enjoy them, but they just happen. With the contiversity of last years games and there being no victor, Arabesque Lisbusten was executed publicably and the evil Kazzaman Assain will take his place. This year, she plans for the games to be very brutal and horrid. Victors of past years, including Aurora Wilde, Summer Harriet and her son Harry, Lauren Hill, Cinia Pacifica, Natalia Wren, Terri Rosedain and Pamline Falcon will all be characters in this tale of chivarly, braveness and character...

Tribute Gallery

The 107th Hunger Games

This is the 107th Hunger Games, it is a normal games with the normal rules, normal ammount of tributes and deaths and normal everything. May sound boring, but I promise its not!!!


So, the rules, they are the same as the years before, but for you lazy folk, here they are!!!

  • First of all, don't get angry at me if your tribute(s) die, its the Hunger Games, and it wouldn't be the hunger games if people didn't die, it would be a stange tea party in the woods with loads of weapons... and that is boring.
  • This games, simmilar to my last games, will include mature language to an extent, if anyone has a problem, please inform me in the comments!
  • Max. 3 tributes from anyone, along with 2 stylists and anything else, please make these tribute good and not just a name.
  • No swearing at other users if they kill your tribute, this is the hunger games, and its all for fun!!!
  • Make all new bits of info about a tribute as a NEW COMMENT, it annoys me flicking through pages and pages for one comment, that may or may not be of use to me
  • Please no ADS ever, its annoying and no one goes on them anyway, and I'll just kill you AGH.
  • Don't post the same your tribute again...




All tributes can be sent something by their mentors and no one else, they can be sent anything within reason, everyone starts with one, and you get another for each day you survive. NOTE: Things like body armour and 300 knives will cost more than one gift, depending on the caliber.


Name Yes/No Who
Lumen "Lou" James Aye Artemis (1), Tyson (2), Callisto (2), Dejohn (4) and Perdere (4)
Artemis Swan Totally Lumen (1), Tyson (2), Callisto (2), Dejohn (4) and Perdere (4)
Tyson "Ty" Phillips Got that right! Lumen (1), Artemis (1), Callisto (2), Dejohn (4) and Perdere (4)
Callisto Marie Yes... Lumen (1), Artemis (1), Tyson (2), Dejohn (4) and Perdere (4)
Ryker Zayn Maybe Depends on who you ask...
Jone Depaul No... N/A
Dejohn Young Yeah Lumen (1), Artemis (1), Tyson (2), Callisto (2) and Perdere (4)
Perdere "Per" Casey Yes Lumen (1), Artemis (1), Tyson (2), Callisto (2) and Dejohn (4)
Xander Flint No N/A
Yune Asher Yes Megan (11), Argent (12), Sarah (10), Talon (10) and Raven (8)
Leo Di-Martino Yes Try and get in the careers
Regina Rahilly No N/A
Liam Sly No N/A
Mildred "Milly" Ervine No N/A
Keyton Faring Yep Whoever I can trust
Raven Degrasi Yes Megan (11), Argent (12), Yune (5), Sarah and Talon (10)
Andy Pillar No N/A
Peyton Whitley Hmm... Prephaps, if they are worthy enough.
Talon Rosedain Yes Megan (11), Argent (12), Yune (5), Sarah (10) and Raven (8)
Sarah Backmon Totally Megan (11), Argent (12), Yune (5), Talon (10) and Raven (8)
Steven Valle Yeah I'd like to go with Peyton
Megan "Meg" Adlebarr Yep Whoever wants one, but I'd like to ally with Argent (12) Talon (10), Yune (5), Sarah (10) and Raven (8)
Palo Liathold Yeah Try and Get in Careers
Argent Carroll Yeah Whoever wants one, but I'd like to ally with Megan (11), Talon (10), Yune (5), Sarah (10) and Raven (8)


Yay, this is the fun part.


Post this













District 1 (Luxury) Male:

Lumen "Lou" James, 16 5'11 (Fair Hair, Deep Brown Eyes) Axe/Mace

District 1 (Luxury) Female:

Artemis Swan, 17

5'11 (Light Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Blowgun/Bow/Knife

District 2 (Masonry) Male:

Tyson "Ty" Phillips, 14 6'1 (Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Sword/Spear

District 2 (Masonry) Female:

Callisto Marie, 16

5'11 (Dark Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword

District 3 (Technology) Male:

Ryker Zayn, 17 5'6 (Blond Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword

District 3 (Technology) Female:

Jone Depaul, 18 5'5 (Dirty Blonde Hair, Deep Blue Eyes) Screwdriver/Bow and Arrow

District 4 (Fishing) Male:

Dejohn Young, 16 6'3 (Spiky Black Hair, Green Eyes) Trident/Knife

District 4 (Fishing) Female:

Perdere "Per" Casey, 16 5'9 (Long Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Trident/Spear

District 5 (Power) Male:

Xander Flint, 18 6'3 (Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) Sword

District 5 (Power) Female:

Yune Asher, 15 4'7 (Red Eyes, Pinkish Hair) Dagger/Blowgun

District 6 (Transportation) Male:

Leo Di-Martino, 18 6'1 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Throwing Knives/Bow

District 6 (Transportation) Female:

Regina Rahilly, 15 5'6 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Bow and Arrow/Throwing Knives

District 7 (Lumber) Male:

Liam Sly, 12 4'6 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Axe/Knife

District 7 (Lumber) Female:

Mildred "Milly" Ervine, 15 5'10 (Black Hair, Golden Eyes) Axe/Mace

District 8 (Textiles) Male:

Keyton Faring, 18 5'10 (Black Hair, Brown Eyes) Sword/Knife

District 8 (Textiles) Female:

Raven Degrasi, 12 4'8 (Brown Eyes, Brown Hair) Mace/Bow

District 9 (Grain) Male:

Andy Pillar, 18 5'11 (Blue Hair, Green Eyes) Machete/Spear

District 9 (Grain) Female:

Peyton Whitley, 18 6'1 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword/Blowgun/Bow

District 10 (Livestock) Male:

Talon Rosedain, 16 5'8 (Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) Whip/Sword

District 10 (Livestock) Female:

Sarah Backmon, 16 5'7 (Long Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Knife

District 11 (Agriculture) Male:

Steven Valle, 13 5'5 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Throwing Knives/Sword

District 11 (Agriculture) Female:

Megan "Meg" Adlebarr, 17 5'7 (Dark Brown Hair, Misty Blue Eyes) Machete/Bow

District 12 (Mining/Coal) Male:

Palo Liathold, 18 6'10 (Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Pick Axe/Explosives

District 12 (Mining/Coal) Female:

Argent Carroll, 18 5'9 (Black Hair, Brown Eyes)


Death Chart

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
24th Andy Pillar 9 Talon Rosdeain 10 Axe in Head
23rd Yune Asher 5 Callisto Marie 2 Arrow in Back
22nd Mildred "Milly" Ervine 7 Sarah Backmon 10 Knife in Head
21st Palo Liathold 12 Peyton Whitley 9 Dart in neck and eye
20th Keyton Faring 8 Lumen "Lou" James 1 Slashed Neck
19th Regina Rahilly 6 Megan "Meg" Adlebarr 11 Knife in Back
18th Leo De-Martino 6 Argent Carroll 12 Snapped Neck
17th Ryker Zayn 3 Raven Degrasi 8 Knife in Back
16th Steven Valle 11 Jone Depaul 3 Decapitated
15th Liam Sly 7 Tiger Lily Mutt N/A Strangled
14th Argent Carroll 12 ???? ??? ????
13th Lumen "Lou" James 1 Talon Rosedain 10 Snapped Neck
12th Xander Flint 5 Bee Mutt N/A Stung to death
11th Raven Degrasi 8 Artemis Swan 1 Stabbed in Stomach
10th Callisto Marie 2 Jone Depaul 3 Stabbed in head
9th Jone Depaul 3 Callisto Marie 2 Stabbed in chest
8th Talon Rosedain 10 ???? ??? ????
7th Artemis Swan 1 ???? ??? ????
6th Perdere Casey 5 Sarah Backmon 10 Spear in chest
5th Peyton Whitley 9 ???? ??? ????
4th Dejohn Young 4 Sarah Backmon 10 Sword in Back
3rd Megan "Meg" Adlebarr 11 Sarah Backmon 10 Stabbed in chest
2nd Tyson "Ty" Phillips 2 Sarah Backmon 10 Sword in throat

And The Winner Is

Name District User
Sarah Backmon 10 Chrystalbeast96

Status Chart

District Name Health Location In Need Of
1 Lumen James
1 Artemis Swan
2 Tyson Phillips
2 Callisto Marie
3 Ryker Zayn
3 Jone Depaul
4 Dejohn Young
4 Perdere Casey
5 Xander Flint
5 Yune Asher
6 Leo Di-Martino
6 Regina Rahilly
7 Liam Sly
7 Mildred Ervine
8 Keyton Faring
8 Raven Degrasi
9 Andy Pillars
9 Peyton Whitley
10 Talon Rosedain
10 Sarah Backmon
11 Steven Valle
11 Megan Adlebarr
12 Palo Liathold
12 Argent Carroll


District 1

Lumen's POV

I stagger out of my bed as my alarm buzzes, again and again. My eyes barely open and I think I may collapse in a minute.

"Turn that off!" screams my mum. I slam my hand down on the thing and it shuts off immeaditaly, I yawn, a big yawn, before heading over to my dresser, unfortunatley, there is a mirror on top of the cabinet and I get a glimpse of myself, and then almost jump out of my skin! Holy christ, my hair is half-mohawked on one side and flopped over my face on the other, I quickly grab a brush and drag it through my hair until I look more presentable than I was. Then I quickly throw in some clothes, a blue jumper and some jeans, I'm not a complete presentation freak, speaking of which I haven't heard fro-

"That top does not go with those jeans!" screams my sister, I spoke too soon, great. I turn to face her, little Gem, she's only 11 so she doesn't have to worry about the games, so she spends her time making sure that I'm colour coded and perfect. I stand still as she walks up to me and scoffs. I protest as she throws a soaking wet flannel at my face. Then I just snap.

"Stop being so stupid! No one cares!" I yell in her face, and then I storm out of my room, throw on mismatching shoes, just to annoy her, and walk out of the house. Not caring to close the door behind me, oh god. What have I done, I'm going to the reapings when I may be reaped and will never see her again and that's how I treat her. Oh that can't be good. I reach the square and the crowd just as Luna Radcliffe, our escort, bounds on. I quickly take the blood test and jog into the crowd. Her flourescent purple hair sways behind her as she walks across the stage, she's about 26, but she's had so many alterations that she looks around 40, her eyes are purple, and I'm sure that isn't real, and she seems to have had more plastic surgery done on her that some of the popstars in the 23rd century... Anyway, she walks across the stage dressed in a long purple dress that is translucent from the thigh down. This woman really does like purple doesn't she. The she totters across the stage to the reaping ball marked girls. Everyone falls silent as she places her hand in the ball, several girls look at it with anticipation, others with utter fear. She sways her hand left, right and the picks one up, she takes it out of the ball and giddily opens the slip.

"Rachel Edmond!" She screams, a 12 year old girl freezes and cries, I'm almost begging to voulenteer, but I'm a guy. Hundreds of hands shoot up, hundreds more sigh in relief. Luna surveys the crowd and her bush-baby purple eyes rest on one girl, she extends her hand in her direction and the girl runs onto the stage.

"My name is Artemis Swan!" she yells at us, she's around 17, and I think she's actually quite hot, but she's older than me, so it would be weird, maybe... Luna then strides over to the ball marked male, loads of guys anticipate her verdict, will they be able to go with Artemis, several cower in fear, but others, like myself, stand there, no emotions.

"Lumen James!" announces Luna, my knees buckle as I nervously head for the stage, my breathing feels forced as I stand with Artemis, she looks at me with a wary glance and what must be sympathy, no. I don't need sympathy, and I'm not gonna let some 17 year old heartbreaker stop me...

District 2

Callisto's POV

My eyes flutter open as the light streams in through the window, I want to close my eyes again but I know I can't. Its reaping today, and I need to be in the square with thousands of other kids from the district. Period. I throw back the duvet and climb out of my bed onto the marble floor of my bedroom, its freezing cold, so I hurridly put on my dressing gown and matching slippers before going into my walk in wardrobe. Its amazing, I keep forgetting how awesome it is to live here, I walk past my earings and shoes until I find my dresses, I tap the pad and a holograph of all my dresses appear, this technology was imported from the Capitol, and its state of the art, I swipe my hand and my dresses flick by, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and finally white. I select a white baby doll dress with a gold cardigan and ballet flats, I quickly slip them on and leave my wardrobe. I step down the spiral staircase to the ground floor where my parents await, my dad smiles at me, my mum beams even brighter, what is it?

"Callisto, your going to voulenteer today!" squeals my mum with utter delight, wait, what? No, no way. I look at my mum with a confused look, she beams brighter, I glance at my dad, he's giddy with delight. Oh god. Their serious? I turn round, trying not to let the confusion and shock show on my face. I can almost feel my parents' smiles drop as I storm out of the door, slamming it behind me. What were they thinking, I'm not voulenteering, never. Last year, the male got a knife in his forehead, and the girl got bitten by a spider. I'm not putting my life on the line, for them. The Capitol or my parents. I walk to the square, instead of driving, that's right. I can drive, having the richest parents in the district has its perks. To be perfectly honest, I prefer walking and being simple like the others in the district, it makes me feel, more... more normal, in a way, If you get what I mean. So I trek through the poor part of the district, I get a lot of dirty looks, that is one of the disadvantages of being super rich. So I just keep my head down, but its a little hard when everything around you is a horrible gray colour and your wearing white and gold. Why the hell did I pick this colour over colours like black... Oh well, I quickly walk to the square and stand in the que for the blood taking. Again, a load of dirty looks, and I stand out, because I'm the only one that hasn't been standing around in a worshop all morning. The girl in front of me walks through the gates and I step forward. The peacekeeper grabs my hand a little too hard. I guess he's jealous too. He grabs the blood taking machine and sticks it on my finger, and when the blood comes out, he doesn't stop, he rams it deeper and deeper into my finger, the electric pulse radiates through my veins, I think I may have a heart attack, suddenly, the head peacekeer tackles the peacekeeper off his chair, and the blood taker comes out my finger. Thank god. I look at the end of the machine, there must be around 10 millilitres of blood there, I feel woozy as I glance at my finger, then I wish I hadn't. A hole is in the tip of my finger, blood still trickiling out. I scream and run into the crowd, trying to calm myself, I take a shaky breath and steady myself, just as our escort, Mannas Flavious, a hugely fat and blue haired man, takes to the stage.

"Hey Everyone, welcome to the reapings for the 107th Hunger Games!!" he yells. He stops, waiting for applause, but to his dismay, he gets none! I almost laugh, but the pressure is on all of us, he walks over to a ball marked girls and puts his hand in, please, not me. Hundreds are on their toes, waiting to scream that they voulenteer, hundreds more sinking in fear.

"Katie Dobanar!" he screams, a terrified 12 year old girl walks onto the stage, all the girls are stunned. Screw what I said about not voulenteering, this girl has her whole life ahead of her, I'm not letting the games take that away from her.

"I goddam voulenteer!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I throw myself through the crowd, everyone stares at me in disbelief. I reach the stage and hug the girl, she thanks me and runs off the stage, back to her family. Mannas asks me my name, he already knows it, but its a formality.

"Callisto Marie." I whisper into the mic, now for the boys, Mannas walks over to the ball and sticks his hand in. He goes to say the name, but hundreds of hands shoot up, he walks to the front and chooses a small looking one named Tyson Phillips. No idea why he chose him, he was probably the smallest among the voulenteers, but he looks fierce and ready. Let the 107th Hunger Games begin Callisto, let them begin...

District 3

Ryker's POV

"Ouch!" I exclaim as my finger touches the underside of the remote, I flip it over, wires are exposed. I just got an electric shock! I glance to the right and my brother Axel stands there sniggering. He thinks this is funny, I'll show him what is funny. I stand up from the seat and storm over to him, he instantly shuts up and craps himself, he may be 16 and tall, but I'm taller, so I tower over him, fists clenched. He glances to the left, then the right, and then he does something I don't expect, he slaps me right in the face. I swing for him and slam him in the jaw with my right hand. He falls to the ground and I resist the urge to show my pain, I glance at my knuckles, the skin looks almost grated off and red. Perfect. I look at my snivelling excuse of a sibling, and then I kick him in the base of the back, he goes sprawling across the floor, howling in pain. I lean down to him and move away a strand of hair.

"Reapings." I whisper menacingly into his ear, he tries to move his head, but instead smacks it off the floor. I laugh a little before walking out of the room, there, that will teach him not to do that to me. I grab my coat of the rack and go out the door, into the raining streets of District 3, I walk to the square as fast as I can, I hate the reapings, a lot, and I want them over with. Badly, I hear footsteps and I see my brother leave the house and run up to me, I ignore him, deftly looking the other way as he tries to speak to me, he starts tugging on my jacket and I lose it.

"Get the hell away from me!" I scream in his face, I kick him in the groin and leave him there, crying in pain in the middle of the street. God, will that kid ever learn, I make it to the square on time and stand in the que for blood taking, my brother arrives, covered in mud and water, his hair unkempt and shaggy. Wow, he sees me and joins a different que, yeah, he's trying to dodge me. The peacekeeper calls me forward and I stick out my finger, he takes the blood, but it was the same finger as the electric shock, so it is more painful than usual. Silently, I stand with some others in my class as we wait for our rep, Lucy Uganda. When she does arrive, its obvious she has, last year, she was vaugley normal, now, she's pink... She walks across the stage, her green hair dancing behind her in a cascade of curls. I think I'm going to be sick... She looks like something our ancestors would call "out of a horror movie". She totters over to the ball marked girls in her... flamboyant yellow outfit, and sticks her hand in. She swirls it left and picks one.

"Jone Depaul!" She yells, A older girl walks onto the stage and stands with Lucy, no emotions. Now they boys, I look for Axel, I can't see him anywhere, where is he. I'm shocked back to my senses by Lucy, of all people.

"Axel Zayn!" yells Lucy. Oh my god. I hate my brother, but I love him. My hand flies into the air and I scream my name over and over.

"Ryker Zayn!" I scream and yell over and over, my feet find the stage and I run to Lucy, the world begins to fleet in front of my eyes and I feel my body hit the ground...

District 4

Perdere's POV

"Blue or Periwinkle?" I ask my sister Sandy. She shrugs and goes back to painting her nails black and putting on mascara. I need to look my best for the reapings, we are a career district. We must make an impression on the escorts if we wish to voulenteer, then again, Sandy is too goth to be selected, I glance back and she is inkking her golden locks with black marker, she could be so beautiful if she followed my fashion tips, I place the periwinkle against my skin, then the blue, yeah, periwinkle is better. I slip the satin top over my head and tie a ribbon around my waist as a belt, then I grab some jeans and step into them, I turn to Sandy and she looks at me like I've grown another head. She walks towards me with that marker and I swat it out her hands, it flies towards the window and crashes through it, raining glass and marker ink onto passers by below. Great. I look at Sandy and she looks terrified. I step into my shoes and storm downstairs, to where my mum sits, reading the newspaper and eating breakfast. I storm over to her.

"Why did you have to have nine children? Why not just one!" I slam my hand on the table and then storm away, just as Sandy walks down the stairs, decked out in her goth clothes. I roll my eyes and slam the door on my way out. I remember before the accident. Me, Sandy, Mum, Dad. My other 7 siblings. Reef, Tide, Blue, Mariana, Pearl, Crest and, most hauntingly, Allie. Its such a clear memory. Dad taking us out on the boat. Mum, Sandy and I staying at the back, the other 7 playing around. One lifeboat. On hell of a stormy day. I remember the waves crashing over the side of the boat, my brothers getting soaked. Dad trying to warn them not to get to wet. Sandy, 5 year old Sandy, and 7 year old Perdere, sat with their Mum, too scared to join in. Then there was that huge wave, it came right over and hit Tide, he was thrown off the boat by the force and we tried to help, we throwed the life jacket, another wave hit, just as Dad ran for Allie, he was swept off the boat, one by one, they were all thrown from the boat, only Blue, Sandy, Allie, Mum and myself were left on the boat, blood, my brothers and sister's blood, was all over the floor, our boat was cracked and smashed. Blue was 14, so he held 3 year old Allie, he went to go to the capitan's quarters, to steer us back to the main land, but, this month, was shark month. A shark jumped from the water and took a chunk of Blue's head off, Allie fell as we raced for her, the water hit again, sweeping her from us, into the water, as we watched as she helplessly drowned. I, as the oldest child left, was awarded with a fish cross, meaning I would get food delivered every day to my house for my bravery and chivarly. Yeah right, but the upside was, I didn't have to take teressa, at all. I come back to my senses as I slam into the local fisherman, Mr. Fisher. He yells at me and walk past him, sticking up my middle finger as I pass him. I reach the square, just as the escort Flipper MacCai appears. See, he likes District 4 so much, he decided to become half fish. So he is blue, with scales, a tail and, worst of all, gills! He prances around the stage as I get my blood drawed and stand in the crowd.

"The mad little male tribute is Dejohn Young and the wee person for the girls is Perdere Casey!" I dunno the giy, I think he was there at the harbour when Mum, Sandy and I got back, and the girl is... me. Oh god. I stumble onto the stage and stand with Flipper, he tries to hug me and I savagly slap him in the gills, before storming into the justice building, trying to stop the tears from forming...

District 5

Xander's POV

I sprint through the trees, the appear in random places, my left, my right. In front of me, I slam full on into it. Oh god. I grab a limb of the tree and haul myself up, just as a knife hits my right shoulder. My left arm pulls me up and I yank the knife out of my shoulder. Hot, metallic blood drips from the cut as I climb higher. Higher, higher. The green and brown swim before my eyes. Scaring the hell out of me. I look down, they are all there. The careers, one, two, three, four, five and six. Six to one. One throws a knife, five swings her sword and I feel my body fall from the tree. Falling, falling. I slam into the ground and a crack fills the air. Oh god, my arm won't move. Three circles me. Choosing a knife. Taking it out of her jacket, leaning over me. I get a good look at her face. Its... its my sister! She plunges the knife into my throat and my life flashes. Everything goes black.

"Ah!" I scream as I topple out of my bed, cold sweat coats me from head to toe. My head hurts like hell as I run my hand through my hair, a sickly, red substance leaks onto my fingers. Crap. I sit up and haul myself into the bathroom, and I get a look at myself, Jesus! I need a shave! I grab a paper towel and run the cold tap, well, I say cold tap, but there isn't any hot water here, so all water is cold. I pat the back of my head slightly, until the bleeding stops. But I still feel woozy, so its an effort to get dressed. When I am finally dressed I walk into my living room, my dad raises his mug of coffee to me and proclaims that I am the best son someone could ever have, because I have not been reaped for the games in 6 years. 5 years, Dad. Today isn't over. I could still get reaped... yeah I know I shouldn't think about it like that, but you need to keep an open mind about these things! I quickly wolf down my breakfast as say goodbye to my parents. Its gonna be a long day... I walk down the street, begining to notice things I haven't noticed before, how the baker's sign changes colour in the light, how the cobble change when they get wet. Yeah, its raining, and I forgot to bring a jacket, so I'm pretty much soaked, its the kind of rain that seeps into your bones and slows you will to live. Hopefully it won't last long though... hopefully. Well, looks like someone has been listening! The rain clears up finally and I make it to the blood taking, a short, squat and unshaved man sits at the desk, holding out a pair of blood takers, the boy in front of me squeals as his blood is taken, wimp. But then I recognise him, 12 year old Malcom Xavier. Yeah, he's the richest kid in the district, not having to take part in the hunger games, ever. But we all assumed that was because of his wealth, not because he is under 12. Now he's 12, so he has to go through what I've gone through for 6 years. I stick out my finger and ignore the throbbing as it pounds through my finger. I have a lot of teressa, and I'm starting to get nervous. Really nervous. By the time Gwen Holden, our District 5 rep appears on the stage, I'm a total wreck. She has flowing grey hair and beautiful green eyes, she must be around 55, 60. But there isn't a wrinkle in sight, no noticable transformations like some escorts, but she is okay...ish. She walks to the mic and calmly begins her speech.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the reapings for the 102nd Hunger Games." she whispers with no emotion, of course the mic projects it so we can all hear, but its still so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. She walks across the stage, her footsteps echoing across the district, every single person has a pair of eyes trained on Gwen, how does she do that, I would freak out if I had half the ammount watching me!

"Yune Asher." she announces in a clear and almost sad voice. A girl with flaming red hair walks onto the stage. Okay, the girls are over, now its the boys. I have a lot of teressa, but I should be okay. I hope.

"Xander Flint." Oh... oh god! That's me, I am Xander Flint. I have been chosen for the hunger games. A thousand thoughts flood my head. How? Why? But only one has any meaning to me. I will never see district 5 again. I will die. My life is over.

District 6

Regina's POV

I hate district 6. I hate the smell of oil that is always present, I hate the fact that we all need to work on cars and trains for the capitol to enjoy. I hate that I have to be what my district wants me to be, and not what I want to be. I hate how they decide my future, my present. These are my choices, not someone in a fat cat house, drowning in their wealth. If I could decide, I would not be a mechanic, or a engineer. I would do something better, like a teacher. Or even a nurse. No. My stupid parents had to go and... well. I'm not allowed to say. Fine, I'll tell you. You know how its President Hurricane we have right now, and it used to be President Kane. Well, there is your answer. My parents fueled a rebellion after last years games. My mother rallied a few from my town in the district. Then my father managed to secure a train carridge on the train last year, so they ended going along with last years tributes to the capitol. Then they took the guns to the chariot rides. And sniped the President, guarenteering me a spot in this years games, and getting them executed, along with Arabesque. So, I've been living this last year in the gutters, begging for food. A long way away from my old life. I don't know why I have to go to the reaping. My parents have sealed my fate, I will be in this years games, no matter what. Good for me. I walk down the street with my friend Michelle. Michelle has known me since nursery, and she knows this will be the last time we speak. My last time in district 6. We reach the blood taking in an utter state. Michelle is crying, messing up her best dress. I wrap my arms around her and she cries into my shoulder.

"I'll miss you Regina." she whispers. I hold her close and pat her on the back. She comes out of the embrace and we get our blood taken in silence. We walk into the square, every single girl in the district is calm today. Because they know I'm the tribute. Our escort Purr Miaow walks onto the stage. He's part cat, with ears, fur and even a tail. Its a little freakish, but I can remember that the 4 escort is part fish!

"The female tribute is...Regina Rahilly!" he shouts. Yeah, we know I'm the tribute. I walk onto the stage and stand quietly, ignoring people who gaze at me weirdly. Just because I'm in the games. Actually, you know what. I will win these games, I will come back. I will show all these people I deserve to be alive! I will win! I stand next to Purr, ignoring his exsessive squeaks and miaows, as he calls the male.

"Can Leo-Di Martino come up here please!" he purrs playfully. Leo walks onto the stage and grasps my hand firmly. I'm way to young for him, but he is a total hunk. Any girl would be lucky to have him. Shame he's likely to be dead this time next month.

District 7

Liam's POV

I leave my bed in a rapid hurry. In district 7 you have to be in the square, 9 a.m. sharp, or. Well. It gets ugly. I remember the last time someone was late. Yeah, that was messy. Blood was everywhere, guts strewn across the street, bodies strapped to the mast. It was never a sight that we enjoyed, but it was a sight we were used to. Whippings, Hangings and killings are common in District 7, one happens pretty much once a week, its never nice, especially when its someone you know, but you get over it, and pray your family will never be a part of it, but for a family full of black market traders, illegal hunters and theives, no amount of luck can hold out forever, not even the most crafty and cunning can get away forever. My family were caught. My uncle was hung, my aunt whipped, my parents shot, my brother and sister strapped to a post and set on fire, all in front of me, and a crowd of spectators. Its horrible. So, instead of killing me (cause the district is nice like that) they just decided to force me into the games, so this year, I just have to attend the reaping, and look suprised when my name is called.

"Finger." The voice shocks me back to reality and I look at the peacekeeper, I don't remember walking to the square, or this paticular peacekeeper, I give him my finger, and he swiftly removes the blood from my finger, dropping it onto his page. I leave the station and head into the square, trying to remember that peacekeeper, I can't remember him at all. I rack my brains. When, when! oh god. I have seen him. The whippings, no. Was he at the Reapings last year? No. Then, it hits me. It hits me like a tonne of bricks. I know where I saw him. He was the peacekeeper. The peacekeeper that killed my family. I remember him striked my aunt across the back. Tie the knot in the rope for my uncle. The one that fired the gun. The one that set the posts alight. This peacekeeper ruined my life, and he knows it. I glance back, to see if he's still there. He grins at me, wide and scary. I want to smash his face in, really badly. But that will sentence me to a fate worse than death, worse than the games. Torture, who knows what else. I look back to see the grotesque face of our escort, Matilda Green. Green, how fitting. Matilda is a bright, vivid green colour. Her skin is streched across her face in a unhumanly fashion, her hair is a bright red, burning red. She looks ridiculous. She stands next to the mic and clears her throat.

"Welcome boys and girls, to District 7's reaping!" she raises her arms, as if to embrace us all. I fold my arms, this is ridiculous. She looks a little hurt, and blushes a little, before walking over to the girls ball.

"Mildred Ervine." she announces.

"Its Milly." says a gruff and angry voice, who I am assuming is Milly Ervine. She walks onto the stage, a scowl across her face, okay, the girl has been reaped, time for me to look suprised when its my name.

"Liam Sly." Oh, oh no! I've been picked! How is this happening? Yeah, yeah. I walk onto the stage, fake tears rolling down my cheeks, I ignore Matilda as she tries to hug me. I look out over the crowd, they all seem a little dissapointed that I am the tribute for 7 and Milly is the female. Since the suprise quell, District 7 hasn't done so well. Think about it, 103rd Hunger Games, we won and got 2nd place. 104th, we both died in the bloodbath. 105th we had a victor. 106th, one in the bloodbath and the other came 5th. Maybe Milly will go far, cause I know I won't. Goodbye District 7, I am not going to miss you.

District 8

Raven's POV

Sweat drenches me from head to toe, my hair is slick and my clothes stick to my skin. The smell of Body odour fills the air and finally wrenches to my senses. My dad walks in, no shirt on and only a small pair of shorts on.

"Dad, c'mon! Really!" I squeal, he quickly sees me and runs out the room. Sigh. He must of thought I was still asleep and was coming to wake me. I quickly get out of my bed and shake off the nightmare. The usual one. My mum. Being whipped, over and over and over again. Her back turning from white to a charred red then to nothing but blood and flesh, dripping from the mast, to the ground as the peacekeepers laughed. I watched as the life ebbed away from my mother. Terrible dream. Terrible reality. Yeah, my mother is dead. And the peacekeepers are to blame. I've held a grudge for a while now. Its been 4 months. My first reaping is today. And like any 12 year old, I am not only scared out of my mind. But relieved that I have a one in a million chance of being picked. I quickly dress myself and wipe away the sweat that consumed me. And then I leave the house, while my dad sits reading a book.

"Bye Dad." he replies with a grunt and I leave the room. Onto the raining streets of District 8. My home. I walk down the street to the square, passing several shops closing up for the reaping. I've seen this happen a lot recently. Each year, everyone closes their shutters and heads out. Not wanting to be caught up in the horror of a reaping. I make it to the square and ignore everyone until the blood taking. Which takes a while. But then I'm fine. And in the square, our escort Jonas stands on the stage. His ponytail flicks in the wind as he paces the stage.

"Welcome District 8, our tributes this year are..." he gives a dramatic pause before continuing. "Raven Degrasi and Keyton Faring!" he shouts in a very capitol voice. I smile because my name hasn't been said... wait. My name is Raven. My name is Raven Degrasi. I have been chosen for the hunger games. My life is over.

District 9

Andy's POV

I wipe away a bead of sweat as I hack away the last handful of grain in the workday. Its reaping day, so we get out of work in the fields at around 9 o'clock, so we get to just slack off. I quickly place the last handful of grain in the truck and begin to walk back to the farm house with my siblings. All 5 of us. My big brothers, Joh, Lou and Gray. And my sister Della. Yes, we all work in our dad's fields. Getting grain to make into bread and other things. No time for fun or anything. Luckily, this is my final reaping, so then I can worry about my sister having her last one, and the Pillar family is home free! So, we walk back, ready to enjoy the day off. When my sister walks up to me and asks something that throws my day outta proportion.

"How much Teressa did you take, I have loads?" My head spins. She... she took Teressa! That was the one thing she promised. No teressa. Ever. It would be the guys that took it, because we could hold our own in the arena. My eldest brother, Joh, finished reapings 3 years ago. Then Lou, 2 years ago. Gray finished last year, and this is my last year, with a grand total of 46 slips. But my sister has done the unthinkable. Taken the teressa that she was never to take. I begin to walk to the square after dropping off our work gear at home. Its a long walk, and there is only two of us, so it isn't long before the conversation starts.

"If you do get reaped, what will you do?" she asks me. I think for a witty response, but decide to actually give her a proper one.

"I would probably be really upset. Maybe angry." I reply. She nods assent as if this is what she was thinking and I smile. All the Pillars... we are very alike. When we make it to the square, we quickly go through the blood taking and wait paitently as the escort arrives. Emma Stewart. Around 25 and one of the most normal escorts in the world of Panem. She has golden blonde hair and coffee brown eyes. Beautiful.

"Greeting District 9. Your female tribute is Peyton Whitley." A stunning girl my age with beautiful blonde locks and piercing blue eyes. Angelic Beauty. Emma looks sorry to have told this girl she has to die. But she seems to be taking it well. As I think she is contemplating winning.

"And the male is Andy Pillar." I look to Della. Lets go home. I can't be bothered to be here. But she seems to just stare, eyes widening. When I realise. The name called was me. I am the male for District 9.

District 10

Sarah's POV

Quickly, I collect the eggs from the chicken hut, delicatly placing them in the basket and carrying them back. I rub the head of my favourite chicken, Cluckles. I stroke his head and under his chin where he likes it the best. He clucks with happiness and I smile goodbye to him. When I reach my house and open the door, I see my dad standing there, a grin on his face.

"Hey Sarah!" he says giddily. I wonder what he's so excited about. Then I see the hand he has behind his back and I wonder. But then he produces a pair of tickets to a rodeo, but not just any rodeo, the Cow Hide Rodeo! Its the most exclusive rodeo in District 10! Its almost impossible to get tickets.

"After the reaping! You and me! The rodeo!" he gasps. Me! He's taking me to the rodeo! I run to him and throw my arms round him. I love my dad. But first. We have the reaping to get through. I walk down the street to the square and quickly go through the blood taking and stand in the square. The escort runs on, Milo Flickerman, grandson of Caesar. An escort. He is huge, barely able to stand, as he reaches the mic.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen of District 10. Your female tribute is Sarah Backmon and the male is Talon Rosedain."

Talon Rosedain... Rosedain. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! The last two games have had a member of the Rosedain's as a tribute. As for the girl... that was me. I walk onto the stage, puzzled and scared. When I see Talon, the way his hair falls delicatly to the right. He is very good looking. My heart does a somersault in my chest and I am terrified of what it is telling me. I can't be in love. Not when I've been reaped.

District 11

Steven's POV

"Hurry! We are gonna be late!" frets my mother as she runs across the house, checking clocks and throwing clothes at us. I quickly put on what she has given me as she runs to my other siblings, making sure they look prim and proper for the reaping. Don't wanna look bad if we get our named called. Yep, that's my mum.

"Bye!" I yell as I walk out of my room and to the door, when suddenly my mum appears at the door. She quickly fixes my hair and my shirt, making absolutley unnoticable alterations to my appearance. When she is finished, I push her aside, and walk out onto the streets of District 11. I walk slowly with my hood down. I'm 12 years old. I have no chance of being reaped, because I have 1 slip in millions. Countless others have traded their lives for food. Horrible. I make it to the square and quickly go through the blood taking, ignoring the stinging feeling. And walk into the large crowd as our escort Tyler Woods walks on. She has long dark hair and mid ranged skin, but looks normalish.

"Can Megan Adlebarr and Steven Valle come up here please!" Megan Adelbarr... I think that name rings a bell. Oh yes! Blake Adlebarr was a tractor driver for our farm until he was he was killed by an out of control bull in the field, one horn, right through his heart. It was messy. And very upsetting. Megan was destroyed and hated our family. As for the boy... Steven. That's me... oh my god. Megan must be enjoying this, the chance to kill me... like her father died in our care.

District 12

Argent's POV

Chop! Chop! I slice the last part of the carrot and quickly place the chopped pieces in the pot, I go to put the knife back in the drawer, but it skids across my finger, cutting it open. Blood gushes from the open wound, dripping onto the table. I quickly drop the knife and scream in pain. I grab a towel and press it hard to my finger. Blood seeps through as I search through the cabinets for a plaster, I manage to find one pretty quickly and wrap it round my finger. I quickly put the pot onto the cooker and reach for my jacket. I quickly shove one arm in and then the next.

"Bye Mum!" I shout as I leave the house, she gives a grunt of assent and I flash her a smile. She doesn't really care, lucky me. I only got a few years to go. I glance at my incoherent, alcoholic mother. Before slamming the door on my way out. I trek down the street to the blood taking, which I quickly sail through. I stand in the square as our escort Thomas MacPherson walks on stage. He has glasses and lots of fakery done to his face. He walks about for about five minutes before starting the reaping.

"Argent Carroll and Palo Liathold everybody!" A monstorous boy walks onto the stage as his name is called, everyone waits for the female. When I realise, the female is me! I've been chosen, I walk up, emotionless and stare at Palo. District 12 may finally have a victor, and its not me.


Luna Grove's POV

As the head stylist of the 107th Hunger Games, I must watch all of the chariots as the pass, and mark them from one to twelve on a scale of beauty. I sit back in my seat near the president and smile. I can't wait at all.

First comes District 1, Lumen and Artemis are beautifully dressed in long and flowing costumes, his is a bright yellow with light blues and greens working through it, she is in a long dress of a light pink with yellows and blues through it. They are very beautiful and evenly matched. Wait! What is this, the two are kissing, they have blown the crowd out of the water, I will reward them with an 8!

Next up is District 2, Tyson and Callisto are looking exceptional in their replica roman outfits, he is in a gladiator uniform, a full body armour, fit with a replica sword and acsessories. Callisto is in a light blue toga that falls to her knees, she looks innocent with is in a contrast to Tyson's brutal fighting gear. This looks very good with the two of the, so I will reward them with a 7!

Now we have District 3, Ryker and Jone look okay in their jumpsuits, they are black with twinkiling constellations, yawn. Very boring look, I go to jot down a three when suddenly, the jumpsuits begin to crackle with electricity, I look back to them as yellow light courses through their bodies as they begin to rise from the chariot! Yes, they are flying! This is beyond awesome, I will reward them with a nice score of 10!

Next up is District 4. Dejohn and Perdere look stunning in their outfits, glistening scales and releftive particles shine off of their radiant costumes. He is as a merman, holding the girl in his arms, she is a mermaid, they both hold a glowing trident. But there is more to this outfit than meets the eye, I look closer to the scales and see that each has crusted blood holding it in place. I was going to reward them with something high like an 11, but this has scared me into lowering that to a 6!

Now we have District 5, Xander and Yune are looking terrible in their outfits, its purple and glowing, they look okay, but the thing it, its not them or their district at all! This is ridiculous, they glow a little and it may be pretty, but that is not the main idea of chariots. The stylist must be exucuted now! I am giving them a dismal 3!

Next we have District 6, Leo and Regina are looking worse than District 5, Regina is dressed as a train and Leo is sitting on her shoulders, pretending to drive the train. I bury my head in my hands with the shame of seeing them, and another stylist on the exucute list. I am giving them the score of a 1!

After them is District 7. Liam and Milly are looking very natural and eco friendly in their outfits, instead of being dressed as a tree, they have been made into trees, Milly has been painted into a thousand shades of brown, green leaves stemming from her sides and legs. Liam looks like a baby spaling, to show his innocence and youth. I really liked this one, so I'm handing them a 11!

Then we have District 8. Keyton and Raven are looking dismal in their outfits, I can smell the bad workmanship from here, I scrawl another stylist on the exucute list. I look back to them, Keyton is dressed as a ball of thread, basically making him a ball, and Raven is a needle. Yep. This is definetley getting a 2!

Next up is District 9, Andy and Peyton look fabulous in their outfits, the chariot has been painted so that from the angle I'm watching at, it looks like a sea of grain, Peyton and Andy are swept away in the sea as the are painted in, its so entertaining to try and find them amongst the grain, which is why I'm rewarding them a fabulous 9!

Now we have District 10, Sarah and Talon look absolutely fabulous in their outfits, each has a cow print top with frills and leather trousers, the may look like cowboys and girls, but there is one element that gives them the upper hand. They are riding the bulls around the chariot, its awesome, like a bullfight up close. The adrenaline is pumping, giving them a 12!

Then its District 11. Steven and Megan seem to hate each other, and they can't put it aside for 10 minutes for a chariot ride. Despicable, suddenly, Steven grabs Megan's hair and pulls, hard. She fights back, and by the time the chariot is at the end, they are both bleeding and covered in scratches. How pleasant. I am giving them a 4!

District 12 comes last, Palo and Argent are wearing their normal miner's outfit, the girl tries to rock it, but she knows its not happening. There is one last score to give, and that is the score of 5!

Score District Comment from Luna
12 District 10 I love the adrenaline and the way it made us so excited
11 District 7 It was beautiful and very realistic, there was no way to make it better
10 District 3 It was boring to begin with, but then it got really awesome
9 District 9 It was great to play hide and seek with both of them, kids loved it
8 District 1 It was very original and stylish, loved it!
7 District 2 Again, it was a great contrast, and it was lovely!
6 District 4 I really liked it, until I looked closer
5 District 12 Normal outfit, nothing special
4 District 11 It wasn't that impressive, and that fighting just made it worse.
3 District 5 Had no relation to the district at all...
2 District 8 Really background and silly.. made no sense at all...
1 District 6 It just looked stupid!

Training (Group)

Day 1

Lumen's POV

"So, should we let them in?" I say to my fellow careers. I look to Artemis, I still don't know where that kiss came from. I don't know what I feel for her. Was it just to get sponsors? Or was it because I felt something for her? She avoids my gaze and busies herself with fighting a dummy. She shrugs and I look to Tyson. He nods his head a little. And then attacks a dummy with an axe. I sigh and look to Callisto, she shakes her head. Okay then. I don't mind, Artemis doesn't care. Tyson says yes, Callisto says no. Dejohn? He gives a grunt of assent. And I turn my gaze to Perdere. She nods happily and I look to the recruits. Leo and Palo. They look to me with questioning eyes and I smile.

"Sure you can join!" I exclaim. Palo smiles and punches the air. Leo walks over to our group and begins attacking some dummies. That gives us 8 careers in total. I walk over to Artemis and flick my head to the right. She gets the message and leaves her weapons, then walks over to the deserted climbing wall.

"Did you really want to kiss me?" she asks.

"I don't know... did you want to kiss me?" I ask back. She blushes a beet red before looking back to me and nodding.

Artemis's POV

I look deep into his eyes, the way his blonde hair falls just the right way. The way his kind eyes melt my soul. I don't care how many can see us, I'm doing this now. I walk forwards and quickly embrace Lumen. His breath is warm on my neck and I begin to want more. I kiss him. I pull back from the embrace and kiss him. I kiss him with a passion that stirs something in my chest. And when we finally pull apart, we each are smiling.

"I think I love you." I say.

"I do to." Is his reply. I smile and begin to walk away, hand in hand with Lumen, back to the weapons training, which us careers have dominated. I look around the room to see which of these weaklings will die first. I look to several clumps of people hanging around some of the areas. The pair from three seem to be working on snares together. The pair from 7 aren't doing much apart from talking. Then I see the tiny boy from 11 trying to speak to the girl from 9. She could snap his neck in a second. But something puts me off balance. An alliance of 6 or 7 has formed, I look through to see what faces I recognize. Both from 10, the girls from 11 and 12. The girls from 8 and 5 too. I see the 8 boy eyeing them closly, as if he wants to join. We have to stop this now. Before the alliance gets any stronger, because then they could take the careers.

Tyson's POV

I stare at Artemis and Lumen as the giggle and kiss. Its getting ridiculous. If I wasn't a career with them, I would have taken their eyes out by now. I look to Callisto, who looks exactly as I feel. The new guys are just attacking some stuff. Seems like we may have the upper hand, but that group forming over there seems to be quite strong... then again. They are letting any scruff in, even that 12 year old from 8. I'm pretty sure half of them won't survive. I look to Palo. He knows that he will have to kill Argent at one point.

"Right... should I show you a real career fight?" Leo and Palo nod, I quickly grab Dejohn and look him in the eye. Lets fight. I grab my sword and slash at Dejohn, he isn't ready, at all, the sword hits his chest and cuts right through his thin shirt. He collapses, blood pouring from his chest. He hits the ground and groans, prompting several assistants to come running, they quickly drag him away to the infirmary, as I hold a bloody sword. I am in so much trouble.

Callisto's POV

"Tyson! What the hell!" I scream as I run over to him, they drag Dejohn away, but he is a mess and bleeding everywhere, I doubt they'll make it to the infirmary before he goes. I look to Tyson with a threatening look and he drops the bloody sword.

"Their not gonna reward you for that one!" I shout in his face, I clench my fist and sock him right in the jaw, there and then, he hits the ground on his back and gives an almighty grunt. I look back to our new recruits and give a curtsey.

"That is a real career fight!" I scream, before sitting next to Perdere and Artemis, I hold my head in my hands. This is ridiculous! Already one career down, what if he can't even fight in the arena. Will there be a replacement. No, he will be there, the Capitol can fix him up.

"Why are we so rubbish..." murmurs Artemis. I think I agree with her.

Ryker's POV

Ping! I pull back the string again and let another arrow fly. Ping! It hits the board with a good stick, except that its no where near the target, it managed to stick into the far side, all the way up to the tail. Well, I know that I'm strong, but seriously, I gotta work on my aim.

"We need to perfect it, we can't afford anything but the best." says Jone. I don't know why we are hanging out, we aren't even friends, just district partners, not even allies. She doesn't want them, I don't want them. Maybe that's why we are hanging out. I look back to her, she disembowells a dummy in no time flat. She'll go far. Myself, not so sure. Ping! I let another arrow fly. Expecting it to hit the wall or a 3 or something. But it doesn't. I watch in wonder as it hits the centre so hard it topples over. I look to Jone. And she starts clapping.

Jone's POV

"That.. that was amazing!" I squeal. I quickly get back my composore and my facade.

"It could be a lot better, tighter string, quicker reload, but yes. It was good." I say, that works better for the ffront I'm putting on to get a better sponsor. But I am still thinking about the few days to the games, I could be dead in a second, so I need to get my game face on.

"Ryker, do you want to ally." I say with no emotion, he nods and goes back to firing his bow into the target, I begin to hack away at a dummy. Sending parts of canvas everywhere, I look to the careers with a smiling face. I am so gonna kill each on of them, with the help of my new ally.

Dejohn's POV

"Are you okay sir, do you need anything?" says the nurse. I shake my head and she quickly walks away. I move my arm to reach for the coffee and my chest pain flares up. Its agony and my fingers slip, the cup falls from my hand and shatters on the floor, hot liquid and shards of the cup go flying every where, across the room. I press the buzzer for my nurse and she comes running.

"It just fell from my hand!" I exclaim, she grunts and quickly cleans up the mess and heads off. I have nothing to do, so I just think. And the one though I can hold onto is, I may not be able to train... but I am still a career. At least I hope so. The others could have shunned me so I can't be in the careers, just because of this stupid injury. Thanks Tyson...

Perdere's POV

I sigh and look across the room to where the boys are practising their fighting. Whereas the girls, Callisto, Artemis and myself sat on a bunch of benches. Discussing, who knows what. All I know its that I'm bored out of my mind, and wanna be in the games, killing a few folk.

"What you gonna say at the interviews?" asks Callisto, Artemis shrugs and I look at the pair of them.

"I will talk about my family, how I lost 7 siblings and a parent in a boat accident and how I survived, and all of them didn't. About how I am a survivor." I almost smile at the face I get from Callisto. Half utter shock, half utter sadness. I give her a small smile, before looking to Artemis, the girl couldn't care less.

Day 2

Xander's POV

I slash my sword through the dummy's chest, I go to yank it out, but it catches on something, something hard, and the dummy falls over, my sword going with it. The dummy hits the ground, hard, and my sword goes flying with it, it smashes off the ground and the momentum makes it snap out, its flies across the room, handle first, straight towards the big alliance. There is no time to move, just to see the eyes widen, as the handle of my sword smacks my district partner in the back.

"I am so sorry!" I scream as I run towards them.

Yune's POV

The pain blinds through me as I am thrown from my feet, propelled across the room, and land in a corner, meters away from where I was standing, not two moments ago. Talon and Sarah run to me, my other allies following behind them.

"Yune, Yune, Yune." There words merge into one and other as they try to asses the damage done to my back. I hear several gasps and such as they move my shirt in order to see it. I look up and catch a glimpse in the reflection in the tiles. Its huge, yellow, blue and green and very, very, very disgusting looking. I begin to cry as Talon and Sarah back away, letting the trainers carry me off to the infirmary.

Leo's POV

My sword clangs as it slashes against a dummy's chest, I throw the sword aside and sit down with Artemis. We watch as Yune is carried away on a strecher, a very nasty bruise on her back. Oh god. That looks really sore. I think about the bloodbath. I am a career now. I have a better chance of killing someone and getting out unscathed. But I am still likely to get killed. Especially being from District 6. We haven't done well in the last few years.

"You won't die you know." Says Artemis, as though reading my thoughts. I smile and turn to her.

"Oh but I will..."

Regina's POV

I throw another spear and watch as it clips the dummy's side. It doesn't even touch it, nevermind kill it. I sigh and sit on the ground. I bury my head in my hands, all we have left is today. Tommorow. Then our private sessions and finally the interviews. Then we go straight into the games. Where I am likely to die. Lucky me. I stand up and collect another spear, I channel my anger and frustration into that spear, and let it fly into the dummy's neck. A critical hit. I smile and go back to the plants. I need to get my mind off these games. I feel the warm feeling of someone's hand on mine, and breath on my neck. I look up to see something I don't expect.

I see the face of Palo.

Liam's POV

I slash the sword into the target's leg, it falls over and I slash its throat. I walk back and attack another dummy. This is getting boring, two days of the same stuff. Attack a dummy, pick it up, attack another dummy. I sigh and stand away from everyone, just wanting to be with my own thoughts. I have no idea what I am doing, and I know that I will die. Its just a case of having fun until then. I sprint towards the climbing wall and quickly scale it, when I'm at the top, I backflip off and land on the beams holding up the room, I sprint across and dive off, when I hit the ground I roll onto my feet and stand up, right next to Raven from 8. I give a nice smile and flick back my hair.

"So, can I be in your alliance?"

Milly's POV

I load the bow and let another arrow fly into the target, I load and shoot, load and shoot, been like that for two days. I load the bow and shoot again. I seriously need a change of scenery. I drop the bow and head over to the snares station. The instructor smiles and I get the feeling no one has been here in the last two days. I put together something simple pretty quickly and catch a fake rabbit. I get a few hours in on this station before moving on. I seriously am considering joining the big alliance.

Keyton's POV

I hold my spear up and charge a few dummies, around half way there, I throw my spear, it hits a dummy's chest and goes right through into another dummy's chest. I look back and Raven walks over to me.

"Right Keyton, you have to be in our alliance." she says. I smile and say yes, they all crowd round me and I smile and shake some hands and give some hugs. I think my chances of survival just doubled.

Raven's POV

I smile as I give Keyton a hug. Good to know that my district partner is involved, gives District 8 a better chance of survival, as I am likely to die as being a 12 year old and Keyton would be kidding himself if he thought he would survive on his own. I begin to dose off as I think of last year... who were the tributes again. Addison and who was the guy again... oh well. I forget. Anyway, Addison did okay, but her mentor chose Kala over her. Hm. I hope I don't befall the same fate. I look to my allies as the sun begins to go down. That was a long day of training, there is only one left.

Day 3

Andy's POV

I hit the dummy in the chest with the metal knuckles, it moves backwards and I hammer it with punch after punch. Venting my anger on a dummy. How... creative. I pull off the knuckles and move onto a sword, slashing and slashing. Eventually I just throw the thing, and watch as it slams straight into the target. So bored.

Peyton's POV

I blow the dart at the plant, it hits and wilts, I blow again. It hits and wilts, I need to keep my real skills for the private sessions, this is just for fun. I grab a knife and throw a few, boring, boring, boring. I grab a mace and stick it in a dummy's head. Boring. I slash a dummy with a sword. Boring. Seriously. This is so boring.

Talon's POV

I look to Sarah, she smiles at me and I grin back. This alliance is getting pretty big. Around 7 members, including Yune who is still in the infirmary. I walk around for a while, do some camo, climb the wall. Really boring round about now. Even those who know the are doomed just want out of here.

Sarah's POV

I look to Talon and smile... so bored right now. I grab a knife and hack away a dummy. So tired. So very bored. I slam the hilt into its shoulder and it falls down. I sigh and collapse on the floor. I want to get this over with. Its so boring. I want it to be the games. So I can die.

Steven's POV

"Why not!" I say to Peyton as she calmly walks past me, peeling open an orange.

"Because you are too weak." she says with no emotion. I stamp on her foot and elbow her in the stomach before leaping away from her and flipping over a pole.

"I am not weak!" I scream.

Megan's POV

I watch as they carry my struggiling District partner out of the door. I sigh and sit down. I'm in the big alliance, I have a great chance of survival. What is wrong! I pace back and forth, my palms begining to sweat. My allies know something is wrong, I can barely cope with the fact of my innement death. Suddenly black spots dance across my eyes and I collapse. I am not built for this.

Palo's POV

I slash my sword into the dummy again and again. I'm a career now. I have had no training whatsoever and I am just as capable as these guys. I just have to prove it.

"You can stop now, Palo." says someone. I ignore them and keep slashing.

"Palo... training is over."

Argent's POV

I walk towards the door with my district partner, that is how it works. With your district partner. So naturally Meg, Xander and Perdere are alone. We walk to our elevators and they shoot up, knowing that this is our last shot at sponsors. But first. We need to get our scores.

Training Scores

Name Score Odds of Winning
Lumen "Lou" James 9 4-1
Artemis Swan 10 6-1
Tyson Phillips 1 (By challenge prize) 9-1
Callisto Marie 11 3-1
Ryker Zayn 4 10-1
Jone Depaul 12 (By challenge prize) 5-1
Dejohn Young 9 5-1
Perdere "Per" Casey 11 4-1
Xander Flint 3 20-1
Yune Asher 2 21-1
Leo De-Martino 8 6-1
Regina Rahilly 4 17-1
Liam Sly 6 16-1
Mildred "Milly" Ervine 6 9-1
Keyton Faring 5 10-1
Raven Degrasi 2 23-1
Andy Pillar 6 9-1
Peyton Whitley 10 7-1
Talon Rosedain 10 7-1
Sarah Backmon 9 8-1
Steven Valle 2 27-1
Megan "Meg" Adlebarr 8 8-1
Palo Liathold 9 10-1
Argent Carroll 7 8-1


And we are on in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Casear: Hello and welcome to the interviews for the 107th Hunger Games! I am so thrilled to be here! Lets bring on our first tribute, the radiant district 1 female... Artemis Swan!

Artemis: Oh Casear, you are too nice. I must say I'm really glad to be here! Espcially when you are here...

Casear: Thank you Artemis. Now, lets ask a question. The one on all our minds. How about you and Lumen, eh?

Artemis: Well... Its not completley offical, but he does like me... and I kinda like him...

Casear: That sounds really nice, so tell me about you-


Casear: Oh, that is too bad. Now lets talk to her district partner and the lucky guy, Lumen James!

Lumen: Call me Lou. So... nice suit, I have to say.

Casear: Oh thank you! Its custom made for this interview night. You don't look so bad yourself!

Lumen: Oh why thank you. I think we all look pretty good tonight!

Casear: So tell us more about you and Art-


Casear: Not again! Lets have the lovley Callisto Marie on!

Callisto: Hey Casear! Hey guys!

Casear: So... lets hear about your past?

Callisto: Well... my parents are pretty rich, so I lived with them in a big house. I was also an only child.

Casear: Oh really! That sounds really cool, I was an only chi-


Casear: Oh, bye Callisto. Now we have her district partner Tyson.

Tyson: Oh... hi Casear.

Casear: What's wrong. Oh! Lemme guess. Is it about the score.

Tyson: Yes. And I DON'T want to talk about it.

Casear: Sheesh. And gladly his time is up.


Casear: Now our first non career, and hopefully someone nicer than Tyson, we have Jone Depaul!

Jone: Hi Casear! I'm just so happy with my training score. I mean a 12! The careers are soooo jelaous.

Casear: I can imagine! So, tell us more about your plan.

Jone: I am gonna get a knife and a pack. Then NO one will ever see me until I am crowned victor.

Casear: You sound very con-


Casear: Now, lets meet her district partner Ryker Zayn!

Ryker: Hi Casear. Wussup?

Casear: I'm the interviewer Ryker, I ask the questions, remember!

Ryker: Oh yeah. I forgot!

Casear: Oh, how funny! So, tell us abou-


Casear: Now we get the last female career, the radiant Perdere Casey

Perdere: Hi Casear. How are you?

Casear: Thanks for asking! I am great, what about you?

Perdere: I am great, loving to be here!

Casear: So, tell us more about you-


Casear: Goodbye Perdere. No we will hear from her partner Dejohn!

Dejohn: Hey everyone!

Casear: So, tell us about your chest injury.

Dejohn: Erm... it was a mistake from Tyson, it wasn't that bad. I just bled a lot.

Casear: Okay then, so there isn't a big split between the car-


Casear: Bye Dejohn, now we will have Yune Asher, the first of the big alliance to be here.

Yune: Yep, the big alliance rocks!

Casear: Cool, now tell us about that injury on your back.

Yune: Oh, no biggy, I'm great now!

Casear: So, tell us about yo-


Casear: Now we have her district partner Xander Flint!

Xander: Hey Casear. How many tributes do you want to kill tonight?

Casear: Wait... what!?!

Xander: You wanna kill us all, huh! Stab us, blow us up?

Casear: Can we get secur-


Casear: Thank god for that. Now lets have the more... polite, Regina Rahilly!

Regina: Oh... hey Casear.

Casear: What's wrong Regina?

Regina: I... I'm bummed about the games.

Casear: Oh, that's pretty bad... so tel-


Casear: Oh, Regina's time is up! Now we have another career Leo!

Leo: Hi Casear. I am ready to kick some as-

Casear: Remember Leo, we have kids watching...

Leo: Sorry kids!

Casear: Nevermind, so tell us abo-


Casear: Now we have Mildr-

Milly: Call me Milly.

Casear: Okay, so Milly, tell us about your family.

Milly: I am not telling you about them.

Casear: Okay then...


Casear: Thank god THAT's over. Now we have D7's Liam Sly.

Liam: Hey guys!

Casear: So, are you more... talkative than Milly.

Liam: Sure am, my mum said I could talk for District 7, speaking of District 7, did you know that we are 90% forest. And in that 90% forest, only 50% is actually wood we use to export to you. And speaking of exportation, half of the lorries in our district are shut down right now.

Casear: WOAH! Can you like lea-


Casear: Talk about saved by the bell. Now we have Raven Degrasi!

Raven: Hello Ceasar! How are you? You look amazing tonight!

Casear: *blushes* Aww, thank you Raven. I'm doing better now I'm talking to you, and you look fine yourself!

Raven: Aww, stop it Casear. You're so nice and handsome. I could only hope to be as well known as you. And everyone else in here for that matter.

Casear: Your so sweet Raven. Seems like our time is up, and I think I talk for everyone here when I say. Good Luck Raven.


Casear: Now we have her district partner of District 8, Keyton Faring! How are you today Keyton?

Keyton: I'm great, here in the capitol, admiring all the ladies.

Casear: Yes, they are quite the spectacle. Were they that way back in district 8?

Keyton: Not nearly as fine as here. But there was a few pretty girls back home. *winks at camera*

Casear: *laughs* You seem to be quite the ladies ma-


Casear: Next up is Peyton Whitley from District 9!

Peyton: Can we please just be done with this?

Casear: Okay... What's they thing you miss most about home?

Peyton: Where do I begin? The open fields of grain, my family, my friends. The lack of capitol people.

Casear: So I am assuming, you don't want to be here?


Casear: Looks like Peyton's time is up! Next is Andy Pillar!

Andy: Hey Casear! Wussup?

Ceaser: Oh nothing much. Just interviewing you! *chuckles* So Andy, can you tell us what your strategy for the games is gonna be?

Andy: I'm going solo on these, no alliances.

Casear: Sounds good, what about your bloodbath pl-


Casear: Aww, that's all we have time for, good luck Andy! Next up is district 10's Sarah Backmon!

Sarah: Howdy Casear! *looks to audience* How you ya'll doing?

Casear: We are great thanks Sarah! What are your thoughts on the games?

Sarah: I'm awfully upset 'bout this whole situation. I mean, kids shootin' and hurtin' each other just 'cuz the dammned Capitol told 'em to? It ain't right.

Casear: Its not all bad is it? I mean one per-


Casear: Thank you Sarah. Now we have the first male of the Rosedains, Talon Rosedain!

Talon: Oh, hey Casear. Yep, my sister, my cousin and my other cousin all been in this games, only one came out. I will definetly be the second.

Casear: You sound confident, I suppose being in a huge alliance would help with that, so tell us more about yourself. Any... girls back home?

Talon: Nope. There is two girls in my life. Terri and Catherine Rosedain. My two baby sisters. I miss them so much and I want them to know I will get home to you. *winks to camera*

Casear: That was so sweet Ta-


Casear: And now we have Megan Adelbarr, the district 11 female! Alright, what do you miss the most about District 11?

Megan: Call me Meg. And not much... I was a bit of a loner.

Casear: Okay, well, who do you plan to ally with?

Megan: I'm in the big alliance. Which seems good.

Casear: So, any last shout o-


Casear: Sadly, that is all the time we have for Meg. Now her district partner Steven Valle. So, who do you miss back home the most?

Steven: Hey Casear, and I would have to say my family, cause I care and miss them all.

Casear: That's nice. So what do you miss about home.

Steven: Well, like I said, my family. And probably all the birds.

Casear: Do you have any last sho-


Casear: So, after Steven, we move onto our last district... 12! I now welcome Argent Carroll!

Argent: Hi...

Casear: So lets jump into questions, what do you love about the capitol?

Argent: I love... the... I hate the capitol.

Casear: WHAT!


Casear: After that shocker, I guess we finish with Palo Liathold.

Palo: Unlike my disgrace of a district partner, I love the capitol. Its so beatiful!

Casear: I must agree, so, have you planned any allies.

Palo: Well a man like me could only be in the careers, I rock!

Casear: It is kinda obvious now that you mention it.


Casear: And with that we end our interviews. The games will begin tomorrow where only one of the lovely 24 teens we have met will survive. I am Casear Flickerman, and goodnight!

The Games

I'm so excited for these, so here we go!!

Day 1!

The tributes stand in a circle around the huge, golden cornucopia. They are outdoors and there is many plants around, tributes try to think of a name for it when someone gets it. Botanical Gardens. Large, leafy plants surround the tributes in a haunting way. Several disused greenhouses are spread across the arena, glass destroyed and plants withered. The place looks all in all disgusting. To the right of the tributes is a large hedge maze, filled with who knows what dangers and plentiful bounties. To their left is a open clearing with trees in the distance. Several big flowers are scattered around there. Behind the tributes there is a large building, similar to a centre or a gift shop, that seems to be the centre of the arena. And behind the cornucopia, which is blocking the view, is a very long, winding, brick path, with many hedges hanging over it. Tributes eye where they feel would be safe. Alliances get ready.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Ladies and gentlemen, let the 107th Hunger Games BEGIN!

Talon's POV

"Sarah!" I scream as I dash from my plate. We all know our plan, get a pack each and then get out! We planned on trees, there always is. Then I see the trees down by the mist to the left of the cornucopia. People barrel around trying to get a weapon, agonised screams as tributes are knocked down by the careers, who are still forming. Everything is a blur, even little Raven could kill me right now. When suddenly a huge scream knocks me back to action. Andy stands over Sarah, ready to smash her head in with his fists, or break her neck or anything, she screams again as I grab an axe, sprinting for them both, he raises his hand, just as I bring down the axe on the crown of his head. BOOM!!

Sarah's POV

The matter from Andy's head drips over me as I scream again, I kick the body off me and sprint for my other allies. I see Raven trying to escape from Callisto. Meg and Argent are already at the meeting point. We sprint towards them as Raven breaks free. Yune and Keyton still need to meet. Suddenly, I see Yune sprint towards me, I say sprint, its more like try to jog. She has done what we said not to do. She is carrying 4 rucksacks.

"No Yune!" I scream as Callisto grabs a bow, she keeps running, hoping she can make it to safety before she fires, but when the sound of the string pings back and the silver tip explodes through her back. She knows it was futile. BOOM!!

Milly's POV

Two down, two down. Gotta do this Milly. You need to do this. I grab a backpack and sprint for where I know I will find solitude, the green houses. I duck, jump and dodge through several couples locked in battle, several alliances are finally finding their feet and each other. I duck under a whizzing knife which gets stuck in the golden horn of the cornucopia. I look back and am met with the face of Callisto Marie.

"Hello... Mildred." she says. Suddenly, the whizzing of a knife is heard again and Callisto ducks, letting it sail into my forehead. It breaks the skull and drives into my brain. My last thought is that I am a goner. As my body is flung back meters by the force. BOOM!!

Peyton's POV

I run away from Steven, I told him in training, I am not allying with him. I dodge past a few people and quickly grab a blowgun and some darts, I run round the cornucopia and grab a backpack. I see him confront me, as Palo from 12 runs for me. Desperate for a kill. Oh hell no. He ain't getting me, and I ain't letting this little boy die. I put the blowgun to my lips and blow, blow, blow. Three darts fire in rapid sucession, the first grazes his hand, the second hits his neck, and the third hits his eye. No time to react as the poison spreads round his body. I look to Steven and murmur something.

"Run!" BOOM!!

Argent's POV

"Look Talon! I don't care if your the leader, if we wait any longer, we are gonna all die!" I scream to Talon. He looks into my eyes as I stare him down. He nods in agreement as we turn. We sprint for the trees at different speeds, but all carrying something.

"Guys! Wait up!" screams Keyton from behind. Sarah turns to see him, he runs towards us, lugging a large rucksack towards us, further and futher from the bloodbath.

"Hurry Keyton!" I scream at the top of my lungs. Just as Lumen from one tackles him. We all show a sign of dissapointment as Talon tries to help. He runs for Lumen as he raises a sword, and slits Keyton's throat. Talon reaches him moments to late.

"You little." he says, then he kicks him in the groin, and grabs the backpack Keyton left. BOOM!! Sorry Keyton. You just were... too slow.

Megan's POV

The entire team moves out to the forest, to where we will be safer than where we are right now. The bloodbath seems to have dispersed and I counted 5 cannons. Feels like so much more than 5, especially since I knew their names. Yune and Keyton are gone. Maybe we aren't as strong as we thought. Suddenly, something flashes on my right, I quickly flip round to see Regina from 6. I don't hesitate to throw the knife. Wow... look how long it took me to turn into a monster. Talon has a reason to kill... for Terri and Cathy. Argent has no one. But she hasn't killed. I have no one. Yet why am I killing! The knife connects with the top of her back, and with the snap I know it was her spinal cord. BOOM!! I walk over to Regina and kneel beside her.

"You were so pretty..." I say as I move a strand of hair behind her ear and turn her over. I quickly whisper an apology and walk back to my group. Internalising my utter fear and tears that should be rolling down my cheeks. I just killed a girl. Who had nothing.

Dejohn's POV

I look at my sword and flip it over in my hand. I look to Perdere. Scowling, as usual. Artemis is pacing back and forth. Bored and annoyed. I look to Lou, who is scrubbing the blood from his hands. The blood isn't there. He's freaking out. Palo is gone. Leo remains from the recruits. Look like we should have been more strict. I look to the pair from two. The girl got a kill. The boy got a 1. He shouldn't even be here. We split up some supplies and enjoy a dinner by the campfire. More than anyone could ask for.

"This is nice..." says Perdere. Artemis and Lumen are kissing like crazy. The rest of us seem just repulsed.

Raven's POV

I dig through my pack to find a large chicken and a litre of water. I smile and quickly take a chunk of the chicken. The fat dribbles down my face. But its so good that I don't even care. We all laugh while we tell jokes. We are still around the same size as the careers, so we could take them should they attack. Which I doubt, considering we overshadowed them with kills, more or less. We pass round food to those who didn't get any in their packs. All in all we managed to get some great supplies. Talon got three backpacks, two himself and one of Keyton's. Sarah got two. I got one. Yune had three. And that didn't work. Meg got one. Argent got one. So we are pretty good. We all got a few weapons too. When Talon finally puts out the fire. We know what's coming.

"Hunt, or bed time?" he asks.

Callisto's POV

I pace back and forth.

"Are we hunting or not!"


"Oh, then what's the point of being a career!"

"Shut up Callisto!"

I sit down, defeated. I hold my head in my hands as I try to remember the day. I didn't get first blood. How is it possible that a non career got first blood. Its unheard of.

Day 1-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
24th Andy Pillar 9 Talon Rosedain 10 Axe in Head
23rd Yune Asher 5 Callisto Marie 2 Arrow in Back
22nd Mildred "Milly" Ervine 7 Sarah Backmon 10 Knife in Head
21st Palo Liathold 12 Peyton Whitley 9 Dart in Neck
20th Keyton Faring 8 Lumen "Lou" James 1 Slashed Throat
19th Regina Rahilly 6 Megan "Meg" Adlebarr 11 Knife in Back

Day 1 Overview

  • Lumen, Artemis, Callisto, Tyson, Perdere, Dejohn and Leo are mourning Palo and are celebrating that most of them survived and that they got a few kills. They have all the supplies they need to last for as long as needbe.
  • Ryker and Jone both escaped and are hiding in a greenhouse north of the cornucopia. Each got a backpack and the gifts Jone recieved are keeping them both armed, fed and watered.
  • Xander is no where to be seen, but is alive. With no supplies.
  • Liam is also no where to be seen, but is alive. Again with no supplies.
  • Raven, Talon, Sarah, Argent and Megan are still at their camp. Asleep and with many, many, many supplies that could last them for about a year.
  • Steven is still tailing Peyton against her will, not killing her or anything. She has supplies and he has none, so he is trying to get an ally.

Day 2

Jone's POV

I open the gift as it floats towards me. It has my name written in crude letters and my picture badly airbrushed onto the side. Its meant for me, so I pluck it out of the air and tear it open. The items inside fall out and begin to grow to normal size. First, a large flask of water for me and Ryker to share. Then a large bag of nuts and berries. And finally a three pack of screwdrivers. My weapon. Meant for me. I quickly take one and slide in into my belt beside my token. I take the other one and place it on the inside of my jacket. And the last one I hold in my hand. I look to Ryker and he smiles.

"Lets eat!"

Argent's POV

"Argent, you need to do this! Think straight. Clear you mind. And ready your weapon." whispers Talon. This will be my first kill, if I don't die first. I look to Leo... the back of the pack. Barely holding a spear. Doesn't expect a thing. Only Raven and I haven't killed, and she's 12. I think to what my mentor told me. Last to day 5. Last to day 5. Palo betrayed us. So its only me. I heard that Talon and Sarah had worked something out. Something to do with 9. Doesn't matter. But I need a kill. And badly.

"Go!" half whispers, half yells Sarah. I quickly slide down the slope and onto the mud path. I hold my bow taught, ready to let an arrow fly into his temple. The careers keep walking, and they haven't heard me. I look back to my group. Each is armed, ready to attack should anything go wrong. I walk silently, the soft soles of my boots muffling my approach. I get closer and put my bow over my back and my sheath over my shoulder. I draw my hammer, ready to bash a skull.

"CLANG!" Oh crap. I turn round to see my slam onto the ground and the arrows spill everywhere. Talon screams and attacks the careers, leading the rest of our alliance into the fight. There is only one that I want, and that's Leo! I grab his head from behind and knee him in the base of the back. He collapses to his knees as I twist his head in both directions. BOOM!!

Artemis' POV

Oh my god. Someone collapses, I think its Leo. The girl from 12 sprints away, screaming to flee. I knee the girl from 11 in the chest as the other girl in the alliance drags her away from me, before I can stick a knife in her chest. I lick my lips in relish as I go to attack the young one from 8. But the male from 10 drags her away. Damn it! Only one death. And it was one of us. That brings us down to 6. Both recruits dead. Great. I storm over to Leo's body and lean down, I turn his head. Yep, that neck is snapped all right. I kick him over and walk away, leading the careers away from this mess. We need to seriously get wisened and toughened up!

Sarah's POV

I sprint down the mud path with Talon just ahead of me. The wind in my hair, with friends of all shapes and sizes. This is what my life would be like back in District 10. I close my eyes for a minute and imagine I am in the fields of grass. Cows grazing, chickens clucking. Its like heaven. But all good things must end. And mine does quite adruptly as I run straight into a tree. Talon sniggers and pulls me off and I smile. We quickly go back to camp. We get some food and water and get ready for sleep. One death today. Bare minimum.

Day 2-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed by District Means of Death
18th Leo De-Martino 6 Argent Carroll 12 Snapped Neck

All tributes from District 6 are dead.

Day 2-Overview

  • Lumen is fine and has all the supplies he needs. He is hanging out with the careers and waiting for the next big action moment.
  • Artemis is fine and deeply in love with Lumen even though she thinks he does not return the feeling. She has everything she needs and is fine.
  • Tyson is fine and is a bit annoyed that the others won't give him the time of day. So he is sulking yet completly fine and fed.
  • Callisto is also fine and fed. She has no worries over the games and wishes to kill The big alliance for what they have done to the careers.
  • Ryker is still fed and watered. He isn't that rested due to not having anything to sleep on, he is also not armed due to Jone only having screwdrivers.
  • Jone is armed, fed and watered for the time being. She has enough supplies to last a while, yet she has nothing on which to get a good rest on.
  • Dejohn is bored and armed. He is also fed and watered and anticipating a kill, which he hasn't yet had. Otherwise. He is fine.
  • Perdere is also okay. She is stable with no injuries and no kills. She is fed and watered yet somewhat lonley and missing home.
  • Xander is alone in the woods somewhere and due to a sponsor is well fed and watered. He has no allies or weapons whatsoever.
  • Liam is okay and stable, he is somewhere and is looking for an alliance. He is also very close to Xander, even though he has no idea.
  • Raven is okay and stable. She has food, water and a place to rest her head. She is the only one not with a kill and the others are still protective.
  • Peyton finally gave into Steven's constant talking and following her and let him join her alliance. She is stable and fed. No water or rest though.
  • Talon is stable and okay. He has food and water and rest. He has had a kill and is currently in an okay state, not going crazy or anything.
  • Sarah is okay and stable. She has everything she needs and is okay in camp. She could do with a bit more space in the camp, but she is okay overall.
  • Steven has been chasing Peyton for two days straight and she finally let him in. He has food, water and some rest. He is not sharing his water.
  • Megan is okay and stable. She is fed, watered and rested. She is okay and has no problems with camp at the moment.
  • Argent is also okay and stable. She is a little freaked over killing someone but is now glad she has and that she is closer to home.

Day 3

Jone's POV

I walk down the path with Ryker. I always have my weapons drawn, especially since he has none. I made him go first so I can see if anything happens and I can flip round if someone comes from behind. We walk slowly with no conversation and barely eating food. Everything is quiet. Too quiet. We keep walking. Not breathing, speaking, anything. Too scared to move a muscle out of place in case someone finds us. But when the branch cracks. I know they have found us.

"Drop the weapon." shouts the leader... Talon, I hear someone call him. Rosedain, huh. They have a tendancy to not see the bigger picture. I feel my screwdriver in my belt and know I can only fight my way outta this. So lets start. I turn round slowly, hands up, and a screwdriver hidden in sleve. Ryker sees my arm out of place and knows what is about to happen. I motion for him to get behind me. And I throw the first screwdriver.

It lodges itself in the girl from 11's arm and stays there. She screams as it tears the flesh and she collapses onto the ground, trying to pull it out. A stream of blood pours from the hole in her arm as she throws the screwdriver at me.

"Get her!" screams the girl and the group begin to attack. I throw Ryker a screwdriver, leaving me with one, and one that got lost in the fight. He jabs at the girl from 12 and she collapses as it hits her shoulder. I scream in pain as the girl from 10 smacks me with a whip across the cheek. I hit the ground and turn to see the one from 8 run towards Ryker with a large knife.

"Ryker!" I scream at the top of my lungs. He goes to spin round just as the girl sinks the knife into his back. He screams with a deafening noise. It tears through the air and birds fly away from the area. His eyes widen as he realises what has just happened. He crumples to the ground as I dive to my feet. Sprinting away from the whole horrific affair. I let the tears flow as I run. BOOM!! I collapse in a ditch. Crying. I never told Ryker that I liked him. And now its too late...

Raven's POV

I... I killed someone. I look at the blood on my hands. On my clothes. I look into the dead, still eyes of the male from 3. Male from 3. I don't even know the name of the person who's life I took. He has a family. He could have had a girlfriend. And he had an ally, who may have known him. And I selfishly took away the biggest thing a person has. Life. I look at him. His eyes wide and unblinking. My knife wrenched into his lower back. Severing a main organ. Its so horrid what I have done. I am a monster. I take the knife out of his back with a squelching noise, which almost makes me loose my breakfast.

"Oh my god." says Talon. He sees my eyes and quickly comforts me. I push him away and walk off without saying a word. My alliance debate what to do, and decide to let me have some alone time. Finally.

Steven's POV

I sit with Peyton, smiling. I dig into the chicken that she made for us. Still smiling. She is a good ally, and there is several reasons that I wanted to ally with her. One. She can protect me from pretty much everything. Two. She is an awesome fighter and makes it easier for us to survive for longer. Three. She doesn't find me expendable. So yeah. She's pretty awesome. Suddenly, we start to hear noises. Crying, walking, crying. Peyton quickly extinquishes the fire and grabs the chicken from the fire.

"Climb!" she whispers. I quickly try to scale the tree as the person breaks through the bushes. Peyton gets up hers in seconds but I can't get up. I can't climb. I turn round, expecting the careers. But that is npt who I find. I find the girl from three. Crying, red eyes. Her hair matted and twisted and coated in dirt. Her clothes smudged. She looks like she has been dragged along the ground for an hour. Which in this arena, is highlyy possible. She walks towards out fire and closer to Peyton's tree. I almost speak but think better. If the girl thinks its just me, Peyton could get her from behind. She picks up an axe and looks it over, before walking back over to me.

"Head. Or crotch?" she asks. She moves the axe towards me head, then stops and puts it near my groin. That sick girl. I am so paralysed with fear that I barely move. She rears back, cocks her head to one side and smiles.

"Crotch." she swings the axe and does exactly as she promised. The throbbing in my groin is unbeliveable as she yanks the axe out from my crotch. I scream in pain and shout Peyton's name.

"Na, head will do." says Jone, over my speaking, as she raises the axe and launches it at my head. It connects with my neck and severs right through, slamming the blade into the tree. My head. Is no longer connected to my body. BOOM!!

Peyton's POV

I have no weapon. Why did I climb the tree and forget to lift a weapon? Its stupid. And its cost Steven his life. She pulls the axe out and his body and head crumple to the ground. She walks off with the axe and when she is out of range. I jump down.

"He's dead." I murmur to myself. I don't go near it. I don't want to see what happened to him. If I was just that bit smarter. If I had helped him. Instead of helping myself. He would still be alive. And we wouldn't be seperated. I think back to my last memory of him. Trying to not make this mess on the floor my enternal vision of Steven. Was it only a minute ago? We sat eating chicken and talking? It has to have been. It couldn't have been any longer. I walk to the mess that was Steven and make a promise.

"I will kill whoever did this to you."

Liam's POV

I hum and walk through the woods, trying to find an ally. I walk and walk, kicking the stones at my feet and thinking. If I don't get an ally. I will die. I have nothing. Suddenly. I hear someone make a pleasurable sound. Like they just had their thirst quenched. I walk towards the sound and see Xander.

"Alliance?" I call out. He smiles and nods. I walk over to him and sit down next to him, he hands me the soup and we watch as the faces in the sky light up.

"What should we do tommorow?" I ask. He thinks for a second.

"Take down the careers." he says. I smile.

Day 3-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
17th Ryker Zayn 3 Raven Degrasi 8 Knife in Back
16th Steven Valle 11 Jone Depaul 3 Decapitated

Day 3 Overview

  • Lumen is okay and fed, he has all the weapons, water, food and utilites he needs to survive in the arena.
  • Artemis is also okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Tyson is okay and fed. He has all the weapons, water, food and utilites he needs to survive in the arena.
  • Callisto is okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Jone is not okay and underfed. She has two weapons, an axe and a screwdriver, she has no water and little food since the attack. She has no utilities.
  • Dejohn is okay and fed. He has all the weapons, water, food and utilites he needs to survive in the arena.
  • Perdere is okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food an utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Xander is okay and underfed. He has no weapons, some water, little food, and no utitlites he needs to survive in the arena.
  • Liam is okay and underfed. He has no weapons, little water, some food and no utilites he needs to survive in the arena.
  • Raven is okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Peyton is okay and fed. She has no weapons, all the water and food, and no utilites that she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Talon is okay and fed. He has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Sarah is okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Megan is okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.
  • Argent is okay and fed. She has all the weapons, water, food and utilites she needs to survive in the arena.

Day 4

Tyson's POV

I kick over a can of dried something and it flies across the field. I sit on a rock and sigh. Its really boring here, there isn't anything to do unless your dying. Or killing. So I walk around camp, checking my sword for the thousandth time when we hear the scream.

Liam's POV

My scream rings through the air, but that will be one of the last sounds I make. The huge tiger lily plant wraps its vines round my feet and ankles, sticking me in place.

"Xander!" I scream to my ally. He has no weapons, no blade in which to cut the vines that now begin to climb up my legs. The flower roars so loud that Xander is blown backwards, a clear forcefield arises around us, locking me in with the plant. And him outside, and powerless to save me.

"Liam!" he screams, his voice doesn't penetrate the forcefield, only his mouth moving and his lips forming the words, no sound. The creepers climb up my legs to my knees, wrapping them so tight it look like my legs are part of the foilage. Its grows up over my thighs and my waist, its begins to twist me into a kinda shape, like a hedge that looks like the shape of a human. It climbs higher and higher, twisting round my chest and over my arms. It reaches my neck and the ammount of pain I am in is almost too much.

"I hate the capitol!" I scream at the top of my lungs, as the vines bore into my eyes. BOOM!!

Callisto's POV

"What the hell was that!" yells Artemis. Another one bites the dust I guess. Especially from the sound of that cannon, it seems someone has been doing a lot of kiling over the past few days. I wonder how low we are now, maybe 14, 15 tibutes? I don't know, and I really don't care. Because I am gonna be here a while, a long while. I walk round the camp, checking over weapons when Artemis says what is on all our minds.

"Should we hunt?" she asks. Hell yeah.

Peyton's POV

I walk slowly through the woods, trying to forget about Steven. Everytime I look back to say something to him, and I realise he isn't there. Its saddening. And if I find that Jone. I will rip her head from her shoulders, and leave it there to rot. Although. I haven't eaten, or drinken, or even slept, since it happened. I walk, dragging my feet, as Xander runs by me, crying and looking desperate.

"What's wrong!" I half yell/half whisper to him. The tears rolling down his cheeks say one thing. What I experienced yesterday. He has lost an ally. So now I will give him a new one.

"Alliance." we call out at the same time. I grin and he gives a sad smile.

Talon's POV

I grasp Sarah's hand as the greenhouse explodes. I try to remember what happened. Raven touched the taps. She turned the taps on, and everything exploded. The ground erupted from beneath us, Raven, Argent and Megan are somewhere in this greenhouse, on the other side of the shattered remains. Glass rains down on us and I cover our heads. I need to fix this, and I need to repair our alliance.

"Argent! Meg! Raven!" I scream. I hear no reply, but there has been no cannon, they are all still alive. Then I remember my map. I quickly take it out and look for Megan's name, or Argent's, or even Raven's. There name flashes next to mine. But that can't be right, because they can't be. So if they aren't next to me here, but are on a birdseye POV. That means they are either below me, or above me. I look up and a piece of glass almost hits my eye. They are definetley not up there. Which means.

"Help!" screams a voice. Argent's. I tell Sarah to stay where she is and I run to the abyss. I look down, trying not to get too close to the edge in case I fall. I look down to where the voice came from and see Megan, on a legde, barely enough for me to stand on, cradiling Raven in her arms. Raven is out cold, pale and bleeding heavily. Argent, is hanging by her fingertips on the edge of the ledge. There isn't enough room for all three, and Argent never caught the ledge. Megan is trying to keep her up, but we know its no use. So I look back to Sarah and smile. And then I throw myself from the platform, into the abyss.

Day 4-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
15th Liam Sly 7 Tiger Lily mutt N/A Strangled and trapped in a plant shell.

All tributes from 7 are dead


  • Lumen, Artemis, Tyson, Callisto, Dejohn and Perdere are okay, fed, watered and completley unaware of what happened to The Big Alliance. They are completley unaware of what is about to happen.
  • Jone is wandering aimlessly around the arena, she has no water or food yet she is armed. She is also running low on sleep. She is completley unaware of what is about to happen.
  • Xander and Peyton are allied and fed and watered. They have had little rest and are both mourning their allies. They are completley unaware of what is about to happen.
  • Raven, Talon, Sarah, Megan and Argent are in the exploded greenhouse, they have food and water but are unable to use it as they are all in a near death situation. Only they have a vauge idea of what is about to happen.

Day 5

Talon's POV

I leap from the safelty of being above ground into the depths of the crack. Its a good ten feet to where Megan and Raven are, so I am not risking jumping down there. Instead, I leap with my knife, and stab the knife right into the wall, I grab my other knife from my belt and stick that in the wall. What I'm doing sounds heroic, the fearless goodie. But oh no, that is not the case. See, I'm strong, but I have my limits, and hanging by two semi-dulled knives above a who-knows-deep abyss is well beyond them. I know I have to get Megan, Argent and Raven out of here. I see the blood trickle down Raven's face, from her head. I think she must have hit her head, Megan is basically holding her up and keeping Argent attached to the ledge.

"Talon, watch out!" screams Sarah as I traverse the wall. I know exactly what it is, my foothold, just dissapeared. I quickly ram the knife deeper into the wall, adreneline and time is all I have, and even that isn't as good as being properly strong. I move the knives along, trying to ignore the beading sweat at my forehead and the fact my hands are slippery. I manage to make it above Meg and Raven by about a meter. I debate whether to jump or climb down, but my decision is made for me.

The first knife falls right out of the wall with no warning, the metal dulled and rusted. And bent at a very extreme angle, falls from the wall. My hands instantly go to the other one, which is showing signs of not gonna hold on much longer. I think of Aven. Of Danica. Of Cathy. Of Terri. Of why I am doing this. The knife slides out of the wall, taking me with it. I cross my arms across my body as I fall from the wall, I turn vertically so I am upside down. I close my eyes as I freefall for a second. And my eyes fly open.

"Now!" I scream to Argent. She grabs my arm and I swing past her and crash into the wall. I scramble up and place a hand on the ledge, and another on Raven's head. I move back her hair and look at the injury. Its not serious. But could be fatal.

"Sarah! Get something we can climb!" I yell up, Sarah dissapears for a moment and I assure everyone that we are going to be okay and that we will all make it out, but Argent is cracking. She can't hold on much longer. Suddenly Sarah returns.

"Is this okay?" she gestures to a long vine and I nod. She quickly lassos it back, and lets it fly off the edge and down towards us. It unravels and I smile, knowing we can all make it. But it stops at one meter above us. One meter and we all could have gotten out. I know that we can't all get out now, one will have to help us all up, and then, we will have to fend off the careers. I look to Meg and Raven. Raven can't go alone, and we can't leave her, so I gesture for Meg to go. She stands shakily and smiles at me.

"Thank you Talon." she whispers, before leaping onto the vine and climbing up it, while holding Raven by the scruff of her neck. When they get to the top, Sarah helps them over and I smile. I know we are one step closer, but only one of us has time to climb before this entire structure that we are hanging onto collapses.

"Go Talon. Be with Sarah. I know you like her." Argent grunts out while straining to keep a hold on the structure.

"I'm not leaving you!" I yell. She shakes her head and tells me to go again, and with a tear in my eye, I leap for the vine and climb up to the top.

Argent's POV

"Where's Argent?" I hear Meg asking when Talon climb up, he gives a slight shrug and says no lightly. I hear a light sob, probably from Sarah. But little does she know, this was all deliberate. I reach for the vine and pull it closer to me. I smile and know that I am free, and I can get out now. I let go of the ledge and free swing across the chasm. My feet hit the other side. And I swing back, and kick again.

"Five kicks." I hear my mentor's voice ring in my ears. The vine begins to snap, fibers streched. I swing back and kick for the third time. Two more to go. The sounds of it begining to tear are getting scary, they can only save me if I actually get to the vantage point. I rear back and kick again. The vine gives a large snapping noise and I see I am hanging by a thread.

"Do this now!" I yell in my head. I rear back and kick, just as the vine snaps completley. I fall from the vine, falling head first due to my angle. I am not getting out. I'm going to die like everyone else. I close my eyes. And wait for the end. That never comes.

Then I realise my foot is caught in the rock that moved. I dig down into deep reserves and push. Push. Push. Until I feel my entire body on the rock. I know I need to move fast, because this door will shut in a moment. I lunge to my feet and roll forward as the rock door closes. Only a short sprint to go, and I will have to be fast. Because the gamemakers are homing in. I sprint forwards, seeing the end in sight. Emmerweiss stands in the doorway.

"Hurry Argent!" she screams. I run and run and run as metal gates fall behind me, trying to lock me in. I reach the edge and leap for my life, right into the arms of Emmerweiss. I fall to the ground and take her with me. And break into uncontrollable laughter. BOOM!! They think I am dead. But little do they know. I am on my way to paradise.

Lumen's POV

What the hell was that? A loud bang, then nothing, and now a cannon. So that brings us to 13 tributes now. I walk back and forth, waiting. Then I walk over to Artemis.

"Can I speak with you, in the woods?" I ask quietly. She gives a silent nod and we both walk slowly and quietly to where we met last night. At the edge of the woods. I smile and move her brown hair behind her ear. She doesn't smile. And it seems like her eyes are widening... what could that mean.

"Lumen!" she exclaims, just as I turn round. As Talon from 10 locks both hands on my head. He screams with rage and I can make out two words.

"For Argent!"

Then he twists left... and right. BOOM!!

Artemis' POV

Lumen's dead body falls to the ground as Talon and his allies run away. I have no weapons, so I can't take them. I just kneel next to his still, unmoving. Perfect, body. I brush the hair out of his eyes and move him onto his back. I walk away and come back with a single, white rose. I place it on his chest and move both hands across it. Tears flood my eyes as I move his head back to a straight position.

"I loved you Lumen. And now your gone." I whisper. I kiss him lightly on the cheek and close his eyes. Before walking away. I make a silent vow in my head. That I will Talon Rosedain. And if not him. The people closest to him. Especially the weaker ones....

Day 5-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
14th Argent Carroll 12 ??? ??? ???
13th Lumen James 1 Talon Rosedain 10 Snapped Neck

All tributes from 12 are dead


  • Artemis, Tyson, Callisto, Dejohn and Perdere are mourning the loss of Lumen, Artemis is off her head with anger and has been crying non stop. She vowed to kill the person who did this to Lumen, or someone close to him. Especially a weak one.
  • Jone is somewhere, alone, and underfed and watered. She has little supplies and will die if not attended to now.
  • Xander and Peyton are fed and okay, they have everything they need for a small while.
  • Raven, Sarah, Talon and Megan are okay, fed and have everything they need to last for a while in the arena.

Day 6

Jone's POV

I feel the screwdriver in my right hand. I feel the axe in my left. Easy plan. Stick a knife in the boy. Stick my axe in the girl. Couldn't be easier. I step once closer to the edge, ready to leap and pounce. I step closer to the edge of the branch as it curls downwards towards the ground. If I'm jumping, I'm jumping now. I walk one step closer and the branch curls down at an impossible angle and snaps, I fall down and land on my back, I quickly leap onto my feet and get ready to thrust my axe into Peyton and my screwdriver into Xander. When I stop.

"Huh?" I say. I almost facepalm realising that I am in an arena, and I could have just got myself killed. I walk further into the camp for signs of the pair. I see blood on the floor and a lock of gold hair attatched to a tree. Peyton was definetly in a struggle. But there was no cannon. Then I hear the sound.

"Muaaah!" screams a muffled voice. I sprint towards the sound as Xander cowers in a hole, a bee attacking him. Not just any bee, not a trackerjacker. This is a mutt.

Xander's POV

The bee rams its stinger into my face and the poison makes it swell immediatly. It then rears back and does the same to my nose. Suddenly, the air stops getting into my body. I try to stand but the bee stings my leg and renders it useless. I get it now. The poison stops that part of the body from working. Shame really. Especially as it rams its stinger into my temple. Everything blacks out. And I die. BOOM!!

Peyton's POV

Xander is dead. I did nothing to save him. I left him there, when that bee attacked. It was obviously a mutt. The way he screamed. It was like Steven... when he died. The similarites between the deaths are astounding. Both were my allies. Both screamed for me to help. Both could have been saved if I had not been such a wimp. So, now I am officially the game's worst ally. I stop in my tracks. As 5 bloodthirsty, injured and annoyed careers charge past me. I don't move a muscle. Artemis leads. Hatred in her eyes. Someone must have really hurt her. She walks right past me and doesn't bat an eyelid. So I dive into a bush.

Perdere's POV

"What was that!" snarls Artemis. I shrug and the others make sounds and gestures that they don't know. Artemis shakes her head and walks on. Since Lumen was killed yesterday, she's gone a little... insane. She's been leading us and chopping down all sorts of leaves and trees while screaming. If we were anyone else. We would have been attacked already.

Talon's POV

Ha. Serve them right, they deserved to lose someone sooner or later. We have lost three members. Leaving us with 4. Sarah, Meg, Raven and I. We know its not long until we lose the next. Especially when the careers break through the bushes. Weapons drawn. Intent in their eyes.

Day 6-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
12th Xander Flint 5 Bee Mutt N/A Stung to death

All tributes from 5 are dead.


  • Artemis, Tyson, Callisto, Dejohn and Perdere launched an attack on the The Big Alliance. No one has fallen yet and they are okay otherwise.
  • Jone is alone and has some food and water which she salvaged from Xander and Peyton's old camp. She is okay otherwise.
  • Raven, Talon, Sarah and Meg are under attack from the careers. No one has fallen and they are all okay otherwise.
  • Peyton abandoned Xander after his death and is on the run from Jone, she has food, water and a weapon.

Day 7

Talon's POV

Day 7. A week. Down to 11 tributes. Not as many after this battle though. There is no way we are getting out of this one with no fatailties, and they will be lucky if they get out unscathed. Especially if one of us do fall. While I am thought, I am also trying to fend off Dejohn and Artemis. Both bay for blood as I attack them.

"You killed Lumen!" yells Artemis as her nails rake my face, I cringe and stagger backwards as Dejohn goes in for the kill shot, Sarah appears out of no where and sends a knife into his shoulder. He groans and runs away, cutting through foilage. I look to her and smile. She smiles back, and in the borrowed time we both share, I stand and look into her eyes. And kiss her on the lips.

Her warm breath feels so good. But suddenly there is a scream that rings through the arena.

The scream of a dying tribute.

The scream of a young girl.

The scream of Raven.

Raven's POV

I look down at the knife in my stomach. I look back up into the snarling face of Artemis. The other careers, Perdere, Callisto. Flee the scene, leaving Artemis, holding a knife. And the knife in my stomach. Talon runs over and smashes her in the face with one punch, she flees the scene and leaves the knife. Talon looks at me, concerened.

"Raven." He says. He lays me down on my back as Meg and Sarah move over to see me. Tears roll down my cheeks, breathing feels forced.

"Take this Sarah." says Megan, she hands Sarah a jacket and begins to lean over me, her hair falls to my face, comforting me. Her hair dries my tears as she applies pressure to the wound.

"Its no use Meg." I murmur. She shakes her head and keep working, I shake my head violently as she stands up.

"Bye guys."

"Bye Raven"

The final tear drips from my eye.


Artemis' POV

I didn't kill who killed Lumen. I went one better. And now I feel awesome. I know the careers won't last. 5 tributes in an alliance, in the final 10. Not good. I know that I will not win these games.

But I will go one better.

I will go to Albion.

Day 7-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
11th Raven Degrasi 8 Artemis Swan 1 Stabbed in Stomach

All tributes from 8 are dead.


  • Artemis, Tyson, Callisto, Dejohn and Perdere are fed, watered and okay. They have everything they need but Artemis needs a weapon.
  • Jone is okay, and is trying to find Peyton. She has little food and water and could do with a gift.
  • Peyton is okay and is trying to escape Jone. She has little food and water and could do with a gift.
  • Talon, Sarah and Megan are okay. Megan feels like a third wheel now that Sarah and Talon are romantically interested and they are all grieving Raven.

Day 8

Talon's POV

I place my arm round Sarah's shoulder and pull her in close. She rests her head in the crook of my neck and I let her hot breath linger on my face. I wrap my arms round her and pull her close. She looks up and lightly kisses my neck. I smile and go in for a kiss.

"Seriously, could you two be any more disgusting?" interupts Meg. Sarah gives a small grunt of apology and moves away from me. I scowl at Megan, but the way she gives a cheeky smile and the wink of her eye makes it impossible to be mad. She grins and I smile a little. I look at the foilage and wait for something to happen... nothing. Oh well.

Callisto's POV

"Get off!" I half scream/half groan. Jone lunges at me and tackles me down. What the heck happened? One minute I was standing talking, the next minute I'm pinned to the ground with an elbow in my windwpipe.

"Never." she groans. She reaches for a knife and grins widely. I scream for Tyson. Nothing. I scream for Artemis. Nothing. I scream for Dejohn. Nothing. I scream for Perdere. Nothing. What great allies. I reach for my knife, and Jone stamps on my hand.

Jone's POV

I reach for my knife and pick it up, ready to plunge it into her chest. For a split second, I move my foot from her wrist, she seems like she was expecting it, she grabs her knife from her belt and slams her knife straight into my chest.

The blade breaks the skin, the muscle and then right into my ribs. Its so painful, I collapse on top of her. On top of the knife. It tears through my lung and right into my heart. I have no time to do anything. I will die. I grab my knife and I see Callisto's face drop. I plunge the knife into her forehead. She screams and goes still. BOOM!! I don't have long. I need medication. I get to my feet and fall again. I try to move but my arms don't respond. Then my legs. Then my chest. Then my brain. BOOM!!

Day 8-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
10th Callisto Marie 2 Jone Depaul 2 Stabbed in head
9th Jone Depaul 3 Callisto Marie 3 Stabbed in Chest

All tributes from 3 are dead.


  • Artemis, Tyson, Dejohn and Perdere are not mourning the loss of Callisto, as they all secretly hated her with a vengance.
  • Peyton is no longer fleeing from Jone as she is dead, she is resting up for the big fight that shw knows will be soon.
  • Talon, Sarah and Meg are enjoying their last days together in the arena, because the alliance will soon have to be disbanded.

Day 9

Talon's POV

I open my eyes and rub the sleep from them. I look around, a quick glance. Megan is curled up in a ball about a yard away from me, she looks so peaceful in sleep. And I glance to Sarah, she lies, head on my leg. Completly out cold. Then it hits me.... day 9. Today is the day I get out.

I delicatly move Sarah so she doesn't realise I've left, and when I check she hasn't woken up, I walk off into the foilage. What I am doing is so selfish... but I need to do it. My family are awaiting me. I need to join them. So I cut down plants on my way to the gift store.

Swish! Swish! My knife cuts through each piece of foilage. But a sound makes me stop. Talking. Conversing. Laughing.

The careers.

Oh god, I didn't plan on this. Now I have to sneak away from the careers. I move a small shrub to the left and see them, Artemis. Trying to sneak away. I almost giggle. She's leaving too. Great.

She hates me. I killed her boyfriend. This just got a lot harder.

I run silently in a semi circle round the woods, staying just at the edge of the trees, so I can see them, but they can't see me. I run to the edge of the gift store, just as Artemis enters the store. Now I have two options. I either go in after her and kill her. Or I go into the basement out here.


I move back and kick the door of the basement in, it splinters and chunks of wood fly everywhere. A huge hole is in the door. Okay then. Lets do this. I stick my hand through the hole and move it around, trying to find the lock.

CLICK! The door swings open and I smile. Then I walk down. BOOM!! I'm "dead" now. I sprint downstairs and reach the middle of the room, I grab the hook in the floor and dive down, right into Emmerweiss and Argent's arms.

"Y-you didn't die?" I half question/half demand. She just laughs.

Artemis' POV

A death? Wow. That means 7 tributes. 6 once I get outta here, I sprint down the stairs and find the hatch open. BOOM!! Now I'm dead as well. Or so they think. I climb down and fall into the hovercraft. I beam and begin to walk to the room they set out for me.

Then I lock eyes with him.

My eyes narrow.

"You killed Lumen." I grunt.

Sarah's POV

My eyes fly open at the cannon. Oh my god. Where is Talon? I look for him, I feel asleep with my head on his lap yesterday. He has to be alive. He has to be. I will not accept that he is dead. I look to Meg, she looks to me and a single tear rolls down her cheek.

"They killed Talon?" I splutter.

She picks up her knife and I grab my spear. Lets do this.

Perdere's POV

I wake up as well. I really overslept. Dejohn is wide eyed and unmoving.


"Artemis is dead." is his reply.

My jaw falls open and I almost collapse.

"How!?!" He shrugs as his answer. Suddenly, a primitive scream rings through the arena. I recognize this kind of scream. Its the kind of scream Artemis let out when Lumen died. Its the roar of losing a partner. I look up to see what it was. Just as Sarah screams and sticks the spear in my chest. Dejohn screams and wakes Tyson. They jump into action as Sarah and the other one flee. They leave the spear. I look to Dejohn. And then I collapse.

With one thought;

what the hell just happened.


Day 9-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
8th Talon Rosedain 10 ??? ??? ????
7th Artemis Swan 1 ??? ??? ????
6th Perdere Casey 4 Sarah Backmon 10 Spear in chest

All tributes from District 1 are dead. Congradulations to the final 5: Tyson (2), Dejohn (4), Peyton (9), Sarah (10) and Meg (11)


  • Tyson is prepared and ready to kill in the next fight. He is still with Dejohn, so he can hide if attacked.
  • Dejohn is prepared and ready to kill in the next fight. He no longer wishes to be with Tyson, because he is taking him for granted.
  • Peyton is prepared and ready to kill in the next fight. She does not wish for an ally and does not plan for one whatsoever.
  • Sarah is unprepared and not ready to kill in the next fight. She is sad about losing Talon. She can't bare life without him.
  • Megan is prepared and ready to kill in the next fight. She is annoyed at Sarah and Talon for one, being dead and two, grieving so much.

Day 10

Megan's POV

Sarah and I hold hands for a second.

"You were a great ally." she says with a sad smile. I nod.

"I'm gonna miss you." I say back. She walks away and I walk in the other direction. Sarah and I just broke the alliance. We were 7. Then we were 2. And now we are 0. The alliance doesn't exist anymore. I can't help but shed a small tear over it. Yune... Keyton... Argent... Raven... Talon... all dead. Now Sarah and I... broken it off. If I get in a fight and die. She won't help me... because we won't be allies. Same with vice versa. I keep walking, heading for the cornucopia, where the fight will take place.

Peyton's POV

Its my day. I remember the arrangements we made with the civil leader. 4 of us could get out. One of day 5. Two on day 9. And one today. I was today. This is the day when I will escape. But first, I need to find the escape hatch. In the greenhouse. I run in that direction when it hits me. What if the big alliance is there. They were hanging out there for a while before...

I walk right in, weapons drawn. No big alliance.


I walk over to the escape hatch and drop down. BOOM!! Okay, now I'm on the run. I sprint towards the light of day, where the hovercraft is. But, oh god. They've had 5 escapees over the last two games. They know how to stop me. They close a hatch as I run under it, and I see it in the distance.

Oh no.

A gate begins to close at the final hurdle. The door out. I sprint as hard as I can, and reach the door as it almost shuts. I slide and fall into the comfortable simplicty of a hovercraft. Talon helps me up as Artemis growls. Argent just sits and reads.

Thank god.

Tyson's POV

I walk towards the forest with Dejohn. Its two on two. Final 4. All four in an alliance. If the girls are smart enough, they would have abandoned each other, but I doubt they are smart enough to consider that. Anyway, we keep walking. Knowing that he should take on whoever attacks, and not me. He's stronger. Fitter. Faster. He could take them down.

Good thing too. Because when the girl leaps through the foilage and tackles someone. Its Dejohn she tackles.

Dejohn's POV

Megan pins me down on the ground as we fight for the upperhand. I glance to Tyson, he stands there, just looking at me. What. An. Ally. He doesn't run to help me at all. I look at Megan, she has a knife. Not good at all, she wrestles me down and stabs me in the stomach, I kick her again. She just stares at me, before stabbing my leg.

Sarah's POV

I hear the agonized screams of a female. One is left. Meg. She may not be my ally anymore, but I still have a duty to her. As I run I think of my life. Sarah, the carefree and kind girl of district 10. Not anymore. I'm a machine. A monster. I killed more people than I can count, and lost so much. Yune... Keyton... Argent... Raven... Talon... I lost them all. And now I have lost myself.

I grab my sword and break through the trees, the small career from 2 sprints away and I run at the one from 4 and Meg. Meg screams for help and I throw my sword at the guy from 4. It slices through his back and flies upwards, cutting through his head. BOOM!!

"Sarah." moans Meg as I walk towards her. My eyes are like stone. Unblinking. Unforgiving.

I am no longer Sarah.

I am a machine.

I am a monster.

I am a victor.

And with those thoughts, I plunge my sword into Megan's chest. BOOM!! I stare at her dead body. I did that. I caused someone pain.

It feels good.

People cane change in 10 days.

Day 10-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death
5th Peyton Whitley 9 ??? ?? ???
4th Dejohn Young 4 Sarah Backmon 10 Sword in back
3rd Megan Adlebarr 11 Sarah Backmon 10 Stabbed in chest


  • Tyson is fleeing from Sarah and is about to fight to become a victor
  • Sarah is chasing Tyson and is about to fight to become a victor

Day 11

Sarah's POV

I hold my sword in my hand. I need to get Tyson. I have to kill Tyson. I really don't care about myself now, but there is a reason for me to get out of here. Because I can get one last kill.

He sprints round the arena, meters ahead of me. He knows that we need to stop running eventually and fight. And the gamemakers know it too. Especially when they drop a large metal cage on us. Its clear, but the edges have pillars holding it up. We can't get out of here. One of us will be dead within the hour. But first. They have to make us fight. I take my sword and run for him, as a screen boots up showing the tributes.

'24th: 'Andy recieving an axe in the crown of his head from Talon

23rd: Yune getting an arrow in her back from Callisto

22nd: Milly getting a knife in her head from Sarah

I slam my sword's hilt onto the side of his shoulder, he leaps back in pain and tries to stab me again, he misses and I roundhouse kick him in the face. Lets do this. Lets do this now.

21st: Palo recieving a dart in his neck from Peyton

20th: Keyton getting his throat slit by Lumen

19th: Regina getting a knife in her spine from Megan

I remember each of these deaths, I was there for almost all of them. That was the day 1 deaths. When Talon got first blood and I got a kill to. So did Megan. I swallow, reliving the fact that I killed her. Not that I care anymore. While I'm in thought, Tyson has the upperhand, which he proves as he flykicks my jaw.

18th: Leo getting stabbed by Argent

17th: Ryker taking a knife in his back from Raven

16th: Steven being decapitated by Jone

I react quickly to the attack, I pull his leg out from underneath him and let him fall down to the ground, I run to him and stamp on his chest, he coughs blood at me and I smile. I will kill him. I will.

15th: Liam being strangled by the plant

14th: Argent falling into the crack

13th: Lumen getting his neck snapped by Talon

I remember Argent's death. It was so hard on all of us. I had no idea this was going on while Talon, Raven, Meg and I slept. Its a lot to take in. Tyson gets back on his feet and I nail him in the crotch with a good aimed kick, he stumbles backwards and throws his knife at me. I feel it graze my cheek. Oh, its on!

12th: Xander being stung to death by a bee

11th: Raven being stabbed by Artemis

10th: Callisto getting a knife in her head from Jone

I remember these ones, Raven's death was horrible, we couldn't bare it. Its what made me snap inside. The death of someone so sweet and innocent. She was just a child. She never deserved to die. Tyson runs at me with his sword and I kick the hilt of it.

9th: Jone recieving a knife from Callisto

8th: Talon falling down a trapdoor

7th: Artemis diving after him

That idiot. I loved him and that is what he did. He ran away from camp and fell down a trapdoor. What a way to go. Tyson nails me in the chest with his punch and I get winded. I duck under his next punch because I expect it and kick his knee.

6th: Perdere getting speared by Sarah

5th: Peyton falling down a crack

4th: Dejohn getting a sword in his back from Sarah

Tyson kicks me again in the knee and I jump over his kick, I nail him in the forehead with my fist and he backflips away. This fight won't last long, I just need to get in with a good shot. Or he needs to do the same to me.

3rd: Megan getting a sword in her chest from Sarah

We both stop. One face will register next. Tyson squeezes his eyes shut and drops his weapon, I approach him, sword drawn.

"Do it." He whispers.

I smile and show him my teeth.

"With pleasure." I stick the sword into his throat and watch in glee as the light fades from his eyes. BOOM!!

2nd: Tyson getting a sword in his throat from Sarah

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to the victor of the 107th Annual Hunger Games, Sarah Backmon!!

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