So guys, I was looking at the Nemisis games and I really liked the idea, so I figured I'd do something simmilar!!!!


Well, this is a new kind of game, different to my normal ones, where will choose the opponents and the 4 who get to go straight into the arena, this will be a really fun games!!! So please join!!!


So, the rules, they are the same as the years before, but for you lazy folk, here they are!!!

  • First of all, don't get angry at me if your tribute(s) die, its the Hunger Games, and it wouldn't be the hunger games if people didn't die, it would be a stange tea party in the woods with loads of weapons... and that is boring.
  • This games, simmilar to my last games, will include mature language to an extent, if anyone has a problem, please inform me in the comments!
  • Max. 3 tributes from anyone, along with 2 stylists and anything else, please make these tribute good and not just a name.
  • No swearing at other users if they kill your tribute, this is the hunger games, and its all for fun!!!
  • Make all new bits of info about a tribute as a NEW COMMENT, it annoys me flicking through pages and pages for one comment, that may or may not be of use to me
  • Please no ADS ever, its annoying and no one goes on them anyway, and I'll just kill you AGH.
  • No gifts this time around!!
  • Don't post the same your tribute again...


This is my idea and shizz so I'll come up with this stuff


These are the tribute that are in the GAMES!!!

District Name Appearance Weapon
District 1 (Luxury) Male Maroon Cutter, 15 6'1 (Blue Eyes, Black Hair) Throwing Knives
District 1 (Luxury) Female Niteo "Night" Laurelo, 17 5'9 (Black Hair, Green Eyes) Knives
District 2 (Masonry) Male Cholo Werdair, 18 5'9 (Reddish Hair, Gray Eyes) Mace
District 2 (Masonry) Female Arianna Roberts, 17 5'11 (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Knives
District 3 (Electronics) Male Axel-Ryker Zayn, 16 5'8 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Sword
District 3 (Electronics) Female Clarise Bens, 18 5'11 (Blonde/Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Knives
District 4 (Fishing) Male Skylar "Sky" Bluewave, 17 6'2 (Bronze Hair, Green Eyes) Dual Sickles
District 4 (Fishing) Female Irelia Storm, 16 5'8 (Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Trident
District 5 (Power) Male Lea-Deil Finnachi, 18 5'7 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Axe
District 5 (Power) Female Brianna Rielle, 15 4'7 (Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) Throwing Axes
District 6 (Transport) Male Cody Lynch, 16 5'11 (Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Knife
District 6 (Transport) Female Lisa Grande, 17 5'8 (Red Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword
District 7 (Lumber) Male Asper Dell, 17 6'7 (Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Axe
District 7 (Lumber) Female May Greenburg, 17 5'4 (Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) Knives
District 8 (Textiles) Male Ridge Yarn, 16 5'11 (Black Hair, Green Eyes) Axe
District 8 (Textiles) Female Avery Glenn, 16 5'8 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Knives
District 9 (Grain) Male Damien Justine, 17 5'11 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Axe
District 9 (Grain) Female Cassy Coolidge, 14 5'3 (Green Eyes, Black Hair) Knife
District 10 (Livestock) Male Leo Wyss, 13 4'4 (Dark Hair, Blue Eyes) Whip/Shovel
District 10 (Livestock) Female Danica Rosedain, 16 5'11 (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Whip
District 11 (Argriculture) Male Rico Antonion, 14 5'10 (Blonde Hair, Green Eyes) Mace
District 11 (Argriculture) Female Bethany Wakeling, 14 5'3 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Blowgun
District 12 (Coal/Mining) Male Sam Dickov, 13 4'9 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Spear
District 12 (Coal/Mining) Female Sanne Smiths, 16 5'11 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Blowgun
District 13 (Nuclear) Male Agrumentum Silverback, 15 5'6 (Red Hair, Grey Eyes) Sword
District 13 (Nuclear) Female Jade Herrera, 18 5'11 (Red Hair, Brown Eyes) Spear
Capitol Male Spencer Akan, 17 6'1 (Green Hair, Green Eyes) Slingshot
Capitol Female Esmerella Xenaris, 17 5'7 (Pink Hair, Red Eyes) Whip

Opponent Chart (1)

Challenger 1 (Lived) Challenger 2 (Died)
Brianna Rielle (5) Clarise Bens (3)
Axel-Ryker Zayn (3) Agrumentum Silverback (13)
Lisa Grande (6) Asper Dell (7)
Maroon Cutter (1) Nico Antonion (11)
Spencer Akan (C) Irelia Storm (4)
Sam Dickov (12) Lea-Diel Finnachi (5)
Avery Glenn (8) Leo Wyss (10)
Cassy Coolidge (9) Ridge Yarn (8)
Night Laurelo (1) Esmerella Xenaris (C, Also won)
May Greenburg (7) Cody Lynch (6)
Jade Seeku (13, Also died) Damien Justine (9, Also died)
Arianna Roberts (2) Cholo Werdair (2)
Bethany Wakeling (11, Had Pass) Skylar Bluewave (4, Had Pass)
Danica Rosedain (10, Had Pass) Sanne Smith (12, Had Pass)
Asper Dell (7, second round) Lea-Diel Finnachi (5, second round)

Opponent Chart (2)

Yes you read right, the next round is another opponent round, the remaining 8 will go on to the finals, in the arena! One will die each time, no both or none. Just one!

Opponent A Opponent B
Brianna Rielle Asper Dell (WINNER)
Bethany Wakeling (WINNER) Sam Dickov
Axel-Ryker Zayn Esmerella Xenaris (WINNER)
Danica Rosedain (WINNER) Lisa Grande
Night Laurelo Cassy Coolidge (WINNER)
Avery Glenn Skyler Bluewave (WINNER)
Arianna Roberts (WINNER) Sanne Smith
Spencer Akan (WINNER) Maroon Cutter (WINNER)

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed By Killed How
28th Clarise Bens 3 Brianna Rielle Nail in Forehead
27th Argumentum Silverback 13 Axel-Ryker Zayn Broken Skull
26th Rico Antonion 11 Maroon Cutter Pushed out Window
25th Irelia Storm 4 Spencer Akan Cut in Half
24th Leo Wyss 10 Avery Glenn Pushed off Building
23rd Ridge Yarn 8 Cassy Coolidge Stabbed in head
22nd Cody Lynch 6 May Greenburg Stabbed in Chest
21st Jade Hererra 13 Bomb Exploded
20th Damien Justine 9 Bomb Exploded
19th Cholo Werdair 2 Cholo Werdair Stabbed in Neck
18th Lea-Diel Finnachi 5 Asper Dell Axe in Head
17th May Greenburg 7 May Greenburg Knife in Chest
16th Brianna Rielle 5 Asper Dell Axe in Head
15th Sam Dickov 12 Bethany Wakeling Knife in Eye
14th Axel-Ryker Zayn 3 Esmerella Xenaris Knife in Heart
13th Lisa Grande 6 Danica Rosedain Knife in side
12th Night Laurelo 1 Cassy Coolidge Slit Throat
11th Avery Glenn 8 Skylar Bluewave Sword in Throat
10th Sanne Smith 12 Arianna Roberts Knife in Heart
9th Esmerella Xenaris C Asper Dell Sword in Chest
8th Danica Rosedain 10 Skylar Bluewave Snapped Neck
7th Arianna Roberts 2 Bethany Wakeling Knife in Chest
6th Skylar Bluewave 4 Asper Dell Axe in back
5th Bethany Wakeling 11 Skylar Bluewave Knife in lung
4th Spencer Akan C Nightlock Berries Poisoned
3rd Maroon Cutter 1 Asper Dell Snapped Neck
2nd Cassy Coolidge 9 Maroon Cutter Arrow in Lung

And The Winner Is

Name District User
Asper Dell District 7 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne


Maroon's POV

My sword flies right into the head of the dummy, I smile and step back, Arianna (2) smiles at me, I smile back, then Cholo (2) swings a mace at the dummy, a spiked mace that is, and knocks it backwards. We lightly applaud as he walks back, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why we are training as careers, its perfectly plausible that tommorow we will be going against one and other, anyway, we do better as a team, and most of us are confident about winning our opponent rounds, Bethany (11) walks past us nervously and Skylar (4) walks up to her, she backs away as he menacingly towers over her.

"Stop!" screams a assistant as he runs towards them, he sees Skylar (4), and then decides to tackle Bethany (11), she flies across the bench and slams into the floor with a huge crack, she doesn't get back up...

Bethany's POV

I spent the rest of training in the E.R. I don't know if that was the career's plan, to injure me so bad that I miss out on training or something, cause I don't know what I did to them, I move my arm to reach for some coffee and the pain stings really badly, I end up just sitting there doing nothing for ages, but I do get to see the training on the security camera, I just watch myself being tackled over and over. I'm going to die.

Clarise's POV

I want to join the careers badly, really badly, but after seeing what Skylar (4) did to Bethany (11) for looking at him the wrong way, I think I'll give it a while before I ask, I walk around with Axel-Ryker (3) and Brianna (5), toghther we are quite menacing and tough, almost as much as the careers, so we pretty much dominate the knife area, I throw the knives over and over and over, each hitting a bullseye, I don't care anymore, I loose myself in the throwing, each knife feels like an extention of my hand, flying straight into where I want it to.

Danica's POV

Avery (8), Leo (10) and I stand around watching the careers, were all a little on edge after Bethany (11) ended up in the E.R. it was quite nasty, her head was all, ew... So I decide to train on the survival area, because its the opponent games, no one is there, so I'm thankful for the solitude and peace. I fly through the edible plants test, and do even better on the agility course.

Opponent Announcement

Night's POV

I sit on the seat on our room, petrified as the holograph of Caesar Flickerman appears.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the opponent announcement. But first, the 4 tributes not partcicpating are..."

I cross my fingers.

"Bethany (11), Skylar (4), Danica (10) and... Sanne (12)."

Goddam it! This close, this close. I hug my knees up to my chest as the voice rings out.

"Maroon (1) and Rico (11)."

Ha, Maroon got paired with that escuse of a tribute from 11, no suprise who is gonna win there, Maroon all the way!

"Night (1) and Esmerella (C)."

This sounds interesting, me versus the Capitol witch, easy peasy. I wonder if she can even fight.

"Cholo (2) and Arianna (2)."

Oh my god, you have got to be kidding me. Cholo and Arianna (2) have to fight, that will be very interesting.

"Axel-Ryker (3) and Argumentum (13)."

Axel-Ryker (3) will win that one, no doubt, Argumentum can't fight to save his life, a skill that would be pretty valuable right now.

"Clarise (3) and Brianna (5)."

Hmm, that one seems interesting, they both seem quite powerful and strong, no clear winner there, I guess were just gonna have to wait and see.

"Skylar (4) and Bethany (11), but they aren't competing."

Oh that has gotta be good, Skylar (4) and the girl he beat up, sounds good.

"Irelia (4) and Spencer (C)."

Yeah, Irelia will win that one, no problem, all the careers now have a target, so this should be good fun

"Lea-Diel (5) and Sam (12)."

Not sure, I didn't notice either in training so I'm not sure which one will win that.

"Cody (6) and May (7)."

Again, didn't notice either of them, so I'm not sure which will win, but it should be interesting

"Lisa (6) and Asper (7)."

Now this sounds good, not sure which will win but they looked on the strong side.

"Ridge (8) and Cassie (9)."

Again, not sure how this one will turn out, at all.

"Avery (8) and Leo (10)."

Sounds good, Avery looked fierce, so this could go either way, but I think Avery will come out on top.

"Damien (9) and Jade (13).

Sounds good, I'm looking forward to this one...

"Danica (10) and Sanne (12), but they aren't competing."

Aww. I would have loved to have seen this one. Oh well, that's them over. I've got to kill Esmerella tommorrow. That I can do...

Opponent Round (Winner is in BOLD)

Brianna V Clarise

Brianna's POV

I sit in the waiting room with the other 27 tributes, each of us is shaking with fear, we know who our opponent is, but not which order we will be going in.

"Brianna Rielle. Clarise Bens." shouts the tannoy. Oh, oh god. First, I can't handle first. I shakily ris to my feet and look at Clarise, she towers over me by at least a foot, she must be what 17, 18. This is worse than I expected. I stagger over to the hallway and look at Clarise, she glares at me with a terrifying face. Oh my god. I turn away and loose whatever breakfast I managed to eat this morning onto the floor. I try to stop but it keeps coming. Finally I manage to stop myself and I look up. The sign flashes green. Enter. Oh god. I walk through the door, Clarise goes onto the one on the right. I open the door and see, nothing. Everything is pictch black. I stumble around and knock over a box of something, night vision glasses clatter to the floor. I silently put them on over my eyes, we are in a factory room, everything is deathly silent. Clarise is stumbiling around about 50 meters away from me, I could kill her now, but I have no weapon, so I use my smallness as an advantage. I hop onto a conveyer belt and tiptoe across it, stepping in empty spots, checking every box for weapons. Money, no, night vision goggles, got them, stapler, nope, nail gun, yes! I grab the nail gun and go to fire, but its not loaded, great. I jump off the conveyer belt and hit the ground sliently. I glance up, no sign of Clarise, I move left and I'm greeted by Clarise Bens' ugly face. She throws herslef at me and I backflip out the way, aiming for the conveyer belt, but I gratly overesitimated my abilites, my head slams of the conveyer belt and I scream. Everything it still black so I feel around with my hands, my fingers curl round something, a rectangle thing. I feel harder, oh god, its a nail gun clip, I grab it and shove it into my nailgun. I stand up and fire, but my head injury makes my aim off, it skims past Clarise and richocets off the wall, hitting the light switch, everything floods with life and I throw off my goggles. Clarise runs her eyes and I sprint down the convyer belt, dodging each of the boxes and protruding machines, but then something happens, the belts start moving, it throws me off balance and I feel my body slam into the belt, it moves me backwards, I desperatly scramble to my feet and grab my nail gun, I glance over my shoulder and see Clarise running up towards me, its now or never, I move my feet backwards, so I'm facing Clarise, but not getting closer to her. I hold up my nailgun and aim it at her, just as she realises what I have in my hands. I fire. The nail whistles through the air, speeding towards Clarise, she opens her mouth to scream but no words come out, the nail buries itself in her forehead, pinning her to the wall, her mouth is open, forming a comical O. I walk over to her and close her jaw. And hyserical laughter takes over...

Axel-Ryker V Argenmentum

Axel's POV

26 of us stare at the hallway, who will come out, who will have died. My money is on Clarise, my district partner is a surefire winner. We hear the door open and the other side of the room gasp. Brianna walks down the corridor, covered in blood, Clarise's blood. Oh... my... fricking... god. Clarise is dead. That means its the next round for her.

"Axel-Ryker Zayn. Argenmentum Silverback." creaks the loudspeaker. Great. Fabulous. I rise to my feet and walk through the corridor with Argenmentum, he's a snivelling freak, he's crying as we walk into the hall with the doors. The green light flashes, this is it. I open the door marked Axel-Ryker and I step into... nothing. No floor. Oh crap. My body weight get the better of me and sends me tumbiling into the abyss, but before I can contenplate what just happened, I hit a clear glass floor. Argenmentum follows my lead and walks out onto the glass, like he is on an ice rink. No weapons, just us at the moment. Then the entire world collapses, well, not quite, loads of stones and metal fall from the ceiling onto the glass, cracks begin to appear. Oh god. I run forward and grab a metal pole, Argenmentum stands there like a fool, sucking his thumb. I rear back, steady myself, and charge. The pole is outstreched as I sprint for Argenmentum and at the very last, most impossible second, he dives out of the way. My pole sticks itself in the wall, shit. I tug on it with absolute fear as the spiderweb of cracked glass appears. Oh god. I step back and trip over something, everything explodes, the glass disspears into millions of tiny shards, but more pressing to me right now is that the floor just vanished, again. I fall through the air, Argenmentum follows suit, spiraling like an out of control ferris wheel. SLAM!! We smash into the ground below, thousands of raindrops shower us, oh wait, that isn't rain, its glass! I spin over, protecting my eyes from the debris, Argumentum screams as it showers him. I look up again as the pole falls from the wall, towards me. Oh shit. I go to move but the glass digs into my back and I can't. It tumbles towards me, spinning through the air, aiming straight for my... groin. Oh god. The pole hits me vertically and it goes right through me, at the groin. I scream in utter and blinding pain. Oh god, this is my worst nightmare. I roll over and pull out the pole. Oh god. I stand shakily, trying to ignore the hole in my trousers, and stagger towards Argumentum. I raise the pole and, bring it crashing down on his skull. I collapse onto the glass with one thought. I won't stand a chance.

Lisa V Asper

Asper's POV

I sit back in my chair, the match of the 3 boy and 13 boy is taking forever, suddenly the door opens and the boy from 3 staggers out, he has a huge hole in his trousers and his... oh... OH! That is disgusting! I look away and I hear someone vomit. Oh god. That snivelling mess must have put up a fight. Suddenly, the tannoy creaks out the next names.

"Lisa Grande. Asper Dell." Ok. Its me and Lisa. I can take her, I think. I walk to the corridor entrance, Lisa is next to me, I'm too terrified to look at her as we trudge down the hall to where we have to stand. A green light flashes. That's our cue. I slam my door open and walk through into... what is this, I go to move my foot, but my shoe is stuck in some kind of green substance, I put my other foot in the room and the door slams behind me. Everything floods with light, I'm not standing in something green, its something red, and its hot! I jump out of my skin, and out of the substance, there is grey rocks everywhere, so I pull myself onto them, my foot leaves the substance and I see my bare foot, not a shoe, or a sock, or a trouser edge, just my bare foot. I look back, oh god, its lava! I spring to my feet and I begin to feel the heat in my foot. I stagger around before collapsing. My foot seems blackened! Oh god. I try to rise, but I see Lisa has a knife. I somehow manage to get to my feet and hobble away. I hear the whistiling of a knife on my right side and I dive to the left, it only clips my ear, but it draws blood and it is very painful! I turn to face the girl who I thought would be easy pray, her flaming red hair is as red as the lava. Oh god. I scramble backwards and I feel the edge of the rock, down below is a river of molten lava. I look up at Lisa. I nod my head, and she kicks me in the chin, my body is knocked back full force, my hands manage to grasp the edge of the rock, but the rest of me is hanging inches from rising lava! I look up and Lisa brings her boot down on my hand. I draw it back, but I'm only hanging by one hand. She lifts her foot, an dbrings it down on my hand. I fall for less that a millisecond, before I'm engulfed in flaming lava. I close my eyes, and let it swallow me...

Maroon V Nico

Maroon's POV

I'm not sure who would win this one, it seemed a fair match, or about anyways. So I have no clue who is gonna walk out that door, I glance over again and the door swings open and... Lisa walks out. Damn it. Now I owe Night 50 bucks. Great. I glance at the speaker and my thoughts are cut off when.

"Maroon Cutter. Nico Antonion." It croaks out. So, its me, versus the freak from 11, hardly a fair match, for him! We rise from our chairs, and its obvious that I tower over him. Anyway, we walk down the corridor, the sterile smell fills the air; where the hell are we going. We walk to the doors and the light flashes green. This is it. I kick open the door and walk in, silently and swiftly. The entire room is... an office? Yeah, an office, computers and trash cans and desks and such. Okay. Lets do this. I hit the cround and crawl slowly into a cubicule. I risk a look up, right into a glass screen. And on the other side of that screen is Leo! I dive down again and the glass rains over my head, into my hair. I roll under a desk in a frenzy andLeo climbs over the desk. I'm hidden, but I'm still exposed. His feet land on the ground, inches from my face. I grab his ankle and pull, he falls forward, slamming his head off a desk. I dive out from underneath and look at Leo, I kick him in the chest and I run backwards. But I misjudge the distance and topple over a desk, before smashing into a window. The window holds, thank god. But Leo is on his feet. I try to move, but my limbs don't react. He jumps at me, foot outstreched. It slams full on into my chest and I feel the window smash behind me, I'm off balance and I fall right out the window. My fingers manage to grasp the window ledge, the edges of the glass pane digs into my palms, blood trickles out. Leo thinks I'm dead, I'm gone. And he's won. Boy is he wrong, this isn't over! He walks over to check I'm gone, and he leans his head over. BLAM! I punch him right in the face, he recoils and I pull myself up. Blood streams from his face as I grab his head. I slam it into the window frame and then I drop him. Time to end this! I grab a computer moniter and hold it above his head, he looks at me, longing eyes, and I bring it crashing down on his head. Again, again! I grab him by the neck, he's still alive, and I hold him at the window, I kick him in the groin and he topples out of the window. Down, down, down...

Spencer V Irelia

Irelia's POV

Okay, Maroon and Leo have been gone a while, if Leo comes back I think I will die. The door swings open and out steps... Maroon. Thank god, at least one career is definetly in. Okay, who's next.

"Spencer Akan. Irelia Storm." croaks the loudspeaker. Okay. That's me and the capitol creep. Lets do this! I rise from my chair and walk across the room to the hall where the door is. Spencer is older and taller than I am, and he's been fed all his life, but I'm a career, so I can do this! We walk down teh white corridor to a door. A green light flashes, lets do this. I walk through the doorway and into a pitch black room. Suddenly, the lights flicker on, I'm in a deserted fairground. Great. I see a knife on the ground and grab it. I slowly creep along, checking round corners and such when I see a flash of green. Spencer! I dive a him and grab him round the middle, he trips and falls. I stand over him, knife at the ready, going to end this already. I kick him over. Wait, that ain't Spencer, that is a Clown! AH! CLOWNS! I turn and sprint as the clown follows me. I run and run until I reach a stand up rollercoaster line. Oh god. The real Spencer sprints at me, with a sword. I jump onto the carridge of the coaster and so does Spencer, knocking the switch into ON. Oh god. The rollercoaster starts to move and Spencer starts to fight. We aren't in the seats and we aren't strapped in, just trying to balance as we go up the incline. I thrust my knife to his left, he dodges right. He kicks at my shins, I jump over. He blocks his chest, I kick him in the face. Looks like I could win this thing, but suddenly, Spencer stops his fight, drops his sword and straps his arm to the railing of the carridge. What, what is he doing. Doesn't matter, one more kill for me! I raise my knife and walk towards him, just as I realise why he strapped himself in, this coaster has a loop. And we are about to go down it. Oh god. I drop my knife and try to strap myself in, oh god oh god! The strap won't work. I'm back on my feet and the rollercoaster starts to go down. G-Force sucks me to the back of the carridge, Spender is flying outside of the carridge but the strap is holding him close in. The strap's fibers begin to snap. I need to cut that strap. I hit the deck and grab my knife as I crawl towards him, he screams something at me, like stop or go back, but I can't hear so I crawl forwards, but its too late when I figure out what he was talking about. The peice of askew track slices down the middle of the carridge. Cutting me in two. The seperate parts of the car fly in opposite directions as my body is flung around the arena. Blood streams from my abdomen as my heart tries to keep my blood pumping. But its no use. Its over. Its over...

Lea-Diel V Sam

Lea Diel's POV

Okay, so it was the Capitol bloke versus the Career girl. She's gonna win, obviously. The door swings open and Irel- wait, oh my god! Spencer won! He walks out, bashed up and bleeding, but alive! God. Who's next.

"Lea-Diel Finnachi. Sam Dickov." creaks the tannoy. Okay, here goes. Me versus the kid from 12. I can do this! I walk over to the corridor and open the door. Sam walks down the corridor a little in front of me, the cheek! I stride in front of him and reach the doors a while beofre him, he catches up. The green light flashes, here goes. I step through the door into utter darkness, then things begin to light up, and so does the wind. I'm on the deck of a boat, Sam is down the other end, trying to get towards me. The sea below us is choppy and violent, we fall in that, we ain't getting back out. I stagger towards Sam as I try to find a weapon, a sudden gust of wind sends us both of our feet, my body hits the deck and is thrown up again, right to the edge, my fingers desperatly grasp the edge as the wind tugs on my body, Oh god. The wind picks up and suddenly, I'm not trying to stop falling down, I'm vertical, upside down! The ship is caught in a tornado, oh god! I see Sam on the other side, doing the same as I am, trying to hold on. The ship shudders violently and the wind stops, I rush to my feet, sprinting for Sam, who is still lying on the ground, when the wind picks up again, it throws me off my feet and I feel my back slam into the mast. The pain is unbearable, a huge crack shatters the air. My spine. Sam smiles, thinking he's won. But the ship splits in two, bringing us both down into the middle. Now its just a matter of who dies first. Blackness covers me, I'm not the winner. I'm not the winner.

Leo V Avery

Avery's POV

Okay, so Lea-Diel and Sam just went in, 18 V 13. Obviously Lea-Diel is gonna win! Suddenly the door swings open, and out is carried... Sam. Oh god, Sam is in intensive care and Lea-Diel is dead, that must have been nasty! The assistant gets out huge metal things and slams them off Sam's chest, a huge spark of electricity flows through his body and his eyes open.

"Avery Glenn. Leo Wyss." croaks the loadspeaker, I can't hear it, and neither can anyone else, so it groans louder, followed by an earful of static. Its me, and Leo from 10. Easy going. I climb to my feet and head for the door as Leo follows. What will await me, who will be there, what will the arena be like. I can't wait, but at the same time I'm petrified! The green light flashes and I open the door and step into... a black room. I put my hands out in front of me, staggering around, trying to find something to hold onto, or a light switch, yeah, that would be helpful! Suddenly the lights flicker on and I see where I am. On top of a unfinished skyscraper. Its all large beams and structures, nothing to hold onto, and I'm millimeters from the edge. I almost scream but I manage to stay standing as I edge down the beam, to a large sword that I can see at the edge. I step one foot after another, balancing perfectly, until the wind came along, a huge gust of wind knocks me off my feet, and off the beam, my fingers graze the beam as I try to hold on, Leo is somewhere behind me, probably trying to hold on too. I manage to get a grip and the wind dies down, so I haul myself up, just as the wind blows again, this time, I'm expecting it. So I hit the ground and don't move for a moment until it passes. I do this for a while and I reach the sword, now I can kill Leo! I line up the shot and throw, it spirals through the air and the wind blows, sending it off target. Crap! The structure shudders, its gonna fall. I sprint down the bar, as fast as I can, but it gives way, with me still on it. I have the sense to jump, but Leo doesn't, I watch as his skull smashes off the back of a wall. His fingers grate into a window ledge and he sticks. I manage to land on a sign about a story down from him. I can win this, if I can get him off. I walk cautiously over to a drain pipe and I haul myself up, the entire sign falls away. Do this Avery. Do this. My fingers curl round the pole, forming a death grip as I haul myself up. Leo's body is getting closer, I climb up and I reach the ledge, my finger dig into the ledge as the pole falls away, I can hear the ledgebegin to crack and crumble. Quickly, I haul myself up and creep over to the still body of Leo Wyss. My hands pull his fingers out of the wall, and the ledge collapses. We freefall, now its a cause of who dies first... dies first.

I awaken in a room filled with white equipment and aprons. I've done it, I beat Leo, and the Morphine pulls me under again.

Cassy V Ridge

Ridge's POV

Okay, so Avery and Leo have been gone a while, when will one of them be back, its scary. The door swings open, and Avery appears on a gurney, wires and tubes connected to her body. She's alive, and Leo must have put up a hell of a fight. I get up onto my feet and walk around for a while, the remainder of us are a bit scared.

"Cassy Coolidge. Ridge Yarn." groans the speaker. Great, just great. I look to Cassy. She doesn't look so good. I think she's thrown up or something, I walk down the corridor, ahead of Cassy, I'm gonna win this. I have to. We make it to the door and a green light flashes. Here goes. I step into a pitch black room and close my eyes. Suddenly, I can see everything. I open my eyes and its black again. I close my eyes and I can see everything clearly. Wow. The entire arena can only be seen by shutting your eyes. I walk forward and it checks out. This is weird. I look for Cassy and I can't see her, I look left and right and behind me, but I can't see her. Suddenly, a foot slams me in the face. Ow! I scream in pain and am pushed back. My feet fall from the ledge and my back slams on the otherside, so I'm lying across it, like a bridge. Cassy walks up to me and grabs something, large and circular, a pole, she rears back and runs at me. She slams it into my stomach and jumps to the other side. The pole rips through my stomach, leaving a hole all the way through. My grip begins to loosen and blood begins to spill. She runs at me again and kicks my head. My teeth go flying as I begin to cry with the pain. I lift my arms up and pull myself up. Trying to ignore the hole in my stomach. I grab an axe and she grabs a large knife. Its on. I slam it towards her chest and she dodges, thrusting the knife into my arm. Ow! I recoil and aim again. I rear back and slam for her neck. She ducks and it sails over her head. She slashes at me, catching my shoulder and chest, blood begins to pour from the cuts and I fall to my knees. She walks up to me and smiles.

"Bye bye." she mutters, and she plunges the knife into my head. Everything blacks out.

Night V Esmerella

Night's POV

Okay, its been a while since Cassy and Ridge went in... that isn't good. The door suddenly swings open and in walks Cassy. Wow. She doesn't even look injured. Ridge must have been softer than I thought. Now, there is only a few of us left.

"Niteo Laurelo. Esmerella Xenaris." croaks the speaker. The remaining tributes giggle at my real name and I stare daggers at them. No one laughs at Night Laurelo and gets away with it. I kill them all in the arena. I walk down the corridor and look at my opponent. She is my age, and has bubblegum pink hair. And firey red eyes. We reach the door and look at one and other, I flash a smile. She returns it. Green light. Lets do this. I walk into the room and I am met with a terrible smell. Ugh, that stinks! The lights flicker on and I see what the arena is. We are in a huge graveyard. Oh, that is just perfect. I walk along and grab a rake from up against a tree. I look around, no sign of Esmerella. Suddenly, something pink flashes by. I spin round and Esmerella lands her foot on my chest. Oof! I'm sent sprawling, my pathetic weapon flies from my hands and into a pond on the other side of the graveyard. I jump to my feet and kick Esmerella in the gut. She has no weapon, but we both have our fists. She grabs my hair and pulls. That little.... I kick her in the face and she falls back. I sprint across the graveyard, hoping to find something, a weapon. I see it there on as ledge, just as Esmerella sees it. I sprint for it and so does she. I kick out my leg and she falls, tangled in the bushes. I keep running when something hits my shoulder, a knife. Blood pours from the wound as I yank it out and throw it at her. She dodges and I reach the knife, a large machete. I turn round to see Esmerella, weaponless, good, I slam it into her shoulder and she collapses. One win for Night. I kneel beside her, knife at the ready. I raise my kinfe, and go to bring it crashing down, but...I-I can't. I can't. Esmerella looks at me and sees I can't kill her, she grabs the handle and kicks me down, running for me, she raises the knife and goes to bring it down. But she can't either.

"I can't kill you." says Esmerella.

"Neither can I." I reply. She helps me up and we both walk back to the door, my arm round her shoulder and hers round my waist. We reach the door and kick it open. We are both winning!

Cody V May

May's POV

I wonder who won that one. Night and Esmerella both seemed good. Suddenly the door opens and out walks, Esmerella... and Night! How did that happen? How did they both win? Oh, the gamemakers will not be happy with that! I wonder who is next, there is only 6 of us here. The pair from 2, the boys from 6 and 9, the girl from 13 and me.

"May Greenburg. Cody Lynch." croaks the speaker. Okay, Cody and I stand up. That means only 4 are left here. I walk to the corridor. Cody is in front of me, he looks a bit scared. Well, we should be. I lost my district partner, and his barely escaped. I see the door and I reach it. The light flashes. Time to kill. I kick open the door and storm in, I can't see anything, then the floodlights come on. Yep, we are in a harbour. Excellent. I look for Cody and I see him, down by the water. Okay, I grab a knife from the boat and walk towards him. Step, step. SNAP! I look down, a twig. Crap. He turns back and sees me, and the knife. He jumps to his feet and grabs a sword. He walks forward. Oh god. I pace back as he raises his sword. He brings it down and I jump back, I land akwardly and fall on my butt. He raises his sword and brings it down again. I move my legs to the splits position and the sword hits the ground. Thank god for that. I move my hand back and backflip to my feet. Cody is off guard, so I kick him in the face. His head flys back, teeth scatter and he rears back, clutching his jaw. I grab my knife and thrust it towards him, he catches my wrist and I kick him in the chest, once, twice. He falls back and I kick him on the back. He snaps my wrist back with a snap and I scream, but instead of following up the attack, he sprints down to the water by the peir. I follow him and he spins round to face me. I walk closer and raise my knife, its huge. Around half a meter, more of a machete. I ram it into his chest and he coughs blood on my face. He slips back, and tries to grab the handle of the sword, he misses and he throws his other hand up to the handle. He misses and it grates on the blade. He slips back further and further, he looks at me with hatred. And his body falls into the water. I fall to my knees, panting heavily. I just killed someone.

Damien V Jade

Jade's POV

May and Cody have been gone a while, I'm getting worried. What if none of them come back, I've already lost my district partner and possible ally. Suddenly, the door opens and out staggers a completly in shock May Greenburg. So Cody is dead, another possible ally in the grave. Only Cholo, Arianna, Damien and myself left, we know that only one of us will leave here alive.

"Damien Justine. Jade Hererra." croaks the speaker. I sigh heavily. I knew it was likely that I wouldn't survive, but the prospect comes crashing down around me as I take a shaky breath and rise to my feet. I shake and stagger over to the door and open it, Damien walks through and doesn't look at me. I don't know if I can do this. We reach the door and a green light flashes. I have to do this, for 13, for my family, for myself. I walk through the door into, a huge stadium. I see Damien on the other side of the arena and I walk towards him, grabbing a sword on my way down the steps, I make my way onto the football cout and Damien stands at the other end, a large axe in his hands. The clock ticks down in my head. I charge, Damien charges too. We both run towards each other, weapons at the ready. We get closer and closer and CLANG! I bring my sword down against his axe. He attacks me again and the axe cuts into my shoulder, the fabric tears and blood splurts out from the cut. I look up at him and he kicks me in the chest. Suddenly I hear something tick. And again. Damien notices it too. Click, click, click, click, click. BANG! Something explodes, I watch as the fire rages across the field towards us, reaching us and then I notice something I didn't before, a small bomb on the ground beside us. Everything explodes and I am catapulted into the air in hundreds of pieces, my last thought being. Either Cholo or Arianna will live.

Arianna V Cholo

Arianna's POV

How horrible is it that the Capitol has decided to pit us against each other, the only person I truly know. And for myself to live, I will have to kill him! How is that fair. I wait for either Jade or Damien to return, 5 minutes pass, 10. I'm begining to worry when the speaker turns on.

"Arianna Roberts. Cholo Werdair." Oh god. Jade and Damien are both dead. My chances of survival just doubled! Well, I think. I rise from my seat and look at Cholo. I flash a small smile, he doesn't return it, he just walks out. The cheek, oh well. I can't wait to kill him. We walk down the corridor in silence. No one is waiting for us to return, we have watched each pair leave. Only one return. Agony, to watch fellow careers die. We reach the door and the green light flashes. Lets do this. I walk in and look at Cholo. He goes down on his knees and the tears form in his eyes.

"Do it Arianna, you have to win!" he exclaims.

"No, I can't kill you!" I yell.

"Then I kill myself!" he screams, he grabs a huge machete and I watch as the fear radiates from his eyes.

"I love you Arianna Roberts." he says, then he drives the machete into his throat. No! Cholo! I run to him and grasp his hand, his eyes fade and he is gone. Just an empty shell. I stand and look at the ladder. No need to go back into that room. Now into the arena!


"Lea Diel Finnachi and Asper Dell, you will now have to fight until one of you are dead, then your mentor will have a single tribute in these games, who will win!"

Asper V Lea-Diel

Asper's POV

Okay, I remember being dead, then a lot of white hospatil rooms and then being back here. What happened? Lea-Diel doesn't look so dazed, he's already got an axe. Oh god. He swipes at me and I dive aside into a huge axe. I grab that and stand up so that we face each other, he has large cuts on his head already. How? I swipe at him and a large cut appears on my arm. Ow! I drop the axe and clutch my arm. He swings for my head and drops his axe, blood pouring from his hand. Oh! I get it now! When we attack, we get injured. That means, if I can defend for a while, he might bleed out! I clamber to my feet, but Lea-Diel is already up. He swipes at me again and the axe slams into my shoulder, he cries in pain and I watch as a huge wound opens in his chest. I pull the axe out of my shoulder with a squelch, its agony but I manage to raise it, I look at Lea-Diel and I aim the axe. He looks at me and smiles, a bloody grin spreads across his face. What is it. I slam the axe on the crown of his head and he collapses. Then I figure what he was smiling at. I look at the knife in my stomach and the darkness hits me.

Lea-Diel is dead! Asper has won, the games will start soon!!

Breaking News!!!

It has just been announced that May Greenburg of District 7 has killed herself in her room in the training centre! She has lost the compition!

Opponent Round 2

Brianna V Asper

Asper's POV

My new opponent, Brianna. Easy. We walk into the clearing and ready ourselves. She grabs a knife from the sand and I sprint towards her, with nothing but my bare hands. She waits until I'm near her, then she dives aside, I slam into a tree trunk and slip to the ground. That freaking hurt! Now I know how she won against Clarise, she outsmarted her. I will just have to outsmart the outsmarter! I grab an axe and she readies herselft. I stand my ground as she sprints at me, she is quite fast, and at the very last second, I dive to the left, she crashes into a pond and I scramble to my feet. I look at Brianna and then I slam the axe into her head.

Bethany V Sam

Bethany's POV

Asper just killed Brianna. Now its me and Sam from 12. I get onto my feet and grab a few knives as I run. I make it to the clearing and face him. He readies himself. He sprints for me, his sword ready. I sidestep his attack, but the sword grazes my ribs. It hurts like hell and blood is already dripping from my ribs. I need to do this now. I throw my first knife which grazes his shoulder, c'mon Bethany! I throw my second which grazes his stomach. My last knife. I throw it at him, it twirls like a baton, before sticking in his eye. He drops to the ground, convulsing. Sam goes still and I walk towards the rope for getting into the arena. Asper and I are alive. Who else will survive.

Axel-Ryker V Esmerella

Axel-Ryker's POV

Right, C'mon. Its just a silly Capitol girl. You can take her! I walk up, trying to ignore the throbbing in between my legs as I grab a sword, I ready myself, but she is already upon me, her knife and the ready. Somehow, she knows where my new weakspot is, as she drives the knife into my groin. I kick her in the face and she pulls out the knife, she slashes for my chest and it draws blood, I scream and Esmerella drives it into my heart. Luckily, the end comes quick.

Danica V Lisa

Danica's POV

Esmerella kicked Axel-Ryker's butt. She was always gonna win. I get to my feet as Lisa runs into the clearing. I grab a large knife and stand my ground, Lisa grabs a long sword, double handed and heavy. I may have an advantage, or a disadvantage. I can't find out until she attacks, and so she does, she swipes the sword at me, but I dodge quickly, she looses her balance and topples over, tackling me too. My head hits the ground, hard. Everything is a bit hazy, but I can still feel my knife, Lisa climbs on top of me, weapon drawn, but I stab my knife deep into her ribs. She visibly stiffens, blood pours from the wound, and her dead body topples on top of me. I throw her off. And stride towards the ladder decending from the sky. 4 dead. 4 to go.

Night V Cassy

Cassy's POV

Okay, 4 down, 4 to go. I sprint into the clearing as Night grabs her sword. I grab a long knife from a pile and when I look up, Night is already upon me, she thrusts with her sword and I roll aside, her sword delving into the ground, she tugs on it and I reach for another knife. I turn and throw the knife, it spirals through the air and hits her in the shoulder, she screams as the force sends her backwards, it goes right through and she falls over, pinned to the ground, blood trickles out, gravity keeping it in her body. I grab another knife and walk towards her, spinning it in my hands, I watch as Night struggles against the knife, and its obvious she isn't getting out of this, I kick her face and she coughs blood. I kneel down, my hair dangiling onto her face, I grab my knife... and drag it across he throat. Cassy Coolidge is in da HOUSE!

Skylar V Avery

Avery's POV

Okay, 3 left to die, Skylar and me, lets do this. I sprint into the clearing, my fingers grasp a sword handle and I throw it at Sky, my judgment is slightly off, but it still hits, just not fatally. It smacks his upper arm, vaugley, I can remember being taught in health that there is a huge arterty there, if its severed, he could die in minutes. Unfortunatley for me, it doesn't go deep enough to sever it, barely a graze. He doesn't even need recovery time, he has already thrown his knife at me, it hits my hip, and flies in up to the hilt, blood pours out, it may have hit my spleen or kidney, I need to do this, I dodge left, right, and slide under another attack, ready to stab him, but, wait. I don't have my knife. I lay there, under Skylar, with no weapon, he licks his lips, and stabs his sword into my throat. Everything goes fuzzy. It doesn't matter if it hit my spleen or kidney, cause that was a kill shot.

Arianna V Sanne

Arianna's POV

I sprint up into the clearing, a pack of knives in my hand. I see Sanne sprint towards me, no weapons, no nothing. 2 and 12. We have never got on, I throw my knives, all 3 at once, all three hit her chest. She falls to the ground, spasming. That was easy. I suppose she's never fought in her life, I walk over to her, blood streams down her face, I lean down to her.

"Sorry babe, but I'm a winner." The line that Cinia used in the 105th Hunger Games, before killing her opponent. Seems fitting. I stamp on a knife and it punctures her heart. One fight to go, bye bye

Spencer V Maroon

Maroon's POV

I need this one, or the careers will only have two tributes! I run into the clearing and grab a sword, I don't throw it yet. I could take Rico, and he beat Irelia by luck, so I will wait till his luck runs out, then strike. Spencer has other plans, he attacks me, his sword clangs off mine as I barely manage to block. I dive aside as he tries to swipe again, he raises his sword for a big attack, and I plunge the sword into his stomach, this catches him off guard, he looks at me, and kicks me in the face, he runs away, my sword still in his stomach, for some reason, he's not bleeding heavily! He runs back at me with his knife and I kick it away.

"Hold up! Both of you just go in to the arena!" screams a voice. Something plucks me into the air and Spencer gets picked up too. Okay, 9 in the arena. This is not gonna be a good bloodbath.


Maroon's POV

A thousand thoughts swim in my head. Will there be a bloodbath, surely not! With only 9 competitors, we could be futher set back than ever, the careers are still on. Night is dead, and I have to accept that. I walk down the corridor to where I see the large sign labelled Maroon. This is my room. My prep room. I walk in and a large ammount of contraptions begin to prep me for the games, my clothes are selected and placed on me. Mine is a dark crimson. Also known as Maroon. How ironic. I let the machine pull it over my head as it begins to move me towards the tube. I stand in the glass cylinder as it begins to boost me up. I wait, eyes shut, to see if there will be a bloodbath. My body is lifted high into the arena and I open my eyes. A wide plain, still on a metal stand. I look out for others, somewhere in the distance I make out Cassy (9) and Skylar (4). Wait... where are the other 6. Oh, this is NOT gonna be fun.

The Games!!!

Day 1

Cassy's POV, Mountain Range. Morning.

I look around, were still on the plates, so if we move, we get blown sky high still. I see Skylar (4) and Maroon (1) around the area. Seems like 3 of us are here, so the other 6 must be elsewhere. I look to where the cornucopia would be, and am surely dissapointed. A backpack and a knife. Awesome. The gong fires and I sprint away from the pile as Skylar and Maroon run forward to make the careers. I have to find someone to ally with, and fast. I run to where it looks like a meadow, one of the places I would be at home in! Skylar and Maroon scream stuff like scaredy cat and coward as I flee the scene. I sprint into the meadow when I hear an earsplitting scream. Bethany (11) and Asper (7) collide with me, blood staining there hands. Bethany screams and runs away as I try to shush her.

"Its okay, I'm not gonna kill you. Alliance." I say firmly. Asper nods and I look to Bethany, she nods hurridly and we quickly scale a tree. BOOM!! I look to Bethany, she shakes her head. I look to Asper who looks solemn. Whoever Asper and Bethany were paired with is likely to be dead. We have no supplies. And we are gonna need them soon.

Arianna's POV, Meadow. Afternoon.

"Come on!" screams Skylar as he desperatly tries to open a backpack. He tugs at the zip endlessly before Maroon kicks him aside. Sigh. Boys. I pull Maroon off the pack and open it in one move. I look at them, they blush a beet red.

"Well, I loosened it..." replies Skylar, red as a tomato. Yeah, fine. Whatever saves your ego. I walk into the forest a little, wondering if I can see anyone, when I see a glint of gold. Something radiating and sparkling. Something that could only be described as a cornucopia. There is a cornucopia. And I just found it. I sprint across the forest, screaming for Maroon and Skylar to follow. They treat me like a third wheel. Just c ause I'm a girl. I'll show them. I grab a knife and throw it into the pack their holding. They drop it and scream and I yell one last time.

"I found the cornucopia." They instantly take notice and barge past me, sprinting straight to the golden cornucopia, spilling over with goods of all sorts. I slowly walk to the cornucopia, leaving the boys to play with their toys.

Spencer's POV, Forest. Night.

Danica and I have been camped out here for a while now. One death today. That isn't a lot for a bloodbath, but then again, there was only 9 of us. Now down to 8. We aren't being knocked off that fast, and we don't know who died, or how. I was with Danica and Arianna. And both lived, who else was there. Maroon, Skylar... erm. Who else. Bethany, Asper. That makes 7. Who is still alive. Oh! Cassy. One of them is dead. And I don't know who. Suddenly. The careers appear below us from the tree we are in, lots of goods and weapons. How on earth did they get supplies. I am aware of the grumbiling in my tummy. I must get something. And now. I climb down the tree, Danica follows. I look at the careers, holding their rucksacks and weapons gleefully. There is only two, so I guess the other died. I walk closer to the female, Arianna. She holds a large rucksack. Danica gives a muffled scream and I ignore her, if I go back now. I'll never get anything. My hand outstreches and opens a zip, I grab the knife from the bag and spin round. To see Danica in a headlock from Skylar.

"Yeah, we all survived!" he yells. Before snapping her neck left and right. BOOM!! I look to Arianna, to Skylar, to Maroon. To the dead body of my ally. These guys can kill easily. The pictures are projected into the sky as I sprint away from the careers, they are relishing their kill, and aren't following me. I find a tree and quickly climb up it. Looking at the sky. Danica is the first, from district 10. Which leaves 2 possibilites. Either Bethany, or Esmerella died. The second picture is projected. My eyes open in fear, my jaw drops. I'm looking at the face of my district partner. Esmerella Xenaris.

Day 1-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed How Killed By
9th Esmerella Xenaris Capitol Stabbed in Chest Asper Dell
8th Danica Rosedain 10 Snapped Neck Skylar Bluewave

Day 2

Asper's POV. Forest. Morning

I watch as three parachutes sail down towards our tree. One is a light brown and has a number 9. Another is a dark charcoal colour and has a number 11 on it. The final one is a dark green hue with a large number 7 written on it. That one is for me. I pluck all three out of the air and give them to their owners, Cassy stirs and quickly grabs the parachute. I open mine, an axe and body armour fall from the parachute, they grow bigger until they are normal size. I smile and quickly put on the body armour, placing the axe in the holster. But I notice something in the parachute still. Nuts. I see the green shade to them and instantly know they are poisonous. Why would my mentor try to poison me. Cassy opens hers and is suprised to find food, water and a sword! I look to Bethany, she opens hers and a knife falls out, she smiles wickedly. More parachutes begin to fall into the arena, one a dark red with a 1 on it. Maroon. He has got one, I wonder who else has. I quickly climb down the tree and hold my axe carefully. You know what. I think the careers should be ready for an attack. But we can't go now, when everyone is waking up.

"Cassy, Bethany, we are going on a trip, bring your weapons!" I call up. I get lots of happy replies and my two allies jump down. But before we go, I remeber that there is 7 of us. 3 careers, 3 of us. Spencer has no allies and probably no food or water. I drop the nuts behind me as I walk. It would be good to get rid of another before the day is out.

Skylar's POV. Cornucopia. Afternoon.

I grab another knife from the pile and check its edge when the parachute drops down, a blue one with a 4 written on it. That's mine. I snatch it out of the air. I open it and body armour clatters to the ground, along with two sickles. The grow to their normal size and I grin at Maroon. He dips his knife in the poison he recived this morning. He is jealous of this body armour as I pull it on. I feel. Strong. I walk towards Arianna. She l

"Hey, what's wrong." She sniffles slightly and I sit next to her, on a log next to the fire. She cries a little and I place one arm round her, she moves closer and leans into my face, her breath is warm on my face.

"I miss home." she whispers in my ear. I look to her, her eyes melting my heart. I lean in closer to her, and kiss her. I kiss her and kiss her. Her warm breath shared into mine. She places a hand on my shoulder as I place one on her lower back. Maroon makes a disgusted sound and walks away. I kiss deeper as she reaches for the buttons on my shirt. I pull off her training jacket as we tumble to the ground, she kisses and kisses as she fumbles with my belt. I look down at her one last time.

"I love you Arianna Roberts."

Cassy's POV. Forest. Night.

I hold my sword in my hand. Bethany is on my right, holding her knife up high. Asper is on my left, body armour on, an axe in his hand. I stand back slightly and hold my arm out to the middle of the three of us. Asper and Bethany each place their hands on top of mine. I run through the plan in my head. We run in and each take a career, I have to take Skylar, Bethany is for Arianna and Asper is taking Maroon. Bethany is getting Arianna because she only has a knife, and she seems the weakest. We tread closer to the edge of the forest, when the air is filled with moaning sounds. I look to Asper, who giggles. Then to Bethany, she shakes her head in disgust. Suddenly, it all stops and everything goes quiet. I look out of the foilage to see Arianna and Skylar in a frenzy, trying to put on their clothes. I giggle slightly before looking back to my allies.

"Let's do this!" I scream at the top of my voice before charging into the cornucopia, armed with very little, I tackle Skylar and fight in a mad frenzy, I slam my sword into his shoulder and then his leg, he attacks with his sickles for an endless amount of time before suddenly, a cannon shakes the earth. BOOM!! A body falls to the ground, I cannot tell who died, but I am hoping its a career. The sky lights up with a single face. The face of Arianna Roberts.

Day 2-The Fallen

Place Name District Killed How Killed By
7th Arianna Roberts 2 Stabbed in Chest Bethany Wakeling

Day 3

Bethany's POV. Cornucopia. Morning

I turn away from Arianna's body to see Skylar sprint away from Cassy, towards me!

"You killed Arianna!" he grunts, he jumps half way and tackles me to the floor. I scream for help and try to fend him off, he kicks at me and slices my arm. Blood flows from every wound. I feel dazed, Cassy and Asper are fighting Maroon, not helping me! I get really angry and a surge of power flows through me, I kick Skylar, hard, and he falls off of me, I quickly stand up and get my knife, ready to plunge it into his lung. When something stops me, I look down to see the blade pass through my ankle, and my foot fall free from my leg, I collapse and Skylar gets over me again, he holds up his blade. And plunges it straight into my heart. I look to my allies. Maroon quickly runs away as Cassy and Asper turn, they see the blade in my chest and Asper sprints straight for me, his mouth open wide in a battle cry, axe raised above his head, as though in slow motion, Skylar looks up, just as Asper brings the axe down on his back. Blood flies from his back as Skylar's body collapses on top of me. This rams the knife even further into my lung. My breathing slows. My lung is punctured, I have about a minute before my entire body fails. BOOM!! I'm guessing Skylar just died, Cassy kicks him over and my two allies kneel next to me. They give their apologies for not saving me, and as my eyes fuzz over, I can almost see the two begin to reach for each other, their lips touching. BOOM!!

Spencer's POV. Mountains. Afternoon.

I sprint through the mountain range, as fast as humanly possible. The cannons last night and this morning have scared me, I see the trees in the distance and run as fast as I can, several parachutes begin to float down as I sprint, one collapses into my hands and I reach the forest. I am hungry. Really hungry. I haven't eaten since the games began, I quickly forage around and I come across ome dark purple berries. We have these in the capitol all the time, there called Lotus berries. I grab a handful and quickly shove them into my mouth, chewing rapidly. Wait a minute. These don't taste like Lotus berries. Oh my god! I try to spit them out, but a trickle of juice falls down my throat, and the world fleets before my eyes. BOOM!!

Cassy's POV. Mountains. Night.

I look at the body of Spencer, so graceful and peaceful in death. I hope it was quick, a single trickle of purple juice still trickles down his lip. I turn into Asper and he me in his arms. I cry heavily into his chest. All emotions I've held in the arena flood out of me. Its the final 3. One of us will be dead before this time tomorrow. Something that could never be true. Is so wrenchingly horrible not to have. We make our way down the mountain to where we think Maroon is camping, eating our way through all our gifts, splitting up everything equally. Except the nutes, he's allergic to them. When we finish, I grab my sheild and head down the huge hill with Asper, hoping to hear some sign of human life except for us. When we hear the slice of a blade and the sickly smell of poison. This should be great.

"Charge!" screams Asper as we sprint into his camp, he throws his knife straight for my chest, its coated in poison for an instant kill, but I deflect a would have been fatal blow with my shield. I strike with my sword and he throws another knife. Again and again. Its going to be a long night. Then, something happens I don't expect. A part of my shield gets coated in the poison and begins to melt away. I scream and drop the shield leaving my body uncovered. Maroon aims for one perfect blow to my heart when... Asper throws himself in front of me, the armour takes the blow and he is winded, but not dead. I walk towards Maroon, weapons ready. And strike him on the left cheek. He screams and throws the poison at me, it coats my sword and he screams more. Now he has no weapons, and I have a instakill sword. This could be fun. But then I see the glint of an arrow in his hand, and the slender edge of a bow, then the arrow being fired straight towards my chest. Time slows as I see Asper run at me to take the blow, instead of me. I go to block with my shield, but I remember its lying meters away, disintergrating. The arrow hits me on the right side, not my heart. My lung. The force pushes me backwards as the arrow exits my back. I hit the ground, dazed. I hear some fight sounds and some enraged screams and then a huge SNAP! BOOM!! Asper runs to me, covered in blood. I struggle to go into his arms. He hugs me tight and I begin to whisper to him.

"Asper, you've won. You can go home. Get married, get a job, have kids. Be who you were meant to be." I look up to him and smile as the anthem plays. I kiss and kiss and kiss as the life flows out of me, breathing gets harder as we continue to kiss. The first face lights up in the sky. District 1. Maroon Cutter. Then Skylar, District 4. Then Bethany, my ally. Finally Spencer. I close my eyes. Darkness closes over me and I hear my name being called... over and over. The ringing in my ears finally cease. And I am in peace. BOOM!!

3 years on from the Games

Asper's POV. District 7, Victor's Village.

I cradle my newborn twin daughters in my arms while my son plays with building blocks on the floor. I look to Jenniferm my wife. And she smiles back. I'm 20 now. My wife and I were married aged 18. One year after the games. She smiles again and puts her hair behind her ear. I place my daughters in their cots and walk over to her, I embrace her and she embraces me. She knows the hardships of the games and getting out of them. She was the great niece of Johanna Mason. And it killed her great aunt when she got out. Always hallucinating. Everything. I have taken 5 lifes. And it is my duty to give 5 lifes back to the world. I have already given back three. My two year old son. Maroon. My twin daughters. Bethany and Cassy. I smile as I remember Cassy, so young and beautiful. Her black hair covering her radiant eyes. I think of how I let her down everyday. But now. My daughter. Cassy Dell. Has been brought into the world, she has green eyes too, my daughter. And small curls of black. She looks like Cassy a lot. Jennifer calls me over with an urgency in her voice. I quickly run over to her as she gives me the news.

"I'm pregnant..."


Who is gonna win! Who has the upper hand?

<poll> Who is gonna win Asper Dell Cassy Coolidge Maroon Cutter </poll>

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