Hello everyone, welcome back to The Hurt/Heal Games! The second season is still running in it's final five. This is the third season, which I have sign ups already taken and maybe more if there is demand for it... there is also brand new twists that shall be revealed at every bench mark.



  • In each comment, you may hurt one person. This will take their health down by ONE point.
  • In each comment, you may heal one person. This will boost their health up by ONE point.
  • Each member of the game starts off with 20 points, then it can either go UP or DOWN.
  • You may only post once every HOUR. Breaking this once will result in a day's SUSPENSION. Doing so twice will result in a week's SUPSENSION or if a user competing, complete DISQUALIFICATION.
  • Wikia contributors are BANNED from competing as Hurters/Healers without specifying who they are or what user they are. ALL VOTES NOT TO THIS RULE ARE DISREGUARDED.
  • EVERYONE may vote.


  • All rules above STILL APPLY.
  • If any user in the games is killed by a user who is NOT IN THE GAMES, shall decide their killer.
  • Districts are NON-EXISTANT in these games, just tributes that naturally lead and kill others, and tributes that don't kill, are weak, timid etc.
  • One who is not in the games may choose to send any user IN THE GAMES any sponsor item of their choosing WITHIN REASON.
  • Each benchmark/day will commence after somewhere between TWO AND SIX people die. If it's going nowhere and no one has died for many days (In real life), I shall write a day in which nothing terrible happens.
  • ONE MAY NOT send themselves advice.


  • One may only heal WITHIN their alliance.
  • One may only hurt OUTSIDE their alliance.
  • If one is not participating, they may hurt ANYONE.
  • If someone is injured IN GAME, it will effect their points, something minor like a fall could be as little as two points, but if stabbed in the chest, as much as 30. IT WILL NOT KILL THEM HOWEVER.


  • You may hurt TWO people in your comment.
  • You may not HEAL ANYONE in your comment.
  • Each person shall be BOOSTED to 200.



  • PurpleZombie (Callam) - 200
  • Everderp (Alice) - 200



Placing Username Nickname Killed by Day of Death
20th Nightcore/Ranger1434 Dave/Ranger HKTLovesGlimmer/Hunter Day1;Bloodbath
19th HKTLovesGlimmer Hunter TBWTPT/Ryan Day1;Bloodbath
18th Manner me456 Manner TBWTPT/Ryan Day1;Bloodbath
17th Ninja~Toast Will Lily!/Lily Day1;Bloodbath
16th ~Ilovepeeta~ Leslie TBWTPT/Ryan Day 2
15th EpicnezzEmily Emily Lily!/Lily Day 2;Battle
14th Nommyzombies Cass 66mc/Mia Day 2;Battle
13th TBWTPT Ryan 66mc/Mia, PurpleZombie/Callam, AxedFox/Bella and XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX/Emma Day 3;Brawl
12th Iluvgale Annie 66mc/Mia, PurpleZombie/Callam, AxedFox/Bella, XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX/Emma and Wesolini/Wesley Day 3;Brawl
11th Katelyn.danita Katelyn 66mc/Mia, PurpleZombie/Callam, AxedFox/Bella, XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX/Emma and Wesolini/Wesley Day 3;Brawl
10th Hybrid Shadow Kekai 66mc/Mia, PurpleZombie/Callam, AxedFox/Bella, XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX/Emma and Wesolini/Wesley Day 3;Brawl
9th Lily! Lily TheMysteriousGeek/TMG Day 3;Brawl
8th XxX Midget In A Bikini XxX Emma Everderp/Alice Day 3;Brawl
7th TheMysteriousGeek TMG Wesolini/Wesley Day 3;Brawl
6th Wesolini Wes The Hungarian Games/Zack Day 3;Brawl
5th The Hungarian Games Zack The Hungarian Games/Zack Day 3;Brawl
4th 66mc Mia PurpleZombie/Callam
3rd AxedFox Fox PurpleZombie/Callam


Day 1:

The twenty tributes surround the centre of the arena in a perfect circle. Instead of the normal, glistening, golden cornucopia marking the centre, there is a banquet table. But not just an ordinary banquet table, this is a Hunger Games banquet table. Yes, there is food, but more than just that. The table's spilling over with glistening knives and glittering arrows. Cashmere bowstrings attached to ivory bows, packs of brutally sharp knives and a few razor edged axes lie around.

Food is cascaded around the banquet table, and three packs sit resting on the king's table, accompanied by the largest, most jaw dropping sword of the lot. A mix of gold, silver, bronze and platinum metals make up the shining blade.

The banquet table is situated in the centre of the main deck, of a cruise ship. There is a loud static tannoy, counting down the numbers from two hundred. It's at one-hundred-and-seventy-four by the time Ryan begins to get his bearings.

"It's a ship!" he calls out. The tributes glance at him, knowing he's being both stupid and obvious.

"We knew that!" yells back a voice, from the other side. It's feminine and quite high pitched, genuinely annoying. But at the same time, it's obviously male. It's the voice of Dave.

Hunter looks to his left, examining the map on the wall. He looks closer and reads the exact details, finding out that this cruise has twenty scheduled stops, and nine floors, including a basement. He glances back to the middle, spotting a weapon which suits him perfectly. He can't stop a plan from formulating in his head.

Meanwhile, Lily is staring inquisitively to her right, which is right off the ship. She sees what looks like the reminants of a wrecked mall. It seems to ring a bell slightly, perhaps an old games she watched? It's probably nothing. But Lily doesn't know what Hunter does. Perhaps this is one of the stops?

Mia looks timid and afraid. Manner just stares blankly at the middle.

No one knows what's above them. No one knows what's below them.

No one knows what's about to come.


The plates electromagentic field goes down and every tribute is free to step off their plate. Manner is still in his daze and doesn't move. He remembers how his friend last year, Kiki, had come to close to winning against that girl Anna. But Kiki had thrown it all away by killing herself in second place. Anna won that year, she was mentoring everyone this year.

Wesley runs off his plate immediately and sprints straight for Ryan. Ryan has no weapons, and neither does Wesley. Both are armed with fists, but neither wish to kill the other. Wesley barks a single word to Ryan,

"Alliance." Ryan nods slightly, running towards the banquet.

The two dodge and duck between tables, lighting fixtures and astray treasures to find what they need. Ryan desperately tries to dodge another table as Wesley easily vaults over it, but fails. A pearly white scalpel blade grazes Ryan's stomach, and he trips over the table, grabbing the scalpel by the handle.

He just found his weapon.

Wesley however, isn't doing as good, and is now locked in a battle with Leslie. She has a sapphire encrusted blade that probably is about six inches long, but Wesley has no weapon.

She strikes his arm and blood begins to flow. Ryan stumbles over to the fight as Wesley punches her in the stomach.

"Damn you!" screams Ryan as he jumps and kicks Leslie in the temple. She collapses, not dead, but certainly not okay.

The pair sprint across the banquet, once again sliding and vaulting over tables. Ryan is just about to leave when something glittering catches his eye.

The backpacks.

"Go Wesley, go!" he screams at Wesley as he runs for the packs. Time seems to slow with him running. His eyes constantly alert to everything happening around him. Except for behind him.

Dave runs straight for Ryan, weidling an axe. She gets behind him, following his pace. He's unaware of his presence. Exactly where he wants him.

Except Hunter saw this too.

Ryan dashed to the King Banquet Table, as Dave leaped. Axe in air, he brought it crashing down on Ryan's head. Or at least, he would have.

That is if Hunter hadn't stabbed his four inch blade deep into his neck.

The blood of Dave's neck shoots onto Ryan's back, and as Hunter drags the knife along quickly, Dave's body goes flying across the deck and slumps near the barrier. His eyes fade as his chest rises and falls unstoppably. 

"Bitch." screams Hunter.

Ryan hears the word, and spins round, to see Hunter weilding a bloody knife. He doesn't think that Hunter may have just saved him. He doesn't think that Hunter would have wanted to be allies.

He just saw the knife and panicked.

Hunter only realized what was about to happen a second too late. Just a second. But in that second, Ryan's scalpel had ripped through his chest and punctured his lung. Ryan pulled it out as Hunter fell to his knees. Still panicked and working on adrenaline and instinct, Ryan plunged the scalpel into Hunter's head.

Brain matter and skull blew everywhere as it tore through his head and came out through this chin.

Ryan pulled it out and stepped back. He closed his eyes for a second, before turning around, grabbing the backpack, and running off to find Wesley.

Fox and Mia are at the table, picking over some stuff. Neither is attacking the other, but that's because neither has the weapons to do so safely and secure their survival. Mia's eyes lock on a three pack of glittering, ruby encrusted, stainless silver knives. She takes a second away from the heat of the bloodbath to admire it. 

"C'mon Mia!" screams Fox as three more people join the bloodbath banquet. Fox grabs a small, dainty, silver knife and sprints over to the starboard side of the ship, near where Kekai is.

"Don't kill me!" screams Kekai. Mia walks up to him and gives him a soothing voice of reassurance.

"We aren't going to kill you..." says Mia, "Right Fox?" 

Fox gives a nod. Kekai smiles and runs off with the two girls, but not before ripping the map off the wall, knowing now exactly where to go. Mia finds some rigging at the side and some rope, and leaps off it. She shimmies down to the below deck. 

Now, normally Mia would be frightened by the prospect that she could fall and drown in the water, but her adrenaline kicks in and she smashes a porthole with her foot. Glass blasts inwards as she gingerly pushes herself through, getting a single cut on her lower back.

"Come on down!" she yells up to Kekai and Fox. Mia sees the strands of Fox's hair as she also climbs down the rope.

Fox slides in, without any cuts, Mia had taken the majority of the cuts. Kekai also finally slid down as the trio began to observe their room.

TMG is also at the table now, with Annie and Alice. Annie runs through the banquet, sliding under a table and erupting out to see Manner run straight past her.

"Fuck!" she screams as Manner punches her on the nose. Her nose erupts a constant stream of sickly, sweet blood. Running down her lips and off her chin slowly.

Ryan hears her cry, and stops running with Wes, just enough to turn round and see Manner about to plunge his sword deep into Annie's body.

Ryan feels remorse for his former friend. Annie was his friend. Manner was his friend. He didn't want to do this, but it was the Hunger Games. He had to. He had to...

And so he did. 

The blade of his scalpel twisted and turned in the air as it sped deftly towards his two former friends. For a split second, Ryan thought the blade might hit Annie.

He turned and ran away with Wesley to a place downstairs, leaving the whole fiasco to Annie and Manner.

The scalpel had in fact hit Annie, but not in the way anyone would think. The blade had twirled in such a way, that it killed Manner and barey grazed Annie.

Annie looked up at her attacker, just as the blade sped between them. It clipped his groin, and Manner's manhood became detached from his body. He yelled out a sickening scream as Annie watched. The scalpel boomeranged and cut straight through Manner's neck.

Annie screamed.

TMG and Alice heard her. A thousand emotions swirled in their chests as they knew their ally may be dead already, but she wasn't. They didn't know that.

No one knew that.

Lily, Callam and Katelyn were the next to the table. Each grabs a single weapon. Katelyn, a long, slender spear of dazzling metals. A wooden spear head home to the stainless steel blade. A great weapon. 

Lily, a shining knife with emerald and topaz gems encrusted in the handle and base of the blade.

Callam, a brutish axe. Easily capable of slapping into the crown of someone's head and breaking their skull. A worthy choice.

The trio runs off towards the Port side, having little to no encounters. Out of the corner of her eye, Katelyn can see Emma run away by herself with little food, perhaps some bread, and out of the other she can see Will running towards her.

"Shit!" she screams as Will's axe clips her arm. It falls dead to her side, not severed, but definetly not in a good condition. She lets out a glass shattering, ear bleeding, high pitched scream that makes Will clutch his ears in pain.

Lily, with her topaz knife, sees this happen meters away from her, and is left with no choice other than to throw it. If she wants Katelyn to survive. Lily deliberates for a second. Get away safely but leave Katelyn... risk life, but save Katelyn.

She throws the knife and it connects with Will. His chest. It hits him right above his collar bone and the flesh is thrown everywhere. The force of the knife actually sent Will off his feet, and in his last moments of life as Lily stood over him, he only had one thought:


Day 2:

Ryan was feeling bad. Not only for the fact that he had ditched Wes halfway through the night and ended up with Emma and Annie. Not for just the reason that he was seasick and needed to puke. Not for the fact that his backpack had hardly anything in it.

He had killed two people. Poor Hunter... only did he realize after the clip in the sky last night that Hunter had infact killed Ranger, and wasn't trying to kill Ryan. 

He had murdered an innocent boy! That boy had a family. He had a home, siblings, parents. Friends? He had stolen all of that from him because of a snap decision - a snap wrong decision - he reminded himself. That's not even mentioning the other boy he killed. Manner, his name was.

At least that one was justified... Annie would have died if Ryan hadn't thrown that knife. After killing Manner to save her... Ryan can't help but feel attatched to her. He feels like she needs him for her survival, and he's more than happy to oblige.

Emma, however, had stumbled across the pair last night. After convicining them she was no threat or harm, Annie and Ryan let her join. But yet Ryan still can't shake the feeling that Emma isn't letting on everything... whether that's good or bad, he can't tell.

Suddenly, there is a loud banging at the window. Annie rushes to her feet, brandashing the knife she had borrowed from Ryan's backpack. After a few more bangs, she realized it was a parachute. She quickly opened the porthole, which resulted in sheets of rain smacking her in the face.

She quickly pulled the parachutes inside and closed the porthole, giving the parachute's to their respective owners. Emma opened hers to see a long knife inside, she pulled it out and gently weighed it in her hands... she grinned evilly.

Annie opened hers to see a sickle. She didn't know what to do with it really, she had never used it back home... but she liked the sharp edge. She swung it once, and smashed a lamp in the cabin's room. Ryan's eyes widened as he knew it was early, and such a noise would be easily heard.

"Annie you dumb fuck!" screamed Ryan. He realized that he had just made even more noise than Annie had, and almost mentally kicked himself.

"Damnit..." whispered Emma, who was crouched by the door. Emma could hear something outside, but was way too scared to check it. Annie glanced at her, then Ryan. Ryan gave a sharp nod.

Emma moved her head closer to the keyhole, and brought her eye to it....

And found herself staring dead into the eye of Leslie.

"Oh my fucking god!" screamed Emma, throwing herself backwards as the door opened. Leslie stormed in, kicking the door down.

"Leslie!" screamed Annie, half shocked-half terrified. Leslie drew her knife and quickly stabbed Emma in the knee with it.

"Oh fuck no!" screamed Ryan, throwing his knife. It clipped Leslie's eye and ricocheted off the wall, tearing through Emma's shoulder.

"Ryan! What the fuck?!" she screamed. Annie twirled her sickle, but not being used to it, she only managed to get a glancing blow at Leslie. Ryan however, had just picked the knife up off the floor, and using all of his might and adrenaline, threw it once again at Leslie.

She slumped over, a knife embedded deep between her eyes.

Ryan sighed.

I've killed three people in less than 36 hours...

Lily and her alliance of Katelyn and Callam were slowly trekking around the ship. Someone had to be here somewhere, right? I mean... it's not THAT big a ship. There has to be someone around here... right? Lily pushed a stand of hair out of her eye, and placed it behind her ear.

"Attention tributes! Attention! The boat will dock in FIFTEEN MINUTES."

The voice starled Callam and Katelyn. Lily however grinned sadistically. She already had a kill... now when everyone was leaving, she would have an excellent opportunity to get another. Easy pickings. One of the weaklings.

She knew that one of the twists is that everyone is in alliances, three in each. She knew that Ryan, the person with the most kills so far, was with Annie and someone else (she wasn't sure of the third), and that Fox, Mia and Kekai had escaped yesterday. The others she wasn't sure of.

That's when she saw it.

"Stop!" she commanded her allies, letting a clumsy Callam come to a short halt.

"What the fuck Lily?!" screamed Callam, waving his arms around maniacally.

"Shut the fuck up, will you? And don't MOVE." shouted Lily back, halting her ally and making him reconsider his actions. He was going to give another shout, but she was the leader and if he did, she may kill him. Not a good idea.

So he did shut up.

Lily kneeled down. Katelyn still hadn't said a word, but that was okay, because Lily knew that Katelyn was the kind of person who shut the fuck up when she needed to. Lily rested her head on the deck, and saw the wire in a glint of sunlight.

A tripwire.

"Trap! Ambush!" screamed Lily as Callam and Katelyn leaped into battle stations. Katelyn saw the three emerging from all corners. Cass, Zack and Wes.

"Fuck!" screamed Katelyn as Zack threw his axe at her. She dodged, letting it swing past her and Callam. Burying itself into a wall a few meters away.

"Shit!" screamed Cass at Zack, as Zack began to retreat. Yeah, like he would ever be successful in that? Katelyn roundhouse kicked him, leaving him with a broken jaw.

"Please... don't..." he said, expasperated.

Oh, and then Alliance 5 appeared.

What had started off as a hunt had just got a hell of a lot worse.

"Goddamnit!" screamed Alice, running in to battle the others. It was obvious that Lily, Callam and Katelyn were not TMG, Emily and Alice's targets, so they didn't attack each other. They all just went for Zack, Wes and Cass.

"You will not leave here alive!" yelled Katelyn at Wes. Another slash, a body fell to the ground. BOOM!! No one knew who it was, no one cared at the present moment either, because they were all fearful for themselves.

Suddenly, there was a large explosion in the middle of the deck as sun loungers and tables were catapulted backwards. All the tributes in the vicinity were thrown like ragdolls too. Zack, who was already nearing death, was thrown straight off the boat. Only managing to grasp onto the railing with a single hand.

Cass was lifted from where she was and chucked across the deck, straight into the area of her killer.

Cass brought up her bleeding chin, looking out at the battle. She could see a dead body, definitely female, be thrown off the boat. She saw Wes grab Zack and haul him off. The other five remained. Cass wasn't going down without a fight. So she went to stand up.

When a foot cracked down on the base of her back.

"Shit!" screamed Cass, spinning round to see Mia kick her in the skull. Cass' vision blurred and lost some light as her eyes began to dim. She shakingly rose to her feet, to see Mia raise a blowgun.

"Make it fast..." whispered Cass. And with that, Mia took her life.


"The boat has docked! Welcome to the Arena of the 106th Annual Hunger Games!"

Ryan and Annie ducked their head out of their hiding spot of the cabin they were in. A single water droplet landed on the bloody floor as Emma trudged out of the door, barging past them.

"Come on. Everyone's off the boat now anyway." she said, not caring for quiet or stealth. Annie shrugged and looked at Ryan with rolling eyes.

"She's probably right. Let's just go watch her get eaten by a fucking dinosaur." Annie muttered, rolling her eyes again. Ryan gave a low chuckle and he drew his weapon and began to follow his crazy ally. Annie brought up the rear, walking onto the deserted deck.

"Wow... Emma was right." said Ryan in amazement.

"You don't say?" said Annie, giving him elevator eyes. He huffed out and walked after Emma. Quickly jogging to the gangway, sliding down it quickly into the new arena.

The 106th Annual Hunger Games arena. 

It rang a bell. Ryan remembers watching it, a while back actually, he was only about nine. He does remember a few details... including a basement, acid and some kind of elevator.

Only when he pushed open the glass door entrance did it fully hit him.

The mall.

It was back.

Annie yelped. Emma winced.

The holes in the floor were still open. The rotting corpses of that year's tributes strewn across the main floor. Flies buzzing around them like fresh pieces of crap. The smell was horrendous. Ryan had to pull his jumper up over his nose in order to cope with the smell.

Annie's eyes watered as they ventured forward, finding one of the holes. This one had a word written on it, in blood.


Zack closed his eyes in pain as he slowly slid through the postage stamp of a hole. He'd broken his jaw earlier, and had nothing to heal it with. Wesley was all he had left. If Wes died... Zack was screwed.

They saw on the wall, written in vivacious red tones, the words Kala & Addison. He had no idea who they are, or rather, were, but still. He was determined to win this thing. And if he did die, he wasn't going down without a fight. To him, losing wasn't a valid option.

They both stumbled through the sandy maze.

Endlessly and wearily.

It took them hours to find the wall Kala climbed.

Day 3:

So much had happened since the sun had set last night. Ryan, Annie and Emma had all safely passed Petra's trial, but with severe head aches and none of them wanting any water for a long time. Not to mention a newfound fear of elevators.

Callam, Lily and Katelyn had taken on Olympia and Liir's challenge, surviving with few scrapes, bruises and cuts. As well as Katelyn having a knife buried in her knee. Callam was doing his best to treat her for it.

Not that it was working paticularly well.

TMG and Alice had taken on Aven and Rachel's trial, only surviving due to TMG's logic skills, as otherwise both would have plummeted to their deaths.

Kekai, Mia and Fox had taken on Katri's spider, beating it senseless with ease. Instead of the single casualty that occured last time the spider was disturbed.

And of course, Wesley and Zack had taken on the perilous task of the dusty maze. Everyone survived their trials. Something not even the gamemakers could plan. And as the remaining 13 moved through the door into the final chamber, the head gamemaker's voice rang out.

"Dear Tributes, this is your head gamemaker. Some of the older tributes may remember these games as one of the most dramatic ever seen, with the victor dying moments after she was crowned. Now, each of you shall fight again in their honor.

TMG, you are representing Aven.

Wesley, you are representing Addison.

Ryan, you are representing Liir.

Callam, you are representing Mert.

Alice, you are representing Sparkle.

Annie, you are representing Petra.

Emma, you are representing Emmerweiss.

Mia, you are representing Kala.

Fox, you are representing Katri.

Lily, you are representing Rachel.

Katelyn, you are representing Olympia.

Kekai, you are representing Pillani.

Zack, you are representing no one. You shall lead this task."

The remaining tributes trecked through the chamber. On the spiky ball was the remains of Sparkle, her blood still encrusted in it's wooden structure. The stank reminder of who died here was almost enough to make Kekai crack. Zack led them forward, until the wall went up in front of him. And the other went up behind the last person.

"Shit." murmured Mia, quickly grabbing Fox's hand. 

Fox squeezed it as the remaining 11 began to realize that there would be escape for now.

"Dear Tributes, you walked right into the trap! None of you may leave until seven of you are dead. If one of you does not die within each hour, you shall all die."

Emma swore aloud.

"Well... here goes nothing..." said Fox, grabbing Kekai and Mia's arms, pulling them backwards so that they were in a corner. She drew her spear from her side and waited.

"Charge!" she shouted. Mia and Fox ran straight at the crowd, and the brawl began. Brother turned on brother, ally on ally.

The first to fall was a male. Callam had driven his knife into the said male's back. Fox's spear punctured the said person's stomach as Mia's knife found their neck. Emma also managed to get her sword in there too. The brawl stopped for a second to see who had just died.

There on the ground, drowning in his own blood, was the strongest tribute of the games.



Of course, this sent the remainder of people over the edge. Two teams were quickly formed, as Emma grabbed Wesley and pulled him in. 

"Get them!" ordered Mia as they sprinted forward. Blades slashed left, right and center. A female fell, followed by another female. Lily cried out in pain as TMG began to cut her down. A male fell next as a knife pressed into Lily's back.


Only eight of the thirteen remained.

Just a few more... just a few more...

Alice launched forward, her knife driving through Emma's throat, sending her falling, knife in throat. Callam grabbed Alice's hand and pulled her towards him. He looked down at her bloodstained face, and gave her a light kiss on the cheek, before TMG sprinted right for them.

"Fuck no!" shouted Wesley, slamming his axe right through TMG's neck. Her decapitated head fell to the ground, severed from her body.


Only six now. The six looked at each other. Mia and Fox, terrified at their three kills, hunched in one corner. Callam and Alice standing towards the left, his arms holding her longinly, Wesley and Zack remained.

Wesley growled as he picked his weakest target.


He walked towards the two girls, and Callam and Alice remained planted. Fox squealed as Wesley got closer.

"You shall not take another life." groaned Zack through his broken jaw, before raising his axe and swinging it down with such force that it passed clean through Wesley's shoulder, cutting down through his body and erupting out of his side, leaving him almost severed in two.

But he misjudged the effect his jaw had on him, he couldn't control it's pressure, as it came out of Wesley's side, it swung up towards Zack, breaking his arm in the process. The axe flew out of his hand and boomeranged round. Zack screamed as loud as his jaw would let him, as the blade connected with his skull.


Alice, Callam, Mia and Fox looked down at the bloodstained tiles. The mingled scent of eight people's blood becoming too much for them to bare as Mia erupted into tears.

Day 4:

Out of the four remaining, Mia knew she was the weakest link. It was only a matter of time before things got brutal. Fox and Mia remained in the corner. Alice was almost as worried as Mia was. She knew that she couldn't win. Mia knew she couldn't win. Fox and Callam however, were radiating confidence.

Mia was the first to venture over. Fox quickly flanking her.

"We need to end this." said Mia. Fox glanced at her, and came to her decision.

"Kill us. Both." muttered Fox, as Callam got to his feet. First Callam moved over to Mia, and gave her an embrace.

"I really don't want to do this." Callam murmured in Mia's ear, as her jaw trembled. Callam's eyes watered as he stood back and looked up and down the small, innocent girl. A single glassy orb rolled down his cheek as he raised his knife.

Mia burst into tears as Callam swung his knife. He didn't want the girl to be in any pain. He couldn't do that to her... but he needed to. It connected with her neck, and her head, frozen in an image of fear, fell from her shoulders. Her limp body following.

Callam sunk to his knees and sobbed.

"Come on Callam..." said Alice in a shaky, yet obviously reassuring voice, "she wanted it. There's nothing you can do now..." 

Callam got back up, and moved onto the next girl. Fox. Tears upon tears rolled down her tanned cheeks, her hair a mess and her eyes full of pain.

"Make it quick." she muttered, her heart almost splitting in two from seeing her best friend being murdered beside her. Her chin quivered as more tears fell from her eyes.

"I'm so sorry..." muttered Callam, as he lifted his bloody knife, coated in the blood of another innocent girl, and brough it down on Fox's shoulder. She let out an agonized, caterwauling scream as she sunk to her knees. She bit her lip so hard it drew blood, she glanced sideways at the body of Mia, and her heart split.

"I'm sorry Fox." said Callam, as he pulled out the knife, and plunged it into the innocent girl's heart.

Alice broke down in tears, Callam barely able to contain himself.

Then, one thought crossed the duos mind at the exact moment.

Two remain. Only one can win.

But Alice couldn't kill Callam... could she?

And Callam couldn't kill Alice... could he?

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