The Swan Song.

Don't know what it is, why don't I explain it for you. See, a Swan Song is basically a metaphor, but those paticular words are used because when a Swan begins to sing, it means that it is about to die. Swans are beautiful creatures, and therefore it is ironically so that their species is used for such a thing.

However, I shall not be killing a Swan any time soon. Because I am using a Swan Song in a metaphorical sense. Swan Songs are sad, yet happy. A Swan Song is . . .

A person's final public performance or professional activity before retirement.

Fitting, don't you think?

Before you ask, because I know you're thinking:

No. I am not back. This is merely a vist, accompanied by my Swan Song. So I can finally leave here in peace. I shall be taking no requests to make a further games, and do not ask me to write reapings, chariots or training because I refuse to do so until the games have commenced.

Then, I will make my decision on whether to leave or whether to try for another games. Not formally though.

Also, if you have no clue who I am, please ask one of the older users or feel free to check my blog history.



For once; I am not asking for much. I do not want a massive template of backstories and appearances and personalities as long as the earth, because a) that takes up too much space, and b) I don't want it. If you wish to include it, go ahead.

Just don't expect me to use it.

You may have three tributes each. Feel free to link them from THGRP, if anyone still goes there. (It's been a while). Doesn't need to be new, you guys know the score.






Vague Personality:

Appearance (Do NOT supply a lunaii):





Tribute Table:

Tributes District User
Tribute Male Tribute Female Drew (Gamemaker)
RESERVED Ester Bardley One Jason/Josh
Kankri Makara Kiara Viper Two Bella
RESERVED Talwynn "Wynn" Miussen Three Kekai/Josh
RESERVED Santana Dawson-Tishler Four Jason/Emma
RESERVED Camellia Winchester Seven Ryan/Beetee
Velour Coudre Una Devilla Eight Ryan
Xavier Doron RESERVED Nine Wesley/Anna
Russel Ferribe Ava Nile Ten Beetee/Lily
RESERVED Mimosa Kosc Twelve Bella/Will

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