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  • DsHowe24

    Chapter 1

    Fresh Sea-Air.

    It blows through mine and the girl next to me’s hair as we sit at the edge of a pier. I turn to her and take in her full features: Beautiful dark hair; eyes that are ocean blue one day, and then sea green the next; and just a splash of freckles on her perfect face.

    Her name is Silena Woods, and she is the love of my life.

    “Derrick,” she says as she turns to me, “Are you nervous about the Reaping tomorrow?”

    “Of course I am, I would never want to be away from you.” I answer her immediately. To be honest, I hadn’t really thought much about it. The Reaping in District 4 is never much of a surprise, the oldest children in the district either get chosen, or the volunteer to take the place of the younger tributes whose names w…

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  • DsHowe24

    Hey everyone! I am going to create a Hunger Games scenario, and i need you to create tributes! If you would like to participate in my little Games, then please create a tribute using the following template:




    District (top 3 choices):

    Weapon of choice:



    Reaped or Volunteered?:

    Likely to ally?:

    Obviously not everyone is going to get to have their tribute chosen, but if this goes well, then I could choose your tribute for a futue Hunger Games scenario. I will need a total of 24 tributes, 2 from each district, so please select three choices from the district that you would like your tribute to be from, just in case I don't have enough to fill each district.

    Please comment with your tribute, and make it as detailed …

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