Hey everyone! I am going to create a Hunger Games scenario, and i need you to create tributes! If you would like to participate in my little Games, then please create a tribute using the following template:




District (top 3 choices):

Weapon of choice:



Reaped or Volunteered?:

Likely to ally?:

Obviously not everyone is going to get to have their tribute chosen, but if this goes well, then I could choose your tribute for a futue Hunger Games scenario. I will need a total of 24 tributes, 2 from each district, so please select three choices from the district that you would like your tribute to be from, just in case I don't have enough to fill each district.

Please comment with your tribute, and make it as detailed as possible, it makes it easier for me! Thanks. Also, I will take a max of 4 tributes from each user!



Cornucopia is in the middle of a grassy field. To one side of the cornucopia is a forest, and the other side there is a very rocky terrain.

Mutts Present: Tracker Jackers, Pink Birds, Unnamed "The Beast" Mutt. Also there could be dangerous terrain *hint hint*



District Name Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Alliance
1 M Justis Crown 17 Spear and Sword Strong, Smart, Convincing A bit slow, Backstabber Careers
1 F Astoria Lovelace 17 Sword, Throwing Knives, Bow Climbing, Fast, Determined Attached to Family, not prepared for Games Careers
2 M Cobalt Nickle 18 Sword, Spear, Axe, Mace Strong, Fast, Swimming, Climbing, Etc. Trick hip, Slightly off Emotionally, has to be the leader Careers
2 F Metallix Gleam 16 Bow and Blowgun Accurate, Detailed, Climbing, Fast, Agile, Intelligent Not very strong, hates physical combat, has slight problems with killing None

3 M

Microw Veritas III 16 Making things and Building Traps Smart, Strong, Swimming Doesn't interact well, afraid of killing directly Magique Priest
3 F Camalee Davis 15 Blowgun, Wire Cleverness, Determined, Plant ID, Aware of risks Not quick, Small None
4 M Derrick Keating 18 Trident and Harpoons Fast, Good Hand-to-Hand Combat Gets Distracted Easily, Very attached to Family Careers
4 F Amber Stone 18 Spear and Dual Swords Spear Throwing, Agility, Hiding Mutts, Plants with Thorns Careers
5 M Sextus Aldjoy 17 Club, Darts Fast, Strong, Swimming, Mines, Chemicals Nightmares, paranoia, schizophrenia, D5
5 F Ceritia Arrows 15 Axe Strong, Fast, Survival Skills Laughs when she lies, Not a good swimmer D5
6 M Lucah Mason 16 Sword, Knife Close Combat, Fast, Social No Endurance, Can't climb or swim, Can't identify plants D6
6 F Thight Thalia 13 Whatever she can get her hands on  Fast, Smart Weak, Can't Swim D6
7 M  Cruz Polceck 13 Spear, Dagger, Sword Survival, Swimming, Fast, Hiding, Snares, Climbing Rebel, Ousted by society, wanted None
7 F Lilac Fosser 15 Axe Brave, Smart, Fast Being away from her parents, Hiding Outer Distict Girls
8 M Knives Janko 17 Hooksword Gets Angry and Insane Slow, Drowzy, Not good at support None
8 F Santana Pierce 14 Throwing Knives Fast, Strong Can't Swim Outer District Girls
9 M Magique Priest 16 Swords Climbing, Strong Slow, Can't Swim Microw Veritas 3 
9 F Saffra Elphinstone 16 Throwing Knives Charm, Fast, Climbing, Swimming Hopeless Romantic Wants to ally with Careers
10 M Halycon Theradras 15 Khopesh and Net Close range fighting, Strong Not very fast, Makes rash decisions, get flushed easily, can't climb trees Careers
10 F Ethel-Seymone "ES" Townsley 16

Daggers, Small axes, Bow

Camoflauge, Hiding, Good Fighter, Cunning, Persuasive, Smart Can't Climb, Can't make traps, Sensitive to Cold None
11 M Commotion Prevail 15 Pitchfork, Ropes Climbing, Jumping Can't Swim, Weak None
11 F Rose Berry 13 Slingshot Swift, Agile, Smart, Fast, Good Hearing, Very Outdoor savvy Weak, Can't Defend herself, Afraid of other tributes and loud sound, Outer District Girls
12 M Clay Barines 12 Spear Smart, Strong, knows poisonous things Slow, Climbing Careers because he is strong
12 F Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star, Shurikens Very Accurate and Fast. Good Tree Climber Weak, Prefers not to fight and kill None

Alright, all of the tributes have been filled! I will try to have up Day One sometime today, so stay tuned!


All the tributes are standing on their panels around the cornucopia. It is in the middle of a field, bursting with goodies: weapons, food, survival needs. Everyone wants to go for it, but they also know that to go in could mean certain death. The countdown is now down to 10 seconds as the anticipation of the Hunger Games grows.


The Tributes prepare for the horn, some looking to run towards the Horn of Plenty, others to the safety of the woods.

3…2…1… BOOM

The horn sounds as every tribute takes off. The first to the cornucopia are Halycon(10) and Astoria(1). They start digging through supplies as a couple of the other careers, Cobalt(2) and Derrick(4) join in the pickings. Halycon finds what he is looking for, a strange sword known as a Khopesh. He immediately turns and beheads Sextus(5) who was looking for some supplies of his own.

Santana(8) has already grabbed her supplies and thrown a knife into Magique’s(9) neck before the Careers even had a chance to fight her. Magique only has time to pull the knife out and look at it before the blood pours from his severed neck. Magique’s ally, Microw(3) sees him die, and tears after Santana, ready to avenge Magique, but she easily places a throwing knife into his heart. Santana almost makes it to the woods before a spear thrown by Clay(12) pierces her back, killing her instantly.

The rest of the careers have arrived at the cornucopia, along with Metallix(2), who grabs a bow and shoots an arrow into Cobalt’s(2) foot. She doesn’t want to kill her District partner, but she also doesn’t want to be pursued as she sprints into the rocks.

Camalee(3) has reached the cornucopia and is picking up a beautiful blowgun and water purifying drops when Derrick(4) stabs her in the back with his trident.

The bloodbath is still in progess when Lucah(6) makes his move for some supplies. He sneaks around a battle between Astoria(1) and Cruz(7), who are sword on sword. He just makes it to a weapon rack lined with swords and spears when he hears a scream from his right. He turns to see ES(10) trapped in a net by her District 10 partner Halycon. Halycon only smiles as he impales her stomach with his khopesh. Lucah grabs a sword and a backpack, and turns to find his own District partner Thight in intense combat with Cruz(7). At Cruz’s feet lies the body of Astoria, with a deep gash across her chest. Lucah can only watch as Cruz cuts off Thight’s leg, and then beheads her with one slice. Lucah lets out a war cry and runs toward Cruz, but before he can get there, a throwing knife materializes out of his neck and that is the last thing he sees.

Saffra(9) watches the District 6 boy’s body hit the ground before she turns back to find some more of those knives. She plans on attempting to join the Careers after they are done dealing with a crazed Cruz(7), who has just cut open Halycon’s(10) neck. Before the Careers can get a hand on him, he grabs his backpacks and heads for the woods.

The bloodbath seems to be over, with the rest of the tributes immediately heading for the woods, or they snagged some of the outer supplies and then printed off. Saffra(9) approaches Justis(1), who is leaning over Astoria’s(1) body. She places her hand on his shoulder, and before Saffra can ask if she can join the Careers, he turns and thrusts his spear straight through her. She collapses to the ground and stares at the blood-covered spear until she slips into darkness.


Eleven shots fire signaling the end of the bloodbath. The Careers back away from the cornucopia so the bodies may be retrieved. They will go hunting in the morning, giving Cobalt’s(2) foot time to heal from the arrow wound.

The rest of the day is quiet, with the bloodbath being enough to satisfy the Capitol’s bloodlust. The remaining tributes look to the sky to see the faces of those killed today:

Astoria from 1

Microw from 3

Camalee from 3

Sextus from 5

Lucah from 6

Thight from 6

Santana from 8

Magique from 9

Saffra from 9

Halycon from 10

ES from 10


The Careers: Justis(1), Cobalt(2), Derrick(4), Amber(4), and Clay(12) are camped by the cornucopia, with all the supplies and weapons they could need. Cobalt’s foot is wrapped up and has medicine on it.

Metallix(2) has a bow and arrows and is sitting comfortably in a cave in the rocky part of the arena with a fresh pool outside, and several bags of dried fruit.

Ceritia(5) is also in the rocky terrain, with no supplies. She is hoping that her district will pull through for her and get her some supplies. She has survival skills so she should be okay… for now.

Cruz(7) is asleep under a tree with two backpacks full of survival supplies and has a sword. Melanoi(12) is in a tree near him, but hasn’t noticed him yet. She has no supplies, but hopes to get a sponsor’s help, or head back to the cornucopia to find a weapon.

Lilac(7) and Rose(11) are hiding in a tree on the edge of the field, not far from the cornucopia. Lilac wants to go in and try for supplies once the Careers leave, but Rose thinks they should stay and wait them out. They have no supplies, but Rose is keeping them well fed with her knowledge of the forest and is the process of making a slingshot so she can kill animals for meat.

Knives(8) is also hiding in the woods, but a bit deeper in than everybody else. He was able to grab a sword before he ran for the woods. He is angry that it isn’t a hooksword, but it will have to do. He needs supplies and is wandering closer and closer to Cruz(7) but is getting tired and he falls fast asleep.

Commotion(11) somehow made it to the back of the cornucopia, and is waiting for his chance to sprint out of there with some supplies.


It is early morning and the arena is bustling with activity. The Careers are preparing to go hunting, and Lilac(7) is watching from a bush on the outer edge of the cornucopia field. Rose(11) is above her in a tree, warning her not to go. But they will need weapons and other food if they are to survive long enough if one of them is going to possibly win these Games.

Knives(8) wakes up to cold steel against his throat. Above him is Cruz(7) holding a knife. Knives knows that this must be the end, and closes his eye to the inevitable. But the steel is removed from his neck, and Cruz tosses a small loaf of bread and a note that says “Ally with the boy from 7”, it must be from his mentor. He looks at Cruz and he holds up a similar loaf with a note also on it. Cruz helps up Knives, and the newly-formed alliance makes its way deeper into the woods. Little do they know, that a dark shadow is following them every step from above. Melanoi(12) is just waiting to make her move on the two boys.

Lilac(7) watches as the 4 Careers make their way into the woods about a hundred yards away from her. She knows that this will be risky, but she has to get her hands on a weapon. Rose(11) above her is warning her that this is a bad idea. But Lilac knows that it is the only idea. Lilac sneaks out of her bush, then takes off at a dead sprint towards the cornucopia. She is able to start digging through the Careers’ supplies until a spear head bursts out of her chest. BOOM.

Commotion(11) watches silently from inside the cornucopia as Amber(4) pulls her spear out of Lilac’s body. He knew that the Careers had left one behind, and that is why he had decided to postpone his escape from the Horn of Plenty. He decided that since the Careers hadn’t noticed any food gone yet, that another day of vulturing their supplies wouldn’t hurt.

Rose(11) lets out a small yelp as she watches her ally’s body get carried away by the hovercraft. Now that she is alone, how can she possibly win these Games? She has just started to cry when she hears the beeping. Two parachutes make their way down and land on the branch directly above her. She opens one and sees that it is a serving of bread and cheese. The other is a sack filled with what appears to be marbles. As she opens the sack, one of the marbles falls to the ground below her and causes a small, noiseless explosion. She now realizes that these marbles are meant for her slingshot and are potentially a very dangerous weapon. Her sponsors/mentor have given her a way to kill tributes.

The Careers return from the hunt, having found no one in the small stretch of woods that they searched. They get the update from Amber(4) and all look to the sky as the anthem plays and the face of the one tribute killed that day is shown:

Lilac from 7


The Careers are still sitting in their camp comfortably, knowing that their chances of winning are getting closer and closer, now that there are only 12 tributes left. They will most likely try to hunt again tomorrow, but this time in the rocks on the other side of their camp.

Metallix(2) is sitting in her cave and eating her food, seeing no need to leave except to get water from the pool nearby.

Ceritia(5) has received a small hand-axe from her sponsors, and has also found a fresh pool in the rocky terrain. She is unsure about the pool however, and is staying hidden on the outer ring. She has a feeling that this area is already occupied…

Cruz(7) and Knives(8) are walking through the woods, trying to find other tributes nearby.

Commotion(11) is still in the cornucopia.

Rose(11) is now a bit deeper in the woods, contemplating how she will ever possibly kill another human being, though she knows that she must if she is to win.

Melanoi (12) has received a handful of shurikens from her sponsors, and is following Cruz and Knives, waiting for the perfect moment to make her strike.

Only one death today, the Capitol is surprisingly content with Day Two of the Games, since many things have happened: new weapons, new alliances, and the anticipation of what is to come.


The tributes all awake at once to the thunderous voice of Claudius Templesmith, which is being projected throughout the arena:

Good morning tributes! First I would like to congratulate all of you for making it past the first two days, that is an incredible feat. Second, the Gamemakers have decided that yesterday was a bit slow for their tastes, so to add to the fun, certain types of muttations have been released into the arena. Happy Hunger Games, and May the Odds be EVER in Your Favor!”

And just like that he is done speaking. The Careers aren’t worried, they’ve trained for the Games their entire lives, and muttations are nothing new to the world of the Hunger Games. However, Rose(11) is very worried about the recent additions to the Games, and wonders what sort of things that she will be up against.

Cruz(7) and Knives(8) have also become worried about these new additions, because not an hour into the day, they came across some very bright pink birds. Knives thought that they could kill and eat them easily, I mean, how harmless could a pink bird be? That was when the birds swarmed the two boys. Pecking and clawing at them, trying to tear the flesh off of their bones. The boys went right back at the birds with their swords, slicing and stabbing. And to the Gamemakers chagrin, were able to kill all the birds. Both boys were covered with scratches and cuts, but there were only a couple majoy injuries: Cruz suffered a nasty cut above his right eye, which made seeing out of that eye difficult because of all the blood, and Knives got a bird beak through his side. He got lucky that it only went through flesh and fat, or else he probably would’ve been dead. The boys just look at each other in bewilderment. What sort of people get entertainment from this stuff?

Melanoi(12) just smiles from a nearby tree. She knows that now that the boys are injured, they will be much easier to kill. She notices a bird that was thought previously dead start making its way towards the two boys. They were walking away and without a well placed Shuriken through the bird’s neck, it would have killed one or the other. There was no way that Melanoi was going to let some mutt have her kill. Lucky for her, shurikens are silent, so the boys moved on none the wiser.

The Careers have started to make their way over to the rocky area of the arena, leaving no one behind to guard the supplies. They figure that everyone is so spread out by now that they will be back by the time that anyone gets close. Commotion(11) from the back of the cornucopia hears this, and he knows that this is his chance to escape, and with supplies too. He waits until he is sure that the Careers are gone, then grabs a spear and a backpack and heads out of the cornucopia. Except, he can’t seem to remember which way they went. Did they go to the woods? Or did they go to the rocks? He is torn between the two decisions and is silently debating which way to go. But he is wasting time and finally decides. He hikes up his pack and heads for the safety of the surrounding terrain.

Commotion(11) is slowly making his way over the unsteady rocky ground as he climbs farther and farther away from the cornucopia. He slowly makes his way into a ravine, thinking this would be a safe place for camp. As he makes his way around a corner, he runs straight into the Career pack.

Justis(1) and Derrick(4) are leading the pack when they run into the boy from District 11. The look on his face is pure terror. He tries to run and Derrick grabs him by the backpack and throws him across the ravine. Clay(12), Amber(4), and Cobalt(2) stand and watch as the two bigger Careers go at the younger tribute. Surprisingly, Commotion isn’t going down easily. As Derrick tries knock him down with his trident, Commotion stabs his spear into Derrick’s leg. Amber and Clay sprint to his side. As the Career howls in pain, Justis delivers a left hook straight across the jaw of Commotion. Commotion is seeing stars now, and blindly raises his spear to defend himself. With one swipe, Justis slices off both of Commotion’s hands. Blood pours out of the fresh wounds.

Metallix(2) stands at the top of the ravine, bow at the ready, but watching as Justis continues the torture of the boy from 11. Before Metallix thinks that she can’t watch anymore, Justis ends the suffering with a spear through Commotion’s mouth. BOOM. Metallix decides that anyone who could be this evil needs to meet their end as well. She is about to release the arrow when she hears the roar.

A giant mutt is making its way towards the tributes. Body of a gorilla, head of a bear, and about three times as big. Each of its fingers ends in a long curved claw. The Careers also hear the roar, and are immediately trying to get Derrick off of the ground and moving. Derrick tells them to leave him, it’s too late. They hand him his trident, and he patiently waits to meet the mutt. As the Careers take off towards the cornucopia, Metallix is also sprinting back to her cave, hoping the mutt isn’t following her.

The Careers have just reached the cornucopia when they hear the cannon, and they know that Derrick is no more. There is also another roar from The Beast, but it is much farther away, and the Careers will not be seeing that mutt anymore during these Games.

Cobalt(2) and Justis(1) are arguing over who should be the leader of the Career pack. Cobalt says that its Justis’s fault that Derrick is dead, and if it was him leading, then they would be already down to the final 5. Clay(12) is agreeing with Cobalt, and Amber is siding with Justis. Eventually, the decision is made. The Careers will split the final supplies, burn the excess, and go their separate ways. Clay and Justis had promised to stay together until the end, but now they must part. They have decided that even if they meet, they will not kill each other unless it is to win the Games.

The tributes all look to the sky to see the faces of those who died that day:

Derrick from 4

Commotion from 11


Justis(1) and Amber(4) are sleeping under a tree in the woods, not too far away from Cruz(7), Knives(8) and Melanoi(12), who are also sleeping in the woods.

Cobalt(2) and Clay(12) are sleeping in a small rocky alcove with their supplies.

Metallix(2) is in her cave, bow at the ready, watching the cave entrance, expecting the mutt to come back at any time.

Ceritia(5) is standing on top of the ravine, watching the smoke from the burning supplies and wondering what had happened that day. She has decided that she will go hunting herself in the morning.

Rose(11) has received a gallon of water from her mentor, and is still in the trees, but not too far away from the other tributes. Since she has the water, it prevents her from having to come out and find it herself. She can stay hidden.

Death Chart

Place Name District Death User
24 Sextus Aldjoy 5 Beheaded by Halycon Brynn1999
23 Magique Priest 9 Knife to neck by Santana YoungGuy5
22 Microw Veritas 3 3 Knife to heart by Santana Junior II
21 Santana Pierce 8 Speared by Clay Hoopsgirl29
20 Camalee Davis 3 Stabbed with Trident by Derrick District3forever
19 ES Townsley 10 Stabbed with Khopesh by Halycon Happy Meadows
18 Astoria Lovelace 1 Cut down by Cruz AxedFox
17 Thight Thalia 6 Beheaded by Cruz YoungGuy5
16 Lucah Mason 6 Knife to neck by Saffra Ladysi
15 Halycon Theradras 10 Throat slit by Cruz The Boy with the Pikachu Tattoo
14 Saffra Elphinstone 9 Speared by Justis Brynn1999
13 Lilac Fosser 7 Speared by Amber District7erz
12 Commotion Prevail 11 Killed by Justis YoungGuy5
11 Derrick Keating 4 Ripped apart by Mutt DsHowe24


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