Welcome To The First Ever Magic Games!

This is a new idea of me, and that is that all the tributes can cast magic spells!

Now I´ll explain : You users can choose three spells from a list of basic spells for your tribute to learn. They will ba able to cast these spells from their hands, and may use them for either causing harm, crafting illusion or even summon undead!

But don´t worry, weapons are still in these games, the magic spells isn´t going to replace classic weapons, but spells will just spice these games up a bit!

Tributes can also learn other spells from spell tomes hidden all over the arena. The most advanced and powerful spells that you can´t pick from the start can only be found in specific areas with lots of deadly traps, while other basic spells may be found randomly around.

But there is a catch; your tribute can´t just stock up on as many spells as possible. No, a tribute can only have three spells at any given time, and if they learn a new spell they must either replace an old spell or dismiss the new spell.

Now, submit a tribute! >w<

The Rules

1. It´s four tributes per user, I prefer new tributes and I accept wikia contributors.

2. Advice should be given before the private sessions and after every new day in the arena. Tributes that gets advice will stand a higher chance of survival, but I don´t see advice as manditory.

3. Please use good and polite language.

4. You can only send a sponsor gift to your tributes by winning specific contests I will be holding during the games, but if I´m in a good mood I may give your tribute a sponsor gift for free.

5. Please don´t spam in any way unless you have a tribute in my games.

6. This will be a Magic Games with only the districts 1-12 competing.

7. Alliances will be posted after the training scores have been uploaded and the arena will be revealed when the games begin. You can leave a comment saying who you want your tributes to ally with. If you don´t say I´ll just put them in a random alliance or classify them as loners.

8. I will only do the training scores before the games, and I will write the games in overview from.

9. Reservation lasts for 14 hours.

10. Submit a tribute! >w<



Tribute Template





Appearance ( lunaii or similar )



Spells (  three from the list downwards )




Strategy for Game


The List Of Spells

Class Of Spell Spell 1# Spell 2# Spell 3#
Destruction Fireball Sparks Waterfall
Stealth Camoflague Poison gas Muffled movement
Regenaration Healing Plant regeneration Magical shield
Summoning Demon wolf Bound sword Undead
Charms Magnet field Levitation Relaxing
Alteration Stoneflesh Candlelight Aura

Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes!

District Name Age Weapon Spells District Name Age Weapon Spells
D1 Draven Mayseem 18 Mallet, sword Stoneflesh, fireball, undead D1 Hermione Brown 17 Rapiers, knives, shruikens Camoflague, healing, fireball
D2 D2 Pansy Costella 18 Throwing scimitars, steel claws Aura, poison gas, levitation
D3 Draco Potter 15 Staffs, broomsticks Healing, waterfall, undead D3 Gwenneth "Gwenn" Warcheck 15 Sword, blowgun Sparks, healing, poison gas
D4 Bass Reef 18 Trident, nets Fireball, waterfall, magical shield D4 Halissa Ketterwilde 17 Mace, trident Waterfall, Levitation, stoneflesh
D5 D5 Becky Ryan 16 Electricity Aura, waterfall, relaxing
D6 Cooper Moter 16 Bow and arrows Sparks, camoflague, poison gas D6 Caris Lombardo 16 Club, matchete, bow and arrows Fireball, relaxing, aura
D7 Ransom Overman 17 Double-bladed axe, sledgehammer Sparks, magical shield, stoneflesh D7 Lydia Falcon 17 Bow, hatchet Camoflague, healing, levitation
D8 Noel Campbell 14 D8 Janiss Linncourt 18 Throwing knives, blowgun, knife Camoflague, magical shield, demon wolf
D9 Aydeh Ip 17 Bow and arrows D9 Clarissa Rue 13 Bow and arrows Undead, fireball, levitation
D10 Xenor Praxus 17 Sythe, trident Fireball, sparks, waterfall D10 Serrira Dean 14 Butcher knife Fireball, relaxing, stoneflesh
D11 Sash Bloodhound 18 Javeline, throwing needles, fire Fireball, healing, stoneflesh D11 Allie Stasson 13 Stick, knives Healing, levitation, relaxing
D12 Alex Mason 16 Sword, knives Camoflague, fireball, healing D12 Zaskia Safier 18 Hatchet, whip

The Tribute Gallery