Hi! These are my first games ever on this wikia and I plan to make them great!

Please, be polite and have fun! >w<

These games will contain swearing and suggestive/sexual themes. If you´re not okay with that, I expect you to leave.

Thank you.

Rules To The Games

1. It´s three tributes per user, and I accept wikia contributors.

2. You should give your tributes advice before the private sessions and after every day in the arena. Tributes that gets advice will have a higher chance of survival, but I don´t see advice as manditory.

3. Please use good and polite language.

4. If you ask me for a sponsor gift to give to your tribute, I may feel like giving it. But It`s very unlikely.

5. This will be a regular hunger games with only twelve districts competing. There are no such thing as district 13 or district 14 in these games.

6. Alliances will be posted after the training and the arena will be revealed when I have all the tributes. You can leave a comment saying who you want your tribute to ally with. If you don´t say the alliance of your tributes, I will put them in a random alliance or classify them as loners.

7. I will do reapings, training and training scores before the games start.

8. I will write the reapings, training and the games in POV. It´s the writing style I´m most comfortable with.

9. Reservations lasts for 24 hours.



Tribute Template

Remember, I only need a name, an age and a single weapon, but it´s easier for me to write when I know a good deal about the tributes, so please use this template!

Name of tribute










Games strategy

Remember, making a lunaii for your tribute is totally optional. If you don´t make a lunaii, I will, so don´t worry! :D

Congratulations To This Years Brave Tributes!

District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Lucas Ricardo 16 Throwing knives D1 Nova Rogue 17 Butterfly swords
D2 Crimson Vine 12 Javelins D2  Alexis Mitchell 15 Axe
D3 Nox Rimmer 14 Knife D3 Beatice Popdoblous 18 Crossbow
D4 Whistle Frost 12 Throwing knives, Bow D4 Misty Freeman 12 Knives, nets
D5 Micah Flare 18 Sword D5 Rouge Nason 16 Katana
D6 Drak Dormaus 15 Sythe D6 Luna Fern 15 Club, sharp whip
D7 Summanus Ida 16 Axe D7 Ali Ryan 15 Mace
D8 Nile Flame 15 Blowgun, throwing knives D8 Sara Stone 17 Blowgun, poison
D9 Shen Seraph 16 Sickle D9 Amaryllis Heart 16 Sword, club
D10 Cassius Fallow 18 Mace, shruiken, sword D10 Dolly Woof 14 Lasso, long knives
D11 Saturn Volt 15 Wire, poison, blowgun D11 Calypso Circuit 15 Bow and arrows
D12 Parker Summers 17 Bow and arrows D12 Melanoi Jet 16

Death star, shruikens

Tribute Gallery

The Alliances

Careers : Lucas Ricardo (1), Nova Rogue (1), Crimson Vine (2), Alexis Mitchell (2), Whistle Frost (4), Misty Freeman (4), Drak Dormaus (6), Sara Stone (8)

District 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 Alliance : Summanus Ida (7), Ali Ryan (7), Nile Flame (8), Cassius Fallow (10), Dolly Woof (10), Calypso Circuit (11) and Melanoi Jet (12)

District 3, 5 and 6 Alliance : Nox Rimmer (3), Beatice Popdoblous (3), Rouge Nason (5), Luna Fern (6)

Loners : Micah Flare (5), Shen Seraph (9), Amaryllis Heart (9), Saturn Volt (11), Parker Summers (12)

The Arena

The arena will be a ginormous snow-filled artic forest surrounded by mountains. The mountains are too high to climb, but you can find small caves by the foot of it, and those caves are perfect for shelter. As the arena is in an artic environment, It´s very dark in the morning, the afternoon, evening and it´s almost impossible to see in the night without night-vision glasses. It is also incredibly cold in the night, and the natural death that will be most common is freezing to death. But if you can ligth a fire using the wood you can find in the forest, or grabbing a blanket or an artic jacket at the cornocopia, it won´t be a problem. The forest is also home to some classic mutts. There are lynx mutts, which hunt in packs of three to four animals and they will eat you alive. If you manage to kill some, they give very good and filling meat. The same goes for the wolf mutts. They are tastly if dead, but lethal alive. Their fur is completely white, matching the snow, so they are tricky to spot at distance. And lastly there is the yeti mutt. There is only one , but one yeti is dangerous enough. The yeti lives at the top of the mountain farthest to the north and will occasioanly come down to kill tributes. He cannot climb threes though, so if a tribute climbs up a three in time, he/she will be spared. Both the lynx mutt and the wolf mutt are randomly spawned across the very large arena. A blizzard will also randomly start at a location in the arena once a day. The blizzard will last for two hours, and it is extremely dangerous. There are small rivers and ponds dotted across the arena, filled with ice-cold water. The snow is not safe to melt and drink, as it contains lots of bacteria and mutt poop. If you are good at plant indentification, you will have no need to hunt for food, as the arena is filled with lots of edible plants, hidden beneath the snow. But some are poisonous, so be careful! Finally, the cornocopia is located in a clearing in the exsact middle of the arena.

  • Artic arena from the air
  • Deep inside the forest
  • One of the small ponds
  • The mountains look like this
  • Wolf muttation
  • Lynx muttation

The Reapings


This is the day, my day, the reaping day, I think as I decend the stairs from the lounge on the second floor to the kitchen downstairs. I am motivated and serious today, because I am going to volunteer. I have been awake all night, thinking about it, and I am sure that this is my year. The year I will be crowned victor of The Hunger Games. I sit down at the kitchen table, next to my father. "So, are you volunteering?" He asks me. I smile to him and say "Yes". His face flushes up in pride and he smiles to me happily. "Atta boy." He says as he claps me heartily on the shoulder. I quickly gobble up my breakfast and walk into the streets, towards the town square.

As I reach the town square I see that it has been beautifully decorated for reaping day. Golden banners flowing from the stage roof says "Happy Hunger Games!" in big, red letters. Many younger kids in the crowd have baloons shaped like swords or panem´s seal. Grubby people at the outskirts of the spectators are already beginning to swap rumors on who is going to volunteer and who to bet on this year. Many of the thousands of citizens in the square have hats and other hunger games merchandise. As the district´s escort makes her appearance on the stage, with vibrat green hair and all, the crowd explodes with cheers. I join in too. "WOOOOOO" I scream at the top of my lungs. "Ladies first!" She says and snags a small paper slip from the girl´s bowl.

"Nova Rogue." A girl I used to have a summer fling with steps from the crowd. I remember her now, her beautiful platina blonde hair, her pretty face and her very soft breasts.... I daze out for a little bit, thinking about her huge natural breasts, and the next I know is our escort saying "Alder Jonath-" while reading on a small paper slip. I snap out the breast-daze and roar "I VOLUNTEER!" The escort pulls me up to the stage and I get a ton of appaluse from the crowd. The last thing I see before I am being shunned into the justice building, is my father´s proud face, shining with tears.


"Alexis Mitchell" Our district´s escort, a man with rainbow-colored hair, reads off a paper slip. Me. I am both shocked and happy at the same time. I walk automaticly through ther masses of other children and teens, towards the stage. The escort is beckoning me to the stage, and I quicken up my pace. I climb the short fligth of stairs, while I am both laughing and crying inside of me. I didn´t want to go into the games, but I know I still have good chances of winning. I take my position on the left side of the escort. He reads "Peter McHall" off another small paper slip, but before he can finish, a twelve year old boy with dark-red hair steps out of the crowd and screams "I VOLUNTEER!" I am shocked and appaled. A twelve year old volunteers for the games? He must be one sick bastard. He walks up on the stage and takes his place to the right side of the escort. He looks me in the eyes. His eyes are not of a regular twelve year old, they are full of evil. He mouths to me : "I´m going to kill you." I´m scared. Of a twelve year old. I´m screwed.


The first thing I see as I step out of the asylum is sunlight. I usually live in the asylum year around, but I have to be at the reaping, even if I am totally insane. I am bound up in a straigthjacket and with peacekeepers at my side, so to protect others from me. It´s a beautiful summer day in district 3 and there are small sparrows floating around in the air on ligth wings. I gaze at them, mesmerised, as the peacekeepers escort me through the town and to the square where the reaping will take place.

Thuough district 3 has a very small population, the group of people looks very big when crammed into such a small space as the town square. The stage has been buildt up last nigth, and district 3´s escort, a very fat woman with white hair set up in a beehive, is walking over it, towards the reaping bowls. The stage is creaking dangerously under her enormous weigth. I breifly get a mental image of her falling through the stage and how the Capitol would laugth at that. "The ladies first." The escort says as always in her deep bass voice.

"Beatice Popdoblous." An eigthteen year old girl steps out from the crowd and walks firmly towards the stage. I knew her, I was that mean, ugly girl that everyone picked on at school. She looked like she was on the verge of tears, but a few girls standing rigth by the edge of the stage looked excited. I bet everything I have that those girls hated her and was looking forward to seeing her get killed. Those bitches. I feel a strong urge to jump at them and rip out their eyeballs.

"Nox Rimmer." The escort´s deep voice rings out over the town square. I walk stiffly towards the stage, and take my place by the side of our escort. She begins to congratulate us and talk about what an great opportunity this is, but there is only one thought in my head rigth now. I am going to die.


The sharp needle punchures my sensitive skin on my fingertip. I bite my lip, so not to moan in pain. God, that hurt. I huddle together with the other twelve year olds at my very first reaping. Even though I am a careers tribute and I have been in a hunger games academy for training since I was seven, I am still very scared and I will definitively not volunteer. I really don´t want to die on national broadcasted television while my parents are watching. Luckily my name is only on one paper slip in the girl´s bowl, and I have never been taking tessserae. I will never, either. My chances for being reaped are as low as they can get.

District 4´s escort makes her usual dramatic entrance by shooting up from the sea behind the stage. In district 4 the stage is always buildt at the docks, and she always makes her entrance like this. Some may think this get´s boring after a while, but here in district 4 it´s a loved tradition. She then begins a long speech about the dark days, the rebellion and the hunger games. The first half of the speech was kind of exciting, but for the rest of it I was more interested in watching a ladybug sitting in my palm. "Now, ladies first!" I focus again on the reaping, just as the escort pulls out a small paper slip. "Misty Freeman."

I stand in the crowd of twelve year olds, shocked. How could it be me? My name was only in there once! Maybe someone will volunteer! I find my sister by the other seventeen year olds, but she seemes to be too shocked too speak. The other children of district 4 is stepping away from me, like I am contaminated by a deadly bacteria. I walk alone to the stage and stand there with the escort, figthing desperatly to keep the tears at bay. I don´t even pay attension as the boy, "Whistle Frost" is reaped. I lock eyes with my sister, maybe for the last time ever. She is crying.


Oh no, Its reaping day. That is the first though that hits my mind as I sit up in my old and dusty bed. It creaks loudly as I jump off it and pull a white fancy shirt and jet-black pants. These are my best clothes, all the other clothes I have are grey t-shirts and old, saggy pants are my normal "outfit". I tuck the shirt into my pants as I make my way to our kitchen, which also doubles as a bedroom for my five months old little brother. My mother is already sitting by the small, spindly wooden table, looking grim and tired. We both help ourself to some bread. It isn´t tasty, or good, but It´s the only bread we have. We slosh the dry bread with a simple glass of water. My mother is always looking sad and grim on the reaping day, as it was this very day when my father left her with an unborn child. Since then, we have been extremely poor, and I can´t go to school anymore, instead I work ten hours every day. With the exeption of this day. The reaping day.

I stand in the crowd of eigthteen year olds, waiting for our district´s escort. Soemone is tapping me on the shoulder. I turn around and see my girlfriend, Melissa. We share a long, passionate french kiss. I try to hold it as long possible, because I know that there are fifty slips of paper in the boy´s bowl with my name. But all to soon, the kiss ends and the escort of district 5 enters the stage. "Welcome to this happy, happy day!" How dare she be so happy when she is about to send two poor kids to their deaths? She beins the long droon about the history of the hunger games, but all I can think of is what if I get reaped. What will happen with mom and my little brother?

"Rouge Nason." A girl with shoulder-long brown hair steps out from the crowd and walks slwoly, like in a dream, up to the stage and her doom. The escort smiles juvilantly to the poor girl, like a savage animal that just caugth a peticularly tasty treat. I just want to punch the damned escort in her stupid face so bad! Then, the boys. "Micah Flare." I knew I had bad odds, I am not surprised. I step bravely from the crowd, I want to face almost certain death with bravery. The escort gives me the same disturbing grin, and I try to keep calm. As I take my place beside that damned escort, she begins to talk about what an great honor we have got. I am about to raise my fist to throw a punch at her when someone in the crowd whisperers my name. I look down. Melissa is looking at he with a single tear streaking her face. She sends me a kiss and I understand the message. "I love you, and I always will. Always."


I take my place by the fifteen year olds at the town square. It is reaping day, and I´m very scared. Blood is seeping from a small punchure on my fingertip. I stand with my bestfriend, Lillian, and try to small talk. But it´s very hard trying to hold an polite conversation when you could be picked to figth to the death in just five minutes. I can´t stand the tension anymore, and I break down on my best friend, crying my eyes out. She patts me sympateticly on the head and hugs me hard. That´s what I like about Lillian, she never asks questions and she has always a shoulder to weep on. "Welcome, welcome, to this years reapins!" Our escort, an old, wrinkily man with black hair and purple skin says in his drooning voice. He never manages to catch my attension, and his speech about the history of the hunger games is a blur for me, as I try to wipe my face clean of the tears. Then, I am being brought back to reality in a horrible way. "Luna Fern."

Now I can´t hold the tears back anymore. I cry, while standing on the stage, with a confused escort beside me. I don´t care about the cameras filming this, and that all the other tributes will see me as an easy target. The boy get´s reaped, but I don´t care about "Drak Dormaus." I care about home, my parents and Lillian. And then the peacekeepers shun me inside the justice building, and I am gone from this world.


"Ali Ryan." District seven`s escort reads off a small paper slip. I watch as a girl with long, wavy brown hair walks up to the stage, her legs shaking. I feel bad for her. It`s always sad on reaping day, to see a girl getting picked to die on national television. I have seen her at school sometimes, and now that she`s gone, I wish I had talked to her, gotten to know her. But that won`t happen now. Our escort snags another paper slip, this time from the boys bowl. I know that I have a little too many slips of paper in there, so I can`t feel too safe. I have been taking tesserae for my six younger siblings since I was thirteen, because my parents got killed by a freak accident in the woods. Luckily, if I get reaped, I know many other people that could help them survive.

"Sumn.. Saumm.... no, wait... Summusas Ida." It annoys me that I am going to figth to the death against twentythree other tributes in just a week, and the escort can`t even get my name rigth. Oh, well, I`m most likely going to die anyways, so I guess it doesn`t really matter.


I feel like fainting. All of the other kids around me step away, so I have a clean way to the stage. I had been reaped. For the hunger games. For my almost certain death. I Want to run away, to hide and never come back. But if I do that the peacekeepers will kill me. I desperately try to hold my tears back, or else I won`t get any sponsors. I want to at least try to win the games, I want to go down in a figth. I won`t break down and weep, I will stand strong and figth to the end. That`s what I think as I shake hands with my district partner, Nile Flame. He also seemes scared, but I know that he also will figth till the bitter end.


I am ready. Ready to volunteer. It has been swirling around in my head the whole last nigth. The though of me, sitting at the winner´s podium. Being interviewed after winning the hunger games. After killing countless tibutes in my journey to victory. President Snow crowning me as victor in front of the whole nation of Panem. Shen Seraph, the victor from district 9 who won so surperiourly over all the twentythree other tributes. "The ladies first!" Our district´s escort, a bubbly woman with blue hair set up in two braids that are sweeping the floor of the stage, grabs a paper slip from the girl´s bowl.

"Amaryllis Heart." A red-haired girl with green eyes walks firmly up the staircase to the stage. She is wearing a poker face, but I know that under the mask she is dead scared. She will be the first to die, I`ll make sure of that. "Now for the boys!" our escort calls out while snagging another paper slip, this time from the boy´s bowl. I don´t give her time to read it, I immeatly scream "I VOLUNTEER!" The escort looks shocked, volunteers are so unusual in our district. I walk proudly up to the stage and shake hands with the girl. I take one last look at the crowd. I am happy to see that they are shocked, too. It´s good news for me, I have to make an impression to the sponsors in capitol if I am to win these games.


"It´s reaping day, isn´t it?" I ask my mother over the kitchen table. She munches down her food, and replies. "Yes, It is." She looks sad, and I can´t blaim her. I have probably the worst of odds of all the kids in my age group. I have been taken so much tesserae over the two times I have been qualified for the reapings, that I have now twentytwo slips of paper. That is bad odds. REALLY bad odds. But if I get chosen, my family will still be able to stay alive. But Kyle and Chase will have to get jobs including their school, but they are only eigth years old. When I think about what the capitol and President Snow makes us all do, the people of Panem, I just want to scream out loud. For all the misery. All the starvation. All the deaths. All the hunger games.

"Dolly Woof." District 10´s escort says in his clear, booming voice. I stand, frozen, in the middle of the crowd of potensial tributes. But half of them won´t be in danger anymore, I am the female tribute from district 10 in the 16th annula hunger games. I swallow the big lump in my throath and march to the stage and take my position beside the escort. Before the reality sinks in, the boy gets reaped. "Cassius Fallow." I know him, he´s the eigthteen year old boy that lives on the farm next to us. He´s very tall and handsome, with dark hair and huge muscles. He´ll have a fair chance at the games, but I will be crushed like a bug.


I stick my head out of the three I´m stationed at. I see the read flag symbolizing the end of work. I yell out over the green-filled orchards. "Work is out!" I am normally the one to call everyone out of work for the day, but not today. Today I´m in the overcrowded town square. Waiting. Waiting for the reapings, waiting for the hunger games. Finally, our escort, a young man with white hair and blood-red eyes enter the stage. "Hello, District 11, and welcome to the 16th annual hunger games!" He raises his arms, as to expect applause, but the crowd is mute. After a very akward silence, the escort pulls the show back. "The girls first!"

"Calypso Circuit." I watch as a blonde girl climb the stairs to the stage. She is very pretty, I think to myself, very sad to lose her. Then, the boys. "Saturn Volt." I freeze like a statue as I hear my own name. Me! My breathing goes faster, I´m starting to panic. In my strike of panic, I run though the crowd, but not for the stage, but for the streets. I hear peacekeepers running after me, and then I feel a shock of electricity in my back. But then the world turns black.


"Melanoi Jet." I knew it. I expected it. I already had fifty-seven paper slips with my name in for the hunger games. I had been taken six tesserae a year since I was twelve, and now I am sixteen. I figth back the tears and walk proudly to the stage, into the grasps of the Capitol, knowing that I may never come back again. The escort acually looks very sad for me, which surprises me. She really looks like she would do anything for me not to participate. But now I have to. I know that nobody will volunteer for me. Sure enough, when the escort calls for volunteers, thera are no answers. Nobody want to save me, to spare me. Nobody.

"Parker Summers." I gasp as the boy I have had an crush on for four years walk to the stage. He seems to have a poker face strapped on his face, it´s impossible to see what lies under it. The escort also looks sadly over at him, too. I can feel how tough it must be for her, to pick two kids who shall be sacrificed. She has to feel very much guilt, like she is the one murdering them. I wouldn`t be escort even if they paid me a million coins for it. I then shake hands with Parker, and then we are both pushed into the justice building.

The Training Days



Finally the head training instructor, Thias, is finished with his boring speech. He just told us all about how important survival skills will be and shit like that. Whatever, knot tying won`t get you kills! I have been planning to get into the careers, so I head straigth for the deadly weapons. I pick up a short, pointy sword and begin to swing it at a training dummy. First swing, and it´s rigth arm falls off. Second swing, the left arm. One last swing, and the dummy´s head goes flying though the air and lands at the feet of the distrct 1 girl. She smiles at me and nods approvingly. I get the message. I`m accepted. I walk briskly over to them. The 4 girl, who I hear is called Misty, shakes my hand, and the 1 boy claps me on the shoulder. I try to make friends with them, but I secretly mistrust them greatly. Careers are careers, however nice they seem to be.


After Thias´s speech was over, I headed straigth over to the plant identification. I have a feeling food will be slim in the arena, and I plan to run away from the cornocopia straigth away, so this skill may be the difference from life and death for me. This is totally new to me, but I do surprisingly good. I only make one mistake at the test, but I know that mistake would have killed me in the arena, so I try again. After an hour, I´m confident I have memorized all the plants. I walk away and end up at the fire making station with the girl from 11. She seems nice and a good contender, but I don`t want any allies. That will just slow me down and get me killed. I prefered to be alone back home too. I feel I´m really nailing the fire making, so I go to the rope climbing station. I do fairly good there too. Suddenly I feel someone watching me. I turn around and see Shen (9), my district partner. He smiled dangerously at me and whisperers : "I can`t wait to kill you at the bloodbath." Yeah, rigth, lets just see about that.


I sit at the lunch table with my new allies. Summanus (7) and Ali (7), who are both very good with weapons and very strong. Cassius (10), who sports superhuman strength and excellent sword techinces, has also joined. Dolly (10) and Calypso (11) are both incredible in knife techinces and agility. We have appointed Melanoi (12) as the leader of the alliance. She is a champion at climbing and sneaking, as well as plant indentification. We also asked the nine girl to join, but she declined, which I don´t get. How can she hope to get far in the games without allies? A few tables away from ours, there is also another alliance brewing, including both tributes from 3, and the females from 5 and 6, but none of them seemes like theaths, but maybe they´ll surprise me? A few tributes are also sitting alone, and some of them, like the 5 male are big threaths, but most of them seem harmless. The careers, sitting farthest from out table, have also recruited the 6 boy and Sara, my distrct partner. I am disgusted by her, acually joining the careers, they are such rich snobbs! But I have to admit, it´s probably one of the careers pack that will win, but I still won`give up!


I`m sitting at our alliance´s table, talking to Luna (6). She is very nice and we´re now almost friend, but we both know that we both are probably gonna die in the next couple of days. Beatice (3) none in our alliance really likes. She is both dumb and annoying, but we may need her, as she is a killer with the crossbow. The only reason we let Nox (3) join was that we feel sorry for him. He´s severly mentally sick, and will certainly die. He sitiing , sligthly cross-eyed, chewing at the edge of the table. We pull him away from it and give him the food to digest instead. The lunch bell rings, signalizing the start of training again. The alliance walks into the training basement again. We split up, Nox (3) and Beatice (3) going to the knot tying station, while me and Luna (6) goes to the spear throwing station. Both of us suck at this, we hear the laugh of the careers, and we both blush and walk away from the station. What if the cornocopia is filled with only spears? Then we are both dead.



I walk drowsily out of the elevator and into the training center basement. I`m awfully tired because I was up all night, with gruesome nightmares. I saw myself being decapitated, tortured and drowned. I froze to death, sarved into skin and bones and got eaten by savage animals. The nightmares kept themselves in me for the whole night, and I can hardly stand up without getting dizzy out of drowsiness. I stumble around the training room, and finally deciding on visiting the gauntlet. I climb the edge and the training instructors start the machine. After just two minutes, I trip and fall to the floor. I hear muffled laughter around me. I stand up and feel that my nose has broken, and blood is flowing from it. The medics come rushing for my assisstance. They heave me up from the floor and rush me into a small, dimly lit room. They give me an painful injection in the arm, and then everything goes black.


I am stationed with Alexis (2) at the bow shooting, not for practice, but to scout for threaths and allies of the careers. I am observing the 5 boy as he slices straigth through a training dummy with one swing. He would be very useful, but I already asked for him to join, but he acually spat at my boots and walked away. I´ll make him pay for that by killing him at first chance. "Look at that guy." Alexis (2) says and points out the male from 10. I have to admit, he looks very promising, both in looks and strong. He´ll definitively get lots of sponsors, and he could be very useful in the arena. I know that if only I go over there and ask him, he´ll probably deline, so I take with me all of the careers and approach him. "Hey, you look strong!" I say to him with a winning smile. He gives us a cold look. "No." His firm voice tells me that he will not budge, whatever I say, so I turn and sweep the careers pack with me. Well, I´m just gonna have to kill him in the arena, then.


The careers look very frustrated and annoyed as they walk away from me. They just asked me to join them, but I immedeatly declined. I already have an alliance, and I hate the living skin of all the careers. They can all go to hell. I´m at the spear throwing station, hitting the chest of the training dummies every time. I glance around the room, looking for my allies. Dolly (10) and Nile (8) is sitting with Melanoi (12) at the plant indentification place. It looks like Melanoi is trying to learn Dolly and Nile some basic plants, by they are bad students. Both get multiple mistakes at the test. Summanus (7) and Ali (7), I noticed, is always at the same stations. They seem to have become very good friends, and are equals in skill. They are lifting themselves up from the ground at the rope course. The last member of our alliance, Calypso (11), was just shunned inside a side chamber, and hasn´t returned yet. She fell from the gauntlet, and broke her nose pretty badly. I focus again at the training as I head for the running course. Beatice (3) is already there, but she quickly stumbles off and walk off to the fire making station, cursing wildly. I jump up on the running course, and begin to sprint. It is acually very refreshing, to do something as normal as running, as there is so mush crazy stuff going around. But I reming myself, this IS the hunger games, and crazy is a big part of it.


"Stupid shitty running course!" I scream as I walk briskly from the running course and to the fire making station, meeting up with Nox (3), my district partner. I don`t like him too much, he´s so wierd. He also tried to claw my eyes out yesterday with his bare hands. I wanted to leave him, but of course Rouge (5) and Luna (6) was all like : Oohhh, poor little guy, we can´t just leave him! Those bitches are way to soft, I personally just want to kill them, and Nox (3) too. He´s nothing but trouble. I sit crawning two rocks together, trying to make sparks, but no luck. I feel exeptionally foolish. I suddenly feel an odd prickling sensation in my back, as if someone is watching me. I turn and there the careers stand, looking haugthy at smiling juvilantly at me. They are probably already planning the best way to kill a weakling like me, so I think it´s time to impress them. I walk to the bow station, pick up the crossbow and aim at the dummies. I shoot at all of the dummies in rapid suggesion. After half a minute, all the dummie´s hearts have been pierced by an arrow, and the careers go away, looking shocked. Hah, good riddance!


Me and Summanus (7) are at the weapons section, he´s learing me the basic techiches of axe swinging. Even though I live in the lumber distrct, I have never swung an axe before, but I do pretty good, but I still prefer a mace. Me and Summanus have became very good friends, and we´re even laughing together, even though we know that only one of us can survive. Even if I don´t say it out loud, I can´t help it but think of how attractive he is. He has big muscles and a handsome face with high cheekbones. I also catch him glancing at me occationly, but when he sees that I´m watching he quckly looks away. Even though I starting to develop feelings for Summanus, I know, and I hope he understands that this is The Hunger Games, and we can never get together. "Ali, come here for a sec." Summanus calls me, and I come over to him. As he looks down at me, I feel me face redden, but I don`t break the gaze. "Ali, I, uh..." He begins, but I stop his talking with a kiss. He hesitates for a moment, but then he kisses back fiercely. I don´t care that the room is filled with other tributes that are gaping at us, and I don´care about the instructors eying us sadly. In this lone moment, I only care about Summanus.



Today is the last day of training, but I wish the games could start today. I don´really interest myself with the training, because I am confident I can handle any situation that gets thrown at me in the arena. I step out of the elevator with my distrct partner Alexis (2), whom I have swore I would kill. We are both avoiding eachother´s gaze, and we stroll over to the other careers. This year is a pretty unusual year, as there is no less than three twelve year old careers. Me and Misty (4) and Whistle (4). But I´m not worried, there will only be one twelve year old alive after the games, and that will be me!


I look over at the 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 alliance. I wish I had the balls to ask them if I could join, but I have always been a shy guy. Even worse, my crush, Melanoi (12) is there, and she is the leader. I glance dreamily at her, her long brown hair, her beautiful grey eyes... The luch bell rings, signalizing that it´s training time. I´m looking over at the other tributes without alliances. The nine boy, Shen, seems both rude and scary, so no way I´m forming an alliance with him, and I don´t trust the 9 girl longer than I can throw her. The big 5 guy seems strong and like a big contender, but he´s very rough and keeping himself alone. And the distrct 11 boy just seems plain strange. In the end I´m left with absolutely no potensial allies, so the only solution is to go loner. I´m so dead.


I sit at the comaflague station, alone. All the other careers are at the heavy weapons stations, trying to intimidate tributes. The other careers don´t understand why I bother with this long forgotten station, but I see the use of camofague. I plan to ditch the careers in the middle of the games, and stay hidden. If I am to see, but not to be seen myself, I must know how to camoflauge myself. I have of course told none of the careers my games strategy, because I don´t trust any of them. Well, maybe I trust Misty (4) a little, but not enough to tell her this. Even though I´m the smallest career and the one with the least of training, I am still determined to win this. For my family. For the honor of distrct 4. And most of all, to save my life. Misty (4) is walking away from the other careers and is now sitting beside me."Hello, there handsome!" She says in a soft whisper. I am confused. What kind of strategy is this. Is she flirting with me so she can gain my trust, or does she really like me? I`m guessing I`ll never know, as the instructors call out that it´s time for the privat sessions. Shit, already?

The Training Scores

D1 Lucas Ricardo 9 Nova Rogue 10
D2 Crimson Vine 10 Alexis Mitchell 9
D3 Nox Rimmer 3 Beatice Popdoblous 6
D4 Whistle Frost 7 Misty Freeman 8
D5 Micah Flare 9 Rouge Nason 5
D6 Drak Dormaus 7 Luna Fern 5
D7 Summanus Ida 6 Ali Ryan 7
D8 Nile Flame 4 Sara Stone 8
D9 Shen Seraph 7 Amaryllis Heart 4
D10 Cassius Fallow 9 Dolly Woof 3
D11 Saturn Volt 4 Calypso Circuit 6
D12 Parker Summers 5 Melanoi Jet 7

Death Chart

24th Beatice Popdoblous 3 Summanus Ida 7 Throath slashed
23rd Shen Seraph 9 Amaryllis Heart 9 Blood loss
22nd Summanus Ida 7 Lucas Ricardo 1 Knife in stomach
21st Calypso Circuit 11 Nova Rogue 1 Swords in back
20th Sara Stone 8 Nova Rogue 1 Sword flinged into back
19th Saturn Volt 11 Crimson Vine 2 Cut open
18th Whistle Frost 4 Cassius Fallow 10 Neck broken
17th Parker Summers 12 Arena Arena Frozen to death
16th Alexis Mitchell 2 Micah Flare 5 Decapitated by sword
15th Micah Flare 5 Yeti mutt Arena Ripped apart
14th Nova Rogue 1 Drak Dormaus 6 Slashed to death
13th Rouge Nason 5 Misty Freeman 4 Head cut open
12th Melanoi Jet 12 Lucas Ricardo 1 Head scewered
11th Lucas Ricardo 1 Nile Flame 8 Poison dart into forehead
10th Dolly Woof 10 Nox Rimmer 3 Stabbed to death
9th Nox Rimmer 3 Luna Fern 6 Poison dart into neck
8th Cassius Fallow 10 Slaugtherfish Arena Pulled under the water and drowned
7th Nile Flame 8 Slaugtherfish Arena Eaten alive
6th Luna Fern 6 Misty Freeman 4 Throath slit
5th Crimson Vine 2 Ali Ryan 7 Skull cracked by mace
4th Ali Ryan 7 Cornocopia Arena Smashed into cornocopia
3rd Misty Freeman 4 Drak Dormaus 6 Chest slashed open
2nd Drak Dormaus 6 Amaryllis Heart 9 Knife to the chest
VICTOR! Amaryllis Heart 9 Congratulations! ------ Congratulations!

Let The 16th Annual Hunger Games Begin

Day 1/ The Bloodbath : Red Blood And White Show


I step into the transportation tube that will bring me to the arena, to the evil clutches of the games. I haven´t got a single clue to what kind of arena we will be competing in. With "we" I mean me and the twentythree other tributes, and twentythree of us are going to die. Maybe I will die in a few days. maybe it´s just a few minutes until my death? Maybe I will be gone from this world before I even know it? I hope so, if I am to die, I want it to be quick. The tube begins to move upwards, and I feel very sick. The tube comes nearer and nearer it´s destination, as I get the first hint on the arena. Cold. Biting cold gripps me. Oh shit, the tempature will be a big problem, because this years arena outfit is just a simple white tank top and loose, black pants. The cold will probably mean death for many tributes, maybe even me? I can´t imagine freezing to death would be too comfortable, and I acually hope I will just get killed rigth away in the bloodbath. No, I shall at least try!


I watch as my ally, Cassius (10) is lifted up to the cold and unwelcome arena. I was the first to get lifted here, so I have used my extra time to study the enviroment. The cornocopia is in the middle of a snow-covered clearing surrounded be giant pine threes. I see huge mountains, topped with snow, in the distance in every direction. I again focus on the cornocopia, just as the boy from 11 gets raised up. The golden horn is filled with helpful supplies that may mean the difference between death and survival here in the arena. But it will also mean blood willbe shed and spread over the glittering snow. Red blood and white snow. Suddenly I spot my most desired object in the cornocopia. An artic jacket. With this years ligth arena outfit and the low tempatures, keeping warm will be key for survival. I´m already posistioning me to make a run for it, just as all the tributes have arrived and the countdown starts. 60, 50, 40...


30 seconds left. I glance around at my fellow tributes, scouting for theats to kill. The 5 boy is stationed next to the 9 female and Nova (1). I catch her eye, nod my head at the 5 male, and winks at her. She gets the message. Let´s kill him first. I gaze quickly over to the tributes statued next to me. By my rigth side stands the 6 girl, and to my left, the guy from 12. I look at the cornocopia, looking for weapons, just as the timer reaches 20. I spot what I was looking for, a sharp, douple-headed axe made of shimmering metal. That is without no doubt my weapon. None of the other stuff in there interests me as mush as that axe. I´m already fantasizing about chopping a tributes head off with a single swing. I can`t wait. Then, 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. I´ts time. 2. 1. GONG!!


I knew that I would risk getting killed at the bloodbath, but those supplies were so tempting! I decided to just snag a few items laying close, but soon found myself in the thick of combat. I snatch a small, pointy knife and a small bakcpack from the frosty ground. But that proved to be a big mistake. Just as I turn towards the forest, I feel something smash into me from the side. Someone pins me to the ground and I feel the sharp point of a blade at my throath. My district partner, Shen (9), crouching over me with a silver sickle, an evil grin on his face. "I told you I was going to kill you!" but he doesn´t know about my knife, and then he raises his sickle, ready to bring it down upon my face. I only have a seconds chance, his arms go up and his sides are unprotected. I plunge my knife into his vurnerable side and throw him off me. I hear him howling in agony as I rush away from the bloodbath, into the dense and mysterious forest, filled with unknown threaths.


Me and Ali (7) have decided to figth in the bloodbath. Most of our alliance are hiding in the forest, waiting for us. Cassius (10) also have joined us in our task to gather supplies for the whole alliance. I have just picked up a small, sharp dagger when the 3 girl is suddenly running at me. She wields a spear in her hands and is screaming some sort of war cry. I easily dodge her assault, and retaliates by slashing her throath open with my dagger. Her limp body crumbles to the snow, and blood is oozing out of her wound. She is finished. "Summanus!" I hear Ali´s (7) cry over the sound of the battle, and turns over to her. A knife is headed, like in slow-motion, towards her from the direction of the 1 boy. I don´t have time to ask questions of kill the careers, I just simply fling myself in front of Ali, shielding her from harm´s way. I feel a searing pain before I drop to the ground. The last thing I see before I lose consiousness is Ali´s face, fresh tears on her face, holding my hand, begging me to stay with her. "Get away.." I almost plead to her to get away from here, so she can survive, she has to win...


I´ve finally aqired a set of butterfly swords. They were hard to find, but now that I got them, I can finally figth with my whole power. The sword´s first victim was the 11 girl. She was running around, searching franticly for something. But she soon stops as the pair of swords go into her body, one into her neck, the other in her spine. She fell limply to the ground, and definitively dead. I then run to come to Alexis´s (2) assistance. She has began figthing the 5 boy, the one we agreed to gang up on. He has aquired a sword and has a big backback on his back. He swings his sword at Alexis, but I knock it away with my beautiful swords. Before I can kill him, though, he run off to the woods. Oh well, at least the careers are doing great! Whistle (4) and Misty (4) have cornered the gigantic 10 male, Crimson (2) is cutting up the 11 boy´s stomach and face, and Lucas (1) has already killed the 7 male. I get another kill by flinging one of my butterfly swords in the back of Sara (8). Even though she is an ally of the careers, I´ve decided to kill her. The other careers don´t need to know I killed her, everyone else is too busy...


Me and Whistle (4) has just cornered the 10 male. Even though he´s eigthteen and huge, and we are just two twelve year olds, I am confident we can take him together. He may have gotten a 9 in training, but he is unarmed and I got a small dagger and Whistle (4) got a trident. I see Whistle shoooting his trident forward to impale it into the giant brute´s stmach, when something unexpected happens. The 10 boy grabs for the trident as it goes through the air, throws it up in the air. I stand there, shocked, as our opponent grabs Whistle and hurls him to the hard, snow-covered ground. I hear his neck snap, and I´m filled with rage. I jump up in the air, and bring the dagger down in the brute´s head, but he´s already gone. I see him running off with the 7 girl, they dissapear into the darkness of the pine threes. I´m going to avenge Whistle´s death by killing that stupid 10 boy, mark my work!

Day 1 /'The Bloodbath Aftermath : The Fallen


Me and Rouge (5) si sitting at the top of a tall pine three, right after the bloodbath. It´s only us left in the alliance. Beatice (3) got herself killed almost at once, and Nox (3) even tried to kill me before he ran away from us. We have minimum with supplies, just a small sack of apples and two artic jackets. Good thing we got the jackets, though, or else we would be freezing to death now. They are comfortable and warm. We sit sharing a yellow apple. It tastes a little bland after the fantastic food of the capitol for a week. For a few minutes we just sit there, staring at eachother, muching some apple. Then we both jump up as the cannons gets fired. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Seven cannons. Seven dead tributes. We are both tired, so we pull our hoods of our jackets on, and fall into an uneasy sleep.


Our alliance has made camp in the woods, and lit a fire so to chase away the suffocating darkness that came with the night. We are all silent, griefing the death of Calypso (11) and Summanus (7), but Ali (7) is taking it the worst. She really seemed to have fallen in love with Summanus, and he gave his life to save hers. She is sitting by a three trunk, with a hollow, dead look on her face, staring at some point in the distance. "We should go over our supplies." Melanoi (12) takes the word, she has cried over our fallen allies too. We all follow her orders with stiff movements, we have been walking for the whole day to put as much distance between us and the careers. We managed to scamper two axes, a small sword and a bow, but no arrows. In survival supplies we got two packbacks filled with three bags of apples, a first aid kit, seven blankets, a big loaf of bread and a large packet of dried beef. But those supplies are going to deplete when they are going to be divided for five people. "Lets go hunting tomorrow." Dolly (10) says, and we all agree. Just before the night falls, they show the fallen on the sky. First the girl from 3. Than a surprise, the boy from 4. Summanus (7) illuminates the sky, and then he dissapears. I hear a muffled sob from Ali (7). I am happy to see that my distrct partner, the traitor, Sara (8) is dead. Hah! Then the scary boy from 9. Lastly they show the boy from 11 and Calypso (11). It´s time for sleep, I say to myself. I lay down on the ground, pulling my blanket over me, and almost instantly fall asleep.


Beatice Popdoblous - District 3

Whistle Frost - District 4

Summanus Ida - District 7

Sara Stone - District 8

Shen Seraph - District 9

Calypso Circuit - District 11

Saturn Volt - District 11

Day 2 : The Mutts


I sit in my cold and wet cave. I found this cave, situated by the foot of one of the arena`s huge mountains, after a long day, after the bloodbath. Here I was certain I should be safe from the careers, who would probably making camp at the cornocopia. But what I didn´t thougth of was this gruesome, biting cold. I'm hugging myself to keep warm, but I understand that it's hopeless, I'm slowly freezing to death. As the fool I was, I ran immedeatley from the cornocopia. If only I had grabbed an artic jacket back then! Then I could acually stood a chance! But it's too late now. Then I get the finishing sign that will bring my doom. Warmth. Incredible warmth. I scramble around my cave, screaming of the zillizing hotness. I rip my clothes off and run out into the freezing snow to cool down. It's bliss, and for many minutes I run around, screaming in deligth. Then everything goes black, and I get hurled into death's waiting arms.


I am sitting on top of the cornocopia, sharpening my javelines with a knife. Morning has just dawned when the cannon gets fired. BOOM! I turn my head towards the sorce of the sound. "Wonder who that was?" Misty (4) asks, a little half-hearted and bored. "Well, we`ll see that tonight." Nova (1) says, we have appointed her leader, but her only real follower is Misty (4), we others aren´t what you could call her biggest fans. I know for sure that I would do a mush better job as a leader! "Lets split up and hunt tributes, we´ll cover more ground." Nova takes the word, and everyone agrees. Hah! Cover more ground! What a dumb bimbo! It would be a lot better to hunt in a pack, a lot lesser chance of one of us being killed of a big threath like Micah (5). But I don´t say anything. Maybe Alexis get´s killed! Then I don´t need to dirty my precious javelines with her grimy blood! "Okai, I will go south, Drak (6) will go west, Crimson (2) should go north, Lucas (1) and Alexis (2), you two go east and Misty (4) will stand guard." Suddenly I get an amazing idea. "But, Nova (1), I´m scared, I don´t wanna go alone!" I say in a simpering voice and put on my most pouty mask. "Can Lucas (1) come with me?" Nova (1) looks suspicious, but she just shrugs her shoulders. "Fine, now lets move!" She bellows a war cry, and we cry back. I join up with Lucas (1), and we head out into the thick winter forest, not talking to eachother.


I have been up all night, while Luna (6) has been sleeping, crafting a bow. Neither of us got any kinds of weapons, and this bow is not just for defensive reasons, I can also hunt with it for food. Luna  is a very tigth sleeper, she didn´t even wake up when a cannon fired in the early morning. I wonder who it was for? Hopefully one of the careers. I glance at Luna . I´m secretly planning to break up our alliance soon. I possibly have to kill her, or just ditch her. I know I should just kille her rigth now, while she is defenceless, but I just can´t make myself do it. Instead I shake her, and after a few minutes, her eyelids snap up. "Morning, sleepyhead." I whisper to her with a grin. I she takes a moment before she manages to focus her eyes at me. "Wussamatter?" I quickly hide my bow inside my jacket, no need for her to see that I got a weapon. "Get up, we have to go find some food, there are almost no apples left." Luna glances at the almost empty bag and then back to me. She gives a small nod, then the knife enters the wood exactly where her hand was just seconds before. We both turn our heads quickly to the direction where the knife came from. We spot a small cluster of leaves, an easy hiding place just as a second knife zooms out and flies through my hair. Careers! I load my bow, and Luna (6) picks up the attacking knives, and we quickly jump on the person in the bushes. But there is none. Instead we find to miniature slingshots, carved directly into the bark. We understand at the same moment. "A distraction!" We scamper back to our branch, but my suspictions were rigth. The bag of apples are gone. Luckily we were wearing our jackets, or else they would be stolen too. We are just able to see a mane of red, lush hair and hear a soft laughter, before the thief is gone.


I sit in a three, eating an apple. It was laughably easy to steal from the 5 and 6 girl. Those fools! Too bad that the bag of apples I stole was already almost empty, but I´ll soon have plenty of food, anyway. I am spying on the careers camp. There is only one tribute there, the girl from 4, but she has to be pretty dangerous if they are confident in her being alone. The supplies are still laying inside the cornocopia, only one way into them. I know I need an distraction to get to the supplies, so I take my foot and smash it into a branch at my three, sending it flying to the ground. The 4 girl runs directly over at my direction, but I don´t think she has seen me. "Now!" I say to myself, and I leap out of the three grown, just as the girl is out of sigth. I land on the ground with a soft thud, and hurry to the cornocopia. I take a backpack that could contain anything, a full water bottle and a large packet of beef. Then I scamper out of there and hurry into the woods, just as the 4 girl emerges into the clearing. She looks very puzzled, and seems to thinking to go alert the other careers. But in the end she just shrugs her shoulder and sits down in her guarding position again. Perfect!


Our alliance are walking through the cold winter forest. Our food supplies are slim, so we have used all of today hunting. We have set up snares, resulting in two fat squirells, and now we´re harvesting edible plants. It is torture for the hands, because we have to dig pretty far down into the freezing snow, but as long as we keep moving, we´re fine. I´m still very sad about the death of Summanus (7), but the pain and struggle of bringing food on the table has wiped my head clean of grief. I have just digged my hands into a patch of soft snow to retrieve some roots, when a bush of blackberries beside me rustles and gives a huge shake. I instinctly draw my mace and position myself to defend. The other make similar movements. Then a huge lynx jumps at me. It knocks the breath out of me and bares it´s shiny teeth at me. It huge, triple the size of a normal cat, and is probably about to kill me. It is just about to sink it´s claws into my chest when Cassius (10) throws it off me. It lands on a rock with a crunching sound. Then four more lynxes jump out of the foilage, and panic strikes our alliance. "Run!" I hear Melanoi (12) scream, and we all obey. Even though the lynxes are dangerous, we are faster. A few minutes later, ther whole alliance is sitting in the top of a large three, safe from the savage and hungry mutts under us. That was close!


Oh, shit! I think as I see the 2 girl coming at me with a sword. I had just went out of my cave to hunt when she attacked. She is slashing and stabbing at me, but I´m  very agile and it´s obvious that the sword isn´t her best weapon. If only I could manuver into the cave and get my own sword! Then this girl would be dead in a minute. The 2 girl suddenly raises her weapon and is about to bring it down in me, when I roll out of harms way. I see my oportunity and sprints into my cave, while she is tugging to get her sword out of the soil. I grab my silver weapon, and before she can retaliate, decapitates the career. BOOM! Her head flies two metres up in the air before it lands with a thud. I quckly take her supplies, hide her sword under a rock, grab the rest of my gear and get out of there before the other careers come. I may be one more step closer to home, but all I can think of is the expression of horror on the 2 girl´s face a second before she died. And I will probably never forget it.


I am practicing with my newly acuired knives, the ones that the thief used as an distraction. I´m flinging them into a branch before I fetch them again. I´m rally becoming good at this, hitting the bullseye every time. If only I have shown this to the gamemakers! Then I would easily acuired a seven! Me and Rouge (5) have been hunting all day, getting a big bunch of rabbits and berries, since the thief stole our apples. The next time I encounter that thief, then he or she is dead! I count on my fingers who´s left, as to detect who the thief may have been. Both from 1 and 2. The boy from 3 and the girl from 4. The huge 5 boy. Rouge (5) and me. My district partner, Drak (6). Girl from 7, boy from 8 and girl from 9. And both from 10 and 12. Fifteen tributes. But there has been two cannon shots today, so that makes thirteen tributes alive. Thirteen of twentyfour left. Only twelve more innocent lives, and I can return home. I take a break, and for a while I simply sit on the snow, closing my eyes and thinking of home. Then I hear a small, unatural noise behind me. It sounds like the loading of a bow. I sit up quickly and look over at Rouge (5). She is holding a wooden bow up and aiming at me. Oh no! She releases the bow string, and I only have about half a second. I launch myself into the air, and the arrow narrowly misses my head. Seems like our alliance is over. I sling my pack on me, grab my knives, and run zigzag through the woods, more arrows after me, but none hits their target. I don´t stop running until after two hours, when I´m finally confident I escaped. I am by a huge mountain now. I poke around the foot of it before I find a good cave. It´s almost impossible to see from the forest. It´s only visible up close. I lay myself down inside it, curl up and almost instantly fall asleep.


We all stop everything we were doing as the anthem booms over the forest sounds. We all look up in the sky to see who died today. One cannon in the early morning and one in the late afternoon. We´re all fearing that the second dead tribute was Alexis (2). We havent found her yet, we´re hoping that she just ran into trouble and had to camp out, but we are expecting the worst. But Crimson (2) looks excited by the prospect of Alexis missing. We all know he hates her, but we don´t know the reason. Maybe there isn´t one, Crimson has to be one of the sickest and most bloodthirsty persons I´ve ever met. Now, the fallen. Just like we expected, Alexis (2) is the first to be shown. I hear a small sigh from Lucas (1), he was closest to her and it probably feels good to know. But I can see a grim smile on Crimson´s face in the darkness. Then the 12 boy is shown, I guess he was the one that died in the morning. Then the sky goes black, we all pull out our blankets and go to sleep inside the cornocopia.


Alexis Mitchell - District 2

Parker Summers - District 12

Day 3 : Seen And Unforseen


I am breathing very fast and running likeso, as a huge wolf mutt is chasing me across the forest floor. Pine threes are swooping fast into my vision, and I do sharp turns while avoiding the wolf´s advcancing mouth. The wolf is completely white, so I didn´t see it from my camp until it was near enough to give chase. But just when I think it´s all over, I see that the forest is beginning to thin, and I suddenly jump out into an clearing. There is a pretty big camp with five tributes in the clearing, they are all looking puzzled at me. I lay down on the soil, unable to move. The wolf must have given up, because I´m still alive. But I know if I don´t act fast, these tributes will kill me. "Ally.... ally with me?.." I stammer, completely out of breath. They look a little taken aback, but a girl, I think from 12, steps out from the other and helps me up. I guess I´m in, then.


"What was that?" The twelve year old 2 boy turns his head sharply in my direction, and I quickly slip nto the foilage again. If I´m seen here then I´m as good as dead. "Probably just a rabbit or something." The 4 girl says, and all the careers relax again. They are sitting inside the cornocopia, preparing their weapons, looking pretty bored. I snuck out of my cave at the crack of early dawn, and I have been spying on the careers camp ever since, waiting for an opportunity to get to their supplies. I´m very low on food, It isn´t too easy to hunt alone. My stomach growls loudly, and I jump in surprise. The careers luckily didn´t notice. Then they suddenly notice something or someone at the edge of the clearing. I see a pair of surprised green eyes in a three, a flick of red and then the person is gone. But the careers have noticed, and have grebbed their weapons and given chase after her. I know it´s a girl because it´s the same person that stole from me and Rouge (5)! I don´t remember her name, but I think she was from 9. Suddenly I understand that this is the opportunity that I have been waiting for! I qucikly scamper out of my bush and run like a maniac to the cornocopia. I scoop up a dried pack of soup, a huge packet of dried beef and another bag of apples. I run slowly back to my hiding place, the supplies are weithing me down. I jump into my bush, and a second later the careers are back. I guess they didn´t manage to catch the thief girl, because there is no cannon and they all look dissapointed. I then stuff my stolen food into my bag, and run into the woods, heading for my safe cave.


I´m sitting guard at our camp with my district partner, Cassius, while Ali (7), Nile (8), Nox (3) and Melanoi (12) is out bringing food to our starving stomachs. I got wounded petty badly by that mutt attack yesterday, there´s a huge gash on my shoulder. I have made some simple bandages by straps of rabbit hide, luckily the blood have stopped flowing and using our alliance´s big bundle of herbs the wound won´t have a chance of catching infection. I feel pretty good and is considering to go take a nap when the cannon fires. BOOM! I am so surprised I give a small squel. I look over at Cassius (10), expecting the worst, but he´s still alive. He grabs his sword, and I take my knives up, ready to defend. And them we wait. But nothing happens, but we´re still not relaxing. "Wonder who died?" Cassius says. Then we begin counting on our fingers who´s left. Our alliance, the remaining careers from 1, 2, 4 and 6, and the girls from 5 and 6. That only makes 13 though, I´m sure there´s another one, but I can´t remember who...


I am jumping from three to three, trying to get as mush distance between me and that thing I saw a few minutes ago. It was twice as big any human being, white as snow and had giant tusks. I´m definitively not going face to face against that, not after I witnessed it ripping apart a tribute near the mountains. I have no clue who the poor tribute was, but I don´t want to shear his or hers fate. I can still hear the creatures roars, but they are becoming fainter, and after another five minutes, they dissapear. Whew, I guess I´m out of it´s range. Good news. Better news are rigth underneath me. An alliance moving through the thick snow. I think it´s the 10 tributes. They are shouting out, sounding pretty panicy. "Where are you!?" I am eying the 10 female´s backpack interested, it is halfway open and a loaf of bread is sticking out. Dumb bitch, It´s almost too easy! They pass under my branch, and I take my opportunity. I yank my legs to the three branch, and slides around, so I´m hanging from the branch, upside down. They are so occupied with shouting for their allies that they doesn´t notice me. Those idiots! i easily slip the loaf of bread from the 10 girl´s backpack and scramble back to my branch. Now I´ve got food to last for at least two days. I´m feeling like the odds are in my favor now!


I´m hunting together with Drak (6). Not for food, but for tributes. I´m focused, I want to kill, I want to avenge Alexis (2) murder. I don´t care if my victims killed her, I just want to shed blood so I can forget the loss of my friend. I´m equipped with a nig set of throwing knives, and Drak has a silver sythe. I like him, he´s pretty cool and very nice. But he must die, if I am to win. We comb the snowy woods for another two hours, but them we have to quit. The sky is beginning to darken, and it is never safe to be almost alone in the darkness. We head back to the cornocopia clearing, where the other careers are already assembled. Everyone is sitting in a small huddle, and they are all looking up at the sky. I´m first a little puzzled by this behaviuor, but of course, they are all intersested in who died today. I can´t blame them, so am I. I have only heard one cannon today, but there could have missed a few others. I really hope that the dead tribute of today was one of the bigger threaths, like Micah (5) or Cassius (10). i´m not dissapointed. The anthem plays, and we see Micah´s face before the sky goes dark again. We all cheer, if the games continue to go like this, I´ll be going home in no time!


I´m up while the others are sleeping, this is night is my night for guard. No tribute can witstand us, the careers, in open combat, so I´m not so worried. But I´ve never really liked the darkness, It makes me feel so vurnerable, knowing that I´m surrounded by a huge mass of balackness that can conseal any danger. I´m mostly afraid of mutts, there are not that many dangerous tributes left. I quickly count on my fingers who´s left. Me, Lucas (1), Crimson (2), Misty (4) and Drak (6). The girls from 5 and 6 who are in an alliance. The girls from 7, 10 and 12. And the boy from 8 and Cassius (10). The two biggest players are obvious, me and Cassius. Fuck, I´m tired. I decide to just nap a little, we won´t be attacked anyways... Crunch! What was that? I think it was a crunch of dried leaves being stepped on. I snap my eyes open, and quickly get up from the ground. There, at the edge of the clearing, a figure. He or she has a backpack on, my backpack, and a small canteen of water in their hand. Then I see a silver glint of a sythe, and I know who it is. "DRAK!!!" I scamper up, grab my butterfly swords, and lunge out at him. But he is also quick. He easily blocks my assault with his sythe, and pushes me away with the butt of his weapon. I qucikly snatch up a throwing knife that was laying in the grass, and flings it at him. But yet again he avoids his death, but then he brings mine. Suddenly a silver blade is everything I see, and then It´s all black. BOOM!


Nova Rogue - District 1

Micah Flare - District 5

Day 4 : The Feast


"Congratulations to the 13 tributes for still being alive! We are all admiring you very mush! Now, to the point : I would like to invite you all to a feast at nightfall today! Meet at the cornocopia, this will be a ideal opportunity to make a few kills, scan the field or take in the main event! The main event is a full set of body armor that will protect you from most weapons and assaults, so be sure to meet up! The cornocopia, nigthfall, tonight! May the odds be ever in your favor, tributes!"

We´re all sitting, pretty stunned, by our dying campfire, taking in what we just heard. A feast at nightfall with a incredible body armor as the main event! "Should we go?" Melanoi (12) takes the word. See doesn´t seem scared at all, so does Ali (7) and Cassius (10). But I´m prepared and focused, but Dolly (10) and Nox (3) isn´t, it seems. They both give small wails and complaints and that we probably won´t need a set of body armour anyways. But the rest of us gaze up at Melanoi with a look of grim determination. I grab my blowgun, and I see the others grabbing their weapons of choice. But Nox and Dolly are still complaining heavily, and Melanoi finally gets enough and appoints them both guard duty. But me, Melanoi, Ali and Cassius heads out into the winter forest, away from safety. To get ready. Ready for nightfall. Ready for the feast.


Time is sliding very slowly towards nightfall, nothing really exciting happens. Hour after hour goes by, while I keep cleaning and polishing my knives. It´s so boring! But finally the sky begins to darken, and I hear the familiar hoot of an owl. It´s nightfall, the grand prize will soon be brough into the laps of the careers, and the killing shall commence! Several uneventful minutes go by, until a hovercraft finally materializes over the cornocopia, and carefully drops a package on it. It´s a big, square crate wrapped in brown paper. "Misty, why don´t you fetch it?" Lucas (1) says, and I go to the left side of the cornocopia and begin to climb. When I´m near the roof, I hear wierd rusteling sounds and the sound of feet on metal. What? I carefully sneak up, and the 5 girl is standing there. She has already unpacked the body armor, and is carefully exsamining it. Then she sees me. She quickly pulls the armor on, and is about the slide down the cornocopia. But I react to fast for her, my knife goes into her unprotected head, and she falls to the ground. BOOM! Then I hear shouting and cries of battle from below. The feast has begun. I drag the dead girls armor off her, put it on, and jump down onto the soil, ready for battle.


My mace goes through the air, just as the 2 boy´s spear blocks the assault. The figthing has begun, Melanoi (12) is battling with the 1 male, Cassius (10) is attacking the 4 girl with the body armor, and Nile (8) is at the clearing´s edge, waiting for us. The 2 boy´s spear shoots forward, aiming for my stomach, but I evade the weapon. I swing my mace, and finally hits my opponent in the chest. He goes flying through the air, and lands in the soil. But no cannon fire, so I sprint up to him to finish the job. But rigth then something in the corner of my eye cathces my attension. Melanoi is on the ground, with a bloody gash on her leg and the 1 male is crouching over her with a sword in his hand. I change my mind and run for Melanoi´s aid, but too late. The sword goes rigth through her head. BOOM! I turn back to the 2 boy, but he´s already up and now the girl with the body armor has joined him. "Let´s get out of here!" I shout to Cassius, I grab his hand, and we do a quick retreat. I see behind me that the 1 boy is chasing us. I stumble and fall, and both Cassius and I slam into the ground. The career boy is about to scewer both of us like flies, but then a small dart comes out of nowhere and hits the boy in the forehead. He drops dead to the soil. BOOM! Nile (8), our saviour, comes and lifts us up from the ground. And then we all rush back to the forest, to safety.


I´m sitting by our food supply, listening to the cannons I´ve heard so far. There has been three, I wonder if anyone in my alliance died. I really hope that they all survived. Dolly (10) is asleep next to me, she wa also supposed to stand guard, but fatigue got the better of her. Melanoi (12), Cassius (10), Ali (7) and Nile (8) promised that they would come back before the anthem plays, and thank god for that, I find the forest darkness intimidating and repulsive. I´m beginning to get really tired, so I shake Dolly awake and ask her if she can stay guard while I sleep. She merely nods and gives a little grunt, before slapping her blanket over me. I snuggle up inside it, and everything becomes black. Next thing I see is Dolly´s dead body under me. i´m holding the knife, and it´s coated in blood. Dolly´s blood. I scream and toss the knife away from me. Perfect timing to get one of my mental fitts. Tears is beginning to cloud my vision, but I can just make out three figures moving into the clearing. They mouths fly open in surprise. I use this moment of surprise to snatch a backpack and the knife that took Dolly´s life, and run away. I feel two darts fly part me, one snitching the brim of my ear and the other goes through my hair. But I still continue to run.


Finally it´s time for the anthem and the showing of the fallen. I didn´t attend the feast, I stayed in my cave instead, so I´m aching to see who died. The seal of Panem ligths up the sky, and then it´s replaced by the boy from 1. Wow, not a day goes by without a careers dying. The next to appear is Rouge (5). I´m knda sad, we were friends to some extend and she was my ally. Then they show the girls from 10 and 12. After that the anthem ends, the sky goes dark again and I notice a small silver parachute sailing down. My first sponsor gift! I open it and find a blowgun with twelve darts, and a note. It tells me to get away from my cave immedeatley and hide in the woods instead. Hmm, I knida like it here, but if my mentor says so, then I better get going. I stuff my newly aquired weapon into my bag, and carefully climb down the mountainside. When I land on the soft, white snow I begin to run. I run for at least half the night before findling a small den, located in a crack in a pile of rocks. It is not as comfortable as my previous hiding place, it is a lot less roomier, but my mentor knows better than me what is going on, so I´ll follow the advice. I get my blankets, curl up and sleep. I´m safe. For now.


Lucas Ricardo - District 1

Rouge Nason - District 5

Dolly Woof - District 10

Melanoi Jet - District 12

Day 5 : No Time Left


The morning sun is rising over the distant mountaintops, a new day approaches. It´s only me and Misty (4) left in the careers, with Whistle (4), Nova (1), Alexis (2) and Lucas (1) dead. I know that the careers are finished, and the best thing I can do for now is to kill Misty (4). She has to die if I am to win, so I quickly sneak up to her sleeping spot. My javeline is rised, and then I bring it down. The javeline pierces through the blankets, and I smirk with glee. Another kill. But where is the cannon? I wait for at least ten minutes before I understand that I have been fooled. I toss away the blankets, and there is only snowy ground underneath. "MISTY!!!" I roar with rage over her outsmating me. I´ll get that little bitch, mark my word! I sit down in the cornocopia, practicly blazing with frustration. I decide to stay here during the nigth, no chance of hunting remaining tributes when there´s only me. Before I sleep I count on who´s left. The 8 male, 7 girl, 3 boy and Cassius (10) are in an alliance. The 6 and 9 female. Drak (6) and Misty (4). I think that´s all. Then I see something very strange. The beautiful snow is melting. Melting rigth before my eyes. But it´s nighttime and there has to be at least -15 degrees! But the snow still melts. Then it has to be some sort of gamemaker trick, but why would they melt the snow? The water from the snow is starting to form into puddles. Very wierd.


I´m walking through the cold forest, not stopping for one second. I´ve been on the run since I woke up in the middle of the night. I took with me my knives, a trident and some food. Rigth after I left I heard someone screaming my name. I guess Crimson (2) is a little saddened I left, well deserved for that bastard! I didn´t bring any water supplies from the cornocopia, as all the snow is melting and the water is up to my ankles. I see streams of water flowing down a distant mountainside, there had to be tonnes of snow up there. It´s pretty excausting to figth my way through this huge mass of water. I need to find a place to hide, I can´t walk around like this forever. I have the wierd feeling that someone or something is following me, but I just keep walking through the water. After anotther fifteen minutes, I hear something very odd. Splashing. I quickly turn, and there´s the 3 boy running rigth at me, a wicked knife in his hand. The boy´s knife slashes at me, but I evade it narrowly. I retaliate with my knives, but he is not a bad opponent. We continue for many minutes, hacking and slashing at eachother, both of us gaining only cuts. He raises his knife to attack again, but he suddenly freezes. Then he falls into the water, a small dart stuck in his neck. BOOM! I try to search for his killer, but more darts begin to rain from the sky, and I run away as fast as I can. A few hours after the assault, when the night animals began to come out, I reach one of the mountains. I found a small gap in the rock, and slip in. I´m staying here.


We´re are moving through the flowing mass of water, by the mountainside. It´s incredible how mush water there is, the arena will soon be flooded if this keeps up. Good thing we´re high up in the terrain. We´re all pretty saddened that Melanoi (12) died, we all liked her, and Dolly (10) as well. I wish I could get a go at Nox (3), how could he betray us? It´s total darkness now, the anthem will play any moment. I look over at my allies, they are a little behind me. I know that i will have to leave or kill them soon, we can´t all win. But I just can´t picture myself killing them, I´ve become very close to them. Nile (8) is the nicest person in the world, and Ali (7) is fantastic. "Look, a cave!" Ali shouts, and I also see the cave. She has good vision, it is almost impossible to see from here, and would be the ideal hiding place. We hike the last bit, and slump on the floor, dragging out our blankets. We wrap them around us, snuggle up to eachother to keep warm, and gaze up at the sky. We wait for almost half an hour before the seal of panem and the anthem booms in our ears. I almost cheer as Nox´s face appears in the sky. I´m a little dissapointed that i didn´t get to kill him and avenge Dolly´s death, but so what? He´s dead, and that leaves only eigth tributes left!


Nox Rimmer - District 3

Day 6 : The Danger Underneath


BOOM! I wake up with a jolt up in my safe three. I look quickly around me, but there´s nobody there. Wonder who that cannon was? And how they died? Maybe they drowned, a highly possible probability in this flood. Hope the next victim isn´t me. Luckily I know how to swim. I stuff my food into my bag, and plunge myself into the water. It´s freezing, but I still continue to swim. The water has to be at least three meters now, and pine from the threes are swimming with me. Then I suddenly get a wierd sensation by my feet, something is brushing agains it. I scriech and look down, something huge and gray is moving down there. I launch myself up into the air, and cling to a three. Just in time. A huge gray mass that has to be a fish of some sorts jumps out of the water and hits where I was just seconds before. I still cling to my three, and then slowly move upwards, away from the gruesome creature.


Me and Nile (8) are swimming from our lives, trying to get away from the thing that drowned Cassius (10). We decided to try to hunt tributes, as there are so few left, but the moment we began to swim this thing began chasing us. As I am bashing away through the water, I suddenly understand. With Cassius dead, It´s only me and Nile left in the alliance. I have to kill him. So I take a sharp turn, raise my mace and brings it down on Nile´s head. He goes still and sinks down. The thing suddenly stops and swims down to the unconsious Nile, to eat him. Nile´s meat will hopefully distract the thing long enough so I can get away. After a few hours I hear Nile´s cannon. BOOM! I hate myself for killing him, but it had to be done. I find myself crying, but I quickly rub the tears away. You won´t get sponsors by crying. I suddenly hear splashing behind me, and I turn to see the thing swimming at me. I wait until it´s less than a metre close to me, before I smash my mace onto it´s head. I hear it´s skull crack, and the beast´s limb body sinks like a stone to the forest floor. I climb a three, and using only my mace I hack down a big pile of branches. I use a few hours to craft a rickety float of the branches. I toss it down on the water and uses a short stick to steer the float. This is safer, I don´t know how many beasts there are down there.


I´ve found the safest place in the arena. It´s a small pond almost at the top of the mountain, there are no tributes here, and I got plenty of food and water. My sythe will protect me, it easily killed a wolf mutt trying to eat my face. I decide to take a small dip in the cooling water, so I dress naked and slip in. It´s perfect, and for at least an hour I just swim around. I scrub myself with some moss, and clean my groin. Let´s see who´s left. Only six left, there has been two cannons today. There´s Crimson (2) and Misty (4), the only remaining careers. My district partner Luna (6), I´m surprised she has survived for so long. The alliance between the 7 girl and males from 8 and 10. And the 9 girl. Wonder who´s dead of them? Hopefuly Misty and Crimson. I go over my supplies again. My pack consists a packet of dried beef, two full canteens of water, my sythe, a tent package and a big chunk of wolf mutt meat. The mutt meat is surprisingly tasty. Feeling refreshed, I step out of the pond and pull my clothes back on. I prop up my tent and sit inside it, waiting for something to happen.


I´m swimming quite comfortably through the forest, coming from the fishing district is a good advantage. I´m a little nervous of Crimson (2) following me, he probably hates me, but I´m not too worried. The water is a little cold, but I simply ignore that. It´s a very nice day, but I wish I could find some tributes to kill. I get my wish fulfilled. I see a mane of blonde hair up in a three. I think it´s the 6 girl who stole my kill yesterday. See seems to be sleeping. Hah, too easy! I use my knives as pickaxes, and climb the tribute girls three. I sneak carefully to her, and slit her throath. BOOM! I let her limp body fall into the water, and chuckle to myself. Only five tributes left! I see through her supplies. Only an empty backpack, a blowgun and two throwing knives. Pathetic! I throw away the empty backpack and the blowgun, but keep the knives. They may be useful. I cuddle up in a crack between some branches, and fall asleep. I wake up of the anthem playing. I quickly sit up to watch the show. First to be shown is the 6 girl I killed. Then the 8 boy and Cassius (10). Great, that means the only real threath left is Crimson! I will be going home soon, I´m sure of it!


Luna Fern - District 6

Nile Flame - District 8

Cassius Fallow - District 10

Day 7 : The Finale


I wake up to Cladius Templesmith´s booming voice. "Congratulations to the final five tributes! I know you probably have noticed that the arena has been experiencing a sligth water problem lately, but it´s only getting worse! Soon the entire arena will be flooded, and the only safe place will be the cornocopia! So head there, or drown! May the odds be ever in your favor, tributes!"

I´m not too surprised, now they are forcing us to figth. Wonder how they´ll trap the water out of the clearing. Now I notice something, The water is indeed rising, very fast too. I better move fast, or else I´ll drown for sure. I leave my suoplies in my three, I won´t need them any more. I hold my knife in my hand, like my life depended on it. Which it does. I jump from three to three making my way to cornocopia, to the finale.


I watch as a wierd kind of forcefield is raised around the cornocopia. It is kinda etherreal, looking like it´s almost invisible. But I´ve tried touching it, I can go through but the water doesn´t flow in. I arm myself with two javelines, I´m ready for battle. I know I have good chances of winning. The other tributes got either sucky or average scores, and I got a 10. I´ve got nothing to fear. The only tribute that may be able to kill me is Misty (4), and but I she didn´t take her body armor with her. Instead I have got it, I feel just as etherreal as the forcefield looks. Then I see something on the rigth side of the cornocopia. A figure, impossible to see who it is. No matter, I run like the wind towards the tribute. It´s time for the killing to commence. I throw my javeline, and it hits the hard wood. Wood!? Now that I´m closer I see that the thing I though was a tribute was just a wooden float! Then I hear a roar, and I look up. The 7 girl, Ali I think, is flying rigth at me. She lands on my stomach, knocking the breath out of me. I try to throw her off, but her mace smashes into my head. I´m floating between life and death now, I´m sure of it. I still manage to smile when death approaches. At least it was fun while it lasted..... BOOM!


I toss away the body of the 2 boy. Adrenaline is pumping through my veins. I killed a career. I take his body armor, and pull it on. Looks like the final days of these games will be spectacular. I go through the career´s supplies, and find another mace. And I wait. The forsefield is really beautiful, and the body of water is really building up now. The other tributes will arrive soon. And I´ll be ready. I suddenly hear a very out of place sound. Cheering. i search for the sound, and to my left I see something wierd. A big gray mass with read hair. What? I understand a moment before it happens. Amaryllis (9) flies through the forcefield, riding one of those beast fishes! She jumps off and lands elegantly, like a ninja. She winks at me, and equips her sharo knife. A knife, is she serious? So I run rigth at her. Big mistake. I´m just able to evade her knife that targets my face. I slip on the wet ground and slide rigth into her. We both scream as we fly rigth into the cornocopia. My head smashes into it, while I took the crash for her. I hear my own skull cracking. BOOM!


My sythe soars through the air, but Misty (4) easily rolls out of the way. She is agile, that´s for sure. The 7 girl just died, and Crimson (2) is already dead. Only three left, then. I suddenly get an idea. Instead of slashing my sythe at Misty´s body, I slash at her knives. They fly dramaticly through the air, and land with dull clinks on the top of the cornocopia. I grin, and turn to finish her, but she´s gone. I see her climbing franticly to the cornocpia. I don´t give her time to retrieve them, my sythe gets launched at her and hits her straigth in the stomach. She falls down, definitively dead. BOOM! I turn back to the 9 girl, but she´s nowhere to be found. I see a small flick of red inside to cornocopia, and I smile to myself. I´ll soon be going home. I walk casually in to her, lift my sythe and bring it down. But when the sythe is one centimetre from her head, I feel my balls cracking. She kicked my in the groin. I fall over thanks to the searing pain. And the girl smiles wickedly at me, the knife goes into my chest, and i feel nothing more.


BOOM! I´ve won! I´ve won the hunger games! The corpse of the 6 boy is sitting in front of me, like in a prayer. I suddenly feel a great sence of grief. Who cares that I won, when so many innocent kids had to die? I´m so angry I want to scream and howl. But I can´t. A hovercraft arrives and transports the final fatalities. The 2 boy. 4 girl. The boy who I just killed, who was so close at returning to his family. And the 7 girl. Then a second hovercraft comes, and lowers a ladder, ready to bring me home. I touch it, and I feel a horrible sensation that I´m glued to it. I get lifted into the hovercraft, and put into a side chamber with a huge table buffet. I´m so hugry I eat everything, and then I fall asleep on the cold iron floor.


Amaryllis became one of the most famous victors for her spectacular ride on the slaugtherfish. She even got a slaugtherfish tattoo on her shoulder. She returned to her home district, and that year none in District 9 starved. When she was on her victory tour she didn´t manage to travel to District 6. She didn´t want to meet the family and friends of Drak. She moved into the victors village in District 9, and began mentoring the D9 tributes. With her guidance District 9 got another four victors. She secretly took morphling, but never got addicted. She married to a merchant, and gave birth to twin daugthers. One of them was reaped, but luckily she won.