Welcome To The 100th Annual Hunger Games!

Terribly sorry for all the users who was set up for my Nightmare Games, but those can´t continue as my old account is somehow not working. I suspect hackers.

So I decided to create a new account so I can restart them.

As always, have fun and be polite! >w<

The Rules

1. It´s four tributes each, but I only accept those I like, are interesting and creative or detailed. I won´t accept tributes from any user, and no wikia contributors.

2. Use this template when submitting a tribute :






Appearance (lunaii)








Bloodbath Strategy

Games Strategy

3. Don´t get mad if your tribute dies.

4. Criticice my writing and I will throw you out. Grammar mistakes are OK to point out for me, but don´t rage at me because of them.

5. Don´t start a fight in the comments and no spamming.

6. I will only do the games, and they will be written in overview form and sometimes from the POV of a mayor character in the story.

7. Reservations lasts for one day, and once your reservation have expired you can´t reserva it again. But you can still post it, so don´t sweat.

8. Interesting tributes or tributes with advice will have a greater chance of survival. If you send advice, do so only when your tribute is in danger or before a mayor event, like a feast.

Happy Hunger Games!

And may the odds be ever in your favour!

Tributes of The Spirits Games

Tribute Chart
District Male Tribute District Female Tribute
D1 - Luxury Lynx Striker D1 - Luxury Opaline Tavern
D2 - Masonry Kyle Jordan D2 - Masonry Amphitrite Velas
D3 - Technology Circuit Flash D3 - Technology Claire Kincade
D4 - Fishing Hero Pyromancer D4 - Fishing Azura Blue
D5 - Power Veto Magnate D5 - Power Eliza Garret
D6 - Transportation Asper Dell D6 - Transportation Anabelle Dean
D7 - Lumber Khair Ochre D7 - Lumber Shauni Pistachio
D8 - Textiles Aaron Modiste D8 - Textiles Alexis Castle
D9 - Grain Vladimir Xenopolos D9 - Grain Riella Dime
D10 - Livestock Anubis Pyramid D10 - Livestock Mara McClain
D11 - Agriculture Wolf Fang D11 - Agriculture Marigold Shell
D12 - Mining Volcanic Activity D12 - Mining

Stylo McGrath

The Training Scores

Training Scores
Name Score
Lynx Striker - District 1 Luxury 9
Opaline Tavern - District 1 Luxury 8
Kyle Jordan - District 2 Masonry 9
Amphitrite Velas - District 2 Masonry 10
Circiut Flash - District 3 Technology 4
Claire Kincade - District 3 Technology 9
Hero Pyromancer - District 4 Fishing 11
Azura Blue - District 4 Fishing 8
Veto Magnate - District 5 Power 5
Eliza Garret - District 5 Power 4
Asper Dell - District 6 Transportation 5
Anabelle Dean - District 6 Transportation 6
Khair Ochre - District 7 Lumber 7
Shauni Pistachio - District 7 Lumber 8
Aaron Modiste - District 8 - Textiles 3
Alexis Castle - District 8 Textiles 7
Vladimir Xenopolos - District 9 Grain 8
Riella Dime - District 9 Grain 6
Anubis Pyramid - District 10 Livestock 10
Mara McClain - District 10 Livestock 4
Wolf Fang - District 11 Agriculture 6
Marigold Shell - District 11 Agriculture 5
Volcanic Activity - District 12 Mining 9
Stylo McGrath - District 12 Mining 4

The Death Chart

Death Chart
Placing Name District Killer How
24th Alexis Castle 8 Amphitrite Velas Thrown off roof
23rd Marigold Shell 11 Rat mutts Eaten alive

The Alliances

The Careers : Lynx Striker (1), Opaline Tavern (1), Kyle Jordan (2), Amphitrite Velas (2), Azura Blue (4)

Anti-Careers : Hero Pyromancer (4), Eliza Garret (5), Khair Ochre (7), Mara McClain (10)

10 and 12 Alliance : Anubis Pyramid (10) and Volcanic Activity (12)

3 and 6 Alliance : Claire Kincade (3) and Anabelle Dean (6)

Loners : Circuit Flash (3), Veto Magnate (5), Asper Dell (6), Shauni Pistachio (7), Aaron Modiste (8), Vladimir Xenopolos (9), Riella Dime (9), Wolf Fang (11), Stylo McGrath (12)

The Spirits Games

A hovercraft is floating across the sky, it´s grey, stream-lined body sinister and eerie in the gloom of the night. Mist is swirling in waves around it, as the hovercraft moves silently through the wind currents. The large, looming precence of a mansion is visible in the distance, lightning illuminating the arched windows. That´s where the hovercraft is headed to. That´s where tentynine innocent, young lives will end. A figure is standing in a window, a grim smile showing on the chalk-white person. But just as another lightning strikes the skies, the figure vanishes in thin air, and the mysterious mist clouds the spot where it dissapeared

The camera follows Anabelle as she travels with her tribute tube up to the arena. She is stepping back and forward on her plate and licking her lips nervously. Her palms are sweating and her breathing comes out in fast, shallow sighs. With a loud clunk the plate arrives in the arena. Anabelle can barely contain a gasp. She is standing in a marvelous hall with at least ten metres to the ceiling. Four identical chandeliers are dangeling gently from the ceiling and the floor is shining, dark mahogany. Her heart sinks in her chest as she looks around her a bit more. On the other side of the hall, at the stairs of a indoors balcony, stands Lynx. He is smirking, realizing that two easy kills stand right in front of him, ready to be claimed. His eyes flicker from Anabelle and Mara, his dilemma isn´t who is the biggest threath, but who would go the fastest to kill. So he can quickly move on to the next. A single weapon is in the hall, a slick, ebony curved sword in the exsact middle of the room. The three of them all know who´s the best with such weapon.

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55

On the second floor Hero is waiting patiently for the gong to sound, ready to fight for survival. He is focused on finding his allies, Mara, Eliza and Khair, as quickly as possible, it´s essential for survival. He is looking around, and spots a small bag sitting on a desk. He hopes that no other tributes have been lifted into the same area as she has, but chances are slim he´ll have a peaceful first day in the games. The gamemakers always love to start games with a bang, bloodbath or no bloodbath.

54, 53, 52, 51, 50

Anubis is happy to see that he has been raised into the same room as his ally, Volcanic. They are both in a room with white walls and music instruments cluttering every shelf and table in display cases. Many of the instruments are splattered with blood, and Anubis barely contains a shudder at the though of what horror The Gamemakers have hidden in this room. He and Volcanic have to get out of the room as fast as possible, and try not to touch anything. Anything can kill them in this arena.

49, 48, 47, 46, 45

Shauni is biting her nails and looking around nervously, she knows she could be dead in a few minutes. She is surrounded by sturdy brick walls and rats are scurrying around on the filthy stone floor. The room is empty except for six identical doors, and Shauni´s eyes flick from one to another, trying to decide which to pick.

44. 43. 42. 41. 40

Riella is scratching her tracing device until blood begins to drip from her arm.

39, 38, 37, 36, 35

Veto is looking franticly around the hallway he´s in, scouting for anything that may help him.

34, 33, 32, 31, 30

Aphitrite is smirking at the figure of Alexis, standing opposite to her at the roof.

29, 28, 27, 26, 25

Azura´s eyes are locked on a small bag, a dousin throwing knives sticking out of a pocket in it.

24, 23, 22, 21, 20

Eliza is palancing on one foot to the other, getting ready to make a run for the spear located between her and Stylo.

19, 18, 17, 16, 15

Circuit eyes are flying through the library, taking in all the books and dust, while a pale figure with lank, black hair is watching him.

14, 13, 12, 11, 10

Everyone becomes a little more tenser as the final ten seconds tick before them.







3, 2, 1, GONG

In the Great Hall Lynx is the first to move, he leaps elegantly from his plate and runs on all fours to the jet-black ebony blade in the middle of the hall. Anabelle has frozen on her plate, while Mara is running for the balcony. She flies up the stairs and dissapears into a door. Lynx grabs the sword and proceeds to Anabelle. The girl from 6 screams and tries to run for the stairs like Mara did. But Lynx sees it coming and pounches at her. He lands on top of her as gracefully as the animal he´s named after and raises his weapon. Anabelle screams and manages to hurl him away, Lynx hits the wooden floor with a sickening crunch, his weapon scooting across the room. Anabelle picks it up and flees through the door leading to the gardens. Lynx gets up, but too late. Anabelle seals the entrance to the gardens with a branch from a tree. Lynx rams himself into the door, but It keeps hold. Lynx bares his shining teeth at Anabelle, but Anabelle just grins. She got away, and Lynx is banging in the door with his fists in frustration.

Aphitrite swiftly jumps off her plate and bolts to the fleeing Alexis, who is running for the stair leading down to the rest of the house. But Amphitrite doesn´t want to lose kills, she hurls herself through the air and crashes into Alexis from the side. The girls then begin to wrestle fiercely, each of then trying hard to topple the other. But then Amphitrite sees an opening, and kicks out at Alexis. The girl from 8 screams as she falls down off the roof, and down to the darkness below. A few seconds later a unnerving splat can be hard, and Amphitrite sighs. BOOM! She quickly looks around, but there´s nothing more on the roof. She gives the roof one last look before climbing the stairs carefully.

Marigold leaps off her plate and lands on the hard cellar floor. She is surrouded by six identical doors, and she is trying to decide what door to pick. Picking the wrong door could be a deadly mistake. But so could staying here. But Marigold doesn´t realize this until the rats have already swarmed her. She is screaming as the rats crawl all over her and biting small chunks of her flesh off with their sharp teeth. Marigold tries to shake them off and move over to the nearest door, but it´s hopeless. Four rats begin to gnaw on her head while another eats her eyeballs. Marigold can´t scream anymore, the rats have invaded her mouth and begin to eat her tounge. She can just lie there, waiting for death. After what seems like hours for Marigold´s family only her skeleton remains, coated with the blood the rats didn´t drink. Then a single cannon booms. BOOM!

In the music room both Anubis and Volcanic leap off their plates at the same time. Then they run across the beautiful mahogany floor and past all the bloody music instruments in their display cases. They are careful to not touch anything, they have understood that the rooms beauty is a deadly trap. Their footsteps send weak echos through the room, but the boys continue to run, there´s no stopping them now. But just as they are about to step out into the hallway a quiet, beautiful melody begins to play. They both freeze of horror and turn slowly. A white piano in the middle of the room, carved directly out of marble, is playing the sooting notes. The tangents press down and move, but nobody is playing. Anubis and Volcanic is too scared to move, a great mistake. They can´t do anything but stare as the song ends and the screaming begin. They just stand there while terrible screams attack their ears, it seems to come from the room inself. Finally Anubis has the sense to grab his ally´s hand and steer him out of the room. They run through the hallways, the music room´s gruesome screams still revibrating in their heads.

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