Hi Its Raven HG Im Hosting the 22nd Hunger Games I am doing this because my last Hunger Games was a failure It is first come first serve Reservations last 1 day I will Be happy to kill your tribute I will start the games when I get all of the tributes. I am doing Profiles

-This Game will Be Quick on my other 3 games i will put some time in these

`-Since im not doing post advice for your tribute (bloodbath,feast ect.)

-Im planning on doing 3 other games after this and then a quell with the tributes bringing tributes back to life.

Everyone Gets 600$ Sponsor Money For their tributes

In The Final 8 Tributes Alliances are broken (except careers) If they make it  

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor


I made 7 alliance groups of i will randomly putting tributes in each group so dont expect to be with someone and i wont make you kill them for a while....

Tribute Template

Well In order to make it in you have to follow this template  








Appearance-(lunaii is prefered)




Reaped Or Volunteered


  • Capitol- Thekoth Exupury
  • Capitol- Rycca Aureli
  • D1 Callam Obitus
  • D1 Lexi Mansin
  • D2 Landon Jones
  • D2 Thyra Sarin
  • D3 Delta Crane
  • D3 Suzanne Avolts
  • D4 Morolith Dmitry
  • D4 Karina Sunglow
  • D5 Luxus Ryabov
  • D6 Jayden Brae
  • D6 Kiki White
  • D7 Krane Octrus
  • D7 Rose Greyser
  • D8 John Madrick
  • D8 Loretta Wertin
  • D9 Edilio Escalarr
  • D9 Igraine Avena
  • D12 Randy Dillan
  • D12 Kailye Dillan
  • D13 Joe Croon
  • D13 Jessoka Croon



District Name Gender Weapon
Capitol Thekoth Exupury Male Sword
Capitol Rycca Aureli Female Saber Claws
District 1 Callam Obitus Male Axe,Throwing Axes and Knifes
District 1 Lexi Mansin Female Spear,Axe
District 2 Landon Jones Male Mace,Sword
District 2 Thyra Sarin Female Composite Bow
District 3 Delta Crane Male Throwing Knifes
District 3 Suzanne Avolts Female Throwing Axes
District 4 Morolith Dmitry Male Mace,Trident
District 4 Karina Sunglow Female Trident,Axe
District 5 Luxus Ryabov Male Spear,Trident
District 5 Zolta Klik Female Axe,Knifes
District 6 Jayden Brae Male Whip
District 6 Kiki White Female Swords,Knifes,Axes
District 7 Krane Octrus Male Axe,Throwing Axe
District 7 Rose Greyser Female Throwing Axes and Knifes
District 8 John Madrick Male Machete,Club
District 8 Loretta Wertin Female Throwing Knife,Blowgun
District 9 Edilio Escalarr Male Sickle/Sickle Sword
District 9 Igraine Avena Female Sickle
District 10 Arkta Luster Male Machete,Throwing Knifes
District 10 Xarin Tak Female Bow & Arrow
District 11 Oak Harvester Male Spear,Sword
District 11 Jarnee Fresne Female Mallet,Hammer
District 12 Randy Dillan Male Spear
District 12 Kailye Dillan Female Spear
District 13 Joe Croon Male Nunchucks

District 13

Jessoka Croon Female Sword


Landon's POV

I looked around to see all the tributes I tried to see who looked weak the girl from 5 look weak but the tributes but no-one semmed to stand out yet.We all were alarmed to hear SILENCE! said Raven our Gamemaker he was with other people but i didnt seem to notice them."Tributes Tributes! Thank you for your sacrifice!"he yelled "We will have a twist.... We assigned you in groups of 4 that your connected to if someone in your group dies you feel a slight pain!" I saw a couble of tributes gasping i saw the twins looking at eachother."The Groups are posted on the wall!" Callam from 1 was the first one to get there i saw the look on his face and he fainted.



Jessoka (13),Joe (13),


Loretta (8),Rycca (C),Luxus (5),Edilio (9)


Randy (12),Kailye (12),

Death Eaters

Jarnee (11),John (8)


Lexi (1)

Thyra (2)

Krane (7)


Name Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3
ViniciusDeAssis1999 Randy Dillan Kailye Dillan 600$
Ougi-kun Loretta Wertin 600$
Evilhairbomadness Rycca Aureli 600$
YoungGuy5 Edilio Escalarr Jarnee Fresne 300$-J 350-E
Kanine400   600$
Theman77 John Madrick 600$


Apples(10) - $75

Oranges(10) - $75

Bread(12) - $100

Soup - $50

Bacon(5) - $125

Raw Chicken - $130

Cooked Chicken - $175

Raw Turkey - $150

Cooked Turkey - $200

Empty Water Bottle(3) - $125

Water Bottle(2) - $175


Knife(5) - $250

Throwing Knives(4) - $325

Bowie Knife(2) - $295

Axe(4) - $275

Throwing Axes(3) - $350

Spear(2) - $325

Bow - $200

Crossbow - $300

Composite Bow - $325

Arrows(12) - $100

Sword - $300

Sickle Sword - $300

Machete - $375

Sythe - $400

Baton - $350

Blowgun - $250

Darts(14) - $125

Poison Darts(6) - $175

Slingshot - $130

Rocks(15) - $50

Whip - $100


Neon Colored Sweatshirt - $100

Camoflauge Sweatshirt - $175

Neon Colored Sweatpants - $100

Camoflauge Sweatpants - $175

Neon Colored Snowjacket - $250

Camoflauge Snowjacket - $300

Neon Colored Snowpants - $250

Camoflauge Snowpants - $300

Neon Colored Hat - $25

Camoflauge Hat - $75

Neon Colored Gloves - $45

Camoflauge Gloves - $75

Neon Colored Boots - $100

Camoflauge Boots- $150

Capitol Jacket* - $400

Capitol Pants* - $350

Capitol Hat* - $175

Capitol Gloves* - $200

Capitol Boots* - $275

  • Whenever it says Capitol ------, it means that it will change compared to the temperature. It will always keep your tribute warm even if it's as cold as Antarctica


Bandages(20) - $100 Cold-Preventor (prevents from cold, or ends the cold if has one) - $350

Allergy Medicine - $200

Neosporin (prevents infection) - $300

Instant-Heal - $450

Sleep Syrup - $125


Night-Vision Googles - $350

Sunglasses - $300

Sleeping Bag - $200

Rope - $125

Matches - $175

Net - $250

The prices will rise every 5 days by $100 So it will be harder to get items.\

At The End Of Each Day You Will Have Time To Send Your tribute items

Day 1-Bloodbath

Igraine's POV

I rose up from my tube saying bye to my stylist Eve. Right now im brave on the outside and scared on the inside should I Go Or Not?The countdown starts 60,59,58,57,56

Callam's POV

I look at Lexi but she smirks at me.I hate the gamemakers for putting me on the Deaths...Im a career dumbo i look at Karina and she nods but then i look at Morolith and he mouths YOUR DEAD! The Countdown is now 19,18,17,16,15,14

Delta's POV

I dont know where to go what to do I know i will die but I Cant! I have to win I look at the Croon's They have frowns on their faces I find a pack of throwing knifes perfect just need to get to them 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,GONG!

Rycca's POV

I rushed to the cornucopia hoping for something I already noticed the first fight going on Krane had just tackled Jayden from 6 Jayden had nothing but bread and Krane had an axe I got some Saber Claws and i watched as he impaled the axe into his heart BOOM! I started to run away "Phew! Im Safe!"

Thyra's POV

Already I saw 2 tributes escape Suzanne and Rycca I saw a spear go into Delta's back BOOM! I took a bow and aimed at Igraine's head she was grabbing supplies it went into her skull I watched as she collapsed BOOM!

Callam's POV

i took an axe ans started Running and all of the sudden I tripped "Hello There" said Morolith "See I told you i would kill you"He raised his mace and I panicked so I Threw my axe at his heart and he fell backwards BOOM! I took my bloody axe and his supplies and ran off hoping to find the Deaths

Randy's POV

Wow were slow the other siblings ran away first Me and Kailye grabbed a sword and knife and 4 backpacks! but as we ran away we heard BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Wow 8 people died we better run faster

Thekoth's POV

I managed to grab a sword and managed to swing at Arkta BOOM! i took it out and swung it at Zolta BOOM! i watched as John from 8 was stabbing Oak to the death BOOM! I watched as he ran away with 2 machetes and a bag Me and the Careers were left YIKES! I better get out Quick! Landon threw me into the cornnucopia and slit my neck with his sword.The world started to go bla....BOOM!

All Of the tributes that made it have supplies except Joe Jessica Luxus and Kiki


Edilio's POV

I was running in the woods with 1 useless pack I decided to stop and say it was my days work I found my whole group made it alive Wow we might actually make it Rycca was holding her Saber Claw chatting as i got a big parachute.I opened it to find a Sickle Sword."Yes Finally a weapon!"

Kiki's POV

Me and my partner Xarin Found a spot and settled for the night Her Face lit up when she got a bow an arrow from a sponsor We decided to climb a tree.We Climbed about 70 ft high and used the rope Xarin had to keep us there We looked down and saw Suzanne from 3 gettting chased by Lexi she tripped and she bashed her head with a Hammer BOOM!"Hammer I thought she only uses Spears and Axes...Weird"

Thyra's POV

Me and Landon were just sitting there until Lexi Came back."Killed the Girl From 3"She Announced. "I Heard" I said.We watched the Anthem we looked at the tributes Jayden,Delta,Igraine,Morlith "NOOOO!" said Landon. Arkta,Zolta,Oak and Thekoth "Nine People Died" I said.We started chatting until Landon said he would guard for the night and we fell asleep.

Day 2

Jarnee's POV

Ugh I made it for 1 day I look through my bag a sword 10 apples and night vision goggles Good just what i need I looked at John and he had 2 machetes 7 knifes 1 sythe and a Capitol Uniform wow he's gonna make it "Hows it going?" he said.Not bad im going to get some food."Are you sure?' he asked "Ya Im fine." I said so i took my sword and set off.

Randy's POV

Rose Is To Crazy We already lost Igraine and she has this big scar on her eye Me and my sister we are a lake guarding and Rose was walking saying something.We saw the bushes shake and all of Joe popped out and ran to the knife on the ground."YOUR GONNA DIE YOU IDIOT!"Rose shouted and she threw and axe at him but she missed and tackled her down "Your gonna die painfully he said.By the time he said that we were 2 miles away from him I'm glad we still have our packs We climbed a tree and all of a...BOOM! That must be Roses' cannon.

Krane's POV

i was walking with my blood stained axe...Im proud I got 1st Kill i froze when i saw Kiki and Xarin.Xarin aimed the bow at my head."A-A-A-Ally?" I said shaking "Deal." said Kiki "we'll spare your life."We started talking snd I told Kiki that were so close to the Cornucopia so we decided to raid the careers.But I'll secretly join them

Landon's POV

We we at the cornucopia just chilling ready to kill.All of a sudden 5 people Including Callam and karina dashed in to kill us.Lexi who was completely shocked started Run away."Baby..." I said.I took my sword and ran over to Xarin she hit me with her bow&arrow "AGH!" i screamed as i dug my sword in her heart BOOM!Krane Ran over to me "ALLY PLEASE!" He asked "okay..." i said Thyra killed Karina and Kiki and i Killed CallamBOOM! BOOM! BOOM! by the time they all died Krane ran over to me and swung his axe at my head "Nooo.."Boom! The world got black

Krane's POV

Yes I killed him I ran away taking his pack.Wow 7 people died today there should only be a few people left

Day 3-Bloodbath 2

Lexi's POV

Yesterday was so scary I'm so glad I made it Every one that attacked us died except for Krane and Landon Died

I heard a whizzing sound of a parachute and I Got Apples,A Capitol Jacket and something else it was an axe that said Good Luck Lexi! -Capitol Aww I was so proud.But then not so happy when I heard the announcer Claudius Boom "Congratulations To The Final 13 Since you are so far away from eachother we will have another bloodbath with brand new items! Good Luck and May the odds be ever in your favor"Wait a sec....WOAH All Of the sudden I was on my pedestol again.

John's POV

60,59,58,57,56 I looked at Jarnee.He didn't know what the heck was hapenning well i had a knife in my hand I looked beside me Thyra and Lorreta my District Partner I smiled But she didnt look weak she had a machete in her hand and she was vicious.The Countdown Countdown continues 36,,30,29

Luxus' POV

28,27,26,25,24,23,22,21,20 I had a trident in my hand hoping to get a kill i tried to go for Lexi but she had an axe 19,18,17,16,15,14,13

Edilio's POV

I had nothing in my hand currently This Cornucopia was lime green and had stuff like A machine thats shoots knife

double sided spears and i found a sickle bow WOW COOL ITS MINE i thought."Well I better be quick." i said 5,4,3,2,1 GONG!

Krane's POV

I saw Randy and Kailye along with Loretta..hmm i ran to an auto throw-axe and threw it at Jessoka BOOM! Joe started to charge at me with Nunchucks but I picked up a knife and stabbed him to death BOOM!But then Thyra shot an arrow at my neck. "Uh Oh....BOOM!

John's POV

I snuck up on Thyra but she hit me with her bow but it broke."Your Dead" I said I slammed her head into the cornucopia BOOM! I ran off with my bag and 3 knifes

Lexi's POV

I grabbed no weapons i just ran away for my safety I looked back a minute and saw that Luxus was going after me he threw a knife at me and I Tripped And He Tried To Slam an Axe Into Me but it got stuck into the ground I Got Up and started to hack him with the axe BOOM! But Then I felt a slight pain in my head "WHAT THE? BOOM!

Final 7

Kailye Dillan

Randy Dillan

Loretta Wertin

John Madrick

Jarnee Fresne

Rycca Aureli

Edilio Escalarr

Final Day

Rycca's POV

7 People Left Good I Can win this just gotta kill.I had a feeling they would send in mutts to tear us to shreads I hope they dont do that I held My Saber Claw In My Hand "Someone is coming."I thought I heard Loretta's Voice "ugh I need to find John. I was alarmed.

Loretta's POV

I saw Rycca and she ran up to me "Nooo!" I said and I threw an axe at her head.She Collapsed Immediatly BOOM! I ran away with her supplies hoping to kill someone but i found no-one I noticed there was a golden path so I followed it It Lead to The Lake where I saw everybody else

Edilio's POV

I couldn't move it was like something was forcing me to stay i had got a pack of knifes earlier and i saw Jarnee had a rock aiming towards me i heard something say Final Battle in 5,4,3,2,1 GO! I Ran at Randy and i snapped his neck BOOM! I saw that John threw a knife at Loretta and she dodged it but then she threw her axe and he threw his knife at the same time Loretta missed but got hit in the head BOOM!

Jarnee's POV

i saw Kailye crying and she started thrashing all over She Grabbed a Kopis and threw it at Edilio BOOM! But Then I saw a spear coming towards me... BOOM!

John's POV

Final 2 Me and Kailye I grabbed my axe for the Final Time and ran over to her but she tripped me and started to stab me I watched the blood pour out her knife she said "Im Gonna win this for my brother...." I got up and Chopped her head off BOOM! Wait I won.....I WON! YES! I WON!"Ladies and Gentlemen the victor of the 22nd Hunger Games... JOHN MADRICK!"


You will be The D8 Male For My 25th Hunger Games-Quell

Death Chart

Place Name Killer How Killed
28th Jayden Brae Krane Octrus Hacked By Axe
27th Delta Crane Lexi Mansin Speared
26th Igraine Avena Thyra Sarin Shot in Head


Morolith Dmitry Callam Obitus Axed in heart
24th Arkta Luster Thekoth Exupury stabbed by sword
23rd Zolta Klik Thekoth Exupury Stabbed By Sword
22nd Oak Harvester John Maddrick Stabbed to death
21st Thekoth Exupury Landon Jones Slit Neck
20th Suzanne Avolts Lexi Mansin Bashed By Hammer
19th Rose Greyser Joe Croon Knifed in Heart
18th Xarin Tak Landon Jones Slashed
17th Karina Sunglow Thyra Sarin Hacked By Axe
16th Callam Obitus Landon Jones Stabbed to death
15th Kiki White Thyra Sarin stabbed with sythe
14th Landon Jones Krane Octrus Hit By Axe
13th Jessoka Croon Krane Octrus Axed
12th Joe Croon Krane Octrus Stabbed To Death
11th Krane Octrus Thyra Sarin Shot In Neck
10th Thyra Sarin John Madrick Slammed into Cornucopia
9th Luxus Ryabov Lexi Mansin Hacked By Axe
8th Lexi Mansin Jarnee Fresne Hit by Knife
7th Rycca Aureli Loretta Wertin Hit By Axe
6th Randy Dillan Edilio Escalarr Snapped Neck
5th Loretta Wertin John Madrick Axed
4th Edilio Escalarr Kailye Dillan Hit By Kopis
3rd Jarnee Fresne Kailye Dillan Speared

2nd:Kailye Dillan

Victor:John Madrick

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