1.3 Tributes per person

2.Don't get mad if your tribute dies or doesnt get a PoV.

3.No Complaining or else your tribute will die.


Ok My Last Didn't Quite work out but this time i have a better and simpler idea for me POVS I got the idea from Cloveismywife (Epic Person) and I'm Gonna do it. I will pick the Povs myself but i will accept tributes



Districts: (List 3)






Appearance: (Lunaii)





Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:



Main POV's

Role Tribute User
Main Character Barbanaty Pologamus Nhtomahawks22
Main Character's Friend Exolian Dynamite HungerGamesFanatic21
Enemy Reznor Nyx Theman77
Enemy's Friend Josh Eagleye Bluefire16
Love Interest to Main Character Sliverscrap Archadia Hello im cat lady
Wildcard Tribute Clair Clearwaters HGClatoLover

Sorry I just reworded it.


District Male User Female User
1 Esmer Violani Wesolini Carolyn Harolyn  Equestria Gurl
2 Reznor Nyx Theman77 Callie Haymond Equestria Gurl
3 Edwin Brodes ViniciusDeAssis1999 Bethunia Underium HungerGamesFanatic21
4 Josh Eagleye Bluefire16 Amanda Hawks  Bluefire16
5 Flick Rivers  HungerGamesFanatic21 Ashleigh Richmond Ms.finnickodair
6 Revenus (Chase) Locks Daniel17 Ashlynn Donavon ViniciusDeAssis1999
7 Ryan Ferry HGClatoLover

Clair Clearwaters

8 Nox Rimmer ThePandaAssaain Silverscrap Archadia Hello im cat lady
9 Shen Seraph  ThePandaAssaain Rosepetal Alp Hello im cat lady
10 Muddi Treriver ViniciusDeAssis1999

Candlemoon (Candi) Aruba

Hello im cat lady
11 Barbanaty Pologamus Nhtomahawks22 Penelope Poma Wesolini
12 Exolian Dynamite HungerGamesFanatic21 Lindsay Tereen Equestria Gurl



Alliance 1- Barbanaty (11), Exolian (12), Muddi (10), Silver (9), Bethunia (3)

Careers-Esmer (1), Carolyn (1), Reznor (2), Callie (2), Amanda (4), Josh (4), Shen (9)

Train Rides

Barbanaty's PoV

I can't believe they are doing this to me making me volunteer and watch me die. I hate Snow he threatens to kill me and im gonna get killed sooner or later right? I'm sitting in my bed looking at the beautiful blue bird "A mockingjay." I say to myself. I watch as this creature flows away in the crystal sunlight happy, relaxed.. The toal opposite of what I am right now. I start to walk out and get a drink and I see Penelope just sitting there she looks so sad just like me I knew something had to happen. "Why are you so sad all the time? I watch as the words sputter from my mouth she tells me the story her parents got killed in a fire and know I feel kinda bad I look around at all the luxury at the train and see that we just passed District 4 train I look at the tributes in there. If you judged them off of pyshical appearance they look pretty weak but they have to be strong. We pass by the broken down District 4 Train and we head for the capitol

Josh's PoV

I cant believe our train has just broke down as me and Amanda look out the window we see the 11 train and we see the boy staring at us. "We'll kill him later right?" I mumble to Amanda she nods and I start looking around we actually have a mentor unlike most district Mags. She is around 30 and she is really nice and good with advice.I cant wait to meet the District 1 & 2 Tributes I'm a career this year and I know it and so is Amanda. Mags starts to talk to Amanda and then she walks away.We arrive at the capitol being the last one there. 

Tribute Parades

Exolian's PoV

"Hi my name is Octiro and  I will be your sylist this year." I look up to see my stylist I smile and she walks away holding something that looks like an outfit I look over to see Lindsay who seems to be just staring at her costume in discust. I manage to pull myself off of the table and get my miners costume on. I think It looks Pretty Neat. Lindsay gets her's on and we climb up on the chariot. The tributes parades start and District 1 comes out looking neat like always. District 2 comes out and I see that the boy is giving everybody a menacing stare. District 3 rolls out and notice the girl is a hottie I'll talk to her later then I see District 4 comes out and everyone starts cheering at Josh and Amanda's Costumes Then District 5 I notice the boy look quite firmilliar the rest of the tributes I dont really notice because I was looking at the 3 girl the whole entire time but then its our turn. I start to wave my hand and Lindsay just taps her feet like she waiting for something but all of a sudden I scream out "Im Exolian Dynamite!!!" and then I notice everybody starts cheering at me. "ahhhh life is good."

Group Training

Reznor's POV

When I wake up I already know it's gonna be a good day because today is group training I wake up and I see Callie just staring at me "WHAT is It?!" I scream at her. She just giggles and walks away. I dont know what is wrong with that girl. I eat breakfeast and head down and yet im a half hour early im late...... Philen  has just done explaining what to do and sent us off. I decide to go to the swords station and I look at the 4 male "WAZZUP HOMIE" He says to me. I just laugh and continue onto my station. I've done about 11 stations when it's lunch. I learned that the boy from 4's name is Josh and he points me off to the 11 boy. "What a weakling" I whisper to Josh i go over to the 11 boy and say "Ally?" He smiles and when he's about to say yes I say "Haha just kidding I'll kill you in the bloodbath!" I see that Silver is listening to us ans she walks over and throws me on the ground "Shut up Reznor." I glare at her and set off. I just chat with the careers and tease people and before I know it the days over "Im ready for the victory."

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Esmer Violani 9
Carolyn Harolyn 8
Reznor Nyx 11
Callie Haymond 10
Edwin Brodes 4
Bethunia Underium 6
Josh Eagleye 10
Amanda Hawks 8
Flick Rivers 7
Ashleigh Richmond 4
Revenus (Chase) Locke 6
Ashlynn Donavon 8
Ryan Ferry 2
Claire Clearwaters 9
Nox Rimmer 7
Silverscrap Archadia 8
Shen Seraph 10
Rosepetal Alp 3
Muddi Treriver 9
Candlemoon Aruba 6
Barbanaty Pologamus 9
Penelope Poma 7
Exolian Dynamite 8
Lindsay Tereen 5

Death Chart

Tribute District Killer  District How Killed
Penelope Poma 11 Knife Weapon Fell On Knife
Ashleigh Richmond 5 Josh Eagleye 4 Knife in neck
Ryan Ferry 7 Shen Seraph 9 Knife in head
Lindsay Tereen 12 Flick Rivers 5 Trident to chest
Callie Haymond 2 Sliverscrap Archadia 8 Axe to head
Ashlynn Donavon 6 Reznor Nyx 2 Stabbed to death
Amanda Hawks 4 Exolian Dynamite 12 Arrow to the head
Revenus (Chase) Locke 6 Josh Eagleye 4 Stabbed in the head


Reznor's POV - Bloodbath

I eat a huge breakfeast I then I hear a noise "Get into your tube." I say goodbye to my stylist and get into my tube I am confronted by pitch back for a couple a seconds and then I see were in a hotel lobby i look over at the elevator and see that there is 100 floors and then I look towards the door. "Its like a beauty....." I say 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30. OMG  Time flies I'm so excited for the games to start I look at Josh strong as always. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1........ GONG!

I try to run but I trip on my pedastol. I already see the boy from 8 get a sword and head into the elevator followed by the boy from 3. There not allies so one of them are gonna die.BOOM! I get up and try to go for  the boy from 11...

Barbanaty's POV

The boy from 2.... Reznor I think Is in pain. I already see Josh stab the girl from 5 in the neck BOOM! I look the district 7 tributes and they run out the door.Shen totally suprised throws a knife at one of them BOOM! "Lets Go!" I shout to Muddi and Exolian. I see that we have Bethunia too I leap into the elevator with my pals "WHAT FLOOR!?" Exolian screams. "Hmmmmm..." Try 23. he presses the numbers and we go up. "Were the second ones to use this elevator.' I go into a luxury room and decide to set camp.

Josh's POV

I'm so tired so I sit on a crate while the others are battling.Lindsay falls face first into the ground and when she gets up she's confronted by a trident.BOOM! I look into the crate and find an apple. Granny Smith I take a bite in it. I see blood shatter on the main desk and realize it's mine. Silverscrap jumps out with an axe and punches me in the face. I fall back and Silver heads over to Callie and hacks at her head BOOM! Reznor suddenly alarmed gets back on his feet. Silverscrap goes into the elevator. Only 1 tribute left the girl from 6. Reznor stabs  her to death. BOOM

Clair Clearwaters - aftermath

I'm sitting here just thinking of Ryan one of my only friends dead now. I clutch my blanket along with my axe thinking of a plan to get to that elevator. I look at Amanda weak ready to die.... I bash down the doors and run through the lobby startling the careers. I am just about to the elevator when I see Shen grab his axe and through it at me. Luckily it hit the elevator door. I run inside and the door closes. I could set camp right here in the elevator but i decide floor 24. I look at the luxury rooms all sorts of weapons. I grab another axe and set off to a terrible room where they would least expect me. But before I know it there's a bulldog I kill it with my axe and set off to the luxury room. I go in and lock the door. "Phew... Im safe..." I start to eat a chocolate bar that I found in the fridge and just watch some TV. I'm watching Catching Up with the Snow's. Its really funny and then I hear "Room Service!" I look over to the door and a tribute is there.. The boy with 6 with a knife. "Shut up! and get out or I'll kill you!!" Him being startled walks away. The TV turns to a different channel where I see the anthem
  • Callie Haymond
  • Ashleigh
  • Ashlynn
  • Ryan
  • Penelope
  • Lindsay

When I see the girl from 2 I get kinda surprised but the rest dont surprise me but when I see Ryan I tear up but then I see Penelope I remember she tripped and landed and a face up knife and bled to death I thought she was still alive and one of the Elevator boys died. They must of formed an alliance But all I know is that the boy from 6 is is on my floor and Nox and Edwin are probably on a high floor. I take a nice warm bath and go to bed.

Exolian's POV- Day 2

I look over at my side to see a box "Ugh where am I?" I seem to mumble THOOOOO a knife has just landed in Bethunia's head "NOOOOO!" I look over to see Reznor I charge at him only to be slashed. The world is fading away..... "EXOLIAN WAKE UP!" My eyes flutter open suddenly "M-Muddi?" I say with a pause "Yeah it's me the others went upstairs because the heard a racket last night." I walk over to the fridge to go a donut "Mmmmm Glazed so were supposed to stay here?" I ask "Ya until they found out who's up there." as soon as he s aid that I hear footsteps oon our floor I think. "Muddi someone's here......" I say and look over at the door Girl from 4. Muddi grabs his sword and tries to slash her but he gets flipped. I grab a bow even though Im not good at one and try to aim for Muddi and end his misery nah just kidding I hit the girl instead she falls down dead. BOOM! "AMANDA!!" I hear a nearby scream and footsteps I slam the door at the boy from 4.  Barbanaty,The Boy From 6..... THE BOY FROM SIX? The others have the key so they get in while the boy from 6 fails and Josh gets him."Poor boy....." says Barbanaty. BOOM! "Lock the door......."

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