I was bored so I decided to make this. This will be much like a movie but its all in 1 person's Pov Kronicy Hayes.


District Male Female
1 Rock  Pearl
2 Raven Kellina
3 Kronicy Angel
4 Un-Named Twilight
5 Ryan Flash Girl
6 Harry Un-Named
7 Un-Named Eagle
8 Prodigy Un-Named
9 Brick Un-Named
10 Un-Named Un-Named
11 Flamius Un-Named
12 Un-Named



I watch as I just got stabbed in the head I am screaming out in pain the world is slipping away...... "KRONICY WAKE UP!" I look to see my little brother Hyena staring at me. "Woah what happened" I say in a whisper.He just walks away slowly. I guess I had another bad dream but of course this is my first reaping so that is what happens. I look on my shelf to see a sign that says "Happy Hunger Games Kronicy!"-Mom. It's like she wants me to die. I find a piece a bread on the note and take it and head downstairs. I am confronted by the triplets Hyena,Cheeta, and Coyote. All wolf names. I think its pretty cool well anyways while I'm chewing my bread. I noticed I have to go in 5 minutes. "Late Riser....." says Coyote. "Oh you shut up." I snap back. I quickly get my clothes on and head over to the reaping. I get my finger pricked to notice i'm the last one thereI watch the Dark Days video ..... terrible. Then our escort Enbellina steps on stage. "Girls First." I can tell she's in a rush. She picks a name and then shouts "Angel Garden!" I see a girl step out of the 15 year old section. She looks actually cute but what do I know. "Now for the boys" She says harshly. She plucks a name and then reads it alaoud. "Kronicy Hayes!" Uh oh this cant be.... im only 12. "Someone please volunteer for me." Now everybody is staring at me. I walk on stage and I shake hands with Angel. Her hand is smooth and warm. "Great just what I need." I get to talk with my  family before I go. The three triplets only come. "Please dont die." says Cheetah, the youngest. "Oh i won't..." i say soothingly to them. They told me mother could not come and that she's depressed. "Oh great." I think. They get dismissed out and then I get on the train.

Group Training

Really Nothing has happened in the past few days. I met Beetee my mentor and knew more about Angel. She was more scared than I was. We were listening to Atala talk about survival skills and then she sends us off. I see that the girl from 5 is actually just running around she's the fastest I think.I see the careers at the weapons while the boy from 9 stares at them.He's 6'3 and mainly a threat. I start to walk to the knot tieing station where I confront the boy from 5.He looks about my age and I talk to him. I ask him if we could form an alliance and he says yes. I learned that he is great at ninja stars and his name is Ryan. I go over to the swords station and start chopping down dummies. I see that the boy from 11 also here too... I look over and see the boy from 2 just got in a fight with  the boy from 9.He said that he'll kill him. 

"Like that would happen." I say to myself. I focus on survival for now and before I know it Group Training is over.

Training Scores



I watch as the scores flash on the board. all i did was throw a spear and wielded a sword and chopped dummies really nothing actually.



I watch as the girl from 2 got a 6 I start to chuckle


I wonder what im gonna get


Everyone starts to cheer it's a good score for a 12 Year old and I sit down as  


She starts to blush i bet she's happy. We start to watch the other scores in silience



Girl From 6- 1


I dont really pay attention to the scores  but what surprises me when Brick's name shows up.




I walk on up to stage and Ceaser asks me if I have a chance

Me:Well I guess so depends on the arena right?

Ceaser:Very true Hows Life back home?

Me: Okay I miss my 3 younger brother I told them I would win.

Ceaser:Is there any disadvantages for being 12?

Me:No not really I guess I'm pretty good

Ceaser:Cool! Good Luck in the arena!




The tributes rise up from their tubes and it shows close view Kronicy looking around at tributes Shows: Raven,Pearl,Brick and Girl from 7  Shows Kronicy's brothers at district 3. Hyena: I dont want to look Cheetah:This is gonna be bloody. The countdown is at 20,19,18,17,16 Shows Raven look over at Brick makes snapping gesture. 5,4,3,2,1 GONG

The tributes jump off their pedastols while Kronicy watches.Onyx trips and the girl from 8 walks up to him with a knife. About to stab him Raven sneaks attack her and slashes her in the leg suddenly alarmed she turns around to be slit in the neck. It shows Flash Girl running out with a bag and a sword and she kills the girl from 10 that's running in. Onyx grabs a brick and slams it on the girl from 9 head. Brick and the boy from 4 are fighting Brick punches him and stabs him in the chest. Meanwhile Ryan is running from the bloodbath. Prodigy has just sliced the boy from 7 heart. Kronice runs in as fast as he can to the cornucopia to be thrown on the ground from the boy from 12. But just in time Raven jumps on him and stabs to death with a hammer.Kronice runs away.The girl from 11is trying to escape while Pearl chops at her neck. The girl from 6 just killed the boy from 10 and Liliana grabs her and smashes her head on the cornucopia


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