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74th Annual Hunger Games

EXcellent December 2, 2012 User blog:EXcellent

74th Hunger Games

"Welcome To the 74th Annual Hunger games may the odds be ever in your favour."- President Mockingjay

Hey Everybody I will be remaking the 74th Annual Hunger games. Don't expect Katniss or Peeta to win although they might win. I will be mixing it up

If you want to claim a tribute just say I claim (Tribute Name)

If theres an un-named tribute you can name it.

D4 is careers (like the books)


Can Claim up to 3 tributes

No Complaining


District Tribute User Tribute  User
1 Marvel Glimmer
2 Cato Clove
3 Un-Named Un-Named
4 Un-Named Un-Named
5 Un-Named Foxface
6 Un-Named Un-Named
7 Un-Named Un-Named
8 Un-Named Un-Named
9 Un-Named Un-Named
10 Un-Named Un-Named
11 Thresh Rue Ducky35
12 Peeta Ducky35



You can name the un-named tributes if you claim them

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