Raven Games

Well this is just a games with all my tributes in it.I was pretty bored so... May the odds be ever in my favor

I might have some tributes that I havent used yet. I will use them later.This is also so you can see how good I write

My Tributes

District Male Female
1 Onyx Blight Diamond Pearl
2 Raven Mockingjay Venus Mockingjay
3 Kronice Hayes Angel Garden
4 Jaydo Tsunami Twilight Sea
5 Lucas Heyk Amanda Brologen
6 Hadix Maven Carolyn Maven
7 Hawk Eagle
8 Prodigy Hayte Samantha Brayze
9 Brick Hein Layleir Reid
10 Flamius Merflake Ryler Heller
11 Likol Yeller Shayde Cheta
12 Traken Herder Katie Trike

Death Chart

Place Killed Killer
24th Likol Yeller Brick Hein
23rd Amanda Brologen Raven Mockingjay
22nd Shayde Cheta Onyx Blight
21st Jaydo Tsunami Brick Hein
20th Hawk Katie Trike
19th Eagle Prodigy Hayte
18th Prodigy Hayte Raven Mockingjay
17th Lucas Heyk Twilight Sea
16th Twilight Sea Hadix Maven
15th Onyx Blight Traken Herder
14th Traken Herder Raven Mockingjay
13th Diamond Pearl Venus Mockingjay
12th Venus Mockingjay Flamius Merflake
11th Raven Mockingjay Kronice Hayes
10th Flamius Merflake Kronice Hayes
9th Brike Hein Katie Trike
8th Hadix Maven Katie Trike
7th Samantha Brayze Mutt Raven Mockingjay
6th Katie Trike Mutt Brick Hein
5th Carolyn Maven Kronice Hayes
4th Angel Garden Mutt Prodigy Hayte
3rd Layleir Reed Ryler Yeller
2nd Ryler Yeller Kronice Hayes
Victor Well Kronice Hayes was

getting chocked but sliced Ryler

And He won


Traken's POV

i say bye to my sylist and rise up in my tube the countdown begins to start I look at everyone I look at the threateners..Brick,Eagle,Raven,Prodigy,Well Me,and Lucas.I look at the countdown and it reads 29,28,27,26,25

Hadix's POV

19,18,17 I look at Brick it looks like he'll most likely win I can tell my sister scared but she will run in too i see a knife yes its mine 3,2,1 GONG

Raven's POV

I ran to the cornucopia NO! Brick is faster than me he grabs a knife and stabs my left arm."IDIOT" I screamed and slammed him on the ground I looked and saw Likol get slashed in the face by Brick "what!?"i asked myself.I grabbed a knife and I slit Amanda's neck

Eagle's POV

I saw Onyx Take a Brick and hit Shayde's head.Wow 3 Kills in less than a minute pretty good."uh oh" I saw Brick shove his knife into Jaydo's Heart and he ran away with 2 backpacks.I looked on the ground and grabbed a spear I tried to kill the Powerkiller from 8 but he hit me with his sword.I looked for Hawk he ran over to my aid."I love you brother I said.I saw the look on his face Scared.I saw Katie take an axe and cut Hawk's head off clean Thats all I remember until everything became black.

Kronice's POV

I grabbed a big bag and a sword and a backpack only to be confronted by Prodigy i dropped my sword and he swung at me but he missed he was soon tackled by Raven who stabbed him to death.I grabbed my sword and ran


Venus' POV

I look at all the dead faces and saw that Kronice was running away."he's gonna die" i thought.Onyx,Diamond,Me,Raven and Twilight were all that were left we listened to the cannons BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Hmm 7 its a decent ammount.I thought.The anthem started and we saw the faces Likol,Amanda,Shayde,Jaydo,Hawk,and Eagle 3 Careers! wow were not doing good.Raven decided to take guard and Twilight was gonna go hunting."Be Careful I said"

Hadix's POV

I'm sitting on a log with Carolyn and Lucas.But I heard something and then I saw Twilight walking towards us.She had a sword so i thought I was dead but she was running towards Lucas he slashed her with his knife but she stuck her sword up his heart.I was so mad that I tackled Her onto the ground and started to stab her.BOOM! BOOM!

Day 2 Career Wipeout

Brick's POV

Ok so I'm with Flamius and Traken right now.We walk to the Cornucopia.Like usuall the careers are there but i see Kronice with a bow.He aims it at Diamond but missed.They look over and Traken trys to kill Onyx.He was pretty succesful he stabs him in the head.BOOM! but Raven gets mad and snaps his neck. BOOM! I decide to run away and climb a tree and watch the action.Diamond trys to sneak up on Raven but she gets axed in the head.Flamius runs in and stabs her to death BOOM! and runs away with Venus' bag.I then look at Raven he just fell down with an arrow in head.BOOM! I see Flamius try to kill him but he buried his sword into his heart.boom!The world is slipping away fast IM DIEING.I turn around to see Katie's Axe in my heart....BOOM!


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