This my first games and I hope everyone enjoys it! When you submit a tribute plz put their district, name, age, weapon, skills, strategy, history and token! No more spots left sorry if you missed out!


District 12

M- Agro Tron- Death: Eaten by foxes 17th place

F- Star Flare- Death: Heat stroke 12th place

District 11

M- Garrick Carter- Death: Stabbed 19th place

F- Issabella "Issy" Stone- Kills: Garrick Carter, Drake Keth, Syr Wrath, partial credit for Zero Bismuth's death, Bliss Creme, and Spring Howards. Death: Lung colasped. 2nd place

District 10

M- Drake Keth- Death: Hit by throwing knife 9th Place

F- Jenna Keth: Death: Impaled by trident 20th place

District 9

M- Sam Jones- Death: Skewered by spear 18th place

F- Spring Howards Kills: Joo-Chan Park. Death: Stabbed through the neck/fell in lava 3rd place

District 8

M- Brain Youth- Death: Stepped off plate 24th place

F- Rocky Stone- Death: Shot by arrow 23rd place.

District 7

M- Pine Thorn- Death: Set on fire 10th place

F- Willow Stone- Death: Skewered by spear 21st place

District 6

M- Elliot Pound- Death: Stabbed by knife 11th place

F- Zepn Gram- death: Eaten by snakes 16th place

District 5

M- Balson Munder death: knifed 7th place

F- Nari Laora Kills: Elliot Pound and Issy Stone. Winner!!!!!

District 4

M- Zero Bismuth Kills: Jenna Keth. Death: Knifed/burnt 5th place

F- Ether Lustrare- Death: Speared by spear 13th place

District 3

M- Retro Star- Death- Speared by spear 15th place

F- Lucy Elfin: Death: Shot by Arrow 22nd place

District 2

M- Joo-Chan Park Kills: Willow Stone, Sam Jones, Retro Star, Ether Lustrare Death- axed 8th place

F- Yuri Blue- Death- Eaten 14th place

District 1

M- Syr Wrath KIlls: Lucy Elfin, Rocky Stone. Death: Knifed 6th place

F- Bliss Creme kills: Balson Munder. Death: Strangled 4th place


Each sponser has $4000 to start with.


Knife- 100

A dozen throwing knives- 400

half a dozen throwing knives- 200

sword- 200

axe- 300

mace- 200

club- 100

trident- 500

sythe- 150

blow gun with 12 darts: 400

a dozen darts- 200

bow and arrows- 300

a dozen arrows- 200

spear- 350

spear head- 200

nightstick- 250

harpoon- 300

flail- 300

spray poison- 700

scimitar- 450

switchblade- 250

rope- 100

poison- 550

hatchet- 400

whip- 350

meteor hammer- 450

throwing stars- 500

sling shot- 50

Food, water, medicine, etc

beef strips- 250

1 gallon of water- 250

half a gallon of water- 150

empty water container- 50


dried fruit- 250

crackers- 150


bag of apples- 500

Feast from the Capitol- 900

basic medicine kit- 700

bandage- 100

Burn Medicine- 500

Poison antidote- 700

hypodermal- 500

fever pills - 200

medication for a disease- 700

pot- 250

bowl- 50

plastic sheet- 50

flash light- 200

12 matches- 250


socks- 150

jacket- 400

heavy jacket- 500

sleeping bag- 600

blanket- 150

tent- 1000

night vision glasses- 600

empty back pack- 150

Full backpack- 1100 (Has iodine, a gallon of water, sleeping bag, crackers, blanket, flint and a bowl)

Note- 50

The Arena

The arena is one large valley with the cornucopia in the middle it is surronded by snowcapped mountains and there is one volcano in each direction ( North, South, East and West). There is a river in the middle with no fish and if you don't drink the water with purifacation you will have horrible hallucinations. To the East there is a large piney forest with a small wetlands to the south, it has a great temperture during the day but at night its freezing. It has a few lakes that are safe to drink from and has poisonous fruit and plentiful game. To the West there is a rocky area with little vegitation, game or water but has some small game, the ocassional camel or oasis. In this area it is warm night but is really hot during the day.




Owl sharp beak and strong enough to carry someone away
Owl Mutt

Great hunter, LOVES the taste of human flesh

and they hunt in packs

Rattle Snake Vicous and hunts in packs
Condor Sharp claws, if you get caught by one you will be taken to its nest and eaten by its babies, it has also been specificly bred to seek out human flesh

The Chariot Rides!

District 1

District 1 is stunning. Bliss is wearing a white gown dotted with sparkling white diamonds while Syr is wearing a white tux and the bow is dotted with diamonds. Syr seems to be pleased that he and Bliss are holding hands. Bliss is blowing lots-o-kisses into the crowd.

District 2

The next chariot shows the raw power that most District 2 tributes have. They are both wearing military uniforms and are holding guns. Yuri seems to be very nervous about her fellow tributes and Joo-Chan is very shy towards the audience but is thinking of ways to kill all of his fellow tributes.

District 3

The pair from District 3 both have vicous smiles on their faces. That's all anyone notices about them. (Besides the fact that Retro is staring at Yuri.)

District 4

District 4 has a wonderful style. Zero has a blue shirt and pants on but is drapped in a golden net and holds a trident. Ether has a blue dress on with pearls sewn into it. But the most shocking part is the glass crown with a fish swimming in it! Zero suddenly kisses Ether and the audience screams.

District 5

District 5's chariot rides out with the audience hushes. The horses have a red rubies on their heads. Balson is wearing a suit with the coat covered in rubies and Nari has on a ruby coated dress and they are doing the tango. Both tributes seem to be excited about the sponsers they'll make.

District 6

District 6's chariot is shocking, the horses are blood red and Elloit and Zepn have bloody doctor outfits on and are holding disection tools. There is a bloody dummy laying on a operating table before them. Elliot is laughing hystericly while it looks like Zepn is already planning how to kill him.

District 7

The District 7 chariot is average towards the audience. The horses are brown and Willow has a simple green dress while Pine has brown pants and a green shirt. Both tributes are disappointed because they didn't make much of a impression.

District 8

When District 8's chariot comes out everyone screams. Brian is beating Rocky with the septer he was holding. No one notices the outfits they're wearing; robes made out of diffrent fabrics sewn together. Blood is everywhere and Rocky is screaming her head off. Peacekeepers and paramedics rush up. The peacekeepers knock Brian out and the paramedics help fix up a huge gash on Rocky's head.

District 9

The audience has just gotten over the District 8 mishap when District 9 rolls out. Spring wears a simple white dress with a red hooded cape and Sam wears simple hunters clothes. Suddenly a wolf jumps on to the chariot and Sam kills it with an axe. The audience relizes it is The Little Red Ridding Hood!

District 10

The District 10 chariot is covered in grass and is pulled by beautiful stallions. Both Jenna and Drake are wearing shepard outfits and the audience begins to yawn. But then smoke pours out of the chariot and when it clears the chariot is gone and Jenna and Drake are in jockey outfits and are riding the horses.

District 11

The District 11 chariot is wrapped in grape vines and Garrick and Issabella have similar clothes on. Both of them are wearing green garments wrapped in vines. They both are putting as much distance possible between each other.

District 12

District 12's horses are coal black and their manes are on fire. The perimeter of the chariot is on fire and Star is wearing a black and grey dress with smoke coming off of it. Agro is wearing a suit that does the same thing.

Training Scores

Tribute name Score 1-12
Bliss 9
Syr 10
Yuri 9
Joo-Chan 10
Lucy 9
Retro 8
Ether 7
Zero 7
Nari 9
Balson 6
Zepn 8
Elliot 11
Willow 4
Pine 5
Brian 9
Rocky 3
Spring 6
Sam 8
Jenna 9
Drake 7
Issabella 6
Garrick 8
Star 5
Agro 8


Syr- In Syr's interview we learn that he is very talented at useing weapons and is ready to win. The only down side is that if he wins his best friend, Bliss, will die. The audience also gets a feeling that Syr may love Bliss so of course, Caesar asks him. Syr turns a bright red and says yes.

Bliss- Bliss' interview is interesting. She says that she would say that she loves him too but because only one person can win she can't afford to have any attachments. She also talks about how she is very popular at home.

Joo-Chan- Joo-Chan is very shy during his interview and says he has no idea of how he got a 10 in training. He also says he is excited to be working with the careers and hopes they will take him to the finals.

Yuri- She explains that she has no intention joining the careers and she hopes she can just hide the whole games without killing anyone. She also says that she loves her sisters to death and she hopes they can survive if she dies.

Retro- This interview reveals that he wants to kill all the competition. But he has a special urge to kill the women. Caesar ends the interview early because Retro is getting to graphic.

Lucy- Lucy explains that she's madly in love with her ex, Kouta and she killed his family. She also says that she wishes she didn't live at the mental facality so she could see him more offten.

Zero- He reavels that the kiss during the chariot was just a joke. He also says he has an overprotective girlfriend named Marina who gets very mad when he talks to other girls.

Ether- Ether shows that she killed her Uncle beacause he abused her and she has a fuzy memory of what happened next. She also says that she is slightly affraid of men and being touched because of her uncle.

Balson- In Blason's interview we learn that he is brave, strong and fast. He says even though he got a low training score that you shouldn't count him out. He says that he wishes that he could see his dad and that's another thing that drives him to victory, he could see his dad during the victory tour.

Nari- She explains that she's not affraid of any other tributes no matter how big they are. She also says that once she gets a meteor hammer she won't be able to be defeated. She mentions that she has many friends and a loving familly.

Elliot- We learn almost nothing during Elliot's interview. We know he is insane and always carries a container of blood which he drinks from.

Zepn- Zepn reavels that she openly hates Elliot because he was the death of her parents. Other wise she is quiet.

Pine- He shows that he is ready to win the games and will get a kind ally during the games. He also says that his Mother is gravely ill and that her death would make it worse. But the rest of his life is decent.

Willow- Willow says that she is her family's main provider and that they are very poor. She also states that she won't trust anyone because of how people have betrayed each other in past games and that she knows how to set snares.

Brian- Caesar gives Brian a hello and askes why he atacked Rocky. In reponse Brian lounges at Caesar and starts choking him. Again peacekeepers rush up and knock Brian out.

Rocky- Rocky explains that Brain has caused her to have lots of migraines and that's part of the reason she got such a low training score.

Sam- Sam shows that he is seriously concerened about his sister's life and that's why he must win these games. He is also ready to team up with a good tribute and he hopes he won't have to kill Spring.

Spring- Spring reavels that her family is poverty stricken and her parents work from dawn to night. But none the less she is cheerful and very caring for her friends. She also says she is open to alliances.

Drake- Drake shows he hates the career districts and will stop at nothing to kill them. He will team up with his siter and if they get to the final 2 he will kill himself.

Jenna- Jenna does a follow up on what Drake says, she hates the careers and will rip them limb from limb. She also shows that she is very poor.

Garrick- Garrick explains that he works in the fields all day to get extra money for his mother and that is why he looks so strong. He also says that for some reason Issabella doesn't like him at all and he doesn't like her because she is always mad at him.

Issabella- "Issy" states she doesn't like Garrick because he is so greedy, she spends lots of time helping her neighbors while he sits in his house during his free time. She also explains that she is devoted to her little sisters.

Agro- Agro reavels he is madly in love with Star and he will do anything in the arena to protect her. He also says he is skilled with a sword.

Star- Star says she returns Agro's feelings and will team up with him. She is able to identify eddible plants and will use that to her advantage in the arena.

Day 1- Cornucopia bloodbath

Spring's POV

My plate rises up into the arena and I'm in shock, the arena is split in half by a river to the right, a forest, to my left, a rocky desert. In the distance a see snow capped mountains. Out of now where I hear a scream from the District 8 boy and then I see him step off the plate towards Rocky and BANG, the first tribute is dead.......Then the gong sounds.

No longer Spring's POV

Once the gong sounds the arena turns to mayhem. The first to arrive is Syr who picks up a golden bow and arrows and turns to see Joo-Chan. "Are you a career or not?'. Syr replies by sending a arrow through Rocky's head. "I'll take that as a yes." Yuri and Nari are neck and neck as they both run to the cornucopia. Yuri sticks her leg out and Nari falls cursing as she sees Ether pick up the only meteor hammer. Agro screams at Star who rushes towards him. They both pick up minor supplies and bolt towards the woods. Zepn sees Elliot run hystericly towrds the desert so she picks up a dart gun and is about to fire when Syr sends a arrow at her and she has to roll out of the way. She then bolts after Elliot. Syr hears Bliss scream and turns to see hear being chased by Lucy, who is wielding a wicked knife. Lucy never gets to kill her because Syr sends an arrow through her brain. Bliss runs into his arms but blushes and backs away to pick up some throwing knives. Zero throws a trident at Spring but she rolls out of the way and picks up a small back pack and darts into the woods. Nari manages to get a knife and a box of crackers before she runs into the desert. Willow tries to follow her but gets hit by Joo-Chan's spear. Yuri is at the cornucopia picking up supplies when Joo-Chan tells her, "I will give you one last chance to become a career." Yuri gulps, punches him in the face and runs of. She glances back and sees Retro chasing her and she is engulfed by fear. She and Retro run into the woods. The career pack of five strong is now warding everyone away from the cornucopia. But the District 10 pair arrive and Ether only has a split second to jump out of the way from Jenna's knife. Jenna flashes Ether a evil smile before being impaled by Zero's trident. Drake screams but knows its too late, in grief he runs into the woods. Garrick uses the District 10 distraction to get supplies from the cornucopia but Issy sees him and says, "You selfish jerk, you deserve to die!" And with that she drives a knife into his side. Garrick tries to stuanch the flow of blood but its hopeless the knife damaged his lung, he dies five seconds later. The only ones left at the cornucopia are the careers, Pine and Sam. Both of whose plates where in the river and had to fight the current. Pine barely dodges Bliss' throwing knife but Sam is hit by Joo-Chan's spear. The careers celebrate their victory at the cornucopia.


Zepn has been wandering the desert for hours but she can't find Elliot anywhere. She's dieing of thrist and its super hot. She rips open her back pack but she only has beef strips, her blow gun with a dozen darts, a vile of poison, iodine and a empty container of water. She thinks she's going to pass out when she sees a beautiful oasis. She quickly fills her container, puts in iodine and waits the agonizing 30 minutes under the shade of a tree.

Balson decided against going to the cornucopia because of all the psychopaths. He is now walking through the woods with no supplies.

The Careers decide to go into the woods because they don't want to get lost in the desert. Tonight they had a vote and elected Joo-Chan in charge. Joo-Chan decided to let everyone sleep at the cornucopia.

Yuri has finally gotten away from Retro but is freezing because she doesn't have any blankets from the cornucopia.

The rest of the tributes are faring well for the night and nothing else of intrest happens. (When I put what tributes need next to their names at the top it means they need a sponser item.)

Day 1 Deaths: 7

Brain Youth- Mine

Rocky Stone- Syr Wrath

Lucy Elfin- Syr Wrath

Willow Stone- Joo-Chan Park

Jenna Keth- Zero Bismuth

Garrick Carter: Issabella Stone

Sam Jones- Joo-Chan Park

Day 2

Balson's POV

So thristy. I have been searching all day put nothing! No water to be found. I would've killed the animals I had seen earier, if only I had some weapons. Suddenly I see a silver parachute decending. A rush over and find a backpack stuffed with usefull items and a harpon! Perfect. I'm surprised that some one spent so much to send me this stuff. I take the weapon out and practice by shotting a tree. Once I get the hang of it I take out a wild turkey. I'm tempted to cook it but I know the Career pack is out there. So I eat a cracker and drink some water.

No longer Balson's POV

Yuri is hiding up in a tree but is still frozen soild. If she doesn't get something to keep herself warm she will die.

Agro and Star are sleeping up in a tree. When Star wakes up she sees Agro kissing her temple. She smiles and says," I would like it if you kept your lips to your self." Agro blushes a bright pink but Star laughs and says," But that doesn't mean I have to." She leans in a kisses him on the lips. Agro smiles and they slide down the tree to look for food. " Star you stay here and collect some plants and I'll go off to look for water and game," Agro says. He kisses her and walks off.

Star's POV

I'm so lucky to have him. He's so barve and strong. I look around for some edible plants. But there's only poisonous fruits, nuts, and roots. Seriously? I start rubbing my temples. All the warmth from his kisses are gone. I want it back. Then I hear him yelling. Oh no. Not my Agro. I rush over to where the scream was and I see him surronded by these deranged foxes, I'm positive they're mutts. "Star, run!' Is the last thing he says before the foxes jump on him. Boom! I hear the cannon and I know there's no hope. I run as fast as I can, clmib up our tree and cry. I'll never feel the warmth of his kisses again.

No longer Star's POV

Issy sees the parachute falling down. She rips it open to find half a dozen throwing knives and night vision glasses. She adds it to her supplies which include; another half dozen throwing knives, beef strips, and a bowl.

The Careers have been combing the woods for hours. "Where are all these weaklings?" Joo-Chan says. "There all up trees cowering in fear," Zero jokes. All the Careers chuckle. "Keep an eye out for Elliot, Retro and Yuri," Joo-Chan says. "Why Yuri? She isn't that strong," Bliss ponders. "She disrespected me and I won't have it now come on!" He replies. All the Careers knod in assent and run off.

Pine's POV

I let out a huff of breath when the Careers leave. I was sitting in the very tree that Joo-Chan was leaning on. I'm very disapointed at my loot from the cornucopia. All I got was a apple, a spare spear head and a gauze roll. Those Careers, their back packs were filled to the brim with supplies and they all had the best weapons. Then I realize they have left the cornucopia defenseless! All of the Careers were there. I count them off, the love birds from 1, the killing machine from 2, and the District 4 pair. I end up deciding it would be too risky, I would need a look out. Who would be the best one........ The girl from 9! I remember her climbing the trees with ease as she fled the cornucopia. I climb down my tree and go looking for her.

No longer Pine's POV

Spring is up in a tree napping about two miles away. She got better stuff from the cornucopia, a flashlight, dried fruit, iodine, a full water bottle and half a dozen throwing knives. Little does she know that the Careers are closing in on her.

(It's now night time)
Spring's POV

I wake up to the sound of cruching and shouts. I carefully glance down my tree and see the Career pack but what's worse is that the girl from 4 has spotted me! I quickly pack up my things and climb higher, out of the range of their weapons. I see two silver parachutes decending and grab both of them. In the first one there is a vile of poison but in the second one there is half a dozen throwing knives and a note saying not to seduce Joo-Chan. What, why would I try to seduce someone? Then I put the two and two together and discover that the second parachute is for the District 1 girl. Hey, I'm not gonna let her use it so I rip up the note and break the knives. (Brony12 will not be charged for the knives and note!) The sound of the screech is loud so I look up and see a shadowy figure fly by. It swoops down and knocks most of the Careers to their feet. At first I'm thankfull but then I see it come towards me. As it gets closer I see it's some kind of mutated owl. It extends its talons and picks me right up. Most of the talons rip my backpack causing my flashlight, three of my throwing knives and my iodine to fall out. The other talons dig deep into my sides causing huge gashes. I see it carrying farther and farther away from the Careers. In desperation I slash the owl with my knife and it drops me. I hit a thick tree branch hard. I then pass out.

No longer Spring's POV

Yuri is siting there shaking like crazy from the cold. A silver parachute comes down and she rips it open. She giggles with delight and throws on the jacket and slides into the sleeping bag.

Nari has found the oaisis that Zepn is at but doesn't see her because she's sleeping in a tree.

Day 2 Deaths: 1

Agro Tron- Fox Mutts

Day 3

Zepn wakes up to see Nari siting by the the water drinking. Zepn pulls out her poison darts and blow gun and fires at her. Luckly she turns and sees it and jumps into the water. Nari has only has a knife so she knows she has a low chance beating Zepn and her suppierior weapons. Then about a dozen snakes come out of the ground hissing. They can't get Nari because she's in the water but Zepn is up a tree which they can climb. Zepn tries to kill them with her toxic darts but they are immune to the poison. One of the snakes bites her. She starts having spasms and the snakes drag her away. Nari is completly shocked at this but isn't supprised when Zepn's cannon booms.


Pine's POV

I'm treading through the woods when I hear the moaning. I look up to see Spring laying on a tree branch. I climb up and she that something clawed her. She gasps when she sees me so I say, "Don't worry I'm not going to kill you, here." I gently wrap my gauze roll around her wounds. "Do you have any medicine," she mumbles. "No but I know ere we can get some," I reply. She looks at me in bewilderment but I she her face slowly transform into relization. "The Career base," she says. "That's right but it will take about a day to get there in your condidtion," I say. "Well we better get going then," she says with a smile. I will tell her my plan on the road.

No longer Pine's POV

The Careers are sweeping through the woods again after what little action they had yesterday. "Alright it's day 3 and we still haven't killed anyone since the cornucopai bloodbath, the audience will get bored and you know what that means," Joo-Chan says. "Were going to get atacked by crazed lizards or launched into the air by a tidal wave made by the gamemakers," Zero jokes. The Careers all laugh at the gamemakers expense.


Gamemaker Earth doesn't like the fact that the Careers are mocking him and his fellow gamemakers. He looks over at Gamemaker Brony who is glaring at the monitor. "What should we do to them?" He asks. "Well I know it won't envolve lizards or tidal waves," Earth replies. "I say we push the Careers, the boy from 3 and the girl from 2 all together," Brony says with his signature wicked grin."I totally agree," Earth says as his finger pushes the botton that will release a flock of owl mutts into the Career and Retro's area. "Give them distinct orders to drive them towards the District 2 girl, not kill them," Earth says into a mic that transmits to the mutt trainers.


Balson is silently trudging through the woods, ready to kill. He isn't afraid of any tributes now that he has a harpoon.

Retro is walking through the woods keeping a special eye out for Yuri. The sun has just sunken out of view when a huge flock of owl mutts seem to come out of the ground. They herd Retro to a small clearing of trees when he sees Yuri sungled up in a sleeping bag at the base of a tree sound asleep. A smile slowly crawls onto his face.

Yuri's POV

My eyes begin to flutter open and I notice someone in front of me. I come out of my drowsyness and relize its another tribute......... Retro! He's holding a curved knife so I get up and bolt, leaving my stuff behind. I have to get away from this psycopath. As he runs I hear him say in a creepy suductivce purr," Come back here sweety!" This causes me to run even faster. Just when I think it can't get any worse the Career pack busts through the trees right behind Retro. I see Joo-Chan glare at me and I know he wants revenge. I run as fast as I can go. I turn around to see that almost all of the Careers have surronded Retro. Then I get a sharp pain in my leg. I look back to see that the girl from District 1 has thrown a knife into my leg and is bolting towards me. I scramble up and dash away. We run through the thick foliage until she throws a knife that embeds in my back. I fall to the ground and she's standing over me holding a sharp knife. "I would kill you but Joo-Chan said he wants to," she says. Tears well in my eyes. I should've just pretended to be a Career.

No longer Yuri's POV

Syr's POV

Retro is keeping up a good fight, blocking all of our attacks, Joo-Chan's spear, my sword, and both of Zero's and Ether's tridents. Finally I slip out of the battle, climb a tree and fire an arrow at him. He sees it and rolls out of the way but Joo-Chan stabs him from behind. His cannon booms and we all cheer. Then I hear two bloodcurdling screams. One from the District 2 girl the other from Bliss. Next I hear a cannon. I jolt towards them. I have to protect her. I have to save her. I run into the clearing were they are and see that Bliss has a huge gash on her right shoulder. Her face is as white as the moon. Pain swells in my chest. She can't be dead. One glance at Yuri and I konw Bliss is alive. Yuri's throat has been ripped open and blood is everywhere. The rest of the Careers come in, weapons ready but see that they don't need them. All of the sudden a huge fox jumps out of a bush, blood coming out of its mouth. I fire an arrow into its head killing it instantly. I bend over to get out my medical kit and disinfectant out when Joo-Chan says," Leave her, we don't need all of us now that the number of tributes have decressed." Bliss' eyes open when she hears this. They're full of fear. It gives me the strength to shout," No, I won't leave her...... I love her!" Joo-Chan's eyes seem to set on fire. "You dare disrespect me! Zero, Ether what do you think?" He yells. Zero shifts uncomfortably but Ether says," I agree with Syr, we can't just leave her behind." Joo-Chan fills with rage and shoves his spear into her bowel. He pushes her against a tree. Has he gone insane? "What do you think about this? Will Zero leave you behind? No sappy romance here!" He screams at her. She slumps to the floor dead and her cannon booms. "Alright because she just died you can take Bliss with us back to camp," He says as he retrives his spear. I gently pick up Bliss and she says, "I love you too." I warm up with joy.

Day 3 Deaths: 4

Zepn Gram- Snake Mutts

Retro Star- Joo-Chan Park

Yuri Blue- Fox Mutts

Ether Lustrare- Joo-Chan Park

Day 4: Intense Heat

As the sun rises so does the heat. Nari, who's in the desert begins to sweat. She crawls into a small cave so she cools down a bit. As she looks out she sees a small rodent fall over dead from the heat and the oasis water avaporating.

No one knows where Elliot is because he cut out his tracker.

In the mean time Issy is sitting by a small pond when a small silver parachute decends. She opens it to find a blanket and a note from her family saying,"You're doing great sweetie and that we're rooting for you!" She keeps the note close but puts the blanket away because it's starting to get really hot. She looks over at the lake to see it disappering before her eyes. She knows she needs to go to a cooler area so she heads towards the mountains.

Star's POV

I'm still sitting up in my tree crying when I start sweating alot so I climb down to fill my empty water container. I reach the lake, well where the lake used to be. Know there is only a small mud puddle and alot of thirsty animals around it. I am really thirsty now and I'm about to pass out. I am now slowly going insane and I discover that I have a heat stroke! As I lay on the ground I think of what a mess my life has become and slowly die.

No longer Star's POV

Drake is not effected by the heat wave because he is alredy high up in the mountains.

At the Career camp tension is very high. Zero is mad at Joo-Chan because he killed his District partner. Syr is mad at Joo-Chan because he wanted to leave the love of his life on the ground bleeding. Joo-Chan is mad at Syr because he argued with him. And Bliss is also mad at Joo-Chan for wanting to leave her. Soon the Career's water supply runs low because its so hot, so Joo-Chan goes off into the woods to look for some. As soon as he leaves Zero runs over to his tent and kicks it over. Syr is startled by the sound and looks over. "What are you thinking? Do you want a spear through your stomach?" he shouts. Bliss comes out of her tent. The color has returned to her face and she has a bandage over her shoulder. She gasps when she sees Zero stomping Joo-Chan's neatly staked pile of supplies. "Oh, I'll just say the wind blew it over or something," he says. "I think your girlfriend might be a little upset that your reacting this way," Bliss says with a giggle. Zero walks away from the destroyed items. "The only thing that's keeping me from-", Zero starts when Joo-Chan says," From What?" Bliss puts her hands over her mouth when she sees him, even Syr's eyes widen. "Um..... er...",Zero stammers. "Oh, it doesn't matter," he giggles. He staggers over to them with one half empty water container. The heat has gotten to him, and he drank from the hallucanation enducing river. He looks directly at Bliss and says,"Hey baby wanna go out tonight?" He reaches for her and she jumps away running to Syr's protective arms. Joo-Chan then passes out leaving shocked experessions on their faces. "Well that was interesting," Zero says.

Pine's POV

Spring and I have been in this tree for hours spying on the Career camp. I thought they would've gone hunting for tributes by now but they're just siting there sweating. Finaly, after the District 2 boy passes out the boy from District 4 leaves, Spring heard him say something about a walk. The District 1 couple go to their tents to go to sleep and I wait a good ten minutes before moving in. With Spring as a look out, I know I'll be fine. I grab an axe, some throwing knives, a pack of dried fruit and some medicine for Spring. I'm about to grab a bottle of water when I hear Spring's warning whistle. A bolt away, but not fast enough, Zero comes out of the line of trees. He screams and everyone is up in an instant. Sure enough an arrow whizzes past my head and a knife hits where I was standing a second ago. Zero charges straight at me. I try to run but I trip on a tree root. Zero is about to impale me with his trident when something hits him from behind. He crashes to the ground with a sack of apples on his back. "Yay!!!! I win!" Joo-Chan yells, apperently HE was the one who through the apples. The Boy from 1 is running towards me, wielding a mace. I scrammble up, but I know it's too late, he will catch me. Then Spring's throwing knife hits his chest and he falls over bleeding. Now the girl from 1 comes but she stops, knowing she needs to protect her injured comrades, who are all passed out. Spring climbs down her tree and we run off.

No longer Pine's POV

After the raid Bliss moves the Careers into their tents. Bliss sees a silver parachute decending and rips it open, inside is a letter to Zero. She works non-stop because Joo-Chan has a fever now, Zero's spinal cord may have been damaged, and Syr has lost a lot of blood. Bliss is overcome by fatigue, barely able to stay awake. The Day of Intense Heat is not a good day for the Careers.

Day 4 Deaths: 1

Star Flare- heat stroke

Day 5: Flames of Despair

The heat has been going all day and all night. In fact it's so hot that the trees are starting to loose thier leaves and the desert has become unbearable. Nari begins to sweat like crazy and she is dying of thrist. She decides to use the last of her strength to make it to the mountains. She stagers through the desert when Elliot pops out of the sand holding a sharp rock dipped in the snake venom. Nari freaks knowing he is one of the strongest tributes out there. She remembers her Father's training and does a roll that dodges Elliots rock. She then jams her knife into Elliot's gut. He falls over and the cannon booms. Then a silver parachute falls from the sky. Nari rips it open, inside is a full half gallon bottle of water and a gleaming meteor hammer. She is now pleased that she killed Elliot and thinks of this as her reward.

Nari's mentor, Selvina Shrine, chuckles as she sees about a dozen capitol citizens loose a bet. A lucky man named Totaldrama, gets all the money. "Next time you'll think a second time before betting against Nari," Totaldrama says. A plump capitolite who has bright yellow hair, forks over her $150, its obivous she's extremly agitated. Totaldrama walks over to Selvina and gives her the some of his prize money. "Use this to get Nari some water and a meteor hammer," he says.(Sorry Totaldrama about forgeting it when you asked me) Selvina happly takes the cash and presses the botton that will quench Nari's thirst.

Bliss has worked from dusk till dawn. She is about to pass out but she knows she must pull through for the careers. Again a silver parachute decends and she rips it open. This time there is a medical kit. She opens it a puts a fever pill in Joo-Chan's mouth. She goes to Syr's tent and he has just woken up. "How long have I been out?" he asks."Yesterday afternoon and this morning," Bliss replies."Anybody else up?" Syr mumbles."No, Joo-Chan has a fever and I don't know what's wrong with Zero," she says.S he hands him a bottle of water and a few beef strips, which he eats right up. Then he just stares at her for a few moments, then asks."Did you really mean it?" "Yes," Bliss whispers.She leans in and gives him a kiss that's lighter then a feather. She pulls back quickly because there is moaning coming from Zero's tent. She runs of leaving Syr feeling like he's in a dream.

Pine and Spring have just finished setting up camp. They have plenty of bounty from the previous raid. They eat some dried fruit and drink water. Spring takes some medicine and is about to drink it when Pine stops her."We have this medicine in District 7, when someone gets cut by a stray axe, your not supposed to drink it. It's extremly poisonous," he says. "O.K. Thanks," she replies. She applies it to her cuts and puts a fresh bandage on it. A dry wind blows in causing a leaf to set on fire. All of the dead leaves make a great atmosphere for the fire to grow. Spring and Pine pack up their and run for the mountains. The fire keeps at their heels and they're almost to the mountains. Then a burning tree comes crashing down, in between them and the mountains, and Pine pushes Spring out of the way. The tree hits the ground sperating them, Spring towards the mountains, Pine towards the Corucopia. Spring is screaming her head because she knows pine is going to die. Pine tosses over the axes, throwing knives and his back pack. Pine has one last agonizing scream before his cannon booms. Spring grabs the stuff and runs off crying, knowing that her only ally is dead.

The flames have destroyed about forty percent of of the woods and is still going strong. The flames reach were Balson is camped and he runs to the mountains safely because he was already close to them.

Issy's POV

I glance down at the raging inferno while sipping a bottle of water I got from a sponsor this morning and I see that it's nearing the cornucopia. Good. Maybe it will kill all the Careers. Then I'll be four steeps closer to home.

No longer Issy's POV

Bliss's POV

I look at Zero, he has been moaning about his back for hours. I've tried all the medicine we have at the cornucopia but nothing seems to work. Finaly a silver parachute falls and I open it, inside is a special Captial brewed medicne for spine repare. I jam the needle in his arm and push the plunger. I hope he'll get better soon because I really want to get some sleep. I hear the capitol anthem so I trudge outside to see who died. There is a orange glare on the screen so I can barely make out the faces of the boy from district 6, Elliot, that's a shocker, he got a eleven in training. Then they show the District 7 boy's face. The seal disappears and I start to cough. What is that smell? I turn to the woods abd see the flames moving towards us and I let out a bloodcurdling scream. Syr jumps out of his tent a split second later, a loaded bow in hand. I scream at the others to wake up and I grab my backpack and everything I can carry, as do the others. They all need my help to run, their bodies are sore from laying down all day and they're still sick. We blindly stumble through the woods hoping to outrun the fire. The flames stop and we run, or should I say fall, into a small grove of trees. Joo-Chan lies in the corner, barfing and Zero sits up against a tree sweating. I just fall down next to Syr, I curl up beside him and let him wrap his arms gently around me. I will sort through our supplies when I wake up. Then I fall into a horrible sleep, infected by dreams about Flames of Despair. (Corny or What?)

No longer Bliss' POV

Day 5 Deaths: 2

Elliot Pound- Nari Laora

Pine Thorn- Burned

Day 6

A barrge of trumpets awake the tributes. "Congragulations to the remaining tributes, I know it's been a little warm but we cooled it down for the feast," Claudius Templesmith booms," You heard me right! A feast! It will happen tommarow at noon so be prepared!"

Balson is very happy about his annoucement. He is running low on supplies and wants to get rid of some of the competition.

Spring gives a shrug to the invite. Then she remebers how from last year the tributes who didn't go were attacked by dragon mutts. She shudders and walks towards the cornucopia.

Zero's POV

Joo-Chan says we should go. I don't know what goes through his mind. We're all tired, injured and burned. I don't know why I haven't killed him let. Oh, yeah. It's my girlfriend. If I go back alive and killed Joo-Chan for killing Ether, she will kill me. Then Bliss walks over to me, she's more like a leader in the group then Joo-Chan has, taking care of us, not killing us and not telling us to go to some feast were we will all die! Anyways she walks up to me with a small letter addresed to me. "I'm sorry I kept this but you were in pain and I wanted to show it to you when feelt better,"she says. Grabbing the note, I notice that it's unopened. "It's okay," I say. She walks off and I rip open the note. I read the note savoring every word, "I'm mad about you kissing Ether but I understand. Also avenge 'that poor, little girl' (Ether) by killing Joo-Chan and running away from the Careers. Oh and I love you, I want you to return soon, and that everyone is rooting for him back home. ~ Marina" Attched is a picture of my family and friends by the lake. I look at the note, the one thing that was preventing me from killing Joo-Chan just disappeared. But it also says to ditch the Careers, I'm not sure I could do that after all the kindness Bliss has shown me. O.K. I'm going to leave after the feast. I stand up and grip my trident and throw it at Joo-Chan. Sadly he hears the whiz and dodges it. "Why are you just standing there? Attack him!" Joo-Chan screaches at Bliss and Syr. They both pick up thier weapons and glance at each other. For a second I think they're going to kill me but then a knife and an arrow goes in his direction. He grabs most of our supplies and runs away, outnumbered. "Now we have to go to the feast," Syr says. There's no backing out now. What's left of Districts 1-4 is going to the feast.

No longer Zero's POV

Nari perks up when she hears about the feast. Another chance to show of her skills to the sponsors.

Issy is excited. She gets her weapons ready and packs up. As she's walking she hears weeping coming from a small cave. She peeks in and sees Drake, who sees her and throws his spear at her. She manages to get out of the way and throw a knife in his general direction. It lodges in his arm and she knows victory is hers. A knife makes contact with his chest but he doesn't go down. He grabs her neck and says," If I go down you have to make this promise or your going down with me!" Issy gulps. "Kill the Careers, understand?" he says. "I promise," the words have just escaped her lips when his cannon booms. She looks at his limp body and now knows she has to fullfill this promise.

One way or another, all tributes are going to the feast.

The gamemakers pack up for the night. The tributes have had an easy day because all the gamemakers are depressed, today is Gamemaker Primrose's retirement party. They are excited to see her but are sad to see her leave.

Day 6 Deaths: 1

Drake Keth- Issy Stone (Final 8!)

Final 8 Interviews

Bliss Creme- A group of Bliss' friends shows up for the interviews.

"So you're Bliss' friends," Caesar says.

"Yes," a girl with beatiful blond hair says.

"Well how do you think she is doing in the arena?" Caesar prompts.

"Awsome! I mean she nursed the entire Career pack back to health," another girl pipes up.

"Alright, anything you wish to say to her," Caesar asks.

"Yes, we all miss you and we can't wait for you to get back!" the first girl shouts.

As the girls leave they all scream in unison," And your boyfriend is so cute!"

Caesar and the audience all chuckle.

Syr Wrath- Syr's older brother, Mark, who is known all through out the Capitol for winning a previous Hunger Games.

"Mark, its been a while," Caesar says.

"Yeah, I remember when you interviewed me for the first time," Mark says.

"Anyways, what do think of Syr killing two tributes on the first day?" Caesar asks.

"That's what I did on the first day so I can't say he didn't do good," Mark replies.

"We're almost out of time so one last question! What do you think of Syr's relationship with his district partner?" Caesar says.

Mark's face darkens. The audience remembers how he also liked his District partner, but then she died during the feast and he never got over it. Mark composes himself for one last joke,"Nice catch." (Bad joke, I know I know...)

Joo-Chan Park- Joo's trainer, Seong, makes an apperance for Joo's interview.

"Hello Seong! Okay Joo-Chan has killed four tributes so far, what do you think of that," Caesar prompts.

"Amazing, he has remembered everything I have taught him," Seong prudly states.

"Any thoughts on him leaving the Careers?" Caesar asks.

"It was the right idea......." Seong starts.

"What is it," Caesar says, appearently confused.

"He should've killed that District 1 girl on the third day, to put the District 1 boy--, he starts but the audience is booing. Bliss is a fan faveorite. People start throwing their snacks and Seong is forced off the stage.

Zero Bismuth- His girlfriend, Marina, shows up in a shimmering blue dress. Men in the audience start whistling and their dates wack them on the head.

"Okay what do you think of Zero's arena strategy?" Caesar asks.

"I think he's really doing great but, I don't like how he kissed Ether during the chariot rides" Marina says.

Caesar smiles," Well, he did say it was a joke,"

"I don't care if it's a joke, you shouldn't do stuff like that when your dating some one else," Marina snaps.

Caesar tries to calm her down but this makes her even angrier,"Oh please, I doubt he even loves me!"

"I'm sure--," Caesar starts but Marina puts her hand over his mouth.

"And if he even looks at Bliss one more time--," Marina begins but peacekeepers force her off the stage.

Nari Laora- Nari's Mom and Dad show up to this interview.

"Let's start these questions right off the bat! So, I hear Nari was not born in Panem?" Caesar asks.

"No, she was born in Peru and we moved her when she was three," Nari's Mom says.

"It's horrible, we would've never even moved here if we knew about the corrupt Capitol and these wretched Hunger Games!" Nari's Dad cuts in.

Peacekeepers rush onto the stage in beat Nari's Dad. Even worse, Caesar makes Nari's Mom continue the interview.

"Okay, let's wrap this up, anything you want to say to Nari?" Caesar asks.

"Yes--, I want her to--to come soon and to keep-- trying her best," Nari's Mom says between sobs.

Balson Munder- Balson's dad shows up in his working uniform.

"Hello, may I ask why you're in your uniform," Caesar asks.

"Ah, yes, I had to come in the middle of my shift," Balson's Dad explains.

"Yes, what I recall from Balson's interview was that you actully live in a diffrent District," Caesar prompts.

"That's correct, I try to send money to them every chance I get, I miss my wife and my kids, Balson and his twin sister," Balson's Dad says as tears begin to well up in his eyes.

"Is there anything you would like to say to Balson?" Caesar asks gently.

"Yes, I wish you the best of luck and I can't eait to see you during the victory tour!" Balson's Dad finishes strongly.

Spring Howards- Spring's little sister, Summer, shows up to this interview wearing a brown dress.

"Hello and may I say you look pretty tonight," Caesar says.

Summer just giggles.

"Well, do you think Spring is doing good in the arena," Caesar asks.

"I think she's doing awsome!" Summer replies eagerly.

"That's sweet, what do you think of her dead friend, Pine?" Caesar asks.

"He was nice and I liked him, but when he died it took Spring one step closer to home so, I can't say I'm not happy," Summer quietly says.

"It's only natrall for you to want your sister to come home, anything you want to say to her?" Caesar says gently.

"Yes, I love her and that I can't wait to play with her when she gets back," Summer says.

Issy Stone- Issy's little siters, Emma, Grassina and Tiffica, all show up in matching green dresses.

"You girls look adorable!" Caeasr swoons.

"Thank you," Emma says.

"Well girls, Issy has proven to be quite the competitor in these games!" Caesar prompts.

"Issy is awsome," Grassina says.

The audince laughs at the little girls cuteness.

"I totally agree, now Issy is going to the feast, any thoughts on that?" Caesar says.

"I'm not worried, she made a promise before she left, she said she's gonna come home," Tiffica says with a smile.

"Anything you would like to say to her?" Caesar asks.

"We love you!" The girls all say in unison.

Day 7: Feast

Issy sits in a hidden spot just outside the clearing which holds the cornucopia. She thinks of everyone who is left's skills; District 1 are careers, the District 2 male is a cold-blooded killer, District 4 is a career, District 5 seemed knida strong and the District 9 girl was pretty weak.

The sun moves directly over the cornucopia, meaning it's noon. As if on cue four tables rise up out of the ground. Table one is spilling over with weapons, table two has food and water containers, table three has clothing items and tents/sleeping bags and most ironicly, table four has an actual feast laid out on it, a roasted turkey, fresh loaves of bread, a pitcher of water and other foods.

Spring jumps out of the cornucopia knowing she's got a good head start over the other tributes, then a patch of grass breaks and Joo-Chan comes out. He reaches the weapon table and hurls his spear at her. She dives out of the way but knocks over the tent table on acident creating a big mess. Joo-Chan grabs a knife and chucks it at her. It slices her back pack and it spills out all of her stuff, her weapons out of reach. She knows she can't get away. She says she's sorry that she couldn't win to her sister but sees the medicine, she goes to a flashback to what Pine told her," ...your not supposed to drink it. It's extremly poisonous if it gets in you system.". She grabs the medicine and splashes it on Joo-Chan's face, he tries to spit it out but it's too late. He has swallowed it, its gone up his sinuses and seeped into his eyeballs. He starts to vomit and his eyes turn red, Spring knows she's doing him a favor when she hits him with her axe. Spring grabs what she can and runs off.

Everyone sees this go down at the cornucopia as they run there. Nari grabs some food when her arm gets hit by Zero's trident. Defeated, she runs away. A cannon goes off signifing Joo-Chan's death and another one goes off when Bliss' throwing knife makes contact with Balson's neck. Zero grabs three more tridents, a net and some supplies before leaving. Issy snatches some some stuff but it scared away by Syr and his bow and arrows, you know, the ones that never miss. That means the District 1 couple gets to eat the feast and enjoy the rest of the supplies.

Day 7 Deaths: 2

Joo-Chan Park- Spring Howards

Balson Munder- Bliss Creme

Day 8: Eruption

Syr and Bliss are still at the cornucopia eating some food when the shaking knocks them to the ground. "Look!" Syr says. He points to the mountains. In every direction a firey infrerno is shooting out of the mountains. "We're going to die," Bliss says with tears in her eyes. Then the area around the cornucopia starts to rise up slowly. "That's it, they want everyone to come to the cornucopia so someone can win," Syr says with the look of realization on his face. He kisses Bliss, knowing his time on this earth is short.

All the other tributes are making a beeline to the cornucopia. Nari makes it when it's about a foot above ground, she sneaks over and climbs onto the cornucopia, not wanting to have faceoff with the careers.

Issy gets their next, when it's three feet above ground. She skitters to right, away from Syr's arrow and throws one of her throwing knives at Bliss. Syr jumps in the way, where it hits him in the abdomen. "I'm sorry but I made a promise, Issy says. Bliss screams and knells to the ground next to him. "Listen, you can't give up you have to win, win for me," Syr says. "I--*sob*-- will," Bliss says. He pulls her in for one last kiss before he dies. Bliss is the last Career of the First Hunger Games. Bliss is distrught as she runs behind the cornucopia, swearing revenge against Issy.

The plateu has now risen to six feet into the air, Spring jumps as high as she can, she hits the side hard and scrambles up. She then runs into the cornucopia.

When Zero reaches it, he knows its to late, the cornucopia is ten feet in the air. He screams as the lava reaches him and Issy sends a pity knife into his chest.

"Alright I know we have to kill each other but how about tomarrow, I'm hungry," Issy says as she starts a fire. Nari walks over with distrust in her eyes but puts a rabbit she killed over the fire. Spring smells the food and can't resist coming over to eat, she adds some dried fruit and a few fish she caught to the meal. Finally Bliss trudges over with teary eyes and sits down. Once the foods cooked the divde it evenly. They all eat a silent dinner. "Well aren't we the best of friends," Spring finally says. " I'm sorry but it's hard to talk to the girl that killed my boyfriend," Bliss retorts, her eyes are shooting daggers at everyone. "Moody much?" Issy snaps. "Uh, exuse me, you threw a knife at me today! You expect me to be nice to you!" Bliss says. "Hey you threw a knife at a bunch of people, one of them even killed that poor district 5 boy," Issy replies. Bliss respondes by slaping Issy square in the face. Nari falls over laughing but Spring remains composed," Hello, didn't you say you wanted a peaceful dinner." "Fine," Issy says as she walks over to her sleeping bag,"But just make sure little miss sunshine doesn't kill me in my sleep. "Let's just agree that will hack at each other when everyones awake and ready," Nari says as she rolls her eyes. "Ok whatever," Bliss says sarcasticly as she walks over to her sleeping bag. Spring goes into the cornucopia and curls up with some blankets. All the girls dreams are about winning the Hunger Games.

Day 8 Deaths: 2

Syr Wrath- Issy Stone

Zero Bismuth- Issy Stone

Day 9: Victory has a price!

All the remaining tributes awake from their uneasy sleep and prepare for the final battle ahead. Nari recives a last minute sponser item, a meteor hammer and a bag of apples, she eats an apple and picks up both of the meteor hammers. Issy gets a dozen throwing knives, she now has a total of 37, while Bliss only has 11. Spring loads her knives into her belt and grabs her axe. The girls all stand an equal space apart. "1, 2, 3!!!!!" they all yell as they charge each other. Lava shots up as the final four tributes engage in a bloody battle. The reward is their lives. Bliss' throwing knife hits Issy in the kidney but she refuses to go down. Spring is being chased by Nari. Nari slips and one of her meteor hammers goes off the edge. "Good thing I got another one," she mutters. Spring slams her axe into an unsuspecting Bliss. Bliss spins and knocks Spring to the ground with her fist. Lava is spewing everywhere, soon the girls all have burns. Issy kicks Nari in the face and shoves a knife into her bowel. She turns around thinking Nari is dead but Nari hits her in the leg with her Meteor hammer. Bliss comes charging before Issy manages to get her knife into her upper leg. Issy and Bliss start wrestling while Spring tries to dodge Nari's attacks.

The you could hear a pin drop in the capitol, and Districts 1, 5, 9 and 11. Not wanting to miss a second. The capitolites hoping for their faveorite to take the crown, while parents pray for their children's saftey.

The first death comes in, the cannon signifying Bliss' death, Issy managed to strangle her. Nari hits Issy's other leg with her meteor hammer, knocking her to the ground.But Issy's already thrown knife hits its target, Spring Howard's neck. Spring lets out a scream as it enters her, then as she falls off the edge of the plateu, she screams one last word,"Summer!!!!!!" Her body is envoloped by the lava. Nari, who is close to the edge, sees the hovercraft take her burnt body, pretty much a skeleton, Nari can smell the flestering flesh and is horrified by this death and is filled with a rage against her killer, Issy Stone.

And so the final battle begins, Issy vs. Nari. Issy throws several knives at Nari a few making their marks on her arm, leg and liver. Nari swings her meteor hammer into Issy's stomach. Issy is still alive but all but one of her throwing knives slide out of reach. Nari has her meteor hammer and knows Issy is planning to kill her out of her weapon's reach. Nari has one salvation, she can throw her weapon at her. They both hurl their weapons, both hitting their targets. The knife has crashed into her head, breaking her skull. Nari is in terrible pain. The hammer hit Issy in the chest, breaking her rib cage. Both girls yay there, hoping to outlast the other in a battle of pain. Who can take the most? After an agonizing ten minutes of torture, someone stops breathing. The trumpits sound and Claudius Templesmith says," And the winner of the first annual hunger games is, Nari Laora!"

The doctors manage to save her life. But she still has unrepairable scars. Burns from the lava, a huge line on her forehead and worst of all the memories, memories of the Hunger Games. Zepn, eaten by snakes. Spring's agonizied cries as she fell into the lava and her burnt body. Issy's moans as her lungs battled death. The price of victory is very high.

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