This is my idea!

10 years after The rebellon overthrows President snow, the capitol gets back in power and is lead by President Ice Cream (Yes, really. Ice cream is yummy!:T). they continued the hunger games and this year its supposed to be the 97. The games are suddenly cancled because Panem has discovered two new nations; Afracia and Europia, which are located on the coasts of Africa and Europe. Pres. Ice Cream declares war on them but soon regrets it, the other 2 nations have pushed Panem troops back to the homeland. Panem Troops manage to hold their ground thanks to the arrival of new generals, all of them are Victors of previous Hunger Games. Panem doesn't know that Afracia and Europia have a secret ally, Ascia, which is located on Northern China and the Japanise islands. Ascia is planning a secret attack on the capitol its self. This will be a collab with Brony12, who will help me work on it. You may submit victors (They don't have to have won a real games, if they have please tell me the games they won and if they haven't, please tell me about their experience in the arena!) I will will some slots since 22 victors is a lot!


1. Glow Richards (Dis. 1)

2. Brass Sater (Dis. 2)

3. Trifle Woods (Dis. 2)

4. Gauge Down (Dis. 3)

5. Ronda Grouge (Dis. 4)

6. Aquamarine Summerton (Dis. 4)

7. Blue West (Dis. 4)

8. Thymine Admin (Dis. 5)

9. Oak Smith (Dis. 7)

10. John Grass (Dis. 11)

11. Rose Ash (Dis. 11)

12. Seymour Darsus (Dis. 6)

13. Carbine Arion (Dis. 11)

14. Razor Raptor (Dis. 2)

15. Dawn Rose (Dis. 12)

16. Spirit Velocity (Dis.2)

17. Isi Woods (Dis. 7)

18. Stone Wore (Dis. 8)





This list is NOT in year won OR District order! You may submit a victor to any District you want! Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 1

Will start when list is completed.

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