Hello, welcome to this new editing competition called Mainspace Race. Twenty-four users will compete to be the next top editor on the wiki. In order to sign up, you must have 175 edits to an actual article on this wiki.

The BloodbathEdit

The tributes (contestants) will edit pages all over the wiki. The four highest editors in the Bloodbath will be dubbed the Careers. The eight lowest editors will "die", that is, be removed from the competition.

The CompetitionEdit

Every week, the tributes will race to edit pages. The tribute who makes the lowest amount of edits each week will "die". I, as the Head Gamemaker, can remove players from the competition if they are being inactive, if they're fluffing, if they spam edit, or if they vandalize a page. I am trying to make sure this game isn't skewered in favor of the Careers. Starting edit wars will not be tolerated. Anyone who starts an edit war will be disqualified and will be subject to disciplinary action.

The ReapingEdit

Sign-ups are in the comments section. And remember, the odds are ever in your favor.