• Edlivla

    95th Annual Hunger Games

    February 22, 2013 by Edlivla

    Hi, I´m Edlivla and I´m fairly new to this wikia. I´ve decided to start my first games, as to get some hand on experience with english writing. You may know my brother, EHKnigth. So I hope you'll enjoy my games!

    1. 3 tributes per. user, I accpet wikia contributors and reservations lasts for 2 days only. You can only re-reserve a spot once.

    2. No "on my profile". Either you post your tribute, give me a link or reserve the spot you want.

    3. Try to get the tributes interesting. If someone posts a tribute that´s bland or is lacking in info, I will postpone that spot for three days only. If another user posts a better and more detalied tribute in that time period, that user will get the spot.

    4. I will do the reapings, three days of training and the t…

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