Welcome To The 95th Annual Hunger Games!

Hi, I´m Edlivla and I´m fairly new to this wikia. I´ve decided to start my first games, as to get some hand on experience with english writing. You may know my brother, EHKnigth. So I hope you'll enjoy my games!


1. 3 tributes per. user, I accpet wikia contributors and reservations lasts for 2 days only. You can only re-reserve a spot once.

2. No "on my profile". Either you post your tribute, give me a link or reserve the spot you want.

3. Try to get the tributes interesting. If someone posts a tribute that´s bland or is lacking in info, I will postpone that spot for three days only. If another user posts a better and more detalied tribute in that time period, that user will get the spot.

4. I will do the reapings, three days of training and the training scores before the games.

5. I will write these games in POV.

6. In this Hunger Games, there will only be the twelve districts, no Capitol or District 13.

7. Alliances are made at training and has to be made between the users.

8. Don´t be mad at me for killing your tribute.

9. Submit a tribute!

The Tributes

Tribute Chart
District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 RESERVED For Junior II D1 RESERVED For Sevanna
D2 Alder Jonathan Webb 18 Axe, sword D2 Amme Ilorenzo 18 Sickle
D3 D3 Atlas Aura 17 Axe, crossbow
D4 RESERVED For Obsessed D4 Marina Ocean 18 Tridant, net
D5 Lucas Viridian 15 Blowgun, speed D5 Symphony Decibel 16 Bow, sword
D6 D6 Renna Tsu 16 Knives, explosives/electrisity
D7 RESERVED For Kekai D7 Ivy Wood 18 Axe, traps
D8 D8 RESERVED For Sevanna
D9 RESERVED For Junior II D9 Sierra Ali 14 Throwing knives, pickaxe
D10 Anubis Pyramid 18 khopesh, strength, staffs D10 Luz Romer 17 Blades
D11 Wolf Fang 15 Dagger, knife, sligshot, strength D11 Bree Adrianna 15 Sickle, slingshot, javelin, hammer
D12 RESERVED For Obsessed D12 RESERVED For Sevanna

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