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    May 3, 2012 by EffieLuna


    Awesome Games:

    I picked a few random ones so please comment and add!

    And comment your favorite memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • EffieLuna

    We were just thinking of the old days fondly. That's all!

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  • EffieLuna

    Alright! So if you're on Team Cato or Team Clove, make a lunaii of Enobaria, and if you're on Team Finnick or Team Annie, make a lunaii of Mags in costume. Tiki Tooki has immunity. They can be edited! You have until Friday to turn it in. On Friday, I'll describe the method of elimination this week. Thank you and enter!

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  • EffieLuna

    Okay! Since lots of people are doing contests and stuff I thought I'd do one too.

    Here's how it works. There will be 2 large teams and 2 sub-teams for each large team (sorry if that souds confusing, it's a lot less complicated then it looks). District 2 and District 4 are the teams you can sign up for. If, for example, you're a girl and sign up for district 4, then you'll automatically be on Team Annie.

    Some of the stuff you will do on this competition is:

    • Make lunaiis of people
    • Illustrating fanfictions and/or parts of the books
    • Making posters (if you don't have the software message me)
    • Answer trivia questions about the books
    • Write fanfictions (VERY SHORT ONES PLEASE)
    • and more!

    So sign up!

    District 2
    Team Cato Team Clove

    Mopping Foxface911
    Brony12 Sk…

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  • EffieLuna

    Fill up :D I'll post the twist later.

    This is...the school days games.

    I want double the amount the tributes!

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