Okay, guys. I really, really, really, REALLY don't want to leave, but something happened so I have to.

I'm really sorry.

Skybender101, Fantasyfilm99, Team Peeta, and the rest of my cyberfamily, I'll really miss you. Sooo much. :'( You were the best bunch of cyberfriends I could ever hope for! I'll also miss Anon.... and Firecatcher3 for reading MacKenzie (what I'd posted) and your awesome tribs! Everyone's awesome tribs!!!

Maybe, someday faaar in the future, I can return to this amazing family of Mockingeeks. ;)

I wrote a poem for you:

I never dreamed of the kind of things

That you did to me

But now that I have realized

What good it all is

My hands are to slippery

To grasp

Your ball

Of light

It's okay if you hate it or don't understand it.

So, for me, go out and write a poem that may or may not make sense. :)

Dream on!!!!! Read on!!!!! Don't let ANYTHING stop you!!!!!!!!!

EffieLuna (Love Finnick. Love Peeta. Gale gets crossed out.) 02:42, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

Okay guys, after some serious soul searching, 2 strawberry frosted doughnuts, and and an episode or two of Without a Trace, I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKK!!!!!!!!!

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