Okay, so this is a fanfiction games already mapped out in my head. Please read, it gets more interesting.


District 1:

Gemma Emerson - Female

Glisten Gleam - Male
  • Gemma Emerson
  • Glisten Gleam
  • Yolena Scare
  • Tom Ammunition (District Two)
  • Twine Cavvot (District Three)
  • Kilo Watts (District Three)
  • Ocean Air Crustacean (District Four)
  • Mitchie Lap (District Four)
  • Regina "Red" Formamake (District Five)
  • Thomas Buttons (District Five)
  • Sarah Addict (District Six)
  • Arnold Stuttuff (District Six)
  • Mapel Mason (District Seven)
  • Persimmon Greene (District Seven)
  • Katielin Bell (District Eight)
  • Cloth Rags (District Eight)
  • Sparks Fight (District Nine)
  • Derek Splatter (District Nine)
  • Lindor Vaca-Vaca (District Ten)
  • Clementine Grain (District Eleven)
  • Grass Grows (District Eleven)
  • Semelina Mellark (District Twelve)
  • Match D'Art (District Twelve)

District 2:

Yolena Scare - Female

Tom Ammunition - Male

District 3:

Twine Cavvot - Female

Kilo Watts - Male

District 4:

Ocean Air Crustacean - Female

Mitchie Lap - Male

District 5:

Regina "Red" Formamake - Female

Thomas Buttons - Male

District 6:

Sarah Addict - Female

Arnold Stuttuff - Male

District 7:

Mapel Mason - Female

Persimmon Greene - Male

District 8:

Katielin Bell - Female

Cloth Rags - Male

District 9:

Sparks Fight - Female

Derek Splatter - Male

District 10:

Hen Cattopia - Female

Lindor Vaca-Vaca - Male

District 11:

Clementine Grain - Female

Grass Grows - Male

District 12:

Semelina Mellark - Female

Match D'Art - Male

The Reapings

District One

A young man with green hair greets the large district's crowd. "Hello, all! Let's pick the first tributes of this year's games!" The crowd cheers.

"All right," he calls. "First off, we have our girl. Let's give it up for...Gemma Emerson!"

"A 16-year-old girl should never cry. A 16-year-old girl should never cry. A 16-year-old girl should never cry," Gemma is clearly muttering. She watches her new district partner, an 18-year-old by the name of Glisten Gleam, be reaped and then follows the green-haired escort out of the district.

District Two

"Yes, another Hunger Games!" cries the pink-skinned escort, Lila Buckham. "Before I reap your kids, I want you to remember that this is a tremendous honor for the triutes and their families. And, remember, District Two is notorios for strong tributes! Which, speaking of tributes, shall be...Yolena Scare! And...Tom Ammunition!"

And with that, the new tributes follow her out the square.

Just like that.

District Four

Our escort, Effie Luna, trots up the stage. "Hello!" she chirps.

District Ten

A women with a tight vermillion bun steps up the stage in her clickity-clackety high heels. "Hello, District 10."

The crowed waves a silent hello.

"I came here to reap two names. One of these names is...Sow Cattopia!"

The crowd begins to clap politly, but then there is a noise.

"Wait! Wait! Stop! No! Sow!" It's Sow's little sister, Hen. "I...I voulunteer. I voulunteer. As a tribute."

Everyone gasps. After all, Hen's a small, innocent, pudgy 12-year-old. Why would she voulunteer for her 16-year-old sister.

Sow steps down from the stage and puts her strong hands on little Hen's shaking shoulders. "You got this, baby chick." She runs off.

The escort raises her eyebrows. "A voulunteer?"

"Yes, a voulunteer!" calls out a 18-year-old boy. "And I, Lindor Vaca-Vaca, shall voulunteer as the District 10 male tribute!"

There's an outbreak of muttering. The escort reaps a name anyway, which turns out to be Lindor's, and the trio and their mentor is off.

The Carriages

District One

Gleaming, the District One horses come out in a defined prance. Gemma is dressed in a shiny, glittery, stunning purple frock and Glisten is in a bright white tuxedo. He offers her his hand, she takes it, and twirls around with a giggle. The was she smiles looks stupidly girly. The white horses canter on.

District Two

The horses are a much darker color, and so is the rest of the act. Yolena is in a black sequin dress, her hair falling around her shoulders, soft and light. Tom, however, is dressed in one large styrafoam ball and is supposed to be a bullet. He doesn't seem to like it.

District Three

Twine and Kilo become identical in neon green jumpsuits splattered with purple. Everything is the same colors. The crowd mumbles its disapproval of the "eyesore".

District Four

It's our turn. Oh, wow. I'm in a sea of aqua, sprinkled with shine. I'm almost as stunning as Gemma, in my aqua floor-legnth drape-neck sequined dress. Who would've thought I could actually be stunning? Mitchie hops up and down, ready to hitch a ride. We do. I feel so great, so lightweight, almost like I'm...floating.

District Five

(I'm pretending it's recycling) The District Five is a modern mess of green. Everyone smiles as Regina and Thomas hop on and laugh at each other's costumes. They look like warm, smiling, Capitol spaghetti. Even the red horses have yellow pasta-like manes.

District Six

This carriage looks like...nothing. It looks like nothing. It is nothing. Plain horses, undecorated carriage, Sarah and Arnold in plain Capitol clothes. Even the president yawns.

The Games

Day 3

Katie Bell from 8 and I have formed an allience.

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