• Avia Hannith (1)
  • Clear Glass (1)
  • Nyenth Sane (2)
  • Lukel Darker (2)
  • Heather Lavender (5)
  • Malco Crest (5)
  • Sedra Alypse (7)
  • Stronton Melich (7)
  • Anala Henderson (9)
  • Serque Flash (9)
Linzie Koster of District 11 is the victor of the 34th Hunger Games!!! Yay.
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Clear Glass

Lukel Darker

Aiva Hannith

Nyenth Sane

Eievie and Me 3

Jaranith Glaper

Elixer "Lexi" Strong

Anon.... 4

Jackson Ocean

Iris Miracle

Skybender101 5

Malco Crest

Heather Lavender

CappaHG 6

Xander Hugo

Willow Ash

Julian Espinosa (JERealize) 7

Stronton Melich

Sedra Alsypse

Starlily99 and Me 8

Torn Quilt

Piper Singleton

TotalDramaRox97 9

Serque Flash

Anala Henderson

Team Peeta 10

Hun Datsky

Leslie Stowser

Team Peeta 11

Scott Dash

Linzie Koster
EffieLuna (me)


Galen Mines

Candlelight Ripple


Awww...I'm not going to do reapings. Nothing exciting happens anyway.

Chariot Rides

District One

Clear and Avia kick off the Games in a flattering tux and shimmering siliver sequin dress. The horses are pure white with icy blue eyes. Clear visibly blushes when Avia bumps into him and the crowd coos.

District Two

Lukel and Nyenth are wearing red cloaks and are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in army march style. The jet-black horses and carriage are old and broken-down looking, but the guns the tributes are holding hold the crowd back at a distance.

District Three

Lexi, in a neon green dress laced with wires is chatting excitedly to Jeramiah, who seems to be tuning her out to fiddle with the wire wrapped around his bright purple suit and tie. The crowd goes wild when she actually takes the paintball gun and sprays her district partner. The stylists and Jeramiah's mentor, Beetee, have to take the unhappy pair back to the training center. Lexi's already getting calls for sponsers, as well as Jeramiah.

District Four

A nice blue refreshes the eyes after the sun-like 3. Jackson and Iris are laughing. Jackson is wearing fisherman's wear and Iris a sparkling blue dress resembling the ocean with fishnet stockings. Their laughing, smiling faces alert the sponsers.

District Five (I'm pretending it's organic stuff)

Malco and Heather are dressed as leafs, with the carriage embraced by the district's own vines. Their hair is done to Beauty Base Zero. The Capitol people feel quite foreign. The stylists, Marla and Sage, have created something very shocking.

District Six (I'm pretending it's medicine and MORPHLING :P)

Xander and Willow topple into the carriage and the crowd mutters with dissaprovel. Xander is dressed as a doctor and Willow as a patient. The crowd chuckles as she makes her eyes look wide, imatating the morphling addicts of her drugged district.

District Seven

Stronton and Sedra are dressed as trees (GASP!!!). The crowd moans at the stylist's "originality". But when the tributes pick up axes and throw them high into the air and do some kind of weird handshake, the audience wakes up.

District Eight

Torn and Piper are wearing "unfineshed" clothes with the sewing needles still poking out. Piper is scowling. The crowd is mildly interested, but it's the horses really catching the eye. Dyed purpled manes and quilted saddled sporting a "made by Torn" label have crafty sponsers falling in line.

District Nine (I'm pretending it's newscasting)

Anala and Serque are dressed as micraphones. They high five, and then a live newcast from 9 appears on the spot. Since the tributes are recieving extra attention, the horses are forced to move on. One of the newscasters is trampled and carted off to the hospitol. "On with the show!" jokes the president, and the crowd laughs.

District Ten

Cow print dress clothes fit Hun and Leslie nicley, with cows pulling the carriage instead of the normal horses. The tributes beging throwing water balloons-no, milk balloons-at their crew. The crowd chuckles good-naturedly until Leslie throws one directly at a cute guy about her age. "Movin' on," she whisperes to herself. "We're moving on."

District Eleven

Scott and Linzie look like stocks of wheat. Scott seems to be cracking a joke, as Linzie is laughing. Then she nudges him and the start smiling and waving at the crowd. They beging to blow sarcastic kisses. The crowd is now quite bewildered.

District Twelve

Most people fall asleep. Galen and Candelight's costumes resemble Clear and Avia's so closley, only black. "Copycats," mutteres Nicey, the stylist for 1. And then the chariot rides are over!!!

Training Scores

Okay sorry I made some mistakes on the last chart that have nothing to do with anything so please ignooore

Tribute Score
Clear 7
Avia 9
Lukel 10
Nyenth 7
Lexi 9
Jaranith 6
Jackson 9
Iris 8
Malco 8
Heather 7
Xander 7
Willow 7
Stronton 8
Sedra 8
Torn 6
Piper 10
Serque 8
Anala 9
Hun 6
Leslie 9
Scott 10
Linzie 9
Galen 7



District One

Avia Hannith

There's a new interviewer, Caeser Flickerman, with hot pink lips and hair. Avia, the first tribute to be interviewed, flounces onstage confidently. She's wearing a hot pink dress the same color Caeser has picked to wear. After everyone is introduced, Avia gives Caeser her attention and awaits the first question.

"How do you plan to win?"

Avia smiles slyley. "Why should I tell you?"

This first impression of the young Career makes the crowd loud. She hands out another smile as we learn more. Over all, she's rather overconfident, but still enjoyable. As she's 13 and living in a Career district, natrually she would get voulunteers, but she wouldn't let anyone go to the Capitol in her place. Overall, she's a contender. Then the buzzer rings...

Clear Glass

Clear, wearing a suit with a tie to match Avia's dress, steps onto the stage with a not-so-confident smile. But when Caeser welcomes him warmly, suddenly he's a little bit more at ease.

"Hi," says Caeser.




This goes on for about one of three minutes, and then the real interview begins. We learn Clear is popular at home, but that's about all he's got going for him. We also find out that Lexi of 3 is his IDPP (inter-district pen pal), and that he really likes her. He's shy, sweet, but tense. Caeser has to keep him going until Clear's voice is barley a whisper. Then the buzzer rings, and it's time for Nyenth's interview.

District Two

Nyenth Sane

Nyenth is looking nice in a floor-length, pigeon's blood red, sweeping cloak. Caeser compliments her outfit, and she thanks him grudgingly.

"So, if you could get any item from the Cornicopia right this very moment, what do you think it would be?"

Nyenth smiles a sly one, and answers in a cunning tone, "I don't know, I seem to do okay wrestling. You can't pick that up from the Cornicopia, now, CAN you?"

"No, you can't," says Caeser in reply.

We learn her parents are dead and as far as family goes, she hasn't got a clue. "I just hang out or doodle all the time."

"I wish I could have more time to talk, Nyenth, but..." as if on cue, the buzzer rings, and it's Lukel's turn.

Lukel Darker

"Hello, Lukel," Caeser greets the tribute. "What a wonderful outfit you've got there!"

"Yeah, I love it," drawls Lukel sarcasticly. Giggles from young girls sound.

"So, a weapon?"

"Mace," he replys in a bloodthirsty tone.

Caeser grins. "Great. Nice training score. Ten."

Lukel shrugs like it's nothing.

We learn he comes from a long line of peacekeepers for the Capitol, Lukel volunteered for the Games so he could prove himself to his family and eventually become a peacekeeper. He lives in a relatively large hut with his father, mother, and his two younger brothers Rexat and Godnor. Then the good ol' buzzer rings...

District Three

Elixer "Lexi" Strong

Lexi marches in wearing torn-up overalls and the crowd groans. She shruggs and sits down. "So."

Caeser smiles plesently and begins. "Who do you think you'll ally with?"

Lexi smiles lightly. "Tough choice. Clear...Torn..."

"TORN?!?!" the crowd shreikes.

"How do you know our District 8 guy?"

"Same way I know Clear." Lexi winks in the boys' general direction.

"Ooo la la!!!" Caeser says. "Let's have a closer look at your life."

"Okay. Well, I'm sixteen and I can kill everyone. But it'll be tough." She smiles and waves goodbye as the buzzer goes off.

Jaranith Glaper

Jaranith sits down and doesn't try to get comfortable in the seat. "Hey!" Caeser yelps bouncily.

"Hi," he mumbles.

Caeser trys, but we don't learn anything about Jaranith's personal life. Just as we think he's about to open up a bit, the buzzer rings.

District Four

Iris Miricle

"I love your shoes," Caeser begins.

Iris smiles. "Thank you." Her prim shoes ressemble a cream-colored pair of shells.

"So, Iris, feeling confident?" Caeser begins.

Iris looks thoughtful. "Well...sure. I mean, if I die...whatever." She shrugges of the crowd's mega-gasp.

"Have any family to win for?"

"Well...I do have 9 siblings. But they know I'll be fighting hard."

Caeser continues to talk about the large family until the buzzer rings and it's Jackson's turn.

Jackson Ocean

"Hellooo," Caeser greets the boy.

"Bună seara," Jackson whispers, then blushes and looks back at Caeser.

The interviewer begins to choke. "Excuse me?"

"That 'good evening' in Romanian. I not speak English well."

Caeser pouts. "Isn't that a shame? Nice to be able to talk to your fellow tributes as you kill them."

Jackson smiles. "So you think I make kills?"

"Oh yes. I thoughrally believe so." Caeser flashes another too-white smile, and coaxes the story of Jackson being washed up on his district shore just one year ago. He's now living with a foster dad.

We hear a buzzer...

District Five

Heather Lavender

"Hey, Heather!" Caeser calls across the silky red rug that matches the tribute's dress.


"So what's your strategy? An older girl like you should have something cooked up."

Heather smiles. "Stay alive, I guess. Not everyone can do that...or choose to."

Sounds of sympathy from the crowd. Caeser shakes his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. So, you think you have that choice?"

"I hope so," Heather replys.

We learn she grew up in a big family with 6 kids. Her mother died when she was young, so now she just has her father.

"Well, have a good time with your little choice, Heather Lavender. But it's that time again..."


Malco Crest

Malco's sweeping yellow robes set the mood. "Why, hello!" quipps Caeser.

"Good evening," Malco replys.

"So, do you have as big a family as your district partner?"

Malco's eyes widen. "No. Not even close."

Caeser smiles. "Only child?"

Malco blinks. The audience stares. Then he bursts into tears.

"Oh, no!" Caeser wails comically, handing Malco his silken handcercheif. "Oh, dear! What happened?"

"I-I had a sister. Li-li-lily. I-I guess I took her under my wing," Malco gasps inbeetween sobs. "Then...there was the p-plauge...and I was a-a-alone. I don't-I never feel the same."

"I'm sure you've changed," Caeser reassures under Malco's sniffles. They just sit there until we hear it.

"Bzzz," the buzzer whines.

"Bzzz," agrees Caeser.

District Six

Willow Ash

"Good evening, Willow," Caeser says in a flirty tone. "Wonderful dress."

"Thank you," says Willow. She twirls, and the silky purple foldes of her dress reflect the audience like a mirror, but in double...triple..."it's supposed to resemble the affects of our district's drugs."

"Oh! Well, have a seat. Feeling determinded?"

"Yes. If I get wounded, I could probably heal myself," Willow tells Caeser.


We learn Willow's mother owns an apothecary, where she picked up her healing skills. Then the buzzer rings...

Xander Hugo

"Hello, Xander," Caeser greets the tribute. "Uh...nice tie."

It's the same weird reflective material as before.

"Um...thanks. Hi."

"So, you in the healing buisness too?"

"Um, yeah. My dad's a doctor."

"And your mom?"

" Died in a train crash."

"Oh, isn't that just awful?"

Xander must have some kind of illness, because he shows us his token. It's a box of pills. And then, just like that, the buzzer goes off.

District Seven

Sedra Alsypse

Sedra steps onstage in a yellow dress.

"Hi, Sedra!" begins Caeser. "What a lovley dress!"

"Well, they wanted it to be dark green, but this one was more me."

"Ah, yes. I understand." Caeser smiles and nods to the chair, but Sedra just stands there.

"Your dress is very pretty. Now let's sit down," he explains.

Sedra cocks her head, then shakes it. "I think you're missing the point..."

"No, I'm not."

"I'm the point," she blurts out.

The audience is quiet for a moment.

Then everyone in the Capitol bursts out laughing.

"Alright, let's talk about"

"That's more like it," Sedra says critically, and sits down.

We learn she uses her weapon on her brother, Dacen, quite a bit, and Sedra says we might not ever find out what that is. She might not use it in the games. Then the buzzer rings.

Stronton Melich

Stronton walks on and sits down. Compared to Sedra, the crowd thinks he's a snooze so far.

"So, what do you think" mutters an exhausted Caeser. "What's your advice for are they called...tributes, that's it...tributes?"

"Make your stand, take a breath, claim a life, and keep on moving." Stronton tells the camera. "That's what I've got to do. That's what we've all got to do."

"But only one of you can keep that life you're claiming," Caeser points out.

"True. But that could be any one of us. Maybe me."

"Maybe you."

We learn Stronton won a 700-mile skii race at the Capitol slopes, and that he is an only child. After that, the buzzer goes off.

District Eight

Piper Singleton

The young tribute walks on in a glittering purple dress.

"Hello, Piper! Oh, I like your dress," Caeser compliments.

"Thank you. I hate it," Piper replies flatley.

There's a long, drawn-out gasp. "Why not?" Caeser asks.

"I don't like wearing dresses."

"Oh? Well, congratulations on a 10. That's quite a score for a little 12 year old."

Piper glares at him. "I'm not LITTLE!!! Okay, everyone, listen up. I'm 12. Don't underestimate me. That's the last thing ya wanna do. Now, listen. I. Will. Win. I can, even if I'm young. Especially if I'm young. Understand?"

Caeser makes a scared face and nods. The crowd is muttering feverishly.

"I have to get home to my sister and my pet wolf. I can win, you know. You all just wait and see."

And with that, Piper marches back to her seat (making sure to tread on Caeser's toes), leaving the buzzer behind.

Torn Quilt

After everyone has...uh...recovered from Piper's interview (which involves taking off shoes, carrying Piper on and off the stage, and hairspray-applying), Torn is set free onto the stage.

"So, Lexi's your...ermb...pen pal?" Caeser says uncomfortably, shifting all around to get comfortable again.

"Yes." Torn moves around uncomfartably like his interviewer.

"How funny, you're all in these games together. Clear, Lexi, and you. Do I see a love triangle. Oh...I I see a love triange?"


Then, in the tiniest voice possible, he whisperes, "I love her. I love her very much."

Caeser coughs. "Excuse me?"


We learn Torn spends his days sewing or - on occacion - writing to Lexi (when he's not at school). Then there's another buzzer...

District Nine

Anala Henderson

Anala's dress matches her eyes almost exactly. "Hello," Caeser says pleasently.

"Hello," Anala replys.

"That's very nice."

"Thank you." It's a dress with a few cuts at the sides, but Anala's keeping her hands tight around her ribs.

"So. Do you want to win? Or are you just not psyched about it?" he asks.

"No. I want to win."

We learn she is abused at home, and ignored. When asked about the odd reaping in which Anala's family laughed at her, she just shrugs. Then bzzz...

Serque Flash

"Hi, Serque," Caeser greets.

"Hi," Serque replies.

"So, do you have family?" Caeser askes.

"Yes, a mother and a sister. I used to have a brother."

Caeser, for some reason, doesn't ask. For the rest of the interview, they just sit there. And then there's a buzzer.

District Ten

Leslie Stowser

"Hello, Leslie," says Caeser. "So...your was a 9, right? What do you think about that? Is it high, do you think? Or do you consider it low?"

"What my chariot ride, training score and this interview says about me doesn't matter. This does: I Will Win," Leslie replies clearly.

"I see."

We learn Leslie can predict the weather, and is a good hunter too. The buzzer rings.

Hun Datsky

"Good evening, Hun," Caeser says.

"Good evening," Hun repeats nervously.

"Do you think you can win?"

"I-I-I th-think I'll w-win, I-I m-mean I h-have a g-good ch-chance," stutters the tribute.

"Of course you do," Caeser reassures.

"I'm p-pretty animal s-s-smart," Hun tells us.

Caeser nods. Hun keeps saying he's "g-got a g-good chance-ce" and why, and then stops. For the rest of their time, they just sit there nodding. The audience is greatful when the buzzer rings.

District Eleven

Linzie Koster

"Hey, Linzie," Caeser chirps, attempting to be perky again.

"Hey!" Linzie replies, helping out the distressed interviewer.

"Ready to win?" Caeser asks.

"Well...these games will be hard, but not as hard as kissing a Peacekeeper! Trust me, I've tried."

The crowd erupts in laughter, and even a few of the Peacekeepers join in. After they begin to stop, Caeser jumps resumes the interview. "And were you arrested?"

"No. I'm much more responisible, usually."

"Oh, I see."

They continue to chat about that until the buzzer rings.

Scott Dash

"Hi, Scott," Caeser welcomes.

"Hi, Caeser," Scott copies.

"So. Do you want to win these games?" Caeser asks.

"I'm gonna win this game for everyone in the Capitol. I know you all want me to win," Scott says, giving the camera a nod.

There's a lot of chuckling, clapping, and even some whooping for Scott.

They continue to chat and joke about winning for the Capitol, right into the buzzer's first "z".

District Twelve

Candlelight Ripple

Candlelight comes on in a sparkling, light-orange dress that looks like, well, looks like candlelight. Caeser motions for her to twirl, and when she does, it's even more beautiful.

"So, winning the games, not something a tribute of your district has often done. Do you think you'll prove it wrong?" Caeser asks complicatingly.

"Well, I don't know if I'll win, but Galen might," answers Candlelight, leaning back and batting her long, fake eyelashes.

Caeser cocks his head. "He's my boyfriend," she explains. "Don't you touch him. Or I'll kill you," she says in the direction of the other tributes.

She describes his silky hair until the buzzer rings.

Galen Mines

Galen marches on, with a tie to match Candlelight's dress, copying another district fashonably again. District 6's stylists, Lynn and Zom, are making snarling noises in their seats.

"So, about Candlelight," Caeser begins, not bothering to greet the tribute. "Are you going to let her take you under her wing like that?"

"Of course," he replies. "If I want to stay alive."

The live audience emits a few giggles.

He chats about her eyes, and then, just before the buzzer rings, he says, "I'll win if she can't. But I think she can. And I'll make you think so too."

Then the last buzzer of the evening goes off.

The Arena

000996d0 medium

The Arena!

So yeah that's the arena. The cornicopia is that palm tree. The water's so shallow, you don't need to swim, you can walk, but it slows you down. Don't worry, they're wearing rainsuits!

There will be mutts, and they won't be pretty.....

duh duh duh.....:P

The Hunger Games


Day 1

Nyenth's POV

Okay, so that was the gong. THAT WAS THE GONG.

Okay, okay, okay. Run away.

Oh, look, everyone's going to the Cornicopia now. Okay, I don't need to. Wait...a dagger is three feet away. I'll grab that, and then run away.

I must.

So I do, and I think I'll take that backpack, too...

But the boy from District 9 has his eyes on it too. He obviously thinks he's really good at his weapon -whatever it is, he's hiding it behind his back- and he could be, so I poise my dagger. Right when he gets close enough to kill, I stab him really well. In the heart. Then I take the backpack, his strange weapon, and my dagger, and get out of this awful mess of a trap.

Avia's POV

"Hey," I say to Lukel in what I hope is a somewhat gruff, tough voice. "Can I join you guys?"

"Sure," says Lukel. "We need as many people as possible."

Jackson returns. "Here is your mace," he tells Lukel ina heavy Romanian accent.

"Thanks. I got my eyes on Singleton from 8. Look at her size and score."

"She'll make a good addition to our team," Clear comments.

"Not to ally with, you idiot. To kill," Lukel snarls menecingly. Iris returns.

"We have to get to the other end of the water!" Jackson cries out. And with that, we swim away from the bloodbath together.

Anala's POV

I jump when the cannons sound. Just four. Huh. Well, I could be wrong, but I think I know...Serque is dead. I can feel it. It was obvious, anyway. But it makes me feel weird. Once again, 9 has a bloodbath body. Gasp.

Anyway, I'm one step closer to winning and proving myself, because I know I never could hace killed him. Just because of my district. But when I see my family's laughing faces, I know I can do anything, and I gather the strength to move on.

Malco's POV

I spot Heather a couple yards away, and run up to her. "Hey, do you want to make an allience? Just because we're from the same district and all."

She looks surprised, but nods. "Okay then. Let's run."

I grab a thing of rope, and Heather takes a sword. I've never really noticed her before. She is four years older, after all. But still, should I have noticed her? I don't know what to think, and I really don't have time to, so I just follow her into the forest.

Lexi's POV

I have to find Torn.

I know he can't survive on his own, so...


I look around to find Stronton charging me. What does he think he's doing? Killing time! I grab the point of his spear, snap it off, run into him, and stab his chest repeatedly. Now, back to finding Torn...

There he is! Okay, I have to get supplies first. I run to grab the knives. Torn grabs a spear, and looks at me for approval. I shrug, take the knives and his hand, and we RUN.

Galen's POV

I run around feverishly, trying to find Candlelight. She might have seemed tough at the interview, but how far will she really get?

That Hun Datsky is charging me. Huh. I grab the nearest weapon (a spear), and try to get him but he's still trying to get me. Then the girl from his district -Leslie- takes the knife and throws it at me...

Leslie's POV

Uh-oh, here comes Candlelight. I dodge behind the Cornicopia, hoping that no one's there. No one is. Then I make myself watch Candlelight scream and kiss Galen goodbye. Then she chases Hun up to the top of the Cornicopia. But Piper, the girl from 8, is secretly following her. Right when Candlelight's about to stab Hun, Piper raises her knife and gets her in the back. She's trying to reach Hun, but he's too high up for her. So she climbs down and runs away.

Just then, Sedra runs around the corner. She's got her machete raised, but I cry, "Wait! Allies?"

She looks me up and down. "Okay, allies. Let's run!"

Then we bolt to the beachwood.

Scott's POV

I run around the Cornicopia, searching for a knife or two. I spot Linzie a yards away, picking up a sword. She sees me, too, and runs up to me. "Hey, do you want to ally with me?"

I raise my knife. "NO! Just kidding, allies. Let's get out of here!"

So we do.

Iris' POV

We're running through the water, when the girl from 6 -Willow- begins to trail us. "Well! This won't do." Lukel snarls, and runs to grip her by the neck.

Since the water's deep, while he drowns her Jackson takes out the fishing pole and hurls it into the water. I swim to join him and tread. I look around, then point behind us. "Pink water," I says hollowly.

All he can do is nod.

Hun, the boy from 10, is hanging on to the tip of the Cornicopia. He looks like he was chased up there, but his persuer is gone. "Hey, you," Lukel, who's done drowning Willow, says to Avia. "Go kill that guy. Use my spear."

"Um...okay," she says, but she looks mad and/or hurt. Stiffly, she climbs the Cornicopia and spears him. Slowly, she climbs down. Singeingly, she glares at him.

This will be a looong Games.

Bloodbath Bodies

Serque Flash - Nyenth Sane

Stronton Melich - Lexi Strong

Willow Ash - Lukel Darker

Galen Mines - Leslie Stowser

Candlelight Ripple - Piper Singleton

Hun Datsky - Avia Hannith (and sort of Lukel Darker)

in about that order!

Current Alliences

Careers - Clear Glass, Avia Hannith, Lukel Darker, Jackson Ocean, Iris Miracle

Scott Dash and Linzie Koster

Sedra Alsypse and Leslie Stowser

Heather Lavender and Malco Crest

Lexi Strong and Torn Quilt


Day 2

Lukel's POV

I wake up in our Career camp and stretch. I've made a kill. The excitement I hold is such that I can hardley contain it, but if I want to win these games, it's evident I must.

But it's good I'm the first one up. Maybe I should kill whoever gets up next? Nah, I'll do that later. I don't want to waste what could be food sorce. Especially that Ocean from 4, he's already caught quite a few fish. So killing him would be like throwing away food for the whole games. However, I can always threaten him into teaching me, and then I can kill him, perhaps? Ah, well, anyhow, it's really time I polished my mace.

Miracle is now up. I would kill her, right here, right now, but if I kill her now and Ocean dies, I could use the extra food scorce.

Instead, because I can't stand not hurting somebody, I kick her off the beach chair she got at the Cornicopia. I excpect her to just lie there in defeat, but no. She comes up and shoves me off my beach chair. Then she runs up a tree to get the breakfast coconuts.

This is it, and eventually we get into a kind of wrestling match. I see Glass from 1 get out of his tent, and then wake up the others to break up the fight.

Not before I kill Miracle, MWA-HA-HA! As I slap open a wound and her warm blood flows onto my dry hands, I realize I'm getting almost giddy at the thought.

Oh, the thought...

The wonderful thought...

Then I hear footsteps behind me, and the world goes black.

Piper's POV

Darn it! Why is it so darn hard to get some decent coconut milk here? No one's up, really, so I'm using the sword I got just in case to cut the coconuts from this darned tree. Climbing up it was hard enough, but then when the coconut just decides (FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!!) to roll down the sand and into the water...well, that's the cause for my "darn it".

Finally, I'm able to get the coconut to stay there long enough for me to jump down on it. "Gotcha!" I yelp, pouning on the round, hairy, milky canteen. I hack away a small hole with the tip of my knife and practically kiss the coconut as the milk gurgles in my mouth. I'm not sure actual coconuts really have milk in them, but the Gamemakers are so dumb, I guessed these were full of the stuff.

Suddenly, there's a rustling from behind. I pull the killing knife from my backpack and throw it, but for the first time in these games and training, I miss. Ah, well, that's because the girl -the one from 9, I think, Anala Henderson- has dodged it. Hmm. Smart girl. Too bad, I have to kill her. But when I'm positioning my knife to kill, she cries, "Stop! I want to ally with you!"

"Ally? Me? Ha! Not a chance." I fling the new knife at her, but again, her dodging skills make my throw seem like a terrible miss. I keep throwing knives, but I can't seem to hit her. And by the time I've finished throwing, it seems like it's (eep) partially my fault. "Okay, fine. If I can't hit you, you must be good. So okay. But remember, I can kill you at any time if you bug me."

"Right," she says with a grin.

I roll my eyes, but something about me likes this Anala. In a strange, sort of twisted way.

Clear's POV

Things have been going pretty good since Jackson knocked Lukel out. But I'm nervous for when he awakens. Just in case, I washed the blood off his hands. He was really going mad.

We're going to say Iris is dead, he killed her. Of course, Jackson just got back from escorting her to the other end of the arena. We've promised to help her if she's ever in danger, but it's not apparent we'll need to. She's a Career, alone but with supplies. That's good. And if she could've survived Lukel's hissy fit, even Lukel alone will take a while killing her.

Let's hope.

I wish I could've allied with Lexi. I don't know why I didn't just break off from the Careers and asked her to join us. But then...she has Torn. I don't see why she's hanging on to him, really. He's just going to slow her down. Maybe I could bring her over her, get Lukel or someone to kill torn, and then have Lexi ally with us? Oh, I'm just dreaming myself away. I don't want to.

But I need to.

Uh-oh, Lukel is upon us. Glaaargh. Will he leave us all alive? Let's hope, let's hope!

Nyenth's POV

I'm lying up against the cave wall when there's a thud outside the cave. I start, but it's nothing, just a...sponser gift! Nice!

I pull the gift out of the parachute. FULL BODY ARMOR. That's a really generous gift, maybe one of the Serque-haters called in?

As I slip on the armor, I have a burning desire to get out. Out of this cave! I run out and splash about in the water that fills it. I just hope I can make it through out of the arena, too.

Jaranith's POV

I hear the clicking noise, but I don't know what it is. I have a few wires that were a few yards away from my plate. And, oh yeah, a deep gash on my arm. Xander from 6 slashed me with a knife.

But now is not the time to dwell. I have a trap to set.

I went over it with Beetee a hundred times. Literally. If I can get the snares to work, then it'll be perfection.

But I soon see what the source of the clicking is, and I scamper up a tree.

Because it's a mutt.

Xander's POV

I lie down in the crick of the volcano, where other tributes could see me, but not kill me. I hope. I come down quite a bit, of course That bloodbath yesterday was close, so close. I wanted to ally with Willow, but Jaranith from 3 drowned her. I saw him. At least, I think it was him. I wanted to kill him, too, but I'm not that good with the knife. I'm training myself, though. In hopes that someday, I will kill him.

Kill him if it's the last thing I do.

Linzie's POV

Scott comes back to our part of the jungle just before sunset. He's been gathering for hours. I've been doing sword matnince and practicing my moves. Much more productive.

The basket we got at the Cornicopia is now full of edible plants for us to eat. I grab one and munch on it, and Scott follows suit. I split open a coconut and gulp its milk down. Scott has already had his drink, and is now chopping up roots. I have a feeling this is going to be routine, we did a shorter version of this yestarday, too.

I also have another feeling. "Scott?"

"Yeah?" he asks, not looking at me.

"Look at me," I instruct.

He tilts his head up, and his big, brown, warm, mind-boggling eyes slide into mine.

"Do you think...I could win?"

He puts down his knife and walks into his tent.


Torn's POV

Lexi and I stand up in our sleeping bags in this icy, chilly, cave. Our toes are getting frostbite from the freezing water washing up against the bags. She scoots closer to me, so I put my arm around her. She settles into me, and I feel some sort of panic attack coming on. What if she's killed? What if another tribute finds us and killes her? What if Clear comes and he breaks us apart, or worse, betrays Lexi?

"No," I say loudly.

Lexi looks up, confused. "Huh?"

"Nothing...just...nevermind. Thinking about what's out there."

"Torn..." she starts, but I kiss her, and she stops talking.

To kiss me back.

And I wouldn't even rather be at home. I'd be anywhere, I'd endure it. As long as I was with Lexi Strong.

Fact or Fiction: No bodies were dead bodies.


Alliences Going On

Careers - Clear Glass, Avia Hannith, Lukel Darker, Jackson Ocean

Scott Dash and Linzie Koster

Sedra Alsypse and Leslie Stowser

Heather Lavender and Malco Crest

Lexi Strong and Torn Quilt

Anala Henderson and Piper Singleton

Day 3

Sedra's POV

Leslie and I wake up at about the same time. "See those clouds up there?" She points to the dark clouds filling up the arena. "That might mean it's going to hail."

"Hailing? At the beach?" I snort. "Isn't it supposed to be a tropical paradise?"

"It's the arena. One of us must be killed, at least, so that's not really much of a paradise," Leslie reminds me.

Okay, so maybe our time here has been a vacation compared to some people's. We found a nice place right on the beach that's camafloged enough for us to just lie in our tent. We've feasted, because we're in the ideal area.

But I know that can't last for long.

Lukel's POV

I wonder what the deal with Iris is. I know she is alive, I saw it in the sky last night. The blank faces of no one. I don't see why they'd lie to me. Well...maybe I can. But still, when I saw no one, I just got confused.

Since I'm the first one up (again), I ask the arena sky, "Can what happened be explained in any way?"

Just like that, a parachute falls down at my feet. I open it up hungrily. Inside is a note confirming what I already suspected.

'Clear, Avia and Jackson are lying to you. Yo did not kill Iris. Jackson has just come back from escorting her to the other end of the island. Do not show this note to the othr three.'

I won't. Oh, I won't.

Jaranith's POV

The crab mutts have been chasing me since yestarday afternoon.
Stone crab1

Crab Mutt!!! SO CUTE!

My gash isn't helping me at all. In fact, the crabs have given me many more. I wonder why Xander is after me. It's not like I killed Willow or something. That was Lukel from 2. I saw him. I don't think I talked to him at all before the games started.

I feel like giving up. Did I really think I could win, with all the mutts in the arena? But I don't. I want to make Beetee proud.

Xander's POV

After tumbling down the volcano and climbing a tree, I see Jaranith from 3 in a tree, being chased by the mutts. I throw my knife as far as possible.

"You killed Willow, so I will kill you!" I shout.

"No, I didn't! That was..."

I can't hear his answer because it hits him.

He falls from the tree, and even though I can't see him I can tell the mutts are upon him. About an hour later, his cannon fires.

Leaving me in a daze of mystery.

Heather's POV

The little clump of trees where Malco and I are hiding isn't safe. He knows it, but I was getting tired so we had to stop here.

"Let me teach you some fencing," I suggest.

He looks up from his plant gathering. "Okay."

While we're fencing, I get an idea. "Malco, do you think we should move closer to the beach? There are more coconut trees there, and it's farther away from the volcano."

He shrugs and sticks his sword in the ground. "That's a good idea. Let's go." Within minutes, we're all packed up and ready to go. We find another clump of trees just on the beach where we could easily see any persuers.

At least, I hope we'll see them.

Leslie's POV

It is, indeed, hailing. Sedra and I shuffled into a cave a while ago. It's always good to be prepared.

Because our last spot is the new spot for the Careers.

We can see them from here, but I don't think they can see. I hope not.

Torn's POV

The sun is going down now. Lexi and I are going to wander around the caves and try to get something out of it. "Here, take this knife," she forces into my hand. I kiss it (her hand, not the knife).

She smiles, then takes the spear and directs me into a clump.

I wander in and find a miniature Cornicopia. They've got rope, swords, knifes, backpacks, sleeping bags, and food! Wait until Lexi sees this!

I'm about to call for help taking all this stuff away when Heather and Malco from 5 come back to the clump.


Their arms are full of plants, roots, and even a fresh kill. It looks so delicious! I lunge for Malco first. "LEXIII!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

"I'll be right there, Torn!" she calls back, but it's too late.

Heather is already upon me.

Heather's POV

I set down my sword, encased in my shaking hand. Then I pick it back up, just in case.

"Thank you," Malco says, slipping out from under Torn. His cannon fires.

"Well, let's get out of here," I whisper. We take only what we need, and start running away.

Lexi's POV

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

That was Torn's cannon, I can feel it in my bones. I feel cold and sweaty, and my hands are turning clammy. I can't help it, I begin to sob.

But wait! I can always kill whoever killed Torn! So I think I will!

Fortunatley, I run into Heather and Malco. They are flustered, their faces flushed, their hands bloody. This tells me everything I need to know. I march up to Heather. "Did you kill Torn?"

"No," she whisperes.

"You lier," I hiss. I slowly stick the spear through her stomach, so it's extra painful.

"Heather!" cries Malco. She lets out a groan. I don't kill him because I want him to experience this emmence pain I am feeling, deep in my gut. I run off into the woods.

I run into Clear. "Can I join you?"

"What about Torn?" he asks, confused.

"Dead," I choke out. "That was his cannon."

Malco's POV

I kneel beside Heather. She's whispering something beneath her low moan. I think it's, "please don't let me die here, please, please don't let me die here, please, please, please..."

"Don't worry," I whisper tenderly as she begins to sob. "I'll stay with you until it's over."

She sniffles and wipes away a thin tear. "Here, take these." She takes off her silver earrings that belonged to her mother, I think. "Malco, I know you'll win. I can feel it in my bones. I know it."


"Shh! You will. I know it. So, when you win, take these to my father. Please? Would you do that for me? It's my dying wish." She begins to sob really hard again on the word "dying".

"Of course," I whisper, tucking them safely away in my leather pouch. I kiss her cheek. "Goodnight, Heather."

She lets out a shaky yawn. "Goodnight, Malco. Goodnight."

This is when the tears start flowing and I give up a few shaky sobs of my own. "Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight."

And I just sit there, sobbing, holding her shaking, bony, cold hands. Right til her cannon fires.


From the Head Gamemaker (me :P)

People that Died

Jaranith Glaper - Xander Hugo/Crab Mutts

Torn Quilt - Heather Lavender

Heather Lavender - Lexi Strong (sniffle sniff)

Alliences in Session

Careers: Clear Glass, Avia Hannith, Lukel Darker, Lexi Strong, Jackson Ocean

Sedra Alsypse and Leslie Stowser

Scott Dash and Linzie Koster

Anala Henderson and Piper Singleton

Day 4

Scott's POV

I hear a roaring noise. And deep in my gut I can tell that if I want to live, I'm going to have to do some dirty work.
Mutt edited-2

Shark/Walrus/Dog Mutt

Oh, God. My weakness. And Linzie's, too. It's a shark/walrus mutt. With paws.

It crawls back on the land. Towards me. Suddenly I'm screaming, "LINZIE! LINZIE! WAKE UP! HEEELP!!!"

Linzie darts out of the tent. "OH MY GOD!!!" she shrieks. Grabbing her sword, she darts around the back of the shark to stab it.

But I've already fallen prey to those huge white tusks...

Linzie's POV

"Scott!" I scream, but that awful mutt has already devoured him. I grab my sword, my grip so tight I find my knuckles turning pure white. I scamper up behind the mutt and cut open its stomach. I see Scott lying in there. He's not dead yet. Maybe I can save him!

"Don't die," I order him.

He smiles and reaches his hand out to me, but his blood is much too quickly draining out of him and his cannon immidiatly fires. I won't let myself cry. I just won't.

Anala's POV

Piper and I are running and laughing. Running because of the awful mutt that was chasing us and laughing for the same reason. We didn't even try to kill it because we were laughing so hard. But a cannon just maybe we should've. Oh well.

The Careers were onto Piper yesterday. They kept popping up around her. We got the guys from 1 and 4 pretty beat up. It's so fun being with Piper, but the problem is...

I know it can't last.

Avia's POV

As we run along the shore, searching for prey of any kind, I start to ready my srossbow. I tug on it, making a popping noise. I love that sound. I see the girl from 10 absentmindedly wandering about. Oooh, you really can't be absentminded in these Games. Easy! I aim it at her, and within seconds her cannon fires. I smile with satisfaction.

The girl from 3 is looking at me funny. Huh. Then I see it's not me, but Clear she's staring out. She walks up to him slowly and kisses him. Oka-a-ay. I've always been disgusted by love.*

  • That was for you, Eievie

Sedra's POV

I wake up to the sound of footsteps coming in front of me. I guess I slept in. Then my eyes drop to the water where Leslie's body waits for a hovercraft. Umph. I force myself up and aim my slingshot at the guy from 2. I hit his arm, and he gives a sharp cry but can't seem to find me.

I hope he bleeds to death. I really, really do.

Lukel's POV

Lunchtime! I grab my mace and hurl it at the coconuts in a nearby tree. Unfortunatly, this method does not work for getting coconuts. Hmph. I scamper up the tree to fetch what my mace could not.

As I reach for my meal, I notice a dash of color where there should not be. And I freeze in place, the killing gears deep inside me turning and whirling, going mad.

Because that blob of color?

It's Iris Miracle.

Malco's POV

Everything has been wrong since Heather died last night. I was numbed by the pain of seeing my ally, my district partner, like that, so I very stupidly left all our stuff there. All I have now is Heather's sword and some of my roots. And, oh yeah, the earrings.

I sink down in the sand and bury my face in my hands.

I just sit here for the longes time until the sun sets, where I curl up under a tree and uneasliy go to sleep.

Iris' POV

My cave is damp and dark and I have almost nothing to keep warm. Jackson lent me his sleeping bag, but it was the non-heat-reflecting one, so the fabric is thin and leaves me chilly. After I go hunting around the arena, I always wind up here. Misrable.

I cuddle up to my doll, wondering if this night will be my last.

People who were like, "Aaaah!" and went plop (died)

Scott Dash - Mutt

Leslie Stowser - Avia Hannith


Careers: Clear Glass, Avia Hannith, Lukel Darker, Lexi Strong, Jackson Ocean

Anala Henderson and Piper Singleton

Day 5

Jackson's POV

"WOOOOOOOOOW. Sucks for you," Avia mutters to me. Lukel had given me a nasty bruise with his mace yesterday. I still don't know why.

Uh-oh. Now he's awake. "I think we should head over there, a bit North of where we were hunting yestarday," he points out on the map we got at the Cornicopia. "Just Ocean and me." He picks at the scab he got from that rock. It must have been from a slingshot, but no one knows.

For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this.

Xander's POV

Now, I'm back on track. It's likley that one of the Careers had been Willow's killer, but I don't know for sure. Oh well, it's probably time one of the Careers was killed anyway. So I set out to kill Lukel Darker, the guy from 2.

I practice my knife throwing, stabbing, and beheading skills on coconuts and drink the milk thirstily.

I'm ready to kill.

Lukel's POV

We wait until after we have a sizable lunch to set out for yesterday's hunting spot. We keep going North. I can't help but slap on a smile at the thought of killing Iris Miracle. Finally. At last!

Just when I catch a glimpse of a shocked Miracle, someone - the boy from 6, Xander Hugo, I believe - jumps out in front of me.

I reach for my favorite weapon.

Iris' POV

Lukel clobbers Xander with his mace as I watch in horror. Then he flexes his muscles as he prepares for... wrestling.

Oh my God, I can't do this. Our little scuffle was nothin, I'd been trained enough for that. But's not going to work out. Oh well.

"IRIS!" screams Jackson. "WAIT...I'll kill him! Don't worry, I'll be right back!"

Lukel frowns at me as he positions to break my neck. "Do you even care?"

"No," I reply, because I don't. "I'll be back."

Then I shut my eyes and take one last breath.

Lukel's POV

Ah. Two perfect cannons. I look at my hands and arms, slick with ripe, fresh blood. It's starting to make me dizzy...and overexited...

I take a strange leap I can't explain to the sand and black out.

Jackson's POV

Even though Lukel's cannon has already fired, I poke every inch of his body with my trident. Then I give him what should have been his death blow with his own prized mace.

The hovercraft appears to take the three bodies away, so I drag Iris away to a dark, shady corner and just sob over what used to be my first friend in Panem.

I slowly take her out into the clearing, and lay her down gently for the hovercraft to take. "La revedere," I whisper, which is goodbye in Romanian.

Then I run for my life.

Piper's POV

Anala and I are having a little dinner of chopped nuts, skinny red roots, and coconut milk when a whir of tribute flings by. Anala throws her hurlbat and as his cannon fires, we figure out it's Jackson Ocean from 4.

Petite Anala, shorter then me, must not know how much of a threat she is. She presses a finger to her chapped lips, her turquoise eyes twinkling in the sunset.

"I wonder whose cannons those were," I ask conversationaly.

"I dunno, but whoever they were, he must be running away from the killer."

"But what if he is the killer? He is a Career, after all."

"Then why would he be running away so fast?"

We sit awhile in thought, watching the arena's surreal sun slip down to the underground of the arena. The underground of the arena I will soon get to see.

I hope.

Sedra's POV

I run and run. I have to kill the Careers, I know I have to. I need to find shelter. I need to find refuge. I need to do something. I just don't know what. This is only too hard. I can do it. I'm the point. The Careers are nothing against me. They should know that by now, even if I haven't done much killing. None, actually. But I wounded Lukel Darker from 2 pretty badly. I need to kill him.

And fast.

Night glitters into the arena and I crash down into the crevice of a rock right here in the volcano. I...what was I thinking? The Careers, the can't possibly see me as a threat. I haven't done anything threat-worthy.

But I will. Oh, I will.

Just give me time.

Nyenth's POV

I need to get out. I need to get out of this arena. It's more than an arena, though. It's heck.

I run and run around the cave, scouting for someone to kill, one less opponent. No one. Eh. I think I see someone, but they're too far away. Running, running, and running.

But still the catch my eye, even through the miles and miles of heavy darkness between us. I dart back to the cave in horror.

This time I really need to get out.

Avia's POV

We see their faces in the night. Lukel and both from 4. "We should split up," I say to Clear and Lexi.

Clear nods. "Alright. Goodbye?" He extends his hand to mine.


"In hopes I don't have to kill you." They wave as I grab my stuff and run away.

Lexi's POV

Clear gets up.

"Uh...well...bye." I stand up, too.

He moves into me. "I'm not letting go."

I jerk my head back. I don't know why. I've kissed him before, but that was just a light brushing against my lips. And who'd want to kiss me, anyway? My lips are chapped, I'm ugly and dirty, and I already have two kills under my belt. Almost as much as Lukel. My nails even have dry blood caked inside from every dead or wounded tribute I have encountered. Why would Clear Glass, the most beautiful District One boy with the sweetest personality want me, Elixer Havana Strong?

I look up at him unsurly. I hope it looks flirty.

He leans in.

Oh God.

He brushes his lips against mine, soft and smooth. Oh right, he has chapstick. He gives the corner of my mouth a peck, and then goes in for the kill - er - kiss.

And I promise you, I literally melt.

People Whose Creators You Should Offer Your Condolences To

Xander Hugo - Lukel Darker

Iris Miracle - Lukel Darker

Lukel Darker - Xander Hugo and Iris Miracle's Blood (and sort of Jackson Ocean)

Jackson Ocean - Anala Henderson

Ze Allies

Careers: Clear Glass and Lexi Strong

Anala Henderson and Piper Singleton

Day 6

Malco's POV

I grab Heather's sword and take off again. Well, there's no sense in being depressed. It's just...when I watched her guts file out of her shaking body and all her blood gushing out and leaving her like a deflated balloon, I thought of her.

I look down at my pin and sigh. Oh, Lily, I think. If only you were at home now, waiting for me, I might have hope in my hands. Please child, do not worry. I will avenge Heather and somehow that will be avenging you too. Don't frown upon me. For I WILL come home.

Well, I guess I'm just having a piece of good fortune today because there are Lexi and Clear. I prepare Heather's -my - sword. They don't see me yet. The knotted belt I have made as sort of a sword-holder is holding up good. Too good. When I finally jerk it out, it causes a lot of leaf-rustling. This alerts the lovebirds. Lexi sees me with the weapon and then laughs at something stupid Clear just said. Then she draws her own...

I step out in front of her and give Clear a curt nod, since I will not be killing him today (I don't think). We are the only guys left in the arena. A wave of understanding seems to flow through him as he steps back and nudges Lexi. I nod at her.

"Begin," she snarls sinisterly.

And before I know it, I'm full-on fencing with Lexi Strong. Front, back, front, forward, step, slice, back, forward is what Heather taught me to do. And I'm doing it! Hey, I'm doing it!!!

Lexi's POV

I feel like I need to be mean now. My temper has been worked up as it seems like Clear has stepped away from me. What was I thinking, anyway? I guess I always knew it. He's an idiot. And so therefore I will treat Malco like one (although I know he's not, if he can take Clear away from ME, that's obviously some substance). "Ha ha ha!" I give out to the audience who is rooting for me. ME. MEEE MEEE MEEEEEEEEE.

"So, Malco, I think now the time has come to send you back to your stupid little sister? Was she as stupid as you, or stupider?" I think I'm very clever.

Well, I guess I'm not. Because the last thing I see is Malco's sword flying at my chest...

Sedra's POV

I saw that girl. Nyenth from 2, I think. I need to kill her. She trained like a Career. She must have. So that makes her someone on my target list.

I saw in the sky last night that the boy from 2 and both of 4 are dead (as is the boy from 6 - I don't really care about him, though). That leaves Nyenth and both from 1, unless that cannon was one of them, and that I doubt. And if you count Lexi from 3 as a Career, she's still here, too. Unless that cannon really was one of them...

No matter, I will now kill Nyenth. I walk around the cave I saw her by and find her eating a large feast. I get my slingshot but she hears me and gets ready to throw her dagger. She misses and gets my toe. She must have sharpened it because it cuts it off. Gross and painful. Fortunaltly, my slingshot gets her in the heart. She falls over dead and her cannon fires. I limp away.

Piper's POV

"I'm going hunting," I announce to my ally.

"Okay," she replies. "Be careful."

"Don't tell me to be careful!!!" I snap.

"Fine, don't be. But remember, the woods are really alive right now. You could be killed in a snap."

I scowl and run away with some knifes.

After an hour or so, I've got us a rabbit or two, a salmon, and a moose. Yeah, I'm that good. There's a rustling behind me. I whirl around to see Clear Glass from 1 throwing a long, sharp knife at me.

"ANAL-" I begin to scream, but my windpipe is cut off from the pain.

"PIPER!" she screams back. "I'M COMING!!!"

A sponser gift falls from the sky as my legs knees I wouldn't let my prep teap strip of hair buckle. Should I have? Obviously the Capitol had a part in this...

And then it hits me.

I NEED to kill Clear.

Anala comes rushing around the corner and I know I can't hang onto life much longer. Sad, but true. I start shaking and sniffling. Anala opens the sponser gift and pulls out the blade you might see in a food prossesser. "Do you want me to do it?" she asks.

"No," I say. "I still have THAT much strength left in me." I fling it at Clear and he drops to the sandy floor as his cannon fires. "Now I can be at peace."

Anala smiles, but then bursts into tears. "You knew it would have to happen someday. You had to have," I scold her, but then I feel myself slowly join the cryfest.

"Okay, okay. So win for me, will you?" I force on her.

She's sobbing and nodding. "I will. I will. I will."

I roll my eyes. "You shouldn't have told me to be careful. Then I could have won."

Anala doesn't answer. I sigh. "Don't sing. Don't speak. Not a word. I want to just die here, alone, if I must die. Okay?"

She shakes her head and picks up my icy hand. "Just go to sleep, Piper. Bye."

"Bye, Anala," I say. "I hope I won't see you soon." And I take one last shaky breath.

Sedra's POV

Running away, I hear it. Oh my God. Well, I knew the volcano was for something. I being to run away but now it's too late. The brinin lava, creeping up my flesh, smells like blood. It must be. Oh no. But the distraction has made me nasueus and I have collapsed.

"Keep running!" I scream to no one in perticular. Guidence for myself. But I can't. I watch my slingshot slip away out of my hands misrably. It's now 20 yards away at the very least. The rocks were all lost a long time ago in this volcanic mass. I sniffle, not wanting to make a scene in front of Panem, but I know I'll only get to live if all the remaining 4 tributes kill themselves in battle and I'm picked up.

But it doesn't happen.

I close my eyes and take my last flawless breath.

Linzie's POV

BOOM!!! So many cannons today. 4 of us left. But soon there will be one. I've had some close calls, being by the Career Camp. But now there is one left, Avia from 1, from what I see in the sky.

Maybe these Games are harder than kissing a Peacekeeper after all.

People who got killed or encased in lava like at Pompeii

Lexi Strong - Malco Crest

Nyenth Sane - Sedra Alsypse

Clear Glass - Piper Singleton

Piper Singleton - Clear Glass

Sedra Alsypse - encased by lava, Pompeii style

Are there any more alliences?


Day 7 - The Not-So-Happy Ending

Anala's POV

I wake up to another parachute. They're just falling from the sky for me and Piper. Oh, right. Piper's dead. "Why?" I whisper to the cold morning air. "Why did she have to die?" Maybe she was right about me telling her to be careful.

No, don't think like that, Anala, I tell myself inside my head. Go open your parachute.

Somehow I have a bad feeling about this...

I untie the not. And it turns out my sponser gift is not a gift at all. It's a bag full of spider mutts.

I scream and scream and scream because I can't do anything else. But then I see a glint of white paper in the paracute. It says in my mother's handwriting, "Go away. I sent this so I knew we wouldn't have to deal with you anymore. DIE!!! Xoxo, Mom". Tears spring to my eyes. That's been happening a lot latley.

"YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE LAST OF ME, MOM!!!" I scream with rage and fury tingling in my usually quiet voice. "I'LL BE BACK. AND YOU'LL BE SORRY."

I then surrender my life.

Avia's POV

BOOM! What was that? I'm the last living Career and I was the youngest, and now I will be a Victor. Hey, these Games were pretty fun! Well, they aren't over yet. First I have to kill Linzie and Malco. Both should be easy kills. I walk along the vast river that empties out into the ocean. It's easy to push someone in here. I might do that instead of using my crossbow.

But someone pushes me in first...

Linzie's POV

It's the final two! It's the final two!!! Oh, I can be a victor! I can. First I have to find Malco, though.

Well, that was easy. I turn around to find him standing there with a sword. It's a good thing I fence. I draw my own, and we begin the swordfight. He's good, but I don't think he's good enough.

"So, you think you will win these games?" I ask conversationally.

"Yes," he says confidently, although there is a shaky factor in his voice.

"Think again," I say, and in one clean swipe, my sword had got half his head off his neck.

BOOM! I start cheering for myself. I won! I won! I WON. The hovercraft comes to collect Malco. Once he's gone, I notice something on the ground. A leather pouch! I pick it up. I saw a lot of these at the Cornicopia. I quickly slip it in one of my pockets as the hovercraft comes to collect me. ME. The Victor of the 34th Hunger Games. Linzie Koster. Me.


Okay! So I'm doing a little contest thingy with a PRIZE (!!!) for the winning tribute(s). We're in the final nine, and want you guys to VOTE who is the Bravest (first), Deadliest (second), Smartest (third), and, last but DEFINITLY not least, Most Likley to Win (fourth). Winner of each contest gets a sponser gift that they really need (I'll make it work). Vote, please and thank you!


The ones with their names on it are bravest, the blank ones are deadliest. <poll>

Bravest Clear Glass

Avia Hannith

Nyenth Sane

Elixer "Lexi" Strong

Malco Crest

Sedra Alsypse

Piper Singleton

Anala Henderson

Linzie Koster

Smartest/Most Likley to Win

The ones with their names on it are smartest, the blank ones are most likley to win.



Clear Glass

Avia Hannith

Nyenth Sane

Elixer "Lexi" Strong

Malco Crest

Sedra Alsypse

Piper Singleton

Anala Henderson

Linzie Koster </poll>

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