First of all...

So, since I like to multitask and I have just finished my first games, therefore I am starting my 3rd (second in the making). So there will be 3 victors again and since the people of Panem liked the musical factor (for the most part), it will be a musical again. But this time, the tributes can know each other. So yeah, enter tributes, please!!!

Creator District Male Female





Desent Blurr-8

Bradley Ward-6

Diamond Sparkle-6

Sophie Sheard-11

Leshawna333 3 Gerome Smith-7 Liesel Swan-9
Anon.... 4 Rebel Peacock-12 Xanthe White-8
Jabberjay78 5 Neon Nightshade-9 Calypso Gale-3
Jabberjay78 6 Silver Sunlight-6 Mystic Moonlight-9
Firecatcher3 7 Jake Tucker-7 Molly Brechin-7
Fantasyfilm99 8 Gimli Laurson-5 Seiko Nox-10
MyHatIsAAWWESOME! 9 J. T. Valle-8 Alexa Tricoche-9
Algernon, the mustache man 10 Seamus Fanson McKarlyle Eoau
Anon.... 11 Luke Heart-7 Jay Sparrow-8
Skybender101 12 Nathaniel Jackson-7

Anya Showers-8


So a tornado came and blew over the president's house. Due to that, he ordered 4 tributes from 13 AND two other tributes from each district to be reaped. Enter please!

MORE Tributes!!!
Creator District Male Female 1
Kenzen11 2 Chisel Jaws-9 Suko Yoshida-12
Anon.... 3 Digit Starr Lucky Dawn
Foxface911 4 Cherri Blonde Max Blonde
Kenzen11 5 Ashes Mackay De'Nada Dreader
Eievie 6 Lemane Dare-6 Lia Tunika
Nate777 7 Lily Green Jet Oak
Wolverine1717 8 River Rhodes Sutton Yates
Dark Angel97 9 Belarus Sipar-8 Emerald Scar-7
Eievie 10 Rama Till Melina Dew
Foxface911 11 Akim Yakovliv Linda Pierre
IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769 12 Patrick Gabriel Isabella Hope
Kenzen11 13 Caio Franklin Abbi Threads
Jabberjay78 13 Soldier Shadow Titan-12 Soldier Lucky Love-9
Nate777 1 Grey Wolf-11 Cindy Regar-11
Clove1001 0 Cotto Crest Eclipse Glade
Moviepopcorn123 0 Starry Knite Breeze Moon

(Rebel and Shadow rebelled)

Chariot Rides (duh-duhduh-duh-duh-DUUUH!!!)

District 1

"Brighter than the Sun" by Colbie Calliat

The sight is almost blinding. "It's a's the sun...NO, it's DISTRICT ONE!!!" screams the insane 1 stylist. You'd have to be to create THAT. Tiny laser beams are attatched to Diamond and Cindy's bubble skirt gowns. Their earrings are about a foot long and have beams too. Desent and Grey are wearing classic black tuxes, but their ties and shirts have beams as well. 26 Capitol citizens are escorted to the hospital for blindness and for 18 it is permanent. Uh-oh, District 1...

District 2

That one song from the 70s that goes "celabrate good times, COME ON let's celabrate..."

The tributes are rocking out to the music. Sophie and Suko are wearing black skinny jeans and heels, with a white blouse to match. Bradley and Chisel are dressed as cannon balls and therefore cannot really move around. Sophie is totally rocking out, happy to be in the Hunger Games at last. Bradley is just standing there next to her, nervously biting his nails and looking annoyed when she accidently slaps him every so often. Suko seems to be enjoying herself, but once in a while she'll look back at the cheering Capitol citizens that suvived the previous chariot, and throw them all a look of disgust. They'll pout back at her and then keep on partying.Chisel is partying alongside Sophie, and will sometimes nudge Suko to get on with it. She pushes him over at one point and he knocks over Sophie, who knocks over Bradley, who pulls them all off the chariot. The crowd boos and laughs and Suko shruggs. Smiling...

District 3

"Kalimba" by Mr. Scruff

Gerome, Liesel, Digit, and Lucky are all wearing unisex work clothes. It looks boring, but then Gerome opens his mouth to talk. "I am Gerome Smith! District 3! Sponser me!" But it isn't his normal voice, and they see when Liesel relucatantly does the same, the stylists have managed to robotize their voices! Digit mumbles his quietly but Lucky shoves him and practically screams hers. But even this is done in a robotized way. The Capitol children love it and are already begging their parents to sponser District 3.

District 4

That "itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini" song

The four tributes are not on the, wait! The four waves on top of the chariot slide in a wave style and open into a hole. The tribute's faces are shown. Rebel looks angry, Xanthe looks happy, Max looks totally insane, and from a guy's point of view, Cherri looks hot. Then they climb out. Cherri and Xanthe are wearing an "itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini" and Rebel is wearing shorts to match. He looks VERY mad. Max is not wearing shorts, however, and is wearing a tail instred. He is also wearing black jeggings that look a little too much like Sophie's... Which explains why there is a shriek. Why Sophie Sheard screams, "GIVE THEM BACK!!!!!", wearing nothing but ridiculous fur bloomers. She chases him all the way around the city circle and back. "I HATE YOU, MAX BLONDE!!!!!" she screams. Rebel Peacock has gone missing from the chariot in the commotion and we hear a scream. The Capitol has taken him. Last year's victors have to come escort him away (not saying who they are!). Sucks for you, District 4.

District 5

The Maid with the Flaxen Hair by some composer dude

Neon, Calypo, Ashes, and De'Nada are wearing plain khakis and plain white t-shirts with the recycle symbol on them. Neon turns around and the others follow suit. The letters on their back spell "CON-SERVE-ENER-GY!" They all turn around and shout "Live a simple life!!!" Calypo scowls as she says it. "The Capitol must be st-"

"NO!" shout the stylists. "Uh...nevermind! Go on!" But the Capitol knows. The Victors know. The tributes know. The Capitol is going down.

District 6

Be OK by Ingrid Michealson (like they will be ok if they take medicine)

Silver, Mystic, Lemane, and Lia are all dressed like needles that doctors would use. They then dip their fingers in little cans of blood and write "Morphling for YOUR Diseases". Lemane flashes a smile instead and the crowd's hearts are immediatly stolen. But the rebellious air of the chariot ride makes it different for the other 3...

District 7

Prettiest Thing by Oh Darling

As usual, Lily, Molly, Jet, and Jake are all dressed as trees. Of course. President Yeromi yawns and the Capitol citizens laugh. But then the stylists yell, "FIRE!" All four tributes swing their axes and cut open their outfits, revealing sparkling green minidresses for Lily and Molly and nice brown suits for Jet and Jake. They do a tango, leaving the president feeling foolish. Since the beggining of the Chariot Rides, things have been going awful for the Capitol.

District 8

Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles

Gimli, Seiko, River, and Sutton are all dressed in patched vintage clothes. Bor-ing! But suddenly they dissapear...and it's then clear they are camaflouged against the chariot wall! They get a firm round of applause. Seiko then shoves Gimli off the chariot and people begin taking sides. River then suddenly grabs Sutton's hand and she doesn't pull away. The District 8 chariot is a scream.

District 9

Thank You for the music from Mamma Mia!

J.T., Alexa, Belarus, and Emerald are dresssed as music notes and the background of the chariot is a music sheet. The chariot is cute, but pretty mellow compared to the others.

District 10

Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift

Melina and McKarlyle are wearing huge cow-skin flare dresses, with Rama and Seamus in hidious leapord-print body stockings. Ah, District 10. Always trying to be cool.

District 11

Everybody by Ingrid Michaeson

To acompanny the light and joyful song, Jay and Luke and Akim and Linda are holding hands. Dressed in light yellow thin cloths, almost like a field of wheat, they look united, sweet, and (sigh) all-around rebellious.

District 12

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

The song indicates dangerousness, but this is District 12! Nathaniel, Anya, Partrick, and Isabella are dressed in black bee suits, covering all their skin. It's getting pretty hard to see them in the tinkling twilight. But then they stick their feet out and kick something in the center of the chariot, and sparks fly! They catch on their bee suits, but stay there and linger, looking like beautiful candlelight.

District 13

You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray

Ah, of course. District 13. Specializing in...rebellion. And the Capitol has had enough rebelling for a lifetime, so when the rebellion takes it next step, suddenly all the telivisions in Panem black out...


What was your favorite chariot ride?













13 (:P)



They were...




Really good





My Capitol Characters

Cramp Maycell - Evil gamemaker

Elana Maycell - His forced wife

President Yeromi - President :P

Jenny Osmond - The secratary for the games. She is secretly a rebel.

Primmy Axe - Two year's past victor

Rhea Dust - Her fellow victor

Surf Blue - their fellow victor (not really)

Killing Jenkins - Head Gamemaker

Elana's POV

The chariot rides are done, and training has begun. Soon, the tributes will be scored, interviewed, and placed in the arena.

"Cramp!" I call. "Don't be late!"

Of couse, I wish with every piece of me he would be late. That he would never come. Oh, how I wish all those kids were free to go, roam across Panem, never have to worry about being murdered or forced to murder. No, these tributes shouldn't die. These games can die!

"These games can die." I whisper the phrase under my breath, so Cramp can't hear my cry.

It gives me hope.


District One

Desent Blurr

Sliced up a dummy and fenced with the air. But he dropped the sword on his foot, cutting off a bit of his toe. He scored an 8.

Diamond Sparkle

She threw a few knives, but suddenly froze up when she saw the hovercraft model on the wall. She scored a 6.

Grey Wolf

Threw knives into the heart of dummies and chopped their heads off. Made a few snarling noises at the gamemakers so they gave him an 11.

Cindy Regar

During Grey's session, she peeped through the keyhole and knew just what to do. She threw a few knives and slashed some swords, but when she dabbed a bit of blood in the dummy's heart when the Gamemakers weren't looking, they thought the dummy was bleeding. On her way out, she gave them a ferocious glare and toss of her blond hair. She scored an 11.

District Two

Bradley Ward

Did some air fencing, not very impressive. But he gave one killer slash at the end, slicing off the dummy's head. He scored a 6.

Sophie Sheard

Started jeering at the gamemakers, and sliced up a plate they were eating on. She got herself an 11.

Chisel Jaws

He showed them gamemakers what he knew, and didn't fail. He sliced the air and cut the corrections they gave him in half by showing them everything he knew. He earned his 9.

Suko Yoshida

Began her session by running around the room very fast. Then she got some knifes and threw them all. She swam around a bit, but was to tired from her run to do to much fancy stuff. As she saw one of them whisper, "a six?" she ran up and spit in their faces. "Take that." She got a 12.

The Addition

Killing Jenkins' POV

"District Zero has just rejoined the nation of Panem," the President says, his purple eyes crossing over to red. Then back to purple. Then to grey. Then back again.

"WHAT?!?!" I snap. "Our new games has just begun! We were already late in getting all the tributes! UGH."

"Now now, don't get excited. We can just take the ones we see on the street while we check out the place, make sure they fit the requirements, and slip them in like they were reaped," he explains calmly.

"What about chariot rides? Training is going on right now!"

"Shhhh, we'll skip it. Okay. Now let's go grab those tributes."

The Arena

Meanwhile, the gamemakers are taking a break from scoring and are thinking out the arena. They can't think of anything.

One of them starts whisteling Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

"Cold and chilly," someone bursts out.

"FREEZING!" shouts Cramp.

"OOOOOH, they'll have frostbite in no time, AHAHA!!!!!"

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