So this is a fanfiction with Clove/Cato shipping!!!!!!!!!!! It will be in alternating POVs.



Chapter One: What Cato Saw

Cato's POV

Clove's jade green eyes dart around furiously. She gobbles up a craker from the Cornicopia. They're getting stale now. I rip a piece of bark off a tree and chew it down. Then I grab my spear. "I'm going hunting," I mutter, even though the rain is coming down extreamly hard.

Clove's eyes linger on me for a minute, then dart back away as if dismissing me. It makes me feel a little hurt. WHAT? NO. I am not hurt. I can never be hurt. BAH, the thought. I march away.

There are lots of caves here by the river. Lots of them. District 12 could be hiding in one of them, or that foxish girl, or that Thresh. Huh. He must be reconsidering his desicion to run off alone by now.

There's a sort of wall thing in front of one of the caves with a tiny hole in it. I take a look in. It's District 12! Whoop! I've finally tracked them down. I ready my spear, about to throw, when I suddenly tune into their conversation.

"I don't have much competition here," the boy says. Oh yes he does.

"You don't have much...competition...anywhere," the girl spits out.

My knees buckle and I sink to the muddy ground. Great. A sponser gift. I run away as fast as I can thinking only one thing. This part of the games is time for romance. For too.

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