?Okay! This will be weird but just read it!

The Story

Last night I watche Extreme Makeover Home Edition and it was about a girl who jumped in front of a truck that was going to hit (and most likley, kill) her sister. She broke both legs and her neck, did something to her spine, and had to get an aputated leg. Her sister got out unharmed.

An-y-wayz, it reminded me of Katniss voulenteering for Prim in the Hunger Games. And so I had this weird idea of having Extreme Makeover: Tribute Edition.

In Extreme Makeover: Tribute Edition (I'll call it EMTE) we could redo tribute's houses. We could use google images and stuff. Just an idea. If you guys like it, I can assign a design team and a Head Builder and two sidekick builers.

If you don't know about the show and you want a better idea of what it's like:

So if you want to be a designer or builder or if you just like the idea leave a comment!

Effie HOSY FTW 15:14, October 10, 2011 (UTC)


Team Leader: EffieLuna (well, it WAS my idea!)

Designers: Skybender101, Fantasyfilm99, Anon..., InsertRandomnessHere, Clove1001, Leshawna333

Head Builder: Rockman117 (he asked first)

Sidekick Builders: Nate777, Kenzen11


Katniss' Room: Me

Prim's Room: Leshawna

Mrs. Everdeen's Room:

Haymitch's Suite/ Bedroom (2):

Living Room: Clove

Other Stuff:

Main House: Rockman

Suite: Nate, Kenzen

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