Okay, so I really, really love writing. I'd been writing a fanfiction games (and illustrating it), so PLEASE read it and tell me if you like it!!! If you don't, say THAT TOO!!!

So it's basically about a district 9 girl who wants to win the games using only her voice. Her name is MacKenzie (duh :P). It's kind of a love story, too, but hey, it's THE HUNGER GAMES, PEOPLE!!!!!

Read on!


Today is reaping day. But then again, so is every other day. For me, at least. Every night, from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, I watch the reapings and I watch about everyone I know in every district get reaped. But reaping day is today for the rest of Panem, or everyone who doesn't ream of only one thing every night: the Hunger Games. How many that number is, I have no idea. I don't really want to know for my mother's sake. One night, when I was very small, I told my mother about the reaping dreams. She nearly fell over in shock and anger at our world.

So if I am reaped, I'll never stop owing her my life back. She created me, took care of me, kissed my cheeks, and washed my face for so long.


MacKenzie, right after being reaped.

It will break her if I am reaped.

Which I am.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Our End

Not only am I called up, but so is Jake Evans. Great. A 12-year-old boy. I feel terrible for these little guys because, face it, people only ever want to sponser cute little girls. No one cares about young guys. Guys aren't cute at that stage, not in that way, anyway. So everyone just forgets about them and leaves them there to die at the bloodbath.

We shake hands.

Still, when we shake hands, chills run down my spine. Because I have a funny feeling. This feeling is very cold, but...that's something I'm keeping to myself. For now.

On the train ride over there, I go up to him and say, "Look, I don't mean to be rude, but have you seen our district latley? People won't think you've got a chance."


Jake Evens, being taken away.

e looks up at me. "Do you think I do?"

Well...true. All tributes act like they know they're going to win, but the truth? None of them believe in themself. I've learned this due to some dreaming.

I lie awake in my bed that night, hoping for a dreamless sleep.

Our Competition

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