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  • Eievie

    Goodbye for now

    October 1, 2011 by Eievie

    I have to leave this wiki. I hope to be back some day. My compute is broken. My homework is taking all my time.

    Goodbye to everyone I met on here. I will miss you all.

    My HungerGames will be paused. I hope I can come back and resume them someday. Post any sponsoring you want on the page in the meantime.

    I hope to be able to go in occasionally, but I know that I cannot go on regularly.

    As a goodbye present, I will give you all a tip for Lunaii. It is very hard to get black hair and they black they offer under hair colors looks like grey. To get black hair, go to the colors section and drag the curser-circle-thing to the left corner. All the letters should say 0. Then click the hair button on the bar below the color thing. My tribute Rama Till h…

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  • Eievie

    Peeta vs. Gale vs. Other

    July 25, 2011 by Eievie

    Ok, we all know Katniss ended up with Peeta. Some people are furious, some are thrilled, some think the right parson was never really considered. This is a page to share you option. DO NOT RANT! Don't trash people just because they have a different option. Explain why, give example from the book, and be fare. I’m sorry, but it’s not hard for me to imagine this getting ugly.

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  • Eievie

    Thanks everone who entered tributes. For my games, 5 will be electricity, 6 will be plastic and petroleum and 9 will be metal mining. This is my first games, but I will try my best.

    Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your (their) favor!

    If anything is wrong, right down to the adjective describing the way they said something, PLEASE comment! I'll try to fix it! I'm just guessing what they would do! I want them to behave the way you imagine them!

    I wake up with a horrible taste in my mouth. The taste of death. The cannon that woke me up is followed by a second one.

    Joo-Chan is yelling, but I don’t know what is his saying. The next thing I know, he is dragging me outside. My sleeping bag slides easily one the dewy grass. He yanks slee…

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