Thanks everone who entered tributes. For my games, 5 will be electricity, 6 will be plastic and petroleum and 9 will be metal mining. This is my first games, but I will try my best.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your (their) favor!

If anything is wrong, right down to the adjective describing the way they said something, PLEASE comment! I'll try to fix it! I'm just guessing what they would do! I want them to behave the way you imagine them!

  • Lavender Snow (2)
  • Lucky Dawn (3)
  • Digit Starr (3)
  • Nikki Quahog (4)
  • Surf Blue (4)
  • Kedzie Woods (5).png Kenzie Woods (5)
  • Talon Faust (5)
  • Summer Tree (7)
  • Rowan Winter (7)
  • Ria Ceti (8)
  • Colby Button (8)
  • Grain Follows (11)
  • Reed Bliss (11)
  • Rhea Dust (12)
  • Kohl Cyphers (12)

Male Female
1 Joo-Chan Park Yuri Blue
2 Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman Lavender Snow
3 Digit Starr Lucky Dawn
4 Surf Blue Nikki Quahog
5 Talon Faust Kedzie Woods
6 William Jamesone Topaz Cytonn
7 Rowan Winter Tree Summer
8 Colby Button Ria Ceti
9 Vector LaGuardia Nike O'Hare
10 Steak Juice Rosemary Barnes
11 Grain Follows Reed Bliss
12 Kohl Cyphers Rhea Dust


District 1 - 8:30

At 8 thirty the reaping starts in District 1. The people of the district gather in the large, beautiful square. Younger children splash in the fountain and teens wait, eager and tense, ready to blurt out at any second. They want to go compete in the Hunger Games, then get a large, beautiful house and lots of money to live on for the rest of their lives. When it’s time to draw the names, a Capitol escort who gives people the impression of a lemon draw a slip of paper from the girls ball, “Miki Blue”. “I volunteer,” cries a girl, followed by many other “I volunteers”s. The first girl, horrified, clamps her hand over her mouth. In District 1 many kids train their whole lives to volunteer. She didn’t have to volunteer to save her sister; many others would. But she said it first, and the rule clearly state that the first person to say it goes. The girl, Yuri Blue, came up, onto the stage. The lemon draws the boy's name, “Ben Cheen”. A chorus of “I volunteers”s fills the square. The first boy, Joo-Chan Park, climb the steps and shakes hands with Yuri.

District 2 - 9:00

At 9 o’clock the Reaping continues in District 2. The square has stone floor and planters, trying to pass off as a distinct that has stone quarries only. But if you know about the Peacekeepers and you look, you can see that there are more Peacekeepers in the crowd than in any other district. An escort, whose hair is dyed and styled to resemble a cartoon rainbow, steps forward and gives an overenthusiastic, “Happy Hunger Games and my the odds be ever in your favor!!!” Your can see some of the kids in the crowed saying or mouthing the words along with him. He prances over to the girls’ ball and pulls out a slip. “Lavender Snow”. A girl in a beautiful dress walks up and stands there. “Do we have any volunteers?” Several girls begin to speak, but stop mid-word. Something about the way she is staring at the crowd makes everyone falter. “Do we have any volunteers?” the escort says again. No one says anything this time. “Ok them?” The escort is used to volunteers, and doesn’t know how to respond to this. “Killy Fann” This time, the plaza is full of calls. A boy with pale skin and black hair any eyes come up. “What’s your name?” “Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman” “I’m sorry, could you repeat that” “Zee-No-FEE-Lee-Us Vect-Ore-Ay Hec-Toe-Ja-Poyz Kris-Anth-En-E-Man.” He says slowly and carefully. As a response to the blank look in the escort’s eyes, he says “Just call me Xeno”

District 3 - 9:30

In District 3, no one is eager. There are no kids, who have trained there whole life to win. Wiress and Beetee, along with two others, sit onstage, providing a little bit of hope. But there are too many people, crying or almost crying. They lost a brother, a sister, a child, a friend to the Games. And it’s about to happen again. The escort seems even dumber among these solemn people. But she has a job to do: “Happy Huger Games and may the odds be ever on your favor!” The crowd grits their teeth, ready to get it over with. “Lucky Dawn.” A pale, redheaded girls stands, comes forward from the roped of 18’s section. She stands on the stage, near her brother in his chair with the other victors. She dips her hand into the boy’s ball and calls out “Digit Starr.” A woman lets out a wail, the kind when you don’t want anyone to hear. Everyone hears. Her husband tries to comfort her, but he is doing his best to not cry in the middle of the plaza. All four of their daughters died in the Games. The escort tries to carry on and finish and quickly as possible. “Do we have any volunteers?” None. The tributes shake hands and are led into the justice building.

District 4 - 10:00

In District 4, the reaping is held on a pier. It’s old. It was once used commercially, but when they built the newer, longer, piers, it was given to the public. This is a career District, and many kids want to volunteer this year. The pier has that excided buzz. The escort is wearing shell jewelry in honor of the occasion. She stands on the makeshift stage and cries, “Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in you favor!” She dips her hand into the ball. “Shelly Quahog.” A girl from the 16’s area walks forward with odd, limping steps. From the back, another girl runs forward. “Shelly, no! You can’t go! Your bad foot! You'll be killed! I volunteer!” “Nikki, get back! You’re too young!” Nikki runs forward, onto the stage, trying to present herself as a tribute, not a volunteer. The people onstage seem to accept this, and a Peacekeeper brings Shelly back to the 16’s section. The escort dips her hand into the boy’s ball. “Waves Blue.” From the 15 section, a boy comes. His name is barley drawn before the shouts of “I volunteer” come. The first boy comes forward. “What’s you name?” “Surf Blue.”

District 5 - 10:30

In District 5, the square is nothing special. It’s a typical district square lined with shops. If you look up, you see the merchants’ apartments and if you look even higher to the west, you can see nuclear power plants. On the stage in the square, the escort is wearing a suit with a electric tie, shining off batteries. He wastes no time babbling and promptly draws the girls’ name, “Kedzie Woods.” A small blond girl comes up from the 15’s area. There are anguished sounds coming from a huddle of people who resemble her: A man standing with 3 kids and the baby he is holding. Some teens about Kedzie’s age are standing, to shocked to cry, to do anything. No one volunteers around here, so the escort doesn’t bother to ask. He goes on to the boy tribute. “Talon Faust.” A strong, tall boy with sandy hair comes onto the stage. Oddly, a man resembling him, who must be his father is cheering. The people standing near him shuffle away. When Talon gets onstage, he looks at the baby Kedzie’s father is holding. Again, the escort doesn’t even ask about volunteers. Kedzie and Talon shake hands and are led into the justice building.

District 6 - 11:00

Word in the Capitol is that District’s 6’s reaping is the most boring one. During the re-runs, they watch, trying to decode Talon’s odd behavior then get up, paint their nail, go to the bathroom, or get a snack, then return to the TV for District 7. There square is a normal, shop lined district square. Makeshift stage, handful of victors, overexcited escort and somber crowd. The are two kids drawn- Topaz Cytonn and William Jamesone. No one volunteers. The people of the district are glad it so “boring”. Taking children away for slaughter should not be enjoyable to watch.

District 7 - 11:30

The reaping turns north for District 7. Behind the wooden shops, you can see tall pine trees. Even thought its summer, everyone is wearing long selves. The escort is shivering slightly. It’s sunny, but the air is cold and windy. The escort is smiling so much her face doesn’t look happy, at least by district standers. “Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in you favor!” she squeals. She is shaking for so much excitement that the tree in her hairdo appears to be in an earthquake. “Our female tribute is….Tree Summer” A girl with brown hair, skin and eyes climbs the steps. “Do we have any volunteers” says the escort, but she’s not even asking a question. “Rowan Winter.” A pale skinned boy with blue eyes, comes forward. At this name, no one looks pained but the mayor. The mayor's face is odd. He’s upset, but doesn’t want to the whole nation to see it.

District 8 - 12:00

It District 8, the reaping continues. The escort, with dark blue hair coved in shiny hairclips, certainly is not going to take shortcuts. She wait’s until the mayor has said everything before she starts the reaping. “Happy Hunger Games and may the odd be ever in you favor!” She doesn’t say it in that way some of the other do, like their so excited they don’t have time to say all the sounds in the words. “First, we draw our female tribute.” She dips her hand into the girls’ ball, stirs up the slips well, and pulls out a name. “Ria Ceti.” A girl with beautiful wavy light blond hair come onto the stage. She sands there and refuses to speak. “Are there any volunteers for Ria?” None. After carefully mixing the reaping ball, she draws a male tribute – Colby Button. An average looking guy from the 17’s section come up and sand beside Ria. Many people are upset – he is clearly well liked. But he stands firm on the stage and shakes Ria’s hand. She doesn’t shake back.

District 9 - 12:30

“District 9, just like 12, but it comes first.” That Capitol saying doesn’t describe the districts, but it dose describe their squares. The shops framing the square are worn. The people in the crowed, waiting for the reaping are beaten down from mining. Some are missing limbs form accidents down there. The shops have beautiful things in the windows, which is the square’s highlight. An escort dresses in a neon blue tuxedo quivers on the stage. He babbles about the Games, and what an honor in is to be here, and how may the odds be ever in their favor. “Guys, how come we never get to go first? Well, today were going guys first. Our first tribute is… Vector LaGuardia!” A tan blond boy comes up. He’s 18, tall and large. The escort doesn’t bother to ask for volunteers. He goes on the next tribute. “Nike O'Hare!” A girl with black hair and dark skin comes forward. She’s only 16 and of medium build. Vector looks surprised but pleased; Nike is scared and determined. They curtly shake hand, turn their back on each other, and walk into the Justice building. The feud is only beginning.

District 10 - 1:00

In District 10 the sky is wide and blue. Below it people stand together, clenching the circulation out of their hands, hopeing, praying that the children they care about stay inside there glass ball. The escort, sporting cowboy boots and a cow patterned top, stares at the crowed and wishes that they got to be the escort for 1, 2 or 4. But the escort has a job to do so they give a pep speech about what an honor it is, then they draw the girl’s name, “Rosemary Barnes.” The mayor’s face twists with pain as a girl that resembles him climbs the steps. The escort looks around, unsure if they should as for volunteers. It the end, they skip it. The escort dose a few, dance-like steps to show off the boots, and goes on to the male tribute – Steak Juice. A tough looking boy bearing a calm face joins Rosy on the make-shift stage.

District 11 - 1:30

The stage is set up in front of the justice building, with its dome. The mayor, the victors, the escort and the crowed. The mayor gives a speech, the escort talks about the honor, and squeals, “Happy Hunger Games and may the odd be ever in you favor!” so shrilly that a baby in the crowd starts to cry. He prances over to the glass balls, and draws the girls name with a flamboyant, “Ladies first! Our female tribute for the 63erd Hunger Games is Reed Bliss!” From the 12’s section, a girl comes forward. She is only 12, and very small for her age. Her gray-green eyes are wide with shock and fear, but she tries to keep her face calm. From the 15’s, another girl lets out a strangled noise. She run forward calling “I volunteer, I volunteer!” Behind her Reed is calling out, too. A man comes forward. They are obviously family, with their light brown hair, gray-green eyes and small build. The escort looks around, unsure. “Who is tribute?” he asks. The man is trapped. He must send one of his daughters. The minutes stretch on. Finally, with a shaking finger, he points to the younger girl. “Reed with go. Dawn is needed on the farm.” His face is broken. Peacekeepers escort Dawn and her father back to their places. The small girl climbs onto the stage. The escort is quite pleased with the action, draws the male tribute-Hoe Gibben. A small boy, also 12, joins Reed on the stage. Hoe is terrified and crying despite his attempts to stop. “Do we have any volunteers?” A tall boy in the 17’s area calls out “I volunteer.” He steps forward, and Hoe runs back to the 12’s, whispering “Thank you” as he passed the volunteer. “What’s you name?” piped the escort. “Grain Follows.”

District 12 - 2:00

In the small, coal dust covered square, the reaping ends. The same old two faces, Mayor Undersee, and Haymich Abernathy. There is the escort, Effie Trinket. This is her second years, so she is not brand new, but she is a new face. She is wearing a bright wig and an ever brighter expression. “Happy Hunger Games and my the odds be ever in your favor!” “Ladies first! Our new female tribute is Rhea Dust!” A girl come up from the 15’s section. Effie doesn’t ask for volunteers. Instead she goes on to the boys. She mixes up the slips and draws a name. “Kohl Cyphers!” Another 15 year old come onto the stage. Down below, his parents and are in shock. Their daughter died in the Games years ago, and now their son is headed for the arena. Kohl and Rhea shake hands and are led into the Justice building.

Chariot Rides

District 1

Yuri is wearing a white dress with sequins and beads, platinum and diamond jewelry and silk slippers. Her token, a pin with blue diamonds and pearls that looks like a diamond, is pined to her gown. She has light blue hair and blue Asian eyes. Joo-Chan is wearing a tuxedo with a black shirt. His tie is black, but the material is so shinny it looks like it’s made out of a mirror. He has black curly hair and dark brown Korean eyes. The horse in front of Yuri is pure black and the one in front of Joo-Chan is pure white. They look like a 4 squares on a chess board and all together drop dead gorgeous.

District 2

The stone chariot rolls out onto the street, pulled by two very strong grey horses. Lavender and Xeno are dressed as stone statues. Their skin and hair are carefully painted to look like marble. Their clothes also suggest stone. They each stand very still, but quickly become uncomfortable. They itch and can’t scratch. They try their best to look like stone.

District 3

District 3’s high tech carriage rolls onto the street. No horses pulling-it run on electricity. The whole thing is made of chrome. Lucky and Digit are dressed in simple pants and shirt. Their clothing appears to be chrome as well. The clothing is covered with hundreds of wires. Tiny colored lights-some on, some off, some blinking, give of a special flickering effect, that is very eye-catching

District 4

District 4’ chariot is build to resemble half of a huge shell. The inside is full of warm water and is pulled by beautiful palominos. Surf is dressed as a fisherman and is casting his line out over the crowed. Nikki is wearing in a very simple dress. It has short sleeves and falls to her knees. The pattern is just two pieces sew together, but it’s the fabric that’s the statement. It looks like sea-water. Turquoise water with sand and seaweed. The pattern is constantly moving and churning like the ocean. Far away in District 8, people exchange looks What is that fabric?

District 5

Talon and Kedzie ride out in a well lit chariot. In the very back is 2 poles and a few wires. The tributes are each cranking a handle, generating electricity. The generator is conected to a large light bulb. The light is swaying, depending on how fast they crank the handle. It’s not a costume, but it is an interesting, and as night falls, they are still there, better than ever, as the other chariots grow dim.

District 6

Topaz and William ride out on a plastic chariot. It runs on gas, so there are no horses. The tributes are dressed as oil wells. The costumes are eclectic, as long as they keep pushing as the petals under their feet, the costume is still powered. They’re not glamorous, but they certainly are interesting.

District 7

The chariot is made of logs, with the bark still on. It’s pulled by two draft horses. Rowan is dressed as a pine tree and Tree as a lumberjack. She’s chopping Rowans’ feet with a foam axe. When they are heading back to the training center, Rowan falls out. Rowan was standing on a stump the whole time for height, and now, he pretended that Tree and chopped him down. He’s laughing as some people help him into the chariot again. He’s giving off the impression of one of those people that is always happy and cheerful and friendly. They laugh a lot and put people around them is a good mood. Tree helps pull Rowan back into the chariot, trying to get some attention. But inside she’s furious. Her evil half brother’s deceiving tricks have already begun.

District 8

Two bay (Brown body, black mane and tail) horses pull District 8’s chariot onto the street. The horses wear patchwork blankets and the back of the chariot is a quilt hanging from a clothesline. Only one tribute is there. Colby Button stands alone, proudly sporting his costume, but Ria Ceti is nowhere to be seen. The crowed mutters in confusion. Some look the chariot up and down, waiting her to make some flashy appearance. She never dose. This gives the tributes an odd mystery, and sponsors come raining in for both of them.

District 9

A tin chariot rolls out, pulled by two copper colored horses. Vector and Nike’s outfits are nearly identical to Joo-Chan and Yuri’s. Nike is dressed in a golden dress of the same design as Yuri’s. Vector is wearing a silver tuxedo that bears an uncanny resemblance to Joo-Chan’s. District 1’s styles glare at 9’s. Still, Nike and Vector hold their heads high and look out over the crowds.

District 10

District 10’s chariot rolls into the crowd. Two large oxen pull it along. Steak Juice is dressed as a brown bull. He’s acting as if he will charge at any moment. Rosemary Barnes is wearing a goat costume. She is jumping around and acting skittish. The chariot is virtually a paddock on wheels, with grass growing and a water trough.

District 11

Draft horses pull District 11’s chariot, witch seams to be a plot of land. Reed and Grain are each dressed according to their first name. Reed is dressed as a few river reeds and Grain is dressed as a patch of wheat and barley. The crowed is laughing and nodding.

District 12

Rhea and Khol are dressed as miners. Snooze. The chariot looks like it is made of coal and the horses are black. A few people watching notice that the tributes are wearing thin gloves that block heat. They are each holding a ceramic dish that holds a few live coals. This is a nice touch, but no one can really see it.

Training Scores

Joo-Chan Park-10

Yuri Blue-8

Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman-9

Lavender Snow-9

Digit Starr-5

Lucky Dawn-7

Surf Blue-9

Nikki Quahog-9

Talon Faust-10

Kedzie Woods-8

William Jamesone-11

Topaz Cytonn-7

Rowan Winter-3

Tree Summer-8

Colby Button-7

Ria Ceti-6

Vector LaGuardia-10

Nike O'Hare-7

Steak Juice-6

Rosemary Barnes-4

Grain Follows-7

Reed Bliss-4

Kohl Cyphers-8

Rhea Dust-6


Caesar Flickerman has his regular midnight blue suit dotted with a thousand tiny electric bulbs, and pure white makeup. His eyelids, lips and hair are bright, highlighter yellow.


Joo-Chan Park presents himself as quick.

Yuri Blue presents herself as sweet.

Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman presents himself as funny.

Lavender Snow presents herself as dangerous.

Digit Starr presents himself as clever.

Lucky Dawn presents herself as cocky.

Surf Blue presents himself as humble.

Nikki Quahog presents herself as clever

Talon Faust presents himself as strong and firm.

Kedzie Woods presents herself as friendly and likable.

William Jamesone presents himself mysterious.

Topaz Cytonn, shy and stuttering, is trying to get the interview over and doesn’t present herself as anything.

Rowan Winter presents himself as cheerfully and keeps laughing, working up the angle he began during the chariot rides.

Tree Summer presents herself as charming and friendly.

Colby Button presents himself generally a nice guy.

Ria Ceti dosn’t really do an angle, and talks about how she wasn’t at the opening ceremonies because she was fighting with her prep-team.

Vector LaGuardia presents himself as deadly.

Nike O'Hare presents herself as witty.

Steak Juice and Caesar Flickerman spend the whole time joking about how juicy steak is much better than dry steak.

Rosemary Barnes presents herself as week.

Grain Follows is stubborn and gives simple answers that don’t really answer the questions.

Reed Bliss presents herself smart and cautious beyond her years.

Kohl Cyphers presents himself friendly and funny/comical.

Rhea Dust presents herself as mysterious.


This is what I’m calling an open Games. By that I mean that I haven’t pre-decided the victor. I’m going to let the sponsoring sway the outcome of the Games.

Each tribute gets $70,000 for the whole Games. Prices go up $300 per day. Once the bloodbath is over and the cannons have fired, sponsoring can begin. If they die, the money cannot be used to sponsor another tribute. Once in the arena, the objects can be shared.

Enough food to feel slightly full costs $15,000

A pint of clean water costs $10,000

Specific metical help for 1 injury or sickness costs $40,000

Specific weapon $45,000-$70,000 (Prices very)

Almost anything can be sent, but be reasonable. You can send other stuff, these are just cost guidelines. Also, I will be screening them mentor-style. I will only withhold stuff to help them.

Crazy stuff, or things that cost more money then the tribute has, will not be delivered.

Surf Blue-$42,200 remaining


O' grassy hill
Grassy hill
Grassy dunes/hills and fields with meandering streams. A few trees with long, smooth-barked, curved branches without a lot of leaves. Mostly just grass, some bushes. Root plants, like potatoes, carrots, katnisses, cat-tails, and yams are pretty commen. Most of the food is by the stream
Grass on the hill
s. TIt’s mostly cloudy, or partly cloudy. Windy, especially at night. Drizzly. Well, that’s the natural geography and weather. There are Gamemaker twits, too.


Kaki style pants that allow easy movement. Soft but strong belt made from cord. Short sleeve, light green shirts made of not-stretchy fabric with wooden buttons running up the front. Sturdy shoes. Fleece lined (the kind made of plastic, not sheep fur) cream colored windbreaker. Warm, thick socks. Linen underclothes. The colors are so washed out to help them blend in.

Day 1

The tributes rise into the arena on the metal circles. The Cornucopia is set up in a bowl like valley, a small flat arena ringed by hills, or rather, one big ring hill. Some of the tributes can hear the quiet babble of an out-of-sight steam.


Joo-Chan, Xeno, Lavender, Steak, Vector and Surf (who pre-arranged an alliance in training) run forward, each of them trying to get a weapon. Joo-Chan grabs the first weapon he can use: a spear. Xeno looks over the weapons and sees only one mace. She runs toward it. Surf eyes the weapons. There aren’t any tridents, so he runs to get a sword about half-way to the horn. Vector runs a couple strides to grab a knife, the closest weapon. Lavender grabs the closest knife, the starts running for a sword. Steak grabs a dagger and looks for someone to stab. That someone is Kohl, who didn’t make a plan for the Cornucopia.

At the gong, Reed runs. She takes nothing, only wanting to be far, far away from the bloodbath.

Yuri runs and grabs the closest knife. Good as a tool and a weapon. She looks around for Reed, thinking she might be a good ally. The tiny tribute has already run far, far away. Yuri grabs a loaf of bread and then runs too, before anyone can kill her.

Nikki thinks back to last night, in the hall of level 4. She pushes her doubts away and runs, not taking anything

Rhea runs for a bow and quiver, propped against the side if the horn. She doesn’t seam very dangerous, so she got to the horn without being attacked, but she runs with the bow and quiver safely in her hands, deciding not to try her luck.

William runs forward for a weapon, but he isn’t a very fast runner. Before he reaches it Vector is upon him, clutching his knife, which enters William’s throat.

Tree darts forward, and is almost to the horn before most if the tributes have even taken a few steps. She reaches the black backpack she’s aiming for before anyone else dose. She pulls the straps over her shoulders and keeps running, this time aiming for an ax. The other tributes have moved, trying to get supplies, and her head start is gone. She reaches the ax and grabs it. The ax-head is heavy, but she keeps going. Colby is standing very close, his bow’s sting tight, read to shoot her. He lets it fly, but she avoids the arrow. Tree raises her ax and it comes down, cutting the string and sinking deep into Colby’s shoulder. Tree raises her ax again, this time it comes down on his chest. Tree run over the hills and away.

Ria runs among the supplies. She picks up a bundle of 3 blankets, then a knife. She turns and runs northwest, grabbling a water-bottle on the way out. She doesn't seem too dangerous and is not attacked.

Rowan snags a knife and darts off.

Rosemary grabs a short sword and a rolled up blanket. She picks up a squat plastic container and goes north-east. No-one tries to kill her. She seams so week that she’ll die in day or two, so what’s the point?

Kedzie runs, try to get far away from the others. On her way out of the circle, she grabs an arrow shot from Colby’s bow. She hopes use it soon.

Lucky spies a sword and runs for it. Lavender reaches it first. She raises it and Lucky has now way to protect herself. The blade comes down.

Digit grabs two items from near his plate: wire and a blanket. He looks around for Lucky and sees that she is a goner. He runs away over the hills.

Topaz runs in for a pack. Joo-Chan throws his spear and it hits her and sinks into her left arm. She turns to pull it out and he throws another spear, witch sinks deep into her torso, just under the ribs. She crumples.

Grain grabs an three items that are close to him-a empty plastic water bottle, a cloth sack and an apple. He looks strong and he is pegged as a danger. As he runs over the hills, Joo-Chan throws a knife and cuts the outside of his left arm and sticks up in the grass. A knife. How convenient.

No one attacks as Nike runs and grabs a sleepingbag and a hatchet. As she runs up unto the slop if the hills. Steak stabs his knife into her arm. She smacks him in the face with the flat side her hatchet and runs off.

Talon runs and snatches a knife and a water bottle near his plate. He’s fast as he runs up the hills.


When the initial fighting is over 5 canon shots fire. The hovercrafts come and pick up the bodies. Colby Button, Kohl Cyphers, Lucky Dawn, Topaz Cytonn, and William Jamesone are cleaned up and shipped in wooden boxes back to distict’s 8, 12, 3, and 6.

Day 2

Kedzie's POV

In they gray light I see a stream ahead. I’ve been walking all night, trying to get far away from everyone. I crest the hill and go down to the stream and splash some of the icy water on my face. There are steams everywhere. If the water was poisonous I would have heard a canon by now. I don’t worry about touching it, but I’m not sure how clean it is so I’m holding off drinking for now. I look at my arrow again. It’s a fine, sharp arrow. I haven’t seen any sticks that could make a good bow, but I haven’t really looked ether. For now I just want to get away from everyone else. Dawn is coming soon and I know it will be warmer in the day. I hope I can sleep then. I head up the next hill.

Rosemary's POV

I open my eyes. It’s dawn and the sun is rising between to hills. Last night I kept traveling until it got to dark to see. I wrapped myself in my blanket and lay down deep in a thicket. Now I fold up my blanket, I need keep traveling. I go to the nearest stream and fill my container where the current is fastest; where the water is cleanest. I drink a little and hope for the best. I need food. I saw what I think is potato earlier, but I don’t have any matches at this landscape is so moist I don’t think I could make a fire anyway. After about an hour of searching I find some carrots. I pull them all up, eat some and bring the rest with me. I keep traveling father and father from horn, my sword out incase I come across anyone.

Joo-Chan's POV

Xeno, Lavender, Steak, Vector and Surf are still asleep in their tents. We set up camp on hill top, about a mile away from the horn. The hill is the tallest one we could find, so we could see as far as possible, but our hill isn’t much higher than the other hills. I’m on watch duty. The morning sun shines on the surrounding land, wet with dew. Nothing moves and I hear nothing but slight snoring coming from one of the tents. I rub my necklace. I want to go hunting now, but the others aren’t awake yet. I pick up my sword and practice. The blade glitters dangerously as I slice my invisible enemy into a million pieces.

Tree's POV

My backpack holds a sleepingbag, an empty water bottle, water purifying drops, a pack of crackers and matches. They took away my token! They found the secret compartment with the matches. I was told that even if they removed the matches it could be used as a club. Well, so could any old log! I haven't seen any logs, just sticks from bushes. I guess they were planning for that.

I walked ‘til it got dark, then I slept in my sleeping bag under a bush. I’ve seen a few trees but they are big, uncommon and they don’t have many leaves. They would just make me stand out. The grass isn’t tall enough to hide me. It could barely hide a 12 year where it’s tallest. Bushes seam like the best way to go. They are very leafy and could hide me easily. But I will hide later. Now I need food.

Surf's POV

It’s time to hunt. We each picked a backpack and we are now filling them. I fill my pack with a first aid kit, food, and other basic things. My mind has flying, trying to figure out the details of my plan. Tonight or tomorrow night, I think. How to kill, how to kill. If I kill them with a weapon they will make noise before they die. When they die a canon will fire and that’s loud enough for the whole Arena to hear. An idea comes to mind: poison in some sort of container that will not open until it’s been a in their stomach for a while. Or maybe some poison that doesn't kill instantly. I don’t know anything about poison. If a sponsor knew I needed it’s at least possible they might send me some, but if it came down it camp everyone would ask why I got it. Maybe if I got it while out hunting? Anyway, how would a sponsor know I need it? I only have tonight and/or tomorrow night if my plan is going to work. I shoulder my pack.

Digit's POV

I carefully approach the Cornucopia. It’s empty now. After everyone left, the careers picking it clean. I feel exposed out here in the open. I went east and slept over there. For the east I saw where the Careers set up camp. They are hunting now. I’m pretty sure no one else is around. I approach the plates. They were deactivated when the gong sounded, but if they can be deactivated, they can be reactivated. I pull up the grass around a plate, and move the dirt away. I see where they welded the tube to the catacomb closed. Suddenly, something catches my eye. I get up and seen a card of matches. It’s hidden, where the horn curves and meets the ground. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or of someone accidently kicked it under there during the bloodbath. I pull it out. It’s a card of matches, not a box, so there aren’t very many, and a few are still stuck under the golden horn. But still, if I’m very carefully, I can probably activate most of the plates. I go back over the hills, gather dry twigs from bushes. One I have enough, I go back to the plate. I strike the first match, and set a small stick alight. I let it burn for a few minutes, then blow it out. The stick is glowing hot. A coal, an ember. I use the hot stick it cut the wires, then to melt them back together. I only have to use a little of my wire. One I understand how the work it’s pretty simple. I stand back. I can’t test, but I’m fairly certain that it is dangerous again. I move on to the next one. I slowly, over the coarse if several hours, make my way around the circle, activating all 23. I leave one open, so I can come and go. It looks the same as the others, so no one will know. This area can be my camp. I can use the horn as a shelter. Everyone wants to get away from everyone else, so they go far from the horn. The best place to get away from everyone is the horn. If anyone sees me it doesn’t mater. I practically have a force-field.

Reed's POV

I peel another stalk of grass and nibble away at the soft part near the root. I’ve been eating lots of grass today. Most of the food around here you need to cook. The Gamesmakers, trying to make us give away out locations with smoke. It’s almost noon. I find a patch of thick, tall grass and lay down in it*. I take off my shirt and lay it across me for camouflage, as it is the same color as the grass. The underclothes include 2 undershirts, so it’s fine. I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I hope for a good nap. I’m almost asleep when I hear the grass moving, as a pair of tribute shoes comes closer to me. I want an ally, but who knows who this is? I jump up, shirt in hand, and run. When I am farther away, I turn around. It’s the girl from 4. What’s her name? Nikki? Rikki? Her red hair is unmistakable. She might make a good ally. I don’t run, but stay ready, so I can bolt of she is a danger.


Should I? I want an ally, and this _ikki girl seams like a good bet. I think of her her 9 in training. But then, I did see her running, empty handed, away from the horn.

I nod. We approach each other, both of us very alert. She hold up her empty hand. “I don’t have weapons.”

I pull on my shirt. “Me ether.” We both relax a little

“Your Reed, right?” she asks

I nod. “Rikki?” I guess.

“Nikki.” She says with a small giggle.

*Tree: It could barely hide a 12 year where it’s tallest-it would hide a 12 year old, but just barely. Also, Reed is small and thin. It didn't hide her perfectly-Nikki suspected someone was there.

Surf's POV

I crest another hill. The weight of the backpack and the way my sword (hanging in a sheath attached to my belt) slaps against my leg every time I take a step is annoying, but somehow calming. Ever since I got into the area I’ve been nervous about my plan. I barely slept last night, thinking about it, trying to work out the details, worrying about everything that could go wrong. When the other Careers and I set out, I suggested we all take sections of the arena, which we searched for tributes. They seamed to think it was a pretty good idea. I asked for the section of the area I needed, and they happy gave it to me without any questions. I head over to a tree, where their should be plenty of cameras and microphones. No one is around. I say, in a quiet, forceful voice, but not a whisper, “Person who is deciding which footage to put on TV, please put this on. Anyone who is willing to sponsor me I need poison. I need enough poison to kill several people.”I think for a moment. I want to ask for slow-activating poison, for internally consumed poison. But I can’t. I can’t say too much, or I will give away my plan. "Please. I really, really need it." I get up and leave. I then make a gesture so old is has almost died out. I saw my great aunt do it once: I cross my pointer and middle finger for good luck. I spend the rest of the day walking the perimeter of my section. I know for sure that the person I have mind is in there. I’m pretty sure they are the only one.

Vector's POV

It’s around noon. I’m in my sector. Surf had this idea that we all have sectors. I stand on a hill. I look down and the Cornucopia glints in the sun. There is someone down there!I break into a run. I’m going so fast I have to work to keep my feet under me. I take of my pack as I run and toss it on the hill. I’ll get it after I kill him. It’s the guy from 3, I think. He’s sitting in the mouth of the horn. He gets to his feet calmly, which bother me. I’m about to kill him and he’s calm? I would rather he be terrified. I curse under my breath. He is standing in the mouth, ready to move. I get onto the plain. I’m a very few meters from him, my knife in hand. Then there is an explosion. I hear it before I feel it. Pain, so intense I can't scream. It doesn’t last long.

Ria's POV

I’m very thirsty. I’ve been holding off drinking the water until now. If it was poisonous someone would have drunk it and there would have been a cannon. Still, who knows how clean it is? I cut a rectangle of fabric from one of my two undershirts. I fold it in half and hold the top of my bottle so that works as a double filter. I wade into a street and hold my bottle in the middle of the current, where the water is fastest and cleanest. I have just drunk half of the water in the bottle when I hear I cannon. I’m so startled I drop everything. Someone died. It’s not the water thought, I’m sure of that. I hope it’s not Rhea. She doesn’t look anything like me, but her name is pronounced just like mine. Ree (the ee pronounced like the ee in free) uh (uh, pronounced like the sound made when unsure what to say). I know it’s just our names, but I can’t help it. I feel almost like I knew her before, but I can’t quiet remember her for some reason. The Ree-uhs.

Surf's POV

The sun set a while ago, but it's only just starting to get dark. We sit at camp, eating the last of dinner. We don’t talk much. They’re pretty mad at me, and Vector’s absence is ringing in everyone’s ears. They’re mad at me, too. We didn’t find anyone, and now we’re one person down.

I offer to take first watch. They agree and head to their tents. I lie down on the grass and look up at the sky. None of the constellations look familiar, and that makes me feel better. The stars at home are one thing that isn’t touched by the Hunger Games.

I think about when Granddad took me out on his sailboat. At night we would sit on the deck, eating that kind of hard bread that keeps well and fresh fish. We would sail by moonlight, and he would teach me how to navigate using the stars. Even thought he never said anything, I always got the feeling that he hoped I would someday build a big boat and use it to sail the family away from Panem. To somewhere else. I don’t know if there are any other countries in the world. I don’t know if there is land anywhere else. But Granddad wanted me to try, I just knew it. And now I would never get the chance.

Something moves in this Arena sky. A shooting star? A comet? I realize it is falling. Falling out of the sky at me. The Gamemakers!? I spring to my feet and run.

It’s not until it hits the ground that I realize what it really is. It’s a sponsor gift. I tuck the silk parachute in my pocket and open the jar. The thick liquid smells horrible, and my nose burns. Poison. There isn’t a lot, so it must be lethal.

I pick the biggest backpack I can carry while running, and pack it with a sleeping bags, a blanket, first aid supplies, a small tent, food, fire things, and thing we will need. My sword is in a sheath on my belt, and I already have a length of good rope tied around my waist, and there is more rope in my pack.

I find a bow that’s my ally’s size and a good sheath of arrows for her. I pack a second pack, with another sleeping bag and blanket, more first aid supplies food, and more. Her pack has everything mine has (except a tent), but in smaller amounts. She’s only 12, and she can’t carry as much as I can. I stick the bow and arrows in her pack. I go thought inventory one more time and add another bottle of water to Nikki’s backpack.

I guess I can tell you know. My ally is Nikki Quahog. We agreed on it in the Capitol. The plan is she runs. I ally with the Careers and get everything we need, then kill them in the night and join Nikki. We agreed that I would watch her leave the Cornucopia, and she would stay in that area, so I could find her.

I take her pack and run. 6 hills away in Nikki’s direction, I hide it. Then I return to camp.

I take a big spoon. I carefully enter Lavender’s tent. I carefully open her sleeping mouth and spoon 5 spoonfuls of poison into it. Then I go to the tent Xeno and I share. Working quickly, I spoon 4 spoonfuls into Xeno’s mouth. He’s smaller than Lavender. I then go the Joo-Chan and Steak’s tent. I look at the bottle. There is less than half left. I spoon 4 into Joo-Chan’s mouth. He’s big. That’s not enough, and I know it. But I need some for Steak. I turn to sleeping Steak. His mouth is open and he is snoring loudly. I pour the last of it into his mouth. 4 spoonfuls. Not even that much. It won’t work, and I know it.

I would pour water in the jar and shake it, to get the last of the poison, but there’s no time. As soon as the first person dies, the cannon with wake everyone else up. So I leave the tent, put on my pack, and run.

My feet fly as I run down the first hill. Who knew I could move this fast? I almost trip because my feet are going faster than the rest of me. I run in between and around the hills rather than over them. It’s so much easier to run on flat ground. When I’m 6 hills away, I get Nikki’s pack and put in on my front. It’s hard to run carrying so much, and I slow to a jog. Where are the cannons? I should have stayed at gotten the last of the poison out of the jar. But it’s to late now. I jog until I’m about to pass out, the walk some. I should be in Nikki’s area now. I’ll find her tomorrow, I tell myself. I crawl into a ticket, and I don’t even bother to get out my sleeping bag. I’m to worn out, and I’m all hot and sweaty, anyways. As I’m drifting into a sleep, I hear cannons. I don’t bother to count them.

Steak's POV

I wake up with a horrible taste in my mouth. The taste of death. The cannon that woke me up is followed by a second one.

Joo-Chan is yelling, but I don’t know what is his saying. The next thing I know, he is dragging me outside. My sleeping bag slides easily one the dewy grass. He yanks sleeping-bag clad me into standing passion and squeezes me. He is giving me the Heimlich maneuver, I realize. I barf.

I realize he’s telling me to do the same to him, but by the time I understand that, he’s doing it himself. He barfs as well.

I don’t have a clue what’s going on, but Joo-Chan obviously understands. I don’t get it until I see 2 hovercrafts picking up Lavender’s tent, and the tent Xeno and Surf share. Then it clicks: sometime poisoned Lavender, Surf, and Xeno during the night. And they tried to poison Joo-Chan and me, too.

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