• ElectricGirl-

    Welcome, guys. Here it is, my First Hunger Games. The last one that I tried to fulfill was cancelled due to school issues, but now I am going to start another Games. 

    In these Games, each user will be able to post up to two tributes, and they can be from the same district if the creator wants. Sorry but there will be no reservations. I'll only post out the training scores and then go straight into the Games, and I'm sorry if I end up not being as much descriptive as you may like. The Games will be done in points of views of different tributes.

    Every tribute must include: Name, Gender, District, Age, Favorite Weapons, Skills, Weaknesses and Personality. History is optional.

    It will be appreciated if you create a lunaii, but if you can't or don'…

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  • ElectricGirl-

    Welcome, everybody. So... I'm kinda bored, so I decided to create a Hunger Games story in only one Point of View. I hope everyone enjoys it, and feedback is always welcome. It will not be very well-written, but anyway, I hope you like it.

    In the 200th edition of an event called The Hunger Games, the sucessor of the President Snow, President Julian Snow IV, announces a brand new twist that would change completely the life of the citizens in Panem. Especially one of them, the young lady from District 8 called Alice Wonderfire.

    I slowly wake up to the sound of birds chirping and singing outside my window, making noises loud enough to make my flutter my eyes open. I let out a loud groan and roll out of the bed, as my hands slowly move from the m…

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  • ElectricGirl-

    Well, guys. This is the first fanmade Hunger Games I am doing in this website, so I hope you all enjoy it! Also, if you think I did a typo, please correct me on the comments, I would be very honored.

    More information about these Hunger Games are below.

    One cold night, one cold revolution started. Back several years ago, when the district 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark survived the Hunger Games twice, and challenged the Capitol. Their act changed completely the history of Panem, and the whole nation started in a war: the districts against the brutal government of the Capitol.

    After the districts' victory, the ex-district 8 commander, Paylor, became the supreme president for Panem, but sadly it did not last long. After her death…

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