Welcome, guys. Here it is, my First Hunger Games. The last one that I tried to fulfill was cancelled due to school issues, but now I am going to start another Games. 

In these Games, each user will be able to post up to two tributes, and they can be from the same district if the creator wants. Sorry but there will be no reservations. I'll only post out the training scores and then go straight into the Games, and I'm sorry if I end up not being as much descriptive as you may like. The Games will be done in points of views of different tributes.

Every tribute must include: Name, Gender, District, Age, Favorite Weapons, Skills, Weaknesses and Personality. History is optional.

It will be appreciated if you create a lunaii, but if you can't or don't feel like doing, just post their appearance and I will try to make a lunaii based in it.

Also, note that as it is the first Hunger Games, the career alliance does not exist at all, but it doesn't mean that the tributes from career districts need to be weak. They will just not ally with each other.

Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy!

The Tributes

  • Colton Thorne - District 1
  • Cleopatra Hayes - District 1
  • Troy Mason - District 2
  • Sarah Robertson - District 2
  • Tommy Harns - District 3
  • Elektra Renclever - District 3
  • Bartholomew Johnson - District 4
  • Liv-Marie Banks - District 4
  • Blaze Flameshealth - District 5
  • Icelia Wintersmith - District 5
  • Sebastian Hikes - District 6
  • Carolyn Collins - District 6
  • Viper Anaconda - District 7
  • Luna Iris - District 7
  • Connor Smitherson - District 8
  • Ella Livingston - District 8
  • Michael Tatannium - District 9
  • Dedenne Reunee - District 9
  • Marlon Lander - District 10
  • Macy Dunford - District 10
  • Bracken James - District 11
  • Juniper Chinn - District 11
  • Ethan Thomas - District 12
  • Silvia Peck - District 12
District Male User Female User
1 Colton Thorne BaconCanadian Cleopatra Hayes Pippycat
2 Troy Mason YourFavoriteSalmon Sarah Robertson TehOnlyCanadian
3 Tommy Harns HaraiGosh345 Elektra Renclever VDA1999
4 Bartholomew Johnson Meoryou Liv-Marie Banks Meoryou
5 Blaze Flameshealth Tehblakdeath Icelia Wintersmith BaconCanadian
6 Sebastian Hikes W.Contrib. (Dumbsy123) Carolyn Collins YourFavoriteSalmon
7 Viper Anaconda Tehblakdeath Luna Iris Pippycat
8 Connor Smitherson HaraiGosh345 Ella Livingston Dawnshade
9 Michael Tatannium VDA1999 Dedenne Reunee Yoonie
10 Marlon Lander Yoonie Macy Dunford Dawnshade
11 Bracken James MathiasTobias Juniper Chinn MathiasTobias
12 Ethan Thomas TehOnlyCanadian Silvia Peck Rayplayzlol70

The Alliances

Alliance 1 - Cleopatra Hayes (D1), Elektra Renclever (D3)

Alliance 2 - Tommy Harns (D3), Viper Anaconda (D7), Connor Smitherson (D8)

Alliance 3 - Bartholomew Johnson (D4), Liv-Marie Banks (D4), Icelia Wintersmith (D5)

Alliance 4 - Luna Iris (D7), Silvia Peck (D12)

Alliance 5 - Colton Thorne (D1), Troy Mason (D2), Sarah Robertson (D2), Bracken James (D11), Juniper Chinn (D11)

Other tributes will start the Games alone or are undecided.

The Arena

  • 1st Annual Hunger Games - Justice Building
  • 1st Annual Hunger Games - Buildings
  • 1st Annual Hunger Games - Ashes
The 1st Annual Hunger Games' arena was designed to portrait the recently bombed District 13, after the major bombing that destroyed the whole place. The simulation of the ruins included destroyed and eroding buildings, smoking ashes and rests of trees. Along with the ruins, the arena will also include a Cornucopia, and sitting next to the gold horn, a simulation of the District 13 Justice Building with crumbling walls and destroyed rooms will lay. 

The only source of water in the arena is the rain that the Gamemakers may provide every now and then, along with a small lake next to the Cornucopia. The food in the arena can be found in some intact trees, but they are pretty rare to find. There are no wild animals around.

The Scores

Male Score Female Score
Colton Thorne (D1) 9 Cleopatra Hayes (D1) 8
Troy Mason (D2) 11 Sarah Robertson (D2) 8
Tommy Harns (D3) 7 Elektra Renclever (D3) 5
Bartholomew Johnson (D4) 6 Liv-Marie Banks (D4) 9
Blaze Flameshealth (D5) 10 Icelia Wintersmith (D5) 5
Sebastian Hikes (D6) 6 Carolyn Collins (D6) 7
Viper Anaconda (D7) 9 Luna Iris (D7) 6
Connor Smitherson (D8) 7 Ella Livingston (D8) 6
Michael Tatannium (D9) 10 Dedenne Reunee (D9) 7
Marlon Lander (D10) 5 Macy Dunford (D10) 7
Bracken James (D11) 9 Juniper Chinn (D11) 8
Ethan Jomas (D12) 7 Silvia Peck (D12) 8


The Capitol people started to want to help out the tributes they were rooting for, so the Head Gamemaker decided to adopt a 'Sponsoring style', where Capitol people can send gifts and needed items indirectly to the tributes.

In these Games, a Capitol sponsor may comment what item/gift they want to send to their tributes and the Head Gamemaker (in case me) will decide if it is worthy or not. Tributes with more participation may win sponsor gifts easier than the ones who hide out.

The Games

Day 1

Sarah Robertson - D2, Cornucopia Plate

The crystalline tube brings me to another place, somewhere that I will never be able to forget. I am brought up into the arena, my eyes searching for some source of light. When I flutter them open, I realize the place around and the other metal platforms around, each one with a tribute over it. In a distance, right in the front of my eyes some meters away, a huge golden horn sits at the center of the arena and there are supplies all around it. My stylist said it is called the 'Cornucopia', and it is supposed to be the place where the supplies are available to pick up as the tributes are released into the Games.

Unfornately, a word breaks in my thoughts, and it isn't good. "Sixty..." The countdown started.

Silvia Peck - D12, Cornucopia Plate

I sigh of panic as the countdown quickly starts and begins to narrow down as the time passes by. I guess the arena is supposed to simulate the ruins of District 13 after the major bombing that destroyed most of the reminiscent parts of that district. My eyes aim for the entrance of the fake Justice Building, where a yellow backpack lays next to a sword. I could grab them both, since I am very quick, but my escort and my stylist adviced to don't get in much trouble and get killed during the opening day. I know if that they could see what I am able to do, they would not say that but I guess I am forced to obey their orders.

Sebastian Hike - D6, Cornucopia Plate

The countdown narrows down to the last ten numbers and I literally panic. What the Capitol is doing to us is extremely sick, but I don't blame them. The rebels are the ones that made this happen. I literally hate myself for coming from one of the most rebelled districts.

But in other hand, I can't face this. It is just too much pressure for me, I will not stand a second once the gong rings and the tributes are released. My chances are really low, and I have no option but doing something, something that I may regret for the rest of my life - if I continue alive.

My stylist adviced me that if someone steps off the platform before the initial gong, they will be exploded up and killed right before the bloodbath. I look up to the clock and see that the countdown just reached three, it's now or never.

Not thinking before, I jump off my platform and the last thing I hear before the explosion is a female robotic voice.


Troy Mason - D2, Cornucopia

The gong sounds and I sprint off towards the circle of supplies. The boy from district 6 just killed himself, but it will not call my attention. I continue running, until the time when I reach the circle of supplies. The first thing I do is jump over a dark crate and grab a mace which was lying over it. I look around and see the small district 10 boy approaching the place where I am, probably to grab something. Not even hesitating before doing so, I swing my mace to the back of his head, making him collapse to the ground. I kneel next to him and  have sure that he is completely dead. Two already gone, twenty-one to go.

Luna Iris - D7, Cornucopia

Silvia approaches me, nothing in her hands. It seems like she didn't even try to approach the supplies and the chaos and action happening next to the golden horn.

"Where do we go? Quick, we don't have much time to stay here," she whispers. I point out to the buildings behind the plates and we run towards them, and happily, no one is even trying to chase us down, maybe because we have nothing to offer.

Michael Tatannium - D9, Cornucopia

The first thing I do when the gong rings out is go to the Cornucopia no looking back. I dash off with the biggest velocity that I could collect. Luckily, I was able to pick off some knives and now I know that anyone will be able to win these Games while I am still alive. Looking around the region where I am, I see the district 5 boy digging up a crate, searching for something and he looks like a perfect prey. He seems weak and fragile, he will not stand up much competition, even though I don't know how he caught up that ten at the training score. As I approach him, he opens a creepy look.

I am about to stab him out with my knives when, surprising me, he pulls out a hatchet off the crate. I start to turn around, trying to escape but not before he could throw his hatchet into my back.

Elektra Renclever - D3, Cornucopia

Looking around, I can recognize about two or three people already dead at the ground. Ugh, that sucks. I am lucky they are not me. I was certainly a strong candidate to die at this bloodbath, but I guess the odds were wrong. Cleopatra and I met each other since the gong sounded and we decided to flee off with no weapons and no supplies, to avoid combats. We are actually heading towards the buildings, I hope we are lucky to find somewhere safe to stay.

Liv-Marie Banks - D4, Cornucopia

Bart and I have been searching up for weapons and supplies since the gong sounded, and I guess we are getting closer to two minutes after the Games' beginning. Out of the suddenly, I hear footsteps coming from behind me. I turn my head quickly, and I see a female figure coming out of the horn with a metallic axe and she begins to sprint in our direction.

She swings and throws the axe at my direction, but before I could even blink, Bart throws himself in my front to receive the damage. The axe gets stuck in his chest, and I retrieve it from his body. The girl from district 8 starts to run in the opposite direction, but I aim and throw the axe. The weapon crosses through the air quickly and meets the back of the girl.

I kneel down and plant a kiss on Bart's forehead and then begin to run into the buildings area, searching for Icelia.

Bracken James - D11, Cornucopia

I sincerely hate the Capitol for forcing us to do what we are doing. Compete until the death against each other for a mere backpack or a simple bottle of water, just to make fun of the districts. I guess the Capitol people back at home must be very excited and happy about this bloodbath, but it is certainly something that the tributes are hating to face.

Luckily, every one is my alliance is actually live and met each other. Troy said to have killed the boy from district 10, and I sigh. Not that I hate him for killing, I will do it when necessary. It just hurts to know that families are sad back in the districts due to their children's death being pubicly shown to the entire Panem. I would kill myself rather than face that.

My alliance runs into the buildings area, as certainly the biggest and strongest alliance out there in the arena.

Connor Smitherson - D8, Cornucopia

The bloodbath is almost coming to its end, my alliance just fled off the major action completely alive. We have managed to grab some important supplies, such as water and food, but I guess none of us had actually collected a weapon during the bloodbath.

As we get closer to the buildings, we hear footsteps and when I turn around, the blonde girl from district 6 emerges from the back of a building and stabs Tommy right at the abdomen with her sword. He collapses to the ground, and she begins to run back to the Cornucopia. At first, Viper and I try to reach her by following the girl, but she seems to be pretty fast.

I can feel the anger rushing through Viper's veins and seems like he is about to explode, but he takes two deep breathes and sit down, facepalming himself.

How could we let that happen to our little ally?

Ethan Thomas - D12, Building

I step into a bulding, and the crumbling walls creep me out but they quickly stop to fall and I sigh of relief. Out of the nowhere, the arena becomes all silent and the sound of cannons repeat through the air. They told us that the number of cannons sounded is the number of tributes killed in the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Six. Six cannons. This means six tributes died in the opening bloodbath.

And I luckily was not one of them.

Dedenee Reunee - D9, Justice Building

I guess I just made an ally in the first day of these Hunger Games. The female tribute from 10, I guess her name is Macy, helped me to grab some supplies from the Cornucopia and I formed an alliance with her as a retribution. We decided to enter in the Justice Building, as no other tribute entered here before us and I guess everyone fled towards the eroding buildings. I have supplies enough to live for at least two more days, so the next cannon will probably not be signing my death.

Icelia Wintersmith - D5, Justice Building

The night fell quickly than I expected into the arena, and I force myself to look to the sky through one of the windows present at the Justice Building. I am almost sure that there are more tributes around here, but I was obligated to do  this. I was not finding Barth and Liv-Marie, so I decided to enter in here and wait it out for them. I hope they will notice this soon and come rescue me. 

Looking through the windows, I see the golden horn and realize that no tributes decided to stay around here and grab some supplies, so I guess that will be my plan for tomorrow.

The sky gets dark, and the Capitol anthem plays. I look patiently to the sky and see that the 'Fallen' of tributes is beginning to appear. The first face printed between the clouds is the boy from district 3, who is followed by Barth.

"Oh no, Barth no," I sigh as the fallen continues. After my ex-ally, the boy from district 6, the girl from district 8 and the boys from districts 9 and 10 complete the list of dead tributes.

I get myself inside a sleeping bag, and I force my eyes to shut out. I think tomorrow will be an eventful day.

Day 2

Macy Dunford - D10, Justice Building

I barely woke up and Dedenee already comes running in my direction, and takes a place next to me. She starts to explain the story of how she listened some footsteps in the upper part of the Justice Building, and she thinks that someone else is here along with us.

Just as we talk, we hear another footstep coming from the upper part and we run towards there. Once we arrive, we see a red-haired tribute laying on a bad. We approach and the girl from district 5 gets scared and looks at us.

"Don't kill me, ple-" Before she could even finish the sentence, I send my throwing knife right at her chest, making she collapse back to the bed, with her bloody chest.

BOOM! The cannon sounds, signalizing her death. I sigh of relief and Dedenee hugs me.

Cleopatra Hayes - D1, Buildings

The sound of the first cannon of the day wakes both me and Elektra up. We have been hiding inside a huge building for the entire day, and luckily, none of the other tributes attempted to approach us or do anything with us so far. The Gamemakers also seem to be taking a break on us, as we didn't sense any arena trap around here. The Games are running perfectly to my alliance, it is going way better than I expected at the start.

However, I think this will not last long. As the number of tributes narrow down and our supplies begin to be used, it is kinda eminent that we will have to face the danger sometime. Until that comes, Elektra and I will be relaxing here, just hoping for our death not to come.

Viper Anaconda - D7, Cornucopia

My ally Connor and I decided to come back to the area surrounding the golden horn, as the supplies we collected during the opening day were not enough to please us. He is covering the left side and I am covering the right one. Suddenly, he screams my name and when I look to the side, I see the boy from 5 running in our direction.

The boy tries to hit Connor with a hatchet, but my ally is quicker and uses the agility in his advantage. He rolls to the side of the boy from 5, and when the other guy attemps to kill Connor one more time, I hear the sound of a cringe and then, the boy from 5 lips to the ground with a scythe stuck in his torax. Connor just killed him.

BOOM! After the cannon, Connor and I decide to depart and go back to our campsite at the buildings area, it will be harder for someone to see us there.

Ethan Thomas - D12, Buildings

I have heard two cannons today, and hopefully none of the deaths that occured today were done next to my campsite inside this crumbling building. Being honest, I have survived longer than I expected, eight tributes have died so far in total and I am not any of them. My district is probably proud of my performance so far, even though the only thing I have been doing since the beginning of the Games is hide inside this building and not reveal myself. I am starting to feel hunger, and I have nothing left but a bottle of water. I'm afraid I will have to go out tomorrow, because if I stay here, I will probably starve to death.

Liv-Marie Banks - D4, Buildings

Stumbling around the buildings area, I am starting to have sure that Icelia did not come in this direction, even though we combined to do so. I hope she isn't dead, she didn't deserve to die this early, and if she dies, I will be officially all alone since my two allies would be gone. It feels terrible.

Coming in the corner of my eye, a blonde-haired girl surges out with a sword and attemps to shove it on my back, but I quickly dodge and catch my axe lying at the ground. She swings the sword in my direction, and I realize that she is the girl from district 6, the district partner of the guy who killed himself before the Games had even started. 

When she tries to hit me again, I dodge once again and finally blow my axe through her forehead, making she collapse to the ground with a huge bloody wound in the forehead. BOOM! The cannon sounds right after my attack and I retrieve my axe out of her deceased corpse.

I sit over a rock and facepalm myself. I hate this idea of putting young people into an arena just to kill other innocent kids. This is sick and I am unfornately playing a part of them.

Silvia Peck - D12, Buildings

Luna and I heard footsteps and whispers coming from behind one of the tallest buildings standing around and we decide to see what was going on out here. Once we arrived at the place where the voices were presumably coming, we found it out that some tributes were hanging out here and conversating. Among the ones here, there are some tributes that I was able to recognize. The boy from district 1, both from 2 and both from 11. They probably are the biggest alliance in the arena.

"It's ok, let's leave. I don't want trouble," Luna commented, just as the female tribute from district 2 looked through and saw us both spying around. Luna quickly prepares her bow, and just as the girl from 2 prepares to advance against us, she releases an arrow.

Colton Thorne - D1, Buildings

BOOM! A cannon sounds just as Sarah crops to behind with an arrow stuck in her heart. We look to the side and see two girls standing up, apparently shocked. The girl from district 1 has a bow in her hand, she probably was the one who killed Sarah.

Our whole alliance tackles the two girls, and they quickly spin around and run out of our sight. Juniper is quick and is able to reach them out, and she pushes both of them to the ground. I enjoy the opportunity and throw a knife in the back of the district 7 girl. BOOM! BOOM!

Wait! Two cannons!? 

I look to the side and see Juniper collapsing to the ground with a wound in her chest, just as the girl from 12 retrieves her sword from the body of my ally and runs away in the opposite direction. Bracken tries to follow the girl, but she is quicker than him. Once he gives up, he comes back and kneels next to Juniper, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Don't worry, Juniper. I will win this game. Both for me, you and the whole district 11."

Elektra Renclever - D3, Buildings

The night finally comes, and Cleopatra quickly falls asleep. I stay wide awake, not managing to sleep without thinking in the things that may happen tomorrow. 

The Capitol anthem plays and I get my eyes fixed in the illuminated sky, and the faces of the fallen tributes begin to appear. The first one is the girl from 2, which means that Cleopatra's district partner is still alive. She is followed by both tributes from 5 and the girl from 6, and that means that both of these districts already lost their two tributes to the Games. After them, the girl from 7 and the girl from 11 finish the order of dead tributes and the sky gets dark again.

I close my eyes, and force myself to try to sleep.


24. Sebastian Hikes - District 6: Stepped off the Cornucopia plate too early (Day 1)

23. Marlon Lander - District 10: Mace to the back of head by Troy Mason (Day 1)

22. Michael Tatannium - District 9: Hatchet to the back by Blaze Flameshealth (Day 1)

21. Bartholomew Johnson - District 4: Axe to the chest by Ella Livingston (Day 1)

20. Ella Livingston - District 8: Axe to the back by Liv-Marie Banks (Day 1)

19. Tommy Harns - District 3: Sword to the abdomen by Carolyn Collins (Day 1)

18. Icelia Wintersmith - District 5: Throwing knive to the chest by Macy Dunford (Day 2)

17. Blaze Flameshealth - District 5: Scythe to the torax by Connor Smitherson (Day 2)

16. Carolyn Collins - District 6: Axe to the forehead by Liv-Marie Banks (Day 2)

15. Sarah Robertson - District 2: Arrow to the heart by Luna Iris (Day 2)

14. Luna Iris - District 7: Knife to the back by Colton Thorne (Day 2)

13. Juniper Chinn - District 11: Sword to the chest by Silvia Peck (Day 2)

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