Welcome, everybody. So... I'm kinda bored, so I decided to create a Hunger Games story in only one Point of View. I hope everyone enjoys it, and feedback is always welcome. It will not be very well-written, but anyway, I hope you like it.


In the 200th edition of an event called The Hunger Games, the sucessor of the President Snow, President Julian Snow IV, announces a brand new twist that would change completely the life of the citizens in Panem. Especially one of them, the young lady from District 8 called Alice Wonderfire.

PART I - The Incipience

Chapter 1

I slowly wake up to the sound of birds chirping and singing outside my window, making noises loud enough to make my flutter my eyes open. I let out a loud groan and roll out of the bed, as my hands slowly move from the mattress to my face, facepalming myself.

Sincerely, I don't even know how I manage to sleep well all through the entire night with no nightmares or other things scaring me out. Last night, I was completely going crazy with the thought of being called out to be a tribute in the Hunger Games. Not that this possibility did not exist before, it actually had and was eminent. But this year, with the newest twist planted by the President, my odds of being called are basically two to one. His speech still creeps out my mind, as I resemble every single word that he said.

Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, the Hunger Games have been reinstalled one hundred years ago, after former President Paylor suffered an attack from Capitol rebels and my grandfather President Snow II assumed the command of Panem. He restarted the Games, and obviously, the rules remained the same. And one of the main rules is the one who guarantees that every twenty five years the Hunger Games will contain a special twist, and will be called Quarter Quell. This year, we are celebrating the eighth Quarter Quell, and to show to the rebels that even the strongest of the families are able to take down the Capitol government, we will be bringing up the children aged between twelve and eighteen of the actual list of victors to the Hunger Games. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!

The children aged between twelve and eighteen of the actual list of victors... not that bad, though.

It would be better if I was not a fifteen-year-old girl, and only daughter of one of the District 8 victors.

I force myself to leave my bed, and head towards my personal closet, where I choose a suitable outfit for the Reapings. As one of the main possibilities to be called out, all of the Capitol cameras will be totally focused in me before, during and after the Reapings, and I have to be well-dressed for that situation. I wear myself in a long and red dress, which goes down from my shoulders until reaching my feet. 

Once I am done with the dress, I grab a hair comb and start to brush my hair. Just as I finish brushing my hair, someone steps in my bedroom.

"You're stunning, Alice." My mother says, rushing out and hugging me up. 

"Thanks, mom." I reply.

My mother is one of the District 8 victors actually alive, and she won her Games twenty years ago at my age. Inside the arena, she used a pretty common strategy and formed a huge alliance at the beginning of the Games. As she was one of the weakest but prettiest, the boys in her alliance used to try to protect her over any cost and it led her to survive until reaching the Top 4, where all of her former alliances died. She let the other three tributes fight to death, and when only one of them was standing alive, she ran and shoved her small knife into the tribute's neck, killing him up. Her victory was not well seen in the Capitol eyes, as she only had one kill and was not the protagonist of the Games. She got pregnant of me five years after winning, and my father ended up dying while she was still pregnant, during an uprising where Peacekeepers killed him up. She has been taking care of me all by herself during these long fifteen years, and she even tried to teach me some things in case I got reaped for the Games. She is such a sweetheart and she has been the best mother possible for me. I appreciate her for that.

"You have a visit for you." She says with a suspect smile in her face, as I shrug. A visit? I was not expecting anyone to see me today, or did I?

"Who?" I ask out.

"Me." A voice says from the door of my bedroom, as I quickly spin around. Glaring at me from the entrance of the room, a blonde-haired tall boy stands up. 


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