welcome!!!!!this is 178 annual hunger games , this is the rules


this is not a quell

you may post only 2 must include the folllowing things:






Appearance: (you can make a lunaii for your tribute please i you don't give the description)




Interview Angle:

Bloobath Strategy

i will not do chariot parade

Items to send


Axe - 100

Knife - 75

Sword - 100

Spear - 100

Darts - 75

Rock - 50

Trident - 150

Bow And Arrow - 100


First Aid Kit - 100

Burn Spray - 100

Sleep Spray - 75

Pain Killer - 100


distirct name gender age appearance weapon skills user
1 Lyle Gray male 17 brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a smile to wow all of the ladies. bows and arrows, throwing knives fist to fist combat, climbing, fast, strong, and steathly. Bobloblaw1978
1 Thalia Combe female 16 Dark long brown hair, blue eyes and porcleain white skin throwing knives, bow and arrow


2 Troy Ventura male 17 spiky brown hair and dark brown eyes, he is tall and quite muscular. axe,sword Strength, Hand to Hand combat, Axes Mysims
2 Bianca Collide female 16 long brown hairs, choolaty brown eyes,thin sword,knives strong,swift,hand to hand combat FinnickisBOSS
3 Flux Duncain male 18 messy blonde hair sparking black eyes,tall spear,sword,knives speed,killing catodistrict2
3 Luna Mcfaid female 15 long Chocolate brown hair Bright green eyes, fit however not slim enough to see her ribcage blowgun,axe fast runner, smart, plants, making alliances Katiehurtchersonx
4 Nicholas Davenport male 17 blonde hair, emerald green eyes, muscular and handsome.


good runner and climber he can poison water, food. FinnickForever
4 Mistalia "Misty" Caliden female 17 long wavy dark brown hair with light brown,copper, red highlights. Medium height. Thin. Gorgeous. throwing knives, bow and arrow swimming, fishing, plants, deadly accuracy , charming Readwritelivenikki
5 Jared Kaihn male 14 brown hair, green emerald eyes, light skin Sword Swords, hand-to-hand combat TheKatnissEverdeen
5 Aria Camelliston female 16 Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, Bows and Arrows flexible, good swimmer, strong and ruthless when she is angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust her trained with bow and arrows since age 5, strong-willed, risk-taking, seductive Katelyn.danita
6 George Daking male 14 brown hair , blue eyes , light skin 61 Spear, Slingshot Strength , running
6 Poroi Anderson female 17 long black hair , purple eyes, light skin Dagger, Throwing Knifes Stealth, Climbing, Acrobatics, Ranged Fighting Madgeical
7 Connor Henderson male 15 black eyes, brown hairs,tall , olive skin Axes , Throwing Axes , Spear Climbing , plants , camouflage
7 Elvira Hollace female 17 Long black sleek hair, brown eyes, light skin. axe,knife running, hand to hand combat, aim ,killing Whatrbooks
8 Jacob Blue male 15 black hair and eyes olive skin slingshot , knives srength , camouflage , running Eleni12
8 Summer Wilson female 15 red hairs with brown highlights ,green emerald eyes, light skin bow and arrow, knives fast runner, hand to hand compat , camouflage Eleni 12
9 Royce Deneath male 13 Freckles, silly grin, chubby slingshot , axe Axe, climbing, being hungry, knotting JWW
9 Lily Driver female 15 Black hair, dreadlocks. Dark skin, dark green eyes. knife Poisonous foods. Fast Runner Whatrbooks
10 James Will male 12 blue eyes blond hair fit body Spear and Slingshot camoflage/hiding and his weapons JWW
10 Anya Jaine Chastaine female 16 Blonde hair with brown highlights , bright green eyes , olive skin Dagger, lasso, sleuth Flexibility, sleuth, throwing things AshtonMoiolover
11 James Mallow male 15 Brown hairs and eyes , dark skin blowgn , slingshot climbing , staying hide , survival skills Wikia Contributor A
11 Sylvie Scarlet female 14 Short dark hair, light, glassy blue eyes, beautiful knives,bow and arrow amazing with camoflauge, basic survival skills, climbing, swimming and staying hidden. tobi99
12 Connor Sitl male 13 black hairs and eyes, white porclain skin bow and arrow good climber,survival skills and staying hidden eleni12
12 Candace Rellini female 18 long blonde hair, bright blue eyes with long lashes. She is tall and strong bow and arrow ,axe smart, quick, can climb trees, knows plants, hides well Readwritelivenikki

Training Scores , Odds Of Winning

District Name Age Training Scores Odds of Winning
1 Lyle Gray 17 9 5-1
1 Thalia Combe 16 11 3-1
2 Troy Ventura 17 10 4-1
2 Bianca Collide 16 9 5-1
3 Flux Duncain 18 8 11-1
3 Luna Mcfaid 15 7 16-1
4 Nicholas Davenport 17 10 4-1
4 Misty Caliden 17 9 5-1
5 Jared Kaihn 14 6 21-1
5 Aria Camelliston 16 8 7-1
6 George Daking 14 6 22-1
6 Poroi Anderson 17 7 17-1
7 Mason Henderson 15 8 6-1
7 Elvira Hollace 17 7 19-1
8 Jacob Blue 15 5 38-1
8 Summer Wilson 15 8 8-1
9 Royce Deneath 13 6 25-1
9 Lily Driver 15 7 17-1
10 James Will 12 4 36-1
10 Anya Jaine Chastaine 16 8 9-1
11 James Mallow 15 6 23-1
11 Sylvie Scarlet 14 7 14-1
12 Connor Sitl 13 6 23-1
12 Candace Rellini 18 8



Carreers : Lyle Gray (1) , Thalia Compe (1) , Troy Ventura (2) , Bianca Collide (2) , Nicholas Davenport (4) , Misty Calliden (4) , Aria Camelliston (5)

Alliance 1 : Poroi Anderson (6) , Summer Wilson (8) , Elvira Hollace (7) , Flux Duncain (3) , Jared Kaihn (5)

Alliance 2 : Anya Chastaine (10), James Will (10)

Alliance 3: Royce Deneath (9) , Lily Driver(9) , Jacob Blue (8) , Luna Mcfaid (3)

Alliance 4: Sylvie Scarlet(11) , James Mallow(11), Candace Rellini (12) , Connor Sitl (12)

Loners: Mason Henderson (7) , George Daking (6)

The Games

Day 1


Candace's POV

20,19,18,17.... the arena is a giant forest and the cornucopia is in the mid

dle of a meadow

12,10,9..... i am ready to do this

5,4,3,2,1 GONG

All the tributes are running in the cournucopia to grab something , Now i see district 2 boy -Troy to stab in the neck district 6 boy -George ,poor George. Then i grab the bow and an axe and am running to my alliance .James(11) and I have Grab WEAPONS and Sylvie(11) and Connor(12) have grab backpacks with supplies

Mason's POV

i see a spear and i grab it now i am ready to kill I see luna (3) running and i throw my spear at her it hit her in the head Yes she immediately fall to the ground BOOM!!!!!! YES I just kill someone

Lily's POV

Dam it Luna just died i see Jacob figthing with Anya (10) She will kill him i had to help him I running towards to them and i stab Anya in the leg she screams in pain and she tries to stab me in the neck but she is very weak I stab her in the another leg and she falls to the ground and says to me"please don't kill me " "Sorry sweatie but i am killing you" i said to her and stab her neck BOOM!!!!!

Misty's POV

I have my knives and now i am looking fo my victim ok I see Jared from 5 and i throw to him my knife and i hit him in the shoulder he screams in pain and i am ready to kill him I throw my next knife and it hit him in his skull BOOM!!!!!!!!!! YES Now i see Thalia kill that chic from 10 BOOM!!!! Two down many to go


I have my bow and my arrow and my knives and i want to kill i see Elvira (7) and suddenly i know who is gonna die next i shot my arrow and it hit her in her hand i run towards to her and when i have come close enough i try to stab her in the leg but she doghe .

Summer's POV

i see elvira(7) fighting with the girl from 5 wait se is a career i got to help elvira(7) i run towards to them with my bow and i shoot my arrow at the career it hit her in the shoulder yes . she screams in pain and i shot her it hits her in the neck yes BOOM!!!!!!! I JUST KILL I CAREER


Sylvie's POV

The bloodbath is over BOOM!!!BOOM!!!!!BOOM!!!!BOOM!!!!BOOM!!!!! Only 5 kills what i am sure that the gamemakers aren't happy with this and they will be mutts tommorow . ok now let's eat


Sylvie's POV

We are ready to sleep but the anthem interrupts us ok let's see the faces .the girl from 3 , both from 5 wait the girl from 5 is a career a career died in the first day yes!! the boy from 6 and both from 10 tommorow will be a long day so i will sleep


the careers are in the cournocopia they are fine and they get ready to hunt

Alliance 1: is in the forest and they need first aid kit for Elvira and Flux, they have food , water and weapons

Alliance 3 is in the forest they need water and they have food , medicine and weapons

Alliance 4 is in the forest they have food , water and medicine but Sylvie (11) and Connor had no weapons

Day 2

Summer's POV

Shit!!! the careers are running towards to us i run and climb a very high tree with Poroi (6) and Elvira(7) i am not a very good climber but i can climb this tree because is very big . BOOM!!!!!! someone died but who I look down and i see the death body of Lyle (1) what!!!! Flux (3) just kill a career, then i see Thalia throw a knife at him and it hit in his neck BOOM!!!!!

Thalia's POV

yes !!! i kill that idiot from 3 but all his allies have gone so we deside to go back to the camp . We get there and we tell at Misty(4) and Nicholas (4) about Lyle's (1) deaths They doesn't seem sad I guess they just think one down more to go. But Lyle (1) was from home and i am really really sad for him.

Jame's POV

Today was a very good day we didn't see any mutts and the carees doesn't come we have heard two cannons hopefully two careers . We were taking about the home when the anthem plays . The dead tributes is the guy from 1 . OH one career and the guy from 3. OK


Careers are fine in the cournocopia and they don't need anything

Alliance 1 is in the forest they need first aid kit for Elvira they have weapons ad supplies

Alliance 3 is in the forest they are just fine they have find a lake

Alliance 4 is in the forest they need weapons for Sylvie(11) and Connor (12) they have supplies

Day 3

Misty's POV

All the others ara sleeping

Nicholas " I whispered in his ear and i wake him up all the others are asleep

Let's Poison the food' I said to him

I think we should wait for the final 10 "

"Ok" I am really disapointed cause i want to kill them all but i have to wait

Royce's POV

I have a very bad feeling for today but until now nothing bad is happened. We speak about tactics when Claudius Templesmith voice interrupts us "Good morning tributes! Today we are going to have a feast. This feast will take place at the Cornucopia . . Can you afford to go to the feast? Can you afford not to? The choice is up to you. Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor . Ah I forget the gamemakers have a little suprise for you ." A feast in the third day this is very unusual .

We will go " asks Jacob(8)

Propably yes because we need water but we have to make a plan respond Lily(9)

Sylvie's POV

We will go to the feast" i ask

Well I think that the gamemakers want all of us to go but i don't know" Candace(12) says

"What you think will be the suprise" James(12) ask

"I really don't know" i say

Poroi's POV

We won't go to the feast " Elvira says

" No Elvira we have to go and get the medicine for you" Summer says

"I agree with Summer soon you will die from bloodloss" I say

Elvira is my best friend in the arena , Summer is very sly and i don't trust her. If Elvira dies I think see will kill me

Mason's POV

I am alone and I am starving so i will go to the feast I may actually kill someone

The feast

Nicholas's POV

I see the guy from (7) and i am ready to kill him when Claudius Templesmith voice sounds " Stop fighting everyone". And then i can't move and I see that and the other tributes can't move "I will put you in pairs of two if those two tributes all the last they both win The Pairs are Troy Ventura(2) with Poroi Anderson(6) , Bianca Collide (2) and Thalia Compe (1) , Jacob Blue(8) and Lily Driver(9) , Misty Calliden(4) and Nicholas Davenport(4) , Candace Rellini (12) and Sylvie Scarlet (11) , Summer Wilson(8) and Elvira Hollace(7), Royce Deneath(9) and Mason Henderson(7) and James Mallow(11) and Connor Sitl(12) Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor

Mason's POV

I see Nicholas(4) runnning towards to me and i prepare to dodge i feel a shark pain in my back , I fall to the the ground and I see Misty(4) stand over then the word goes black BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Thalia's POV

I see Misty(4) and Nicholas run away to the forest those betrayers I will kill them .Lily(9) runs to the forest with Jacob(8) where is that kid Royce he was in their alliance i think . I see him he is in the Cornucopia and he is ready to run away with the others when Bianca(2) throw an arrow at his skull BOOM!!!!!!!!!!


I love the rule change because Candase is my best friend here in the arena so win both can win .We went finally in the feast and i recieve three knives , a bow and a quiver of arrows now I am ready to win this

Death Chart


District Age killer
George Daking 6 14 Troy Ventura knife in the neck
Luna Mcfaid 3 15 Mason Henderson spear in the skull

Anya Jaine Chastaine

10 16 Lily Drive knife in the neck
Jared Kaihn 5 14 Misty Calliden knife in head

James Will

10 12 Thalia Combe knife in heart
Aria Camelliston 5 16 Summer Wilson arrow in neck
Lyle Gray 1 17 Flux Dunkain knife in heart
Flux Duncain 3 18 Thalia Compe knife in neck
Mason Henderson 7 15 Misty Calliden knife in back
Royce Deneath 9 13 Bianca Collide arrow in skull

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