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  • Elipandyparker

    Hi everyone!

    I'm going to try to create another Games because I left for a few months in the middle of my first games. This time, I think I'm going to use twelve districts instead of eight and put up training scores for the tributes.

    Remember that all tributes have the same chance to win as other tributes, so even a tribute with a training score of 1 has the same chance to win as a tribute with a training score of 12.

    For sponsoring, I'm to use a similar system as last time, but for each tribute you have, you get 5 credits instead of 2 or 3. If you want to sponsor your tribute(s), please tell me what you want and the price you want if for, and I'll decide if it's reasonable enough to use.

    Tributes submitted need to have at least name, district…

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  • Elipandyparker

    Hi! This is Elipandyparker, who read The Hunger Games in Nicaragua.

    I know you guys are getting bored with all these Hunger Games, but mine will be a little different.

    I will use only 8 districts and when you send in tributes I only need Name, District, and Age. If you want to add more you can (The games would be more interesting.).

    I'm not going to write a story like most people do, but I'll write how people died and who killed them.

    I'm doing a complicated way of sponsoring. If you send in 1 tribute, you get 3 credits, and if you send in 2 tributes you get 5 credits. You can sponsor what you want but you decide the price of the item when you buy it and if you pay a reasonable price I'll give your tribute a small advantage!

    Now I'm going to write …

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  • Elipandyparker

    Hey! This is Elipandyparker, who read The Hunger Games in Nicaragua.

    I would like readers to submit 1 to 4 tributes and label your tribute District 1-8. I can't do 12, it just won't work out!

    I don't have the skills to write the story up but I can tell you how the tributes killed and died.

    I will sponsor with credits. If you make 1 tribute, you get 3 credits. If you make 2 tributes, you get 5 credits. If you make 3 tributes, you get 8 credits, and 10 credits with 4. When you sponsor a tribute, decide the price of your item and if it is reasonable I will help that player a little against other tributes.

    Submit tributes with District, Age, Skills, and Personality.

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