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Elipandyparker's 1st Hunger Games

Hey! This is Elipandyparker, who read The Hunger Games in Nicaragua.

I would like readers to submit 1 to 4 tributes and label your tribute District 1-8. I can't do 12, it just won't work out!

I don't have the skills to write the story up but I can tell you how the tributes killed and died.

I will sponsor with credits. If you make 1 tribute, you get 3 credits. If you make 2 tributes, you get 5 credits. If you make 3 tributes, you get 8 credits, and 10 credits with 4. When you sponsor a tribute, decide the price of your item and if it is reasonable I will help that player a little against other tributes.

Submit tributes with District, Age, Skills, and Personality.

Thanks!Elipandyparker 12:27, January 16, 2011 (UTC)Elipandyparker

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