Let The Second Hunger Games... Begin!

Hi everyone!

I'm going to try to create another Games because I left for a few months in the middle of my first games. This time, I think I'm going to use twelve districts instead of eight and put up training scores for the tributes.

Remember that all tributes have the same chance to win as other tributes, so even a tribute with a training score of 1 has the same chance to win as a tribute with a training score of 12.

For sponsoring, I'm to use a similar system as last time, but for each tribute you have, you get 5 credits instead of 2 or 3. If you want to sponsor your tribute(s), please tell me what you want and the price you want if for, and I'll decide if it's reasonable enough to use.

Tributes submitted need to have at least name, district, and age. If you want to add more, feel free to, as it would make my games more interesting!

Thanks for reading and submitting!

Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Elipandyparker 20:45, January 18, 2012 (UTC)Elipandyparker

Tributes of The Second Hunger Games

District 1 Boy- Syr Wrath, 16

District 1 Girl- Yuri Ling, 16 - 24th place - killed by Sunny Chan

District 2 Boy- Mason Wells, 16

District 2 Girl- Abigail McLea, 13

District 3 Boy- Joe Grenwism, 15

District 3 Girl- Anna Grenwism, 15

District 4 Boy- Aiden Soar, 15

District 4 Girl- Anna Soar, 14

District 5 Boy- Navy Naller, 12

District 5 Girl- Sunny Chan, 13

District 6 Boy- Seth Arc, 18

District 6 Girl- Carrie Hover, 15

District 7 Boy- Wood Green, 13 - 23rd place - killed by Amber Pike

District 7 Girl- Golden Axe, 16

District 8 Boy- Len Kagamine, 15

District 8 Girl- Rin Kagamine, 12

District 9 Boy- Osment Pace, 17

District 9 Girl- Amber Pike, 12

District 10 Boy- Drake Sojo, 13

District 10 Girl- Fallena Dreylen, 18

District 11 Boy- Ryak Tor, 16

District 11 Girl- Detora Brandy, 17

District 12 Boy- Cole Winter, 15

District 12 Girl- Sara Noviello, 13

Training Scores for the Tributes of the Second Hunger Games

Training Scores
Name Score District
Syr Wrath 11 1
Yuri Ling 11 1
Mason Wells 6 2
Abigail McLea 2 2
Joe Grenwism 10 3
Anna Grenwism 3 3
Aiden Soar 2 4
Anna Soar 10 4
Navy Naller 3 5
Sunny Chan 5 5
Seth Arc 1 6
Carrie Hover 11 6
Wood Green 6 7
Golden Axe 3 7
Len Kagamine 10 8
Rin Kagamine 1 8
Osment Pace 6 9
Amber Pike 11 9
Drake Sojo 3 10
Fallena Dreylen 4 10
Ryak Tor 12 11
Detory Brandy 9 11
Cole Winter 4 12
Sara Noviello 2 12

The Arena

The arena this year appears to be a normal one with three sections:

  1. A forest with several trees and bushes, but about half of them turn really hot every five minutes and will kill any tribute instantly. Also, some trees have traps inside them that can injure or kill tributes, such as realeasing a smoke bomb, making a poison liquid spill all over a small area, creating a deadly thunderstorm in the entire forest, etc.
  2. An entire lake that is filled with fish that won't kill you, but will bring you to the middle of the lake so that if more than one tribute is there at a time, they will either have to ally or try to kill each other. If the tribute is alone, or survives, he/she will have to swim all the way back to shore, probrably at least 500 yards away.
  3. A desert that turns to over 100 degrees for 5 minutes every odd hour and turns to 0 degrees for 5 minutes every even hour. Also, every day, some place in the sand turns into quicksand (on the first day, there will be one patch of quicksand, on the second day there will be two, and so on).

The conucorpia will be in a grassy area where there is a big table in the middle with supplies such as swords, knives, matches (for lighting something/someone on fire), food, water bottles with either water or poison, and backpacks with a first aid kit and one of the previous supplies listed.

Day 1 of the Second Hunger Games

District 11 Girl- Detora Brandy

Since I'm from District 11, I was hoping for at least part of the arena to be a field, but it doesn't like like there is one from here. In one direction, there was a harsh-looking desert. In another, there was a beautiful lake, and in the last there was a normal, surprise-filled forest. Actually, maybe it's a good thing that there are no fields because it would make me too predictable to find. Well, there's 20 seconds now 'till the gong, so I better get ready to start...

District 5 Girl- Sunny Chan

"BANG!" the gong rang out through the entire arena, but I wasn't thinking about that right now. The district 1 girl, Yuri Ling, was distracted as she tried to gather the career tributes, so I took advantage, grabbing a knife from the conucorpia and stabbing her in the back. "BOOM!" I scrambled away to get another supply from the conucorpia and rushed away to the desert.

District 9 Girl- Amber Pike

I started to sprint to the woods right after I picked up my backpack, which is actually pretty heavy even though I know that it can't have that much because it was on the very edge of the conucorpia. After only 5 or 10 minutes, though, I started to get tired. There was no one around, so I stopped and opened my backpack. A first aid kit, and matches. Hmm, not bad...Suddenly, I saw someone lunge at me, and faintly recognized the boy from District 7, Wood Green. I dodged his swipe at me, and off balance, I kicked him right in the face! All I could do before I left the area was light the tree next to him on fire and hope for the flames to kill him. Note: Poison liquid spills over a 5 tree area. As I scattered away, a groan followed by a cannon confirmed that Wood Green was no more. I decided to go to the lake and escape from solid ground for a while. As I was just about to leave the forest, the career tributes entered and tried to attack me. They all charged at me at once, like a band of hungry wolves fighting for their prey.

District 2 Girl- Abigail McLea

We all chargred for the girl from District 9

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