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Elipandyparker's First Simmed Hunger Games

What's going on?

Hi! This is Elipandyparker, who read The Hunger Games in Nicaragua.

I know you guys are getting bored with all these Hunger Games, but mine will be a little different.

I will use only 8 districts and when you send in tributes I only need Name, District, and Age. If you want to add more you can (The games would be more interesting.).

I'm not going to write a story like most people do, but I'll write how people died and who killed them.

I'm doing a complicated way of sponsoring. If you send in 1 tribute, you get 3 credits, and if you send in 2 tributes you get 5 credits. You can sponsor what you want but you decide the price of the item when you buy it and if you pay a reasonable price I'll give your tribute a small advantage!

Now I'm going to write the current tributes...


District 1 Boy- Ryotoaro Ida, 12

District 1 Girl- Winnie Golden, 13

District 2 Boy- Helios Viddus, 17

District 2 Girl- Flora Abeona, 16

District 3 Boy-

District 3 Girl-

District 4 Boy- Crocus Arum, 16

District 4 Girl- Ivy Daffodil, 15

District 5 Boy- Reserved for Firecatcher3

District 5 Girl- Reserved for Firecatcher3

District 6 Boy-

District 6 Girl-

District 7 Boy- Ash Stone, 14

District 7 Girl- Dew Willows, 14

District 8 Boy-

District 8 Girl-

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