Ella 12 11

aka Ella

  • I live in District 3
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is Tribute
  • I am Girl
  • Ella 12 11

    The 100th Hunger Games!

    December 11, 2013 by Ella 12 11

    100 years after the rebellion and time for the 100th Annual Hunger Games! This years quell twist is... *dun dun dunnnnn* to remind citizens that the Capitol depends on The Districts, The districts depend on the Capitol, and most importantly, the districts depend on eachother, this year's twist is each tribute will be paired with a random other tribute, and if one of them dies, so does the other. Oh, and to make sure you dont ditch your partner, the collars will automatically go off if your more then 10 meters away from eachother for longer then 10 seconds! With that, this year, 2 tributes will win this games! How will the other tribute die? You may ask. Each tribute will wear a collar with "super advanced-secret Capitol technology of aweso…

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