The Quell Twist

100 years after the rebellion and time for the 100th Annual Hunger Games! This years quell twist is... *dun dun dunnnnn* to remind citizens that the Capitol depends on The Districts, The districts depend on the Capitol, and most importantly, the districts depend on eachother, this year's twist is each tribute will be paired with a random other tribute, and if one of them dies, so does the other. Oh, and to make sure you dont ditch your partner, the collars will automatically go off if your more then 10 meters away from eachother for longer then 10 seconds! With that, this year, 2 tributes will win this games! How will the other tribute die? You may ask. Each tribute will wear a collar with "super advanced-secret Capitol technology of awesomeness" But, thats all for later.

P.S. Not everybody will get a good partner, in fact, most people will get a partner they most likely wont like, but some people will get somebody good :)

Entering Your Tributes

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Bloodbath Strategy:

Interview Angle:

Games Strategy:


Appearance (lunaii or real life, no description):

Let's Meet Our Tributes!

Name Age District Gender Strength/Weakness Partner
Emily Fry 18 1 Female Seductive/weak Tarin Brandt (D2)
Blade Sprectrus 14 1 Male Speed, Strength/Light sleeper Wichita Firehill (D8)
Tarin Ailla Brandt 16 2 Female Clever/People Skills Emily Fry (D1)
Jonah Heart 16 2 Male Strong, smart, overconfident Charlie Fry (D11)
Quirina Rock 16 3 Female Strong/Impatient Scar (D6)
Justin Igleski 17 3 Male Buff/Scared Rowan Amber Lindell (D7)
Sirena Ann Conch 17 4 Female Knot tying, fishing/climbing, archery Cady Heron (D5)
Oceanus Exel 16 4 Male Fishing nets, climbing/ JabberJay (D6)
Cady Heron 16 5 Female Sly, Tactical/Weak Sirena Ann Conch (D4)
Albert Heller Brites 16 5 Male Weapons/Swimming Willie (D11)
JabberJay 18 6 Female /Climbing trees Oceanus Exel (D4)
Scar 18 6 Male Axes,knives/climbing trees Quirina Rock (D3)
Rowan Amber Lindell 17 7 Female Axes, Accuracy/People Skills Justin Igleski (D3)
John Mason 12 7 Male Cute/Weak Donald Duck (D9)
Wichita Firehill 15 8 Female medic, easy to get along with/centimental Blade Spectrus (D1)
Woof Vlid 13 8 Male Strong/scared Joey Lang(D10)
Bailey Starshine 15 9 Female Sly, evasive/confrontation Delilah Brooklyn (D12)
Donald Duck 14 9 Male Strong/Cocky, stupid John Mason (D7)
Clementine Everett 12 10 Female Independant/Weak Kai Elliot Marx (D12)
Joey Lang 17 10 Male Strength/Intelligance Woof Vild (D8)
Charlie Fry 17 11 Female Survivor/To many risks Jonah Heart (D2)
Willie 13 11 Male Medical/Weak Albert Heller Brites (D5)
Delilah Brooklyn 14 12 Female Kind, considerate/Can't kill Bailey Starshine (D9)

"Kai" Kaiem Elliot Marx

18 12 Male Smart, Brave/Speed 

ClementineEverett (D10)


Reapings ~ District 1

Emily Fry P.O.V~

"Up!" The orphanage lady yells. I dont even bother to learn her name. She's stupid and mean and I just plain hate that lady. I could never leave though, until I'm 18. Dumb tattoo. My parents died in the rebellion. Thats how I ended up here. Lucky me. I dont know what happened to my siblings, though. I would kill to see them. Actually, I'll have to. I was picked for the games. I bet orphanage lady will be beaming when I'm in the games. And she'll be crying when I come back. Fully alive. I get dressed in a faded red dress that goes down to my knees, and some white flats. My best friend gave me a comb for my token. You gotta love her. She's so sweet, not like those other rich kids. Her mom owns a fashion company. Today's breakfast is nice, mostly. Some bread, an apple, and one small pancake for each of us! Usually its just some bread. Once in awhile we get bread and an apple, but mostly not. I savor my apple and pancake. I dont even see why Im eating this. I'll have enough food on the train. After taking a small bite of the pancake, I hand it to a too-skinny 12 year old girl. She needs it more then I do. The Capitol food is delicous and plentiful. And I'll be volunteering. "If your done, go to the reaping. Now" Orphanage lady orders, so I get up. Not much she can do to me, really. I'll just be going to the Capitol where they can fix me right up. I walk alone towards The Reaping. Our orphanage is the closest one, a few blocks away from the Square.   Right at 1:00, the mayor comes on the stage. Yada yada yada dark days. Yada yada yada it will never be repeated. Most of us have heard it atleast 12 times. They should do it once every 6 years. That would be soo much better. Finally, the escort comes onto the stage. "May the odds be ever in your favor!" the escort- Lilith Black- says. She has a black wig with sparkly make-up, a black shimmering wierd dress, and really high, like, really high, black heels. She sticks her manicured hand into the girls ball. Hmmm. We all know who the actual tribute is going to be, so nobody really worries much about the first name. Except maybe the parents. And the kid reaped. It is a bad experience. Happened to me at 12. "Opal Shore!" a 13 year old makes her way up the stage, not very nervous. "I volunteer!" I shout easily and stroll up to the stage. Phew, nobody took my spot. Its happened before, actually. "Whats your name and age hun?" The escort asks in her annoying Capitol accent. "Emily Fry. 18 years old" I reply to the escort, rolling my eyes. "Hon", gosh. "Boys!" She shouts. Ugh, I hope its Bryce. "Daniel Shore!" Oh heyyy, the twins! Good thing we're a career district. I'd feel so bad if they had to kill eachother. Wait, no I wouldnt. "I volunteer!" Bryce and some idiot shout at the same time. That idiot Lilith looks over to the first volunteer she sees. Blade.

Blade Spectrus P.O.V.

I shout "I volunteer!" the same second as Bryce. Please be me. Please be me. I'm the first one Lilith spots. Yesss. She gives me a disgusted look, like everybody in the crowd. "Bryce should be tribute!" some people yell, "You idiot Blade! I hope you die in the bloodbath!" some other people yell. "Your poor partner!" One person yells. I smirk at all of them. "F**k you all! I hate you to!" I yell at them. Haha. I dont believe in the system. I stride up to the stage and I notice Emily giving me dirty looks. I smirk at her. "Blade Spectrus, I'm 14" She gives me a dirty look again and I sit down next to Emily. Soon enough, we're escorted off of the stage. "Change of plans" Lilith says, "We skip the Justice Building" I can see a smirk tugging at her lips. Probably about me. She's happy I dont get to see my parents. Oh. Well. When I come back victor with my partner, she'll regret everything. Everybody will. I have the strength, speed, and a nice bonus, being a light sleeper. I know I'll get a good partner. With a good partner, victory here I come! Even if I am 14. D*mn  the system.

Reapings ~ District 2

Jonah Heart P.O.V

"Jonah!" Mother shouts. I can barely hear her, but it wakes me up. Reaping day! Yes. I'm going to be in the games, with Tarin! She's soooo pretty. We might even be partners... and then she would love me, if we won. I check my clock and my eyes widen. Its already 11:00! I need to look my absolute best for the day I go into the games. Usually it's 18 year olds going into the games, but none really wanted to because of the quell twist. They said they'd never win with an outer district weakling. I mean, they're not that bad... but hopefully I dont get one. That would... yeah. I'd be sad. I lie in bed for another minute. Nobody in my house is a morning person. We live in Victor's Village, so the bed's are just to comfortable to want to get out of. Actually, we have 3 houses in Victor's Village. 3 of my siblings won. I live with my older sister. Its really sad that I'm the only non-tribute in our family. Its also sad that I lost 7 siblings to the Games. I see that my mom laid out a nice suit for me to wear, and I smile at it. Mom. I'll miss her so much. I quickly put it on and walk downstairs. Our whole- alive- family is there. The perks of being youngest... I go into the games last. My brother gives me a jealous look. He wanted to go to a quell but it was either normal games or no games. I eat my small breakfast quickly. "Ohhh! My little baby boy!" Mom says, pinching my cheeks. I glare at her. She babies me. A lot. I smile at her, maybe for the last time, and start to walk to the reaping. "Hey, Claire" I say to one of my best friend's when I spot her. "Im so jealous! I want to go to a quell, but Tarin got the spot" She replies sadly. I feel bad for her, I would've been so sad if I wasn't in these games! "There's always next year" I give her a smile. I'll definitely win these games with a good partner! Maybe even a bad one! Who knows? I just really hope, like, Tarin is the only partner I really want.

Tarin Ailla Brandt P.O.V

Hmm. I'm so nervous for these games! Agh. The pressure. And I hate my district partner. He has a crush on me and is just... to cocky. If I'm his partner... dying 1st would be better then winning with that b**ch. Plus, his family doesnt need any more victors. There already are 3. I kinda feel bad for his mom though, having so many kids die. Oh well. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Finally. My time to shine! Or go off to my death! Either way. Ow, I hate getting my blood pricked. Wait, that sounds weak of me. If this hurts, I cant imagine how much a knife or arrow would hurt. Or those collars... I shudder at the thought of them. I head off to about the middle, a bit in front of it. Oh, everybody's jealous of me. There looking at me, or atleast the ones who couldn't get the opportunity. They went to 2 boys and 2 girls for each age level above me, nobody wanted to do it. "Partners". I guess I dont want to do it much either. "The dark days have happened. Let them never happen. Again!" the mayor says, beginning his speech. Its a bit interesting the first time. But all other times... yeah. Finally, the escort comes on. Her name is just, to terrible to say. And she's dressed in like, an all poofy outfit. Unlike me, I'm just wearing a nice white dress. I'd be suprised if white existed in the Capitol. They're like an explosion of rainbow. Makes. Me. Sick. "May the odds be ever in your favor how 'bout boys first? Okay" You really can tell she doesnt want to be here with us judging her outfits. Ha, if she thinks this is bad. In the outer districts you have to see the small kids getting reaped. I'm not really paying attention much. Its boys. And obvious. "Jonah Heart!" the escort yells. Hm. What are the odds? I can see him grinning from ear to ear with excitement. If somebody volunteers though, he's screwed. Nope, its full of clapping. "Girl time okay..." she plucks out the first name in there, not really caring. Okay, I've trained for this my whole life. I can do it. "Alana Lewis" she announces and a girl in my class walks up to the stage. Ohh she's- "I volunteer!" I shout, before somebody else has a chance. Nice, I meant to say. I walk up to the stage quickly like its no big deal. "Tarin Ailla Brandt you idiot" I say and walk over to the chair. She gives me an angry look and screams, "Idiot!? I'm the idiot!? Says the girl volunteering for the games!" I give her a mean smile as we're escorted off the stage. Baby. "Good news!" she says mock cheerfully. "No justice building. Straight to the Capitol" escort says. Ugh. Dammit. 

Reapings~ District 3

Justin Igleski P.O.V

Okay. Okay. OK. I wont get reaped, my name's only in there 6 times out of, like, 8,000 slips! But somebody has to be picked. Some people have they're name in 50 times... like that one girl, Aliyah. She must be even more nervous then I am, with her name in there the most out of the whole district. Exactly! I probably won't be reaped. I. Can. Do. This. And right after the reaping, mom's making soup! Actual soup! Alright, I wont get reaped. I, Justin Igleski, will not, and never will be, reaped. Did I just jinx myself? Probably other people have to, no biggie! Good thing I wore my reaping clothes to bed, I would never make it in time if I hadn't. And Quirina, my girlfriend might be reaped and then I couldnt volunteer for her! Ugh, this is so hardd. I slowly get out of my bed, possibly for the last time... Oh Justin, stop being so negative! D*mn. I start to smell. what is that? Oh my gosh, bakery bread! We can almost never afford it. I run downstairs to find that my mom laid out some bread. I get some. She smiles at me nervously. Obviously, mom was never reaped. Quirina's mom was, but came home victor. So they have quite a nice life. I smile back and take a bite of the bread. Capitol bread, actually food, for that matter can't taste nearly as good as this. They get it all the time. Us in the non-career districts have to work for food and rarely ever get something as good as fresh meat or vegatables or sugar or bread. Haha for them then. Quirina gets bakery bread every once in a while, and sometimes she gives me some. Ohh, I hope we're not reaped together! "Bye mom" I say hugging her tight. Mom...I'll miss her so much if I leave. Somebody told me the tributes dont get to say goodbye, so this may be the last time I see her. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! I slowly exit our house and fast-walk towards Victors Village to meet with Quirina, because we might not see eachother at the reaping, being different ages and all. 

Quirina Rock P.O.V

I stand by the gateway for victor's village waiting for Justin. I dont want to get reaped for the Hunger Games. Well, nobody does. Except for the careers. Well, maybe not 4. "Hey Quirina", Justin says walking up to me with a half-smile. He's just as nervous as me. "Hey. I'm so nervous" I mutter the last part. If we're reaped together... I hope we're partners. Just like... really hope. I would die if he died, I just wouldnt want to come back. We need to be partners. "Aren't we all?" He asks, forcing a chuckle. Its true. We walk the rest of the way in silence. Neither of us wants to talk. We never do on Reaping Day. "B-bye" I stammer, hugging him, as we go our seperate ways for the reaping. I let a tear escape from my eyes but quickly wipe it up. One of the girls around me might be reaped. Or me, myself, and I. Quirina Rock. Daughter of a victor. I tune out the mayor's speech, his son is a total jack*ss. Just saying. He hits on all of the girls and is mean to most boys. No wonder he's single. Probably will be. Hope he's reaped. Finally, the escort comes on and says the line we've all heard so many times before. This before stuff just gets on my nerves. Wouldnt it be easier to: Pluck a name, name comes up, pluck a name, name comes up. People talk in between a bit as usual, parents scream sometimes. So much easier. "Qu..." she thinks for a second. Its either me, Quinn, or Qual. Probably me. Everybody get's Quinn's name and- "Quirina Rock!" She finishes, cutting my thought off. "Come on, we all know its you" I whisper to the girl next to me, and she glares. "Go, come on." I whisper again. Everybody stares at me. Dang. I slowly walk up to the stage and catch Justin's eye. He's as sad about this as I am. "S-s-sixteen" I mutter and take a seat. Please not Justin. Please not Justin. Please- "Justin Igleski!" Mhm. Perfect. Great. Yep. Totally expected. If it was, lets say, Quinn, it wouldnt be him. Yeah. "Okay, shake hands you to." Now, we would, but we're kind of a couple, so instead of shaking hands, we kiss. Like bosses. I wave goodbye to my mom quickly and see her silently sobbing. Same with Justin's parents.

Reapings ~ District 4

Sirenna Ann Conch's POV

I sit on the beach, alone, eating the salty 4 bread. Its yummy, in my opinion. Most people dont think it is. My mom and dad gave me a small picnic to eat before the reaping. I love the beach. The saltiness of the water and the soft sand in between my toes. My favorite spot is on the dock, which is where I'm eating my picnic. Its silent. Not unusual. The beach is a nice break from training. The D4 quell's are "your reaped, your in". I'm not sure why. Something about to much fighting about it and rule breaking and stuff so hey, oh well. But if I'm in the games... well I'm terrified of somebody else having control of whether I live and die, and vice versa. Yeah, that'll be happy. Im not to nervous though. I probably wont be reaped, nobody in my family has ever been reaped. Lucky us. My train of thought, annoyingly, is interrupted by a peacekeeper. "You should be getting ready for the reaping!" She yells, checking out her nails. Definitely not paying attention to me. "Argh I really need a new manicure" Peacekeeper grumbles. "Its all chipped" she adds. Like i care about her "problems". She's the new one, not yet used to no new beauty products. So sad. "Im ready" I reply, nervously. "Do I look like I care?" She says in an annoyed tone. "S-sorry" I stammer, and get up. Oh. My. Gosh. I quickly run away with the picnic. "Bu bu bu! Drop the picnic!" She yells and I automatically drop it. I'd be dead meat if I didnt most likely. Great. Now I lost the picnic. Remind me never to come here? Oh wait. I'm writing this which means... Fluff. I'll be in the games. Yay! Not.

Oceanus Exel POV

I walk past the beach towards the square and see a girl being yelled at by a peacekeeper. The new one. Oh well. Sucks to be her. I shrug it off and continue towards the square. Reapings! For a quell! I've always been somebody who wants to be in the games. Its wierd, yeah. I seriously hope Im reaped. Just... really really hope. Or else I'll have to wait another 2 years. I'm clever, smart, the complete package for the games. I get my blood pricked quickly. Agh. Whats the point of it? Yada yada. Oceanus Exel 16. I get it! I stand next to some boy in my class. He's nice... sorta. He's okay. Im happy its impossible for me to be in the games with him. Yay me! Mayor Donald. La dee da dee da. His daughter is cute though... like really. Her names Annabelle, I think. Mm. Finally! The dang escort, Harry Pitts, comes on. His parents must've been mean. We have the only male escort this year. Last year 3 and 7 had one. 7 retired and 3 did something that got him fired. Or, in Panem, most likely slaughtered. Taste of his own medicine. He picked all 12 year olds for the past 5 years. Poor kids. He sticks his cleanly shaven hand into the ball and rummages around for awhile. Ugh. Thats what I hate about him. "Sirenna Ann Conch!" he yells, and the peacekeeper girl goes up. Probably thinks it was rigged after that encounter. She mutters something under her breath and glares at everybody while sitting down. Multi-tasker, I guess. "Now for the manly boys!" he yells and takes even longer. I feel like he's saying in his head: "Nah, this kids 12, Ill leave him alone. Hmm, 13. 15. Oh! 18! or Oh! 17! or Oh! 16!" because lets face it- "Oceanus Exel!" What'd I tell you peo- Wait what?! Thats my name... right? Yes! Oh my gosh yes yes yes! I walk up to the stage with a huge grin on my face. Finally! A few older boys are giving me jealous looks while I shake hands with Sirenna and we're escorted off the stage. "No justice building" he says as we board the train. Great.

Reapings ~ District 5

Cady Heron POV

Mathilda wakes me up screaming, "Its reaping day! Its reaping day!!". I groan and turn over. "You try doing reaping day you Capitol baby" its true, she is a Capitol citizen. Mathilda Anne Snow. She died at 5, Snow never really talks about her much. That dumb president, I wonder if she knows that I have her dead daughter with me. I do like Mathilda though. "You know I hate that!" she's also pretty mature for her age... "Shut up you guys," Drake says sleepily. He's 18, dead, and somebody's son. He'll never say who. Ugh. Everybody says I'm insane for having all the dead people. Mathilda and Drake are the ones I see most often. Jezebel is the only one my age, though. Died from the Hunger Games. The 95th one. August is just so adorable, that little 2 year old. And I watch over all of them. If I were to die... well maybe my gift would go over to somebody else and they'd be able to see me. I slowly get up out of bed, however exhausted I am. I pick out a pretty red dress to match my red hair. Reaping day... oh, reaping day... yay. All the dead people come with me to the reaping and sit by me usually, I hope they do it this time. Jezebel usually brings August. Hmm. I brush my hair quickly and go to see my mom. I smile at her and eat some of the food that she laid out for me. Pancake... yumm. I hate it when your poor family gives you the best that they can to feed you, but then you go off to the Games 4 hours later. Kinda depressing. Which is why, I dont eat my food. "Save it for later. Just in case" I give a half-hearted smile at my mom and hug her. Then I quickly leave for the Square. I'll be late. August, Jezebel, Drake, Mathilda, Lola, George, and Edith. Yep, all here.

Albert Heller Brites POV

I get my blood pricked, its not that bad. Just annoying. And then I go to the 16 year old boy section. Hmm. I see some boy who cant stop shaking. Maybe with nervousness. Or there's this thing... but its just so rare now that nobody knows what it is. Except for the victim. I shrug it off until the mayor comes on. That fat dumb mayor. He starts talking about the dark days until I yell, stupidly, "Get on with it!" and yes, I know that was so fluffing stupid of me. Mayor Fatty puts his hand on his hip and looks around for the voice. The people around me point to me and Fatty notices. "Do you want to go in the Games? Because I can put you in. Just for that" he says smiling. "No" I mumble, and turns out he hates that. "Dont mumble! One more chance dumb boy!" he shouts and I mock him while rolling my eyes. Luckily he didnt notice. Told you he's stupid. Then the escort comes on and says that oh-so new saying. "Ladies first!" she shouts and takes a deep breath before putting her hand in. "Cady Heron!" she shouts and a girl my age goes up to the stage. "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!" she says to herself. Wierdo. "Did you just tell me to shut up?" she asks, amused. "No, I was telling Drake to stop annoying me about being reaped" she says. "I know. I guess we'll both die from the same thing Jez" Cady says, sadly and sits down. See? wierdo. "Now for the boys! Uhh. Albert Heller Brites!" she says and I walk up to the stage. If Cady is my partner... just... gosh. I shake her hand and mouth "wierdo". Cady gives me a dirty glare and we're escorted off the stage.

Reapings ~ District 6

JabberJay's POV

This is my last year in the reaping. I probably wont be reaped! And if Im not, there's never next year! Okay. Okay. OK. I would hate to be in the games. Especially with those careers... they wouldnt hesitate to slit my throat or stab me in the stomach. I would just... hate that. Doy. Scar starts to shake me awake. I grumble and turn over. "Leave me alone" I murmur and lie down. "We only have an hour." At that, I shoot up and get dressed. "Kidding! We have like, 5 hours" He says and I glare. Ugh. I dont exactly "love" my brother. I change quickly and walk downstairs. "Hey Charm" I smile at her. "W-will I get reaped?" she asks nervously. It is only her first year, at 12. Im not very sure of my answer but, "No. And if you do, I'll volunteer," atleast that last part was honest. I keep my smile and get something to eat.  Im starving! "Thanks ma" I say silently. We're one of the poorest families in 6, so even on reaping day we dont have much food. I savor all of it, and finish when we have about an hour left. I get up and take Charm's hand. "Come on" I whisper and start to walk towards the reaping. Agh! Im nervous! Scary. Reaping. Eek. I let go of Charm's hand and walk towards my section. She's standing right in the back, standing on her toes to catch a glimpse of the stage. I chuckle and hear the mayor's voice. Blah blah blah BLAH. Escorts on! Yay. Time for death. My names in there 35 times. I got maximum tesserae each year. Mom, dad, Scar, me, and Charm. "How about a little 'game'" the escort says, smiling. She picks out two names from the boy bowl.

Scar's POV

"Caine Drawer and Scarlet Jones!" I cringe at that name. Ugh. I walk up to the stage with a look of confusion on my face. "Whoever gets more claps will go to the games!" she shouts. D*mn. Caine is 13. We all know already. "Caine Drawer!" a few claps, but only by my family. Great. "Scarlet Jones!" she shouts. Way more claps. It looks like his family. Times like this I wish I had more siblings. Caine runs off the stage into his mom's arms. "Well, Scarle-" I cut her off. "Its Scar!" I shout at her and take a seat. Escort rolls her eyes at me and picks 2 more names, from the girls. "Charm Jones and JabberJay Jones!" she shouts. My mouth hangs open. All the kids from my family. What the h*ll. "Wow. 3 kids from the same family. Charm!" she shouts. A couple claps. "JabberJay!" a few more. Yep. We're in the games! Together. Okay Scar. Be happy its not Charm. We shake hands- whats the point?- and are escorted off the stage. "No justice building Jones," she says, probably to lazy to say "Scar and JabberJay." Oh well! To bad.

Reapings ~ District 7

Rowan Amber Lindell's POV

I quickly walk out the door of my wooden house and look at all the trees. They're so pretty! This might be the last time I look at them... or atleast those trees. Not those wierd Capitol ones. Do they even have trees? They get the paper so I wouldnt think so... Haha for them. I shrug my shoulders and swiftly climb one. I'm not aloud to chop down a tree myself without anybody watching. Wierd, right? I dangle my legs a bit before hopping off the tree. I really dont want to see the escort again, she disgusts me. Tris Crumplepants. Idiot. Oh. Well. I stroll towards the reaping and make sure to stand next to somebody I dont know. I stare at the 12 year old section, I feel so bad for them. They're just kids- well, we're all just kids. And if the Capitol lost the war then they would have they're own pretty little games. I wish that would just happen already. There's been 2 rebellions. They've made the games even more brutal for us since that. Dumb Katniss. She's a freaking idiot. "Dark days! What were they? The rebellion! As a country, we swore this kind of treason would never happen again!" Mayor Lop explains. I heard that there was a war kinda like the dark days, but that was in the 21st century and the country that wanted freedom won. Jealous. I finally hear the clicking of heels and my mind goes back to the reaping. She smiles meanly at us and picks out a name, without saying a single thing. "Rowan Amber Lindell" she says and looks over at the girls. My heart drops and I slowly walk up to the stage. "No no no no no!" my mom screams. Did I mention she has mental problems? No? Okay then.

John Mason's POV

I hear a woman screaming. Probably Rowan's mom. "Shut her up!" Tris yells, "Or I'll do it myself," at that, a few parents rush over to her and cover her mouth. Trying to save her life. But sadly, the woman breaks free. Rowan's mom steps back and runs back into the crowd as the escort pulls out a gun. She scans the section and doesnt find her mom, probably sitting on the ground. Rowan's face is white as the escort picks another name. I jump a little bit to catch a glimpse of the stage. I hate the last row. "John Mason!" I walk out from the back and stroll down the middle. Wait, who cares if I'm scared? I'm 12! No threat with me. Endless I get a really good partner. From like, 1 or 2. Maybe 4. I sit down next to Rowan as the escort says one more thing that I dont hear and we shake hands and then finally we're escorted off the stage. "No justice building tributes" Crumplepants says as we pass the building towards the train station. To meet our impending doom. Fun.

Reapings ~ District 8


Wichita Firehill's POV

I jog slowly up towards a group of people whom I don't know, trying to talk to somebody around here. "Hi" I smile slightly as they all ignore me. What the heck! C'mon, they could've at least said "Shut up" or "leave me alone." Then atleast I'd know they heard me. Hmphedy hmph hmph! HMPH! I kick one of them in the shin and look away as though it never happened, or it just wasnt me. Not sure. Or maybe there just all depressed because of the Reaping... I dont care. Hopefully there in it. My names in there... 3 times? 4? It's atleast 3, I know that. Not sure about tessera. Either way. My chances are high, yet not high. I guess there ok. Compared to some. I glance at the textile factory, wanting to go in and do something in there. Anything but this. Lets just get this over with, though. I get my blood pricked in front of the idiots and walk over to right smack dab in the middle of the crowd. Hmm. Speech! Yaay! Am I the only one who likes the speech? Geez. The escort comes on-pooh- and shouts, "Ladies first" before putting her hand carefully into the bowl, taking her time. Soon enough, she takes out a slip. Dun dun dun. "Wichita Firehill!" Sh*t. 

Woof Vild's POV

I watch as a girl steps up onto the stage. She's hot! But older then me, definitely. 15. And I'd have to kill her sorry butt if I was in there, so yeah. Never gonna happen! Sucks for her. Plus she'd probably die in there anyway without me! Haha. She sits down in a chair as Mr. Escort sticks her hand into the boy ball. La dee da dee da. Hm. Who's the loser this year? Probably some cocky idiot. Like Dooley or Tr- "Woof Vild!" I hear my name and immediately walk up to the stage, confidentally striding up and wink at the girl. She rolls her eyes as I sit down next to her. Poop. The games. I mean, I'll win but... still. I'll feel a bit bad. We're escorted- Oh hey! Just got that!- off the stage and thrown onto the train. No justice building? Oh well. Looks like I'm that idiot this year.

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