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  • I live in California :D
  • I was born on September 28
  • My occupation is Selling Handmade Jewlery
  • Elviaalova

    Whoa what happened?

    November 26, 2011 by Elviaalova

    Wowowowow. im never on anymore. Sorry guys. i think i must go, MY PEOPLE NEED ME.

    Um....well my excuse?

    1.) Cheerleading. TAKES UP ALL MY TIME. competition in 2 weeks, practices almost every day.

    2.) Gymnastics. I hurt my foot doing a BHS. like REALLY BADLY

    3.) 8th grade duties. I have to do all this stuff for 8th grade graduation

    4.) Musical Theater in school. HAIRSPRAY TRYOUTS SOOON.

    5.) Softball. Ermm...yea.

    6.) School. Had a huge ass thing due last week. counted for 60% of my grade.

    7.) Friends. I have drama and shit happening. i just was not on the computer.

    8.) A Friend of mine died :( RIP Amy

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  • Elviaalova

    HAy whipper snappers, theme songs for characters i have:

    Gale: My Chemical Romance (or MCR) - Na Na Na

    Katniss: Lynkin Park -Wrentches and Kings

    Peeta: ...(HELP ME, NO IDEA)

    Prim: MCR Black Parade

    Rue: MCR Cancer

    Finnick: Yondala Be Cool- Papa Americano (We No Speak Americano)

    Feel Free to Suggest,Call me sponge bob, flipping crabby patties, B*tch i go to work, do my cat daddy Elviaalova ~♥

    Call me sponge bob, flipping crabby patties, B*tch i go to work, do my cat daddy Elviaalova ~♥ 01:52, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Elviaalova

    I 'remember when I was 5, my Mother gave me a flower, I kept it for about 3 days then it died. I cried that it had died, until Mother told me,All thing that are dead, will become reborn. Like a never ending circle

    Butbim not fve anymore..I'm 16. My mother is dead, my father is alive, but not the same scene my Mom died. He hates me, I can tell. He never was my birth Father anyways.

    My step siblings, Hope and Chance run into my room with a... FINISH LATER, USING MY MUM'S IPAD.

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  • Elviaalova


    March 31, 2011 by Elviaalova

    I think i will leave this wiki soon, i just feel that my life is falling appart and i need some time to be myself and to not be attached to my computer. I love and will miss all of you, InsertRandomnessHere, i will still be a game maker, and promise to help, but after that Bye :(

    Personal Farewell's


    I will miss you so much!! Madi, stay good at wrighting and be the best you can! Talk to me on facebook soon, and THANKS FOR EVERY THING!!! (You know, with Ryo too)


    Oi, you are awesome, Skype!! Dog, Grape Raph Tomato Carlos Vargas.


    I think you left all ready...WHITE SOX


    You dinosaur Ninja! Gosh, Phantom of the opera, Christina, Jokwon WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    ....Luvs to you all

    Call m…

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  • Elviaalova

    Day 13 is up!


    District ___

    Female or male:









    Every person over the age of 3 have there name in the thingy so so age 3-90 or older

    This is not with my game makers thing so BYE BYE BIRDIE!!

    If you enter you can take a cyber cookie ( : : )

    Shirley POV

    "Have you been to the roof, yet? I hear it's a great place for suicide." Some random capitol guy says

    I translate this into "lets go to the roof and try to kill each other".

    "Okay." I agree.

    Two mintues later we are looking down a t the Capital from the top of the Training Center.

    I make the first move. I push him over the edge and wait for the electric field to push h…

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