Day 13 is up!


  • this is what yer tributes are wearing(me modeling)
  • One of 3 lakes!!
  • the gong sounds and the copurica is on this thingy
  • ARENA!
  • flesh eating lizard mutt (photoshop gee)
  • scary wolf mutt with night vision










I will reserve but not for more than 4 days 'cause......thats too long i want at least 3 tributes under 8 and some OLD ones like 80 *evil smile*

District 1:by InsertRandomnessHere

Boy-Neko Enkeli-2-with careers*VICTOR*

Girl-Tritium Uzuri-8- with Careers

District 2:Fidofiderson

Boy-Silver Neelson-3

Girl-Shirley Temple-9-with careers

District 3:Leshawna333

Boy-Breck Jackson-10

Girl-Selena Jackson-6*VICTOR*

District 4:TeamPeetaForever

Boy-Splash Blue-11

Girl-Waterlily Wave-4

District 5:Firecatcher3

Boy-Birch Ash-6

Girl-Saydee Ferce-8

District 6: Jstench18

Boy-Helen blujay-5

Girl-Alexander Crows-9-

District 7: Mockingjay5

Boy-Fern Willows-10- allied with thorn has a watter ,sword, 6 throwing knives, and iodine

Girl-Thorn Stone-11

District 8 RACMANY

Boy-Eventus Loba-5- trying to find Maia has sword, back pack with a sleeping bag, iodine, dried fruit ( no water)

Girl-Maia Nox-7-Hiding an a cave near

District 9: Silveraqua16

Boy- Finn Abike-12-with careers (planing to steal supplies and run)

Girl- Sapphire Aurora-10-with careers ^ same

District 10:

Boy-Ebony Quake-8-allied with aquamarine has food a sword and bow and arrows

Girl- Aquamarine Foster-10-^ same

District 11:Moviepopcorn123

Girl-Haley Winters-3

boy-Rush Leafs-6- searching for Eventus (REVENGE BABY)

District 12: bY Raeoki

Boy-Ferb Barion-8-allied with cassandra hideing in a cave has food water and 3 fine swords and a pick ax

Girl-Cassandra Normany-12- ^ same



District ___

Female or male:










Every person over the age of 3 have there name in the thingy so so age 3-90 or older

This is not with my game makers thing so BYE BYE BIRDIE!!

If you enter you can take a cyber cookie ( : : )

The Day before training

Shirley POV

"Have you been to the roof, yet? I hear it's a great place for suicide." Some random capitol guy says

I translate this into "lets go to the roof and try to kill each other".

"Okay." I agree.

Two mintues later we are looking down a t the Capital from the top of the Training Center.

I make the first move. I push him over the edge and wait for the electric field to push him back.

But it doesn't.

And he falls.



"AAAHHHAAAAHHH!" His screams fade away.

"LOSER"I shout after him.

Unfortunately he lands on a conveniently placed beanbag chair so he survives but just barely.


Chad- jumped out of a window

Night of training

I am temporarily detained in my room, along with the other Tributes, so that the Game Makers can judge us and well recuperate. I decide outfit is becoming soggy that I should switch outfits. I put on some jeans and wear them just bellow my butt and pull on a baggy shirt with a money sign covered vest. I put on a sideways Yankees hat and throw on some sun glasses. Next I go over to my suit case which I had imported from Bangladesh. I pull out my gold grills and slide those on my teeth and look in the mirror.

"Oh yea, Aquamarine da gangsta!"

Then I wait silently on my bed until they call me to come see the tribute scores. 1 hour…2 hours….3 hours. Finally there's a knock at my door. I leap out of bed and open the door so fast that it hits me in the face and I get a bloody nose, but that helps my look even more. Tiffany is there to collect me, "Oh Aquamarine darling are you alright?" she asks. "I'm fine wench!" I shout at her. "OOHHH BURNED" Some avox screams out, wich is odd because avoxes cant talk then we go and watch the training scores in the sitting room. i got a 10, thats good because i did some archery, tried with a sword, and sang a song for them

Cassandras POV

I hear a knock at the door, I open it to find Chad there. "Okay how are you still alive?" I ask disappointed. He chuckles, "Oh you're so funny!" I stare at him and say " you jumped out of my window" I'm about to shank him but a recent talk to my anger management coach tells me to contain my rage. "Whatever Chad! So why are you here?" He looks at me, "I wanted to show you the rooftop garden! It's soooo pretty, and the wind blocks the cameras from hearing us," he says blushing. I wait a second then slam the door in his face. "Ok, maybe some other time. Um…...., can you tell me where I can find the medical station? My nose is bleeding," he asks from outside. "Down the hall and to the left!" I shout at him. "Thanks!" he says back. I snicker because what he doesn't know is that I've just sent him to the incinerator!

I walk over to the window and see the city streets bellow. People are dancing and partying, and unaware of what is about to end their fun. I take out my airsoft gun and exchange fire. People are mowed down by my pellets of death!BANG! Some persons forehead is hit and she falls to the ground.

Next I see Edward Cullen and Bella running through the streets. I decide he needs a little color so I pull out my paint ball gun. I shoot him eleven times and Bella twenty five times then bolth once with my bazooka. I laugh because Vampires really do suck! I go crawl into bed and fall asleep to the melody of moans coming from down bellow


The tributes are lined upon their plates. They look worried. They feel the hot air and think about one of the ways of death. Dehydration. The caparnica is resting on a big pile of rocks. The gong rings and the everyone starts climbing. One of the first people to get there is Helen Bluejay. Her long blue hair shines as the sun beats down on them. She smiles her victory smile as she is stabbed in the back of her head by Eventus. Her ghost white eyes widenes as she falls to the ground. She is still breathing. Her chest stops and the canon sounds.

Alexander is fast enough to see Helen's body fall to the ground. He sees her eyes widen with fear and pain. He sees her ghost white eyes fade as she her life drains out of her. He looks up and sees Eventus run away with a back pack. His vision blurs and he knows he is crying. He quickly wipes his tears away and promises revenge. He grabs a sword and a backpack and runs to the same direction.

Sadyee Fierce quickly grabs her bow and arrow. She is satisfied by the bow and aims at the district 10 girl. Silver shoves her violently, and the arrow inches toward her chest. She is still unharmed. She tries to stand up, and now the arrow points toward her neck. Silver sees his chance. He jumps on her back, causing the arrow to join her neck. She shivers and tries to screem. No sound comes out. She tries and coughs up blood. Silver wipes the blood on his face and whispers quietly, "Should have joined us when you had a chance darling". Her blond hair cakes with blood and her blue eyes become barely visible. Her cannon sounds.

Silver laughs but his own chest is pierced by Birch's sword. Birch is trembling. He swings Silver's dead body only to have it hit the district 11 girl, Haley. She falls off the rock piles and cracks her skull open. She gasps as her life leaves her. When her cannon sounds, Birch feels sorry but tries to forget it. It's a life or death situation. You can't survive without killing.

The sun goes down a few hours later and the career pack consits of:

Bolth from district 1

Both from 9
and Shirley


Helen BlueJay- Killed by Eventus

Saydee Fierce- Killed by Sliver

Silver Neelson- Killed by Birch

Haley Winters- Killed on accident by Birch

DAY 2 GEE!!!

Maia's POV

I need water, i have been walking for about 3 hours now the sun beating down on me. I grab the sunglasses in my pack and put them on. They make my head hurt less but i need water. I see 3 cactus. I run to them and grab my Knive. carefuly i cut them un half and drink the juces out of them it quenches my thirst a little. i go on looking for more water, see a snake and kill it. "this will make a good meal" i say to myself. It"s SO hot, like Hanna Montana except WAY more than that. I decide to climb a bolder to see if i can locate water from there. I get to the top when i hear a voice saying

"Oh my Godness you are SO fat!" a look down to see the bolder talking to me

"You can talk?" i say to it

"Yes but I would prefer if you got off of me . You see you are terribly heavy and awfully fat, and you are beginning to crack me"

"You're a bad rock! You should be a dead rock! I hate you!" i scream at the Bolder

stab the rock with a sword that I conveniently have. The Rock coughs up some sand,

"Tell my little pebbles that…I love them," then the rock dies. I laugh at this, "I'll kill your pebbles too!" I shout. Then I continue on my way.

Eventus's POV

I just saw Maia talking to a rock...she stabed it then ran away.....That girl has some ISSUES! I conteune stalking her as she moves on.

Sapphire's POV

Me and Finn plan to run away in now. we are on watch so we grab 2 sleeping bags, some knives, 2 Bows 4 quivers of arrows, lots of food suplies, fire starters, water bodles and are on our way. In about 4 hours we come across a lake and decide we can stay in a cave near for now. I am filling up our water suplies when some one grabs my hips i blush because i think its Finn turn around only to be stabbed in my arm by Eventus from district 8. I can see Finn chasing him away he gets away. Finn rushes over too me. he holds me and tells me it will be ok. He touches my arm that was stabbed. I hear a cannon sound. Finn burst into tears and holds me tight. But im still alive, I wisper "Finn, im still here..." he looks and me and kisses me on my forhead, we will need something for my arm but its ok. Finn takes a small medical kit we also got and ties gauze above the injury to cut off the circulation. That night in the sky i picture shows up. So the world thinks im dead? Well no more hunters after me.

Deaths(what the captiol thinks gee!)

Sapphire(district 9)-Eventus

that bolder-Maia


Sapphire's POV

Now that me and finn are just us i fing myself acting cute around him. we got the knive out but i need the a medicine or a medical kit alot.I wonder if the carrers are Stalking, i ment hunting us.

notin else happened on day 3



Splash's POV

Me and waterlily have made camp in a cave...we are doing quite fine....We hear talking i cover waterlilys mouth just to be safe.

"Where are they?" i think the district 2 girl say

"lets keep searching, i bet they got farther" the boy from 1 says

they walk away and waterlilly looks a me scaredly(?)

Aquamarine's POV

Me and ebony have been just us for 4 days now...I....I think i love him...he is caring for kind...i do love him....OH SH*T WHAT IS OUTSIDE THE CAVE???

"Aquamarine, RUN!" He yells

Finish later...going to korea town(Bubble tea, Naongmyon, and Pepero ♥

im back....NOW THE GAMES!

Aquamarines POV:

Then i see them, mutts, they are huge lizzard mutts, eyes glowing and razor teeth showing, he cant fight himself.



"I LOVE YOU EBONY!" i yell before getting a few feet away from the mutts, i see them chasing him into the didtance....then my heaven dissipaers...

Ebony has his pack and a sword, i have a sleeping bag, a bow and arrow, and Water from my rich sponcers.


Eventus POV

I am allied with Maia now, THANK GAWD! Suddendly i hear some noise i turn my head only to get stabed in the chest by that little girl from district 2, WTF??? Maia see's this and kisses me on the lips, i tell her i love her, I ask her to sing for me She stands up and suddenly she is wearing her hair in to pigtarils and it is blue, she is also wearing nee high socks, a dark blue skirt, and a white sleaveless shirt with a blue tie she starts danceing and singing
File:Eventus song

Popipo pipo poppi po (x11)
Pi~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Saa nome omae suki desho
kinomi ju-su(= juice)
watashi ga kimeta ima kimeta
dakara nonde watashi no kimoni ju-su
kakaku wa nihyaku yen~
Soiya! Soiya!
Dosei! Dosei!
Soiya! Soiya!
Dosei! Dosei!
Yohodo niiro kinomi ju-su,
Karen karen kimoni ju-su,
Ichiban osusme nanowa,
Cherii Ju-su~!
Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)
Kinomi na a aa aa aa aaa~
Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)
Seimei Afureta a aa aa aa aaa~
Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)
anata mo ima a aa aa aa aaa
Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)
Kinomi ju-su ga suki ni naru~

My cannon goes off and i start to see a bright light...


yea.....POPIPO, Lol i was gonna make it the lucky star dance or Haruhi ending dance but then i was like POPIPO ALL TEH WAY

Day 6

Dying base by SpecialKase (2)


Splash POV:

Me and waterlilly have ben working well togeather and are purifying water at the lake. Suddenly a mutt flies out of the sky, and jumps on her back, She fall backwards ands i stab the huge wolf mutt, and see her laying on the ground, them this dude comes out om like a cave and is like "I WILL BOMB YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i hit him with a plane and he screams NINE ELEVEN!!! and he dies, i Run over to watterlilly and hold her, A child Diening in my arms is too much for me, i burst into tears and she says she is going to the castle on a cloud, I ask "What is the castle"

She starts singing,

There is a castle on a cloud,
I like to go there in my sleep,
Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a room that's full of toys,
There are a hundred 'girls 'and 'boys','

Nobody shouts or talks too loud,

Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a lady all in white,
Holds me and sings a lullaby,
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch,
She says "Lilly, I love you very much."

I know a place where no one's lost,
I know a place where no one cries,
Crying at all is not allowed,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

Her eyes fluter shut and her cannon sounds, so she realy did go to the Castle on a cloud


(Dedicated to raph, who is sick, hope you laugh til you eather puke or sotp breathing, TEE HEE)

Capitol person POV:

So like the like feast is like today like yay!

Aquamarines POV:

The Feast is today, yay, time to die,

Suddenly a lime pulls up to my cave, other tributes are in it, they are drinking acohal and smoking cigars....odd, Shirley is sooo drunk, she just made out with a cair...odd

Shirley POV:

I am SSOOOOOO WASTED, This purple Pegwin is making out with me, II LOVE HER,

"THIS PEGWIN IS DA BOMB" I yell out, some one pimp slaps me, OWWWCHIEEE


OMG, the feast is a red carpet event, i have some fancy clothes on, epic, i think we are going to see the premere om Jb movie Never Say Never, NOOOOO

Finish later....


Ok, well, today was my friends birthday, and....yea, got back from camping, had softball, then i hang out with her and my bf at the park.

DAY 13 (finally)

(At this point in the games 2 people can win now)

Neko's POV:

Last night Tritium was jumped on by big wolfs. i was verry scared i threw a fire thing tiritum gave me at them and they ran away. She told me to try to win the games for her and tell her family she loves them, she gave a a picture then a kiss on the cheek. i heard a big boom then a hellicopter came and took her away, i think i will see her soon. i now sin in the shinny thing and am eating some fruit our sponcers gave us and holcing the teddy bear i got at the feast.

Breck's POV:

Last night it showed the old ladies face in the sky. we know we are at the final 3, we head to the conurcopia to just end the games and get home. We got to the conurpokia (lol wut?) we arive and i find a little boy in it, he burst into tears and i know we can not kill him, i pull selina aside and have a qiuck conversation with her,

"What do we do now?' i ask

"I dont know but we CAN"T kill him!" she says in a paniked tone

suddenly i have an idea, Selina needs to go home more than me, i reach for my sword and plunge it in my chest.

Selina POV:

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" i scream at breck, but i know is too late.

" Selena, i love you..." he says, i scream to stay with me and to not go but he says his time has come,

i start singing a lulaby our mother sang when we we where young,
Killed him2 Base Request by Hana Pixels

Selena and Breck

Golden slumber kiss your eyes, Smiles await you when you rise. Sleep, pretty baby, Do not cry, And I'll sing you a lullaby.

Care you know not, Therefore sleep, While I o'er you watch do keep. Sleep, pretty darling, Do not cry, And I will sing a lullaby.

He hugs me and the cannon goes off, i know he just went to heven, but he has left me in hell.

CONGRATS TO InsertRandomnessHere and Leshawna333

BYE GEE 20:36, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

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